Top 8 Traditional Food Culture of UAE

Top 8 Traditional Food Culture of UAE

United Arab is the leading cosmopolitan country that offers assorted range of tourist attractions for the tourists who come from all over the world. This gulf country has come up as the growing country of UAE.

traditional food of UAE

There are marvelous places to visit in this city. A land of worth watching scenic beauty, drool-worthy and yummy food for the big time foodies. UAE has the lovely taste in food, if compared to whole world. World’s  best place for the foodies . The delicious foods that are being loved by the food lovers are served on this place on earth. The top-notch food are the nutritional salads or the yummy starters. The Emirati food generally involves rice, meat and the fish.

8 Famous Traditional Food in UAE:

Many food items of UAE reflects luxury in taste. Various traditional food culture of UAE includes spices and rich flavour. For having the meat, the Arab people make use of sheep and goats. On the best occasions and festivals of UAE, they love eating stuffed camel. For various tourists who comes to visit UAE from the world, the Arab restaurants serve dishes made with camel meat.

Mehalbiya Dish:

Mehalbiya Dish

This is the most appetizing recipe which is loved by the foodies in Dubai. This dish has the richness in taste including the pistachios and the rosewater sprinkles. This yummy food is the dish for the people who have got sweet tooth. You can also find 15 best food in the world-eat outside day for satisfying your taste buds to the core. The sweetest dessert of the desert land.



Shawarma is also the most loved food in UAE which is drool-worthy. This dish has also become all the rage these days in Asian countries also. This yummy food has the main ingredient as the chicken and lamb. There are multifarious restaurants in UAE which serves this dish in unique way. Many restaurants serve this dish with Arabic roti mixed with the yummy garlic sauce, tomatoes, sauce. This delicious dish tastes much like kebab. Though the taste of this mouth-watering recipe is different from one place to another. Many foodies of UAE eat this dish along with a fruit drink made from the strawberry and banana.



This is the most favoured recipe for the vegetarian tourists who come to visit UAE. It is one of the version of Arabian cuisine. It is mainly a healthy and nutritional salad which includes vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber and the green onions. This food is for the health conscious people and it is eaten after seasoning with lemon juice and fresh mint leaves. The yet another luxury taste of UAE in field of salads to be precise.



The most yummiest dish of UAE which has set the world on fire by its rich taste. This recipe is prepared from the main ingredient lamb, which is served on the topping of rice, crushed nuts and the veggies. The best dish to try when you Visit Dubai in your nightlife. Ghuzi is highly favored among the food lovers in Dubai. You might be thinking to try hands on making this yummy food. You have the option to show your cooking skills by opting for the best catering services on our business listing website.



It is the household name in the dips which have its origin from UAE. It is cooked by using the main ingredients as the chickpeas, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and tahini paste. People love eating this appetizing dish with the bread. Some people also enjoy this dish as the side dip with different foods. Even Shawarma can be enjoyed along with this dip to feel that luxury taste.

Al Harees:


Al Harees is yet another favorite food in this gulf city of Emirate country, Dubai. It involves rich exotic taste blend with the meat and also the wheat as main ingredient. During the festive season of Ramadan , this is . The best thing is that, this dish is made including very few ingredients. The cooking time is comparatively more, if compared to other traditional dishes of Dubai. The mixture of wheat and the meat is cooked well in the boiled water with the addition of a pinch of salt. This dish involves more hours to get cooked. For soothing your taste buds, you also have the option to add more spices. This dish is served hot with the topping of ghee. You would also love to eat this dish at different restaurants of Dubai, which can be searched on leading classified ads website.

Stuffed Camel:

Stuffed Camel

People in UAE have richness and luxury, if food is concerned. Stuffed camel is the top-rated cuisine and UAE traditional culture and  food. The icing on the cake is that, this dish has also got its name included in the Guinness Book of world records as one of the biggest dishes being served in the world. Many superior families in UAE serve this dish in the wedding functions also. The major ingredients being used in stuffed camel is one whole camel, a lamb, around 20 chickens, some boiled eggs, rice and the fish. The way this recipe is cooked is just completely amazing. This dish is highly favored among all the non-veggies across the globe.

