The 100 best selling cars in the world during 2016

Source: The 100 best selling cars in the world during 2016


The 5 best compact cars that will arrive until 2019

The 5 best compact cars that will arrive until 2019

The compact cars have historically formed the premier class of the market. The Volkswagen Golf, Renault Megane, Citroen C4 … have always been the models that have led all the sales lists. Today overshadowed by Best SUVs, which month by month are already the most sought by customers, all brands are struggling to renew their products and continue to grow.

These are the best compact sedan cars that will reach the U.A.E market until 2019.

#1 Volkswagen Golf VIII: mid-2018

Volkswagen Golf VIII will arrive Dubai UAE in 2018

The Volkswagen Golf is still the best-selling car model in Dubai today. Like its brother, the Audi A3, the new Golf (always one of the most anticipated cars of the year) which already had an evolution in two phases: first, in 2016, a slight renovation; And then, in 2018, a future generation, in this case, it will be the one that shows the greatest evolution.

Mechanically, its 1.4 TSI versions will give way to the new family of turbocharged petrol engines with 1.5 liters of capacity, whose efficiency will not depend solely on the system of disconnection of cylinders. The new bases will be based on efficiency, lightness and safety equipment.

There will not be a change of image too breakthrough, but a greater differentiation between 5-door bodies, which will no longer have such a small volume of luggage, and the rest of the range, such as the familiar Variant or the Sportsvan minivan.

There will also be a new modular family of 1.5 TDI three-cylinder engines with power levels between 75 and 120 hp. GTD, GTi and an already established GTE will continue to make history in the Golf, while in the electric range is already spoken of a 50 percent autonomy additional to the current.


#2 Volvo V40: late 2018Volvo V40 sports car black version design Dubai UAE

Volvo works at peak performance. With the newly upgraded range in sedan (S90) and its SUV Volvo XC90, now it’s time to go to the other end. The next step is the staging of a new generation of compact V40 and unpublished derivatives XC40 and C40. To do this, Volvo has developed a modular platform to accommodate all those various variants … and more.

They say in the brand that with the new CMA platform will reduce development times to 20 months, when the current V40 needed 42 in 2012. The new platform will share with the superior SPA of the S90 and XC90 much of its cutting-edge technology. This means that the future V40 will have its relevant Twin Engine version, which is what Volvo calls its new hybrids.

#3 BMW 1 Series: 2017-2018

2018 BMW 1 Series arriving Dubai UAE

The future BMW 1 Series will look structurally and by dimensions to its Mini cousin. It will change a lot. At BMW they want to leave room for future models – and now that Mini has entered the compact segment with the new Clubman – and will do just the opposite with its Series 1 of 3 and 5 doors.

It will be something smaller, not so much as an Audi A1 (less than 4 meters), but very close to the 4.25 meters in length of the new Mini. So, the Series 2 will have a long journey and many surprises under the sleeve … And under the skin. Because it will be the Series 1 model that yields to the practical rigors over the technicians.

Mini’s front-wheel drive platform will therefore be the base for the brand’s new baby, with a better size / habitability ratio than the current one. Goodbye to the propulsion, but without loss of good sensations. The shortest length will not involve less battle in the future Series 1, which will lead a more advanced command post.

Engines of 3 and 4 cylinders in petrol and Diesel, with the block of 1.5 liters in different levels of power for the initial versions, and the 2.0 liter like top of range, will conform the conventional offer. And there will be variant of high performance MPerformance. Total traction and 8-speed automatic transmission will continue.

#4 Mercedes A-Class: 2018

Mercedes Benz A Class 2018 arriving in UAE

The next generation of the Mercedes-Benz compact (W117 in internal code) will revolve around the premiere of a new modular platform, which will allow to exploit even more flexibility to the segment. And with it, much more technology and much less weight will come to the new Class A.

The revolution will be industrial and technological, because the designs will only qualify, in view of the current success. Among the numerous bodies that the brand of the star will offer in this category, there will be a daring Shooting Brake, as we know that Mercedes designers will bet on a new yet more exclusive variant of only two side doors. Among the variants derived from Class A, the CLA, for example, will evolve from the traditional three-volume saloon line that currently presents a more coupe-style silhouette with four doors.

On the other hand, the development team of the brand is taking into account all the technical requirements that will require an unprecedented Class A Convertible. The men of AMG will develop their own sport from the future Class A, which will be a direct rival of the Audi TT. All this without forgetting that the same genetics will be shared equally by the future Class B within the compact size MPVs and even by a new SUV GLB variant.

#5 Audi A3: 2018

2018 Audi A3 Sportback Rumors Dubai UAE

Recently renovated, the future Audi A3 will arrive soon in 2018. It will be more efficient, spacious, equipped and better connected. This fourth generation, completely new, will show how not the distinguishing features of future Audi, although the most interesting will go inside.

It will be removed again weight of up (up to 50 kilos), even more in its unpublished versions with engine of 3 cylinders of gasoline, which, before 2020, will have a secondary electrical network of 48 volts and a small electric motor with which To achieve a “gentle hybridization”. Nothing to do with the pure e-tron. All of the engines will be Ultra, which means urea additive in the Diesel, while the gasoline will retain the deactivation of cylinders and will arrive the new 2.0 cycle Miller premiered in the Audi A4.

The German group is also working on an upgrade of its double-clutch transmissions – always with inertial function – as well as new, more efficient and advanced all-wheel drive. Signal control or hyperconnection to the Internet will also come with exchange of information to the outside. The advances in semi-autonomous driving will reach the A3 with a driving assistant for jam with an increased speed up to 60 km / h.

Mobile Apps: a Booming Market in Dubai

Mