Furnished VS Unfurnished What’s the Deal?

Furnished VS Unfurnished What’s the Deal?

“An apartment hunting slightly more difficult than it already is when we go for the option between furnished and unfurnished.”

Furnished or Unfurnished Apartment: What to Choose?

The terms “furnished” and “unfurnished” might be explanatory but what exactly should you expect to come across in each case?

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Big-ticket items like beds, wardrobes, sofas, and basic kitchen appliances you get with most furnished apartments. Some owners highly invest in furnishing their apartments so that all you have to do is move in your personal belongings. But on the other side or let us say in case of unfurnished apartment you can add your personal touch to the property as it gives you a bit of freedom. A bare walls are what you see in an unfurnished apartment.

Furnished VS Unfurnished Apartments

Do you want to select between a furnished and an unfurnished property. Then you need to go through the following 3 points that will make you understand which option is better why and when.

1. Your Taste

How important is it for you to have a personalized space? Considering a furnished apartment might be easy for you if you’re someone who’s simply looking for a neat place to live. But sometimes you want your own taste to take the lead so in such as sometimes someone else’s taste in interiors might not suit you.

2. Your plans to stay in Dubai

In case you need to find out that which option suits you best then it is better to compare the cost of buying furniture with the rent difference. In order to save a good deal of money you might rather want to pay more in rent by paying less on furniture.

Furnished apartments cost significantly more than unfurnished. So, it is up to you if you have 10-25K to spend then it is better to calculate a budget for furnishing your apartment and find an unfurnished unit to rent.

Usually some expatriates looking to rent a furnished apartment specials when they plan to stay for a short period of time in Dubai. In such a case, one need not to worry whether that sofa fits that corner in the TV room, whether your crochet curtain covers the windows, or if the big brown wardrobe fits the wall facing the bed. You can just skip all these the hassles of packing and unpacking your furniture. Just grab your personal stuff and you’re ready to go!

It’s more convenient for you to buy your own furniture in case you are planning to settle down in Dubai. So when you move home, you do not need to start from scratch in an unfurnished apartment.

3. Think of your Dependents

There are chances of losing your security deposit if you have small children who are active and playful because they can damage a furniture. So renting a furnished apartment might not be the best idea. It’s also important to keep in mind that even furnished apartments don’t always come with the right furniture for a kid’s room.

The furniture of an apartment is not saved if Pets are around. So, if you have any pets indoors, you might be advised to rent an unfurnished home and furnish it with more pet-suitable furniture. Otherwise, you need to be willing to pay for the possible damages your pets might leave. You can also read about which one better-buy-or rent-home.

Furnished properties in dubai

When One Should Think to Furnish a Property

You should furnish a property only if it will be more profitable in the long run.

There are many reasons that you can think when you are looking forward to furnish a property. Will furnishings make the property more marketable, and will you be able to charge more rent for it?

The benefits of furnishing a property having beds, sofas, etc. Or that it can make a home much more attractive to potential renters who don’t have their own furniture. However, this might suit to those tenants like students, first time renters, or professionals looking for short-term leases. If you are having a furnished apartment or a house means that you are offering tenants a better and complete package.

UnFurnished properties in dubai

Closing Up:

So it all depends on what type of tenant you have. Furnishing a property have a benefit if you are ready to offset the cost of maintenance and the risk of damage against the increase in rent that you can think to charge. At the end, i just want to say real estate in Dubai, UAE is in demand due to the fact that a lot of people want to visit Dubai or want to stay for the long term.


How to Find the Best Real Estate Deals through MLS

How to Find the Best Real Estate Deals through MLS

Real estate searchers desire to know the best real estate deals from the market for getting the dream property at the best location!

Are you looking forward to buy your dream property through the best real estate deals?

If the answer to the above question is a yes, then you are headed towards the right place. Multiple Listing Service is the best way and it is the best collection of many of the properties which many of the real estate agents desire to sell. There are some classified apps like Dubai real estate app will help you to find the best deals in the wonderful homes and the best in class properties will leave you amazed. Well, there are 3 ways that will help the property searchers to search the best property and these also enable you to get the best deals in the best real estate property.

How to Find the Best Real Estate Deals through MLS

All you need to know about Finding the Best Properties through the MLS:

Here are the best ways to check out the aspired property through the MLS and this will be of great help to you:

1 Always remain at the first place:

It is best known as to what happens to those birds who easier to hunt for the worms quite early and this particular principle also follows in searching about the real estate deals by  the MLS. Various kinds of new listings might not be worth your precious time. In this competitive world, if you desire to find the real estate deals through MLS then you need to be quite fast too. If you will be first, then there are great chances to get a big yes, just before anybody else has just even had a look at the property. This will surely help you in keeping away from this competition. But how can you remain fast is the major concern to know and these 4 points will help you greatly:

  • You must be completely qualified:

If you keep waiting to know about your financing till you get the best property, then you shall be at the risk of going after the deals that you might not get in the first itself. Moreover, many sellers desire to see a pre-approval letter way before they will be accepting the particular offer. If you desire to get that pre-approval even after submitting your offer, then that particular competition an just drop much before you have just signed the contract. You Will also like to know about how to sell real estate property fast and get the money.

  • You must also set your own criteria:

You are required to perceive about what you need exactly and you desire to buy and what will be something you are also aspiring to pay. This will certainly help you to figure out around 99% of your listings and shall not be matched with your desired property. And so you must make your focus towards the 1%, which will matter to you.

Many times people have just booked the property without thinking about the best property deals or doing some homework and this will surely lead you towards saving some huge bucks in finding the best property. These and many more are the common mistakes which real investors make before buying the property.

2 Being at the last in searching property:

Here might be times that you desired to sell a property and did not find the buyers. For decreasing this particular problem, the classified app of UAE will help you to find the best sellers when you want to sell the property quickly. Many times When the sellers are opting to sell a particular property then they are just paying the 2 house payments at the same time or looking forward to shift to a fresh phase in life through the anchor of that unsold property.

This is the reason why a seller will be able to accept the low offer too than the owner who have found the new properties. You must for the real estate agent to get the list of properties which will surely meet your criteria.

3 Taking the risk:

The last tip in this section of searching the best deals on the MLS is through taking the risks. This is the tips that can also transform your whole business in few days itself. Taking the risks also means to understand about how the real estate channel works out. This particular channel working is very simple. Leads will come up at the top and then you will inspect some leads from those coming at the top. Once those leads are inspected then some offers might get accepted too. In this step, you will also be acknowledging the real estate channel and you go on with the best process so that the results are in your favor itself.

The Final Word:

So, it can be said that if you want to purchase the luxe property, then you are required to make various offers and you must also scrutinize various kinds of leads. You will then require various other leads in your real estate channel as such. So, it can be summed up that you must not keep waiting for good deals and rather you must be either in the first place or take some risks or just stay at the last in finding the best deals in property for yourself. Some people desire to know about the best ways to make money sitting at home and people can make money through buying and selling used cars in Dubai through simple clicks on your smartphone by classified app in Dubai.

4 ways To Value a Freehold Property In Dubai

4 ways To Value a Freehold Property In Dubai

Many people in the world aspire to move to a new city or new country for various reasons, say for instance, job, career, higher studies and many more reasons as such. The most loved city which attracts the tourists for the above listed reasons is the city of Gulf, Dubai.

So, if you are planning to move to the city of Gulf, Dubai then you are headed towards the right place. In this post we will tell you about the property, freehold property in Dubai.

4 ways To Value a Freehold Property In Dubai

4 ways To Value a Freehold Property In Dubai

Initially the foreigners are not permitted to make any kind of investment or cannot buy the freehold properties in Dubai. But after the declaration of freehold Dubai Property law in the year 2002 professional real estate investors and the foreigners change their mind set and started giving attention to making a huge investment in real estate in Dubai, UAE. The state government has made massive investment in the construction of infrastructure in this city so as to make less dependent on oil.

Advancement of Dubai Freehold Property Market:

Dubai Freehold property market has advanced to a lot of extent as of now. The trend of freehold property market has begun in the year 1998 after the project launch of Dubai Marina as such. During that year, there was not any freehold property legislation existing in Dubai, UAE. Just the marvelous villas were available as the leasehold asset for the 99 years.

When the freehold property law came into existence in the year 2006 then non-GCC nationals (Here GCC stands for Gulf Cooperation Council, which includes Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman) are allowed to possess freehold properties.

Know more about Freehold Property UAE:

Dubai Freehold properties are available to purchase by local and the foreign residents both. People who belong to any country around the globe are permittee to buy and hold a freehold property forever unless they determine to to resale it to anybody. People can anytime resale their lovely houses. But they must know 8 things to be considered before purchasing the dream home in the Gulf. Well, purchasing a lavish apartment is quite different purchasing the villa.

Is it possible to purchase freehold property in other parts of UAE?

Well, Dubai is the first Emirate of UAE which permits non-GCC residents to possess the freehold property in specific areas of Dubai as such. Other different Emirates of UAE also focus on developing their own property laws. There are various apartments for sale in Dubai which you must know.

Currently, Abu Dhabi (2005) and Ajman (2006) also declared freehold properties available in various areas. Various other states also offers ownership of freehold properties to the expats and the foreigners.

4 ways to value freehold property in Dubai:

Dubai real estate is prospering with each passing day. This has made it attraction for the buyers to buy their property in Dubai. But there are many people who don’t know as to how should they value freehold property in Dubai.