Al Machboos:

Al Machboos

Al Machboos is yet other mouth-water delicious traditional food of UAE. It is the most loved traditional food in UAE. UAE food culture is one of the vast in whole world, having luxury taste in various dishes. Important materials used to prepare Al Mchboos are meat, rice lemon, and the onion. Different kinds of seasoning involves spices of richness in taste. For making this dish, first of all all the ingredients are seasoned well in the boiling water until they become tender. The next step involves the separation of meat and rice is being added which gives 5 stars to the the taste. And then all the ingredients are well cooked. Later on the meat will be cooked again in the rice and yummy vegetables for around 2 hours. It is then served hot and enjoyed to the core. So, you just can’t wait to try this recipe, but don’t know to cook! Well, you can find a chef on Dubai Poster, the Dubai classifieds, who have prowess in preparing toothsome Al Machboos.

Closing Thoughts:

The above listed are the best traditional food to eat when you are visiting UAE. It gives you the feel of traditional food culture of UAE with each bite of this recipe.At Dubai poster, you also have the option to make a splash about your brand new hotel business. All you need is to just add your business in dubai at Dubaiposter, which in turn will help you generate sales leads and your restaurant will observe number of foodies in large numbers with each passing day.


Enjoy Tonight, But Safe Nightlife in Dubai

Enjoy Tonight, But Safe Nightlife in Dubai

Dubai is one of the lovely cities in the world to visit. There are various places to visit in Dubai. Some of the stunning attractions of Dubai attracts the visitors of whole world. Apart from various places, the nightlife of Dubai is the major attraction. There are various locales to explore on this heaven in the desert land.

Nightlife in Dubai

Enjoy Tonight, But Safe Nightlife in Dubai

This city is much western than you can ever expect, having classy pubs, bars, hotels of Dubai also attracts the tourists who are foodies to the core. You will love to gorge at the top expensive hotels in Dubai and the beautiful scenic beauty of Palm Jumeirah Dubai will leave you mind blowing.

The Sheikh zayed road alone, the bars and the lounges are located a lot. The beach clubs and the other outdoor games are very fascinating for the tourists. People who love to party a lot drops to Dubai to enjoy the party and also the nightlife. Many tourists comes from across the world. Actually, many visitors are being fascinated by Dubai despite having different choices, tastes and expectations.

Many of the licensed bars in the classy hotels situated at Deira, Business Bay, Sheikh zayed road, Dubai Marina.

Here are the few points to keep in mind before going to the place to enjoy the class nightlife:

You must be of 21 years of age and above to enter the bar. You must also carry with you a valid ID, to enjoy in your own way without any inconvenience.

When the party in Dubai begins at the disk, many of the bars gets shut down nearly at 2 AM.

night-life in dubai.jpg

Drink and drive is not allowed as per the rules of Dubai. There are various cops who keep eyes on you, and you will definitely not like to end up in any of the police stations. So its better not to drive, you can ride a cab which will take you to the place you want to go while going back to your home.

Ladies get the advantage to party at free of cost on the Tuesday nights. Various bars provides Ladies night every Tuesday that requires free drinks and the entrance fee.

Nightlife is something to explore in Dubai for sure. There are various locales from most opulent to pocket-friendly places. You can party in your own way at the world’s largest building Burj Khalifa. You also have the best option to relax yourself and get engrossed in the stunning oceanic view at the Dubai Marina and the JBR areas.

Yet another to enjoy and eat food to see the beautiful nightlife is the Ravis, a Pakistani restaurant which serves lip-smacking cuisine, the toothsome curry. It is sure that in this beautiful city of Dubai, you can have your own cake and eat but you must remove all the cake applied to your beard before you opt for dancing in Dubai.

Dubai offers you the vast variety of places to enjoy the best nightlife you are looking forward to.


So, you must not wait more. Get those trendy outfits for the parties and begin to party like a rock star.

When you are looking forward to go to the party and enjoy the nightlife, you will definitely a lovely camera or a mobile phone with best camera to capture the moments. But, some people can’t afford to buy those kinds of expensive cameras or the mobile handsets.

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