You must not be much excited by the Olympic-sized pool or the magnificent chandelier in the classy lobby as these add-ons does not determine the market value of of your real estate in Dubai as such. There are various properties for sales in Dubai which grabs the eyeballs of the tourists around the globe.

You must perform well-versed research and search about the categories of brokerage website which fascinates you to the core. You must get the accurate pricing of Dubai freehold property in which you are interested in before you look for ward to buy the same.

You must know that main factors which helps you to determine the market value and also establishing supply and demand of a Dubai freehold property involves location, the price involved in the construction (like costing of cement, steel, etc), connectivity to the metro and other kinds of public transport and the customer’s ability to know the community/area as such. As per the recent industry trends, the costing of property at Dubai Marina have risen by 28% since the year 2010. Even the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) have claimed that the value of freehold property nestled within 1.5 kilometres of the metro stations have increased to 415 from 13% percent earlier.

The research have also shown that the areas with 1-2 bedroom properties are more famous than the areas having 3-4 bedrooms. You must know how to get discount on property taxes if you aspire to buy freehold property in this Gulf city.


So, before you opt for purchasing Dubai freehold property, you must know:

Why do you need to purchase and require the Dubai freehold property? Do you decide to live in the property or as an investment for resale or lease purpose? This will have certain influence on the type and location of property which you must buy. You must also make a plan for your financing options also.

As the leading classified website of UAE, we help you to purchase the freehold property in Dubai without any hassle.

8 Reasons Why Purchasing New Home is Better than Used

8 Reasons Why Purchasing New Home is Better than Used

Buying a new home than used one is trending these days. Buyers get more benefits by purchasing new homes. The home buyers can buy their dream home as per their choice and that is the reason they don’t buy used house.

8 Reason Purchasing New Home is Better Than Used

8 Reasons Why Purchasing New Home is Better than Used

Here is the list of 8 reasons as to why the home buyers prefer to buy brand new homes rather than used ones:

1 You Can Give Designing for the Home as Per Your Choice:

People is today’s date love their own designing when purchasing dream home. They can’t go with someone else’s design concept. Various parts of the home can be designed in your way like the countertops, kitchen fixtures, cabinets, appliances, carpets and the flooring. Your dream home can be all as per your preference in looks, appearance and style.

2 You can the New Home With the Warranty:

If you think of buying used home, you might notice that various parts need repairs to much of the extent. You might incur numerous costs to make it as the new. It might make a rent in your pocket. There are various components for your new home which reflects the class designing. This is yet another reason that people opt for buying new home than used house.

3 It can Save You Energy and Much Money:

Generally, newly built homes are more energy-efficacious if compared to 5 year old houses. And if any house had been constructed just 10 to 20 years ago, it will cost more on energy. If you opt for buying the new home, you get the chance of having double or the triple pane windows compared to used homes which just has single-pane windows.

4 Much comfortable Aura of Indoors:

Newly built homes are more energy-efficient an that is the reason why they are more good on high-performance of energy and gives you a wonderful aura if related to air filtration. This will provide an awesome indoor aura and quality of the air is just incredible.

5 It Will Save Your Maintenance Cost:

Just like new cars have various advantages over used cars, the new homes are much more feature-rich in various aspects. The newly built homes have classy, stunning and open floor planning, plus high ceiling which reflects the class of living in today’s date. They are constructed by making use of top-notch building materials which will not cost you a king’s ransom in maintenance cost

6 Other Kinds of Community Facilities:

Various kinds of beautiful new homes are built in opulent master-planned amenities. They have glamorous designed structure, for instance community centers like that of a resort, the clubhouses and the pools are icing  on the cake. Various other newly built homes also include hiking trails. You can also find the best schools and shopping center near the new designed house locality.

7 Enhanced Technologies in Design:

When you buy a new home, you can add the insulation as per your choice. And when you opt to buy used home, replacing outdated appliances will cost you a king’s ransom. This is yet another reason why people opt for buying a brand new home instead of a used home ,which will lack in advanced technological trend in designing.

8 Amazing Feel in Brand New Home:

When you buy a used home, it was not your dream project. So you will not get that feel of a new home. A used home will show you the choice and preferences of another person. But when you buy a new home, it will give you the class feeling of your choice and the preferences as such. This is the best reason that people opt to buy a new home instead of used.

Closing Thoughts:

Well, there are various reasons that people love to buy a new home. But still there are people who can’t afford to buy their new home. They opt for buying the used real estate properties like home , house, villa, apartment and other.

One of the leading classified ads website offers you the platform where you can trade in used homes and you can buy your home. This amazing platform will also help you trade in home appliances also which you will require for your home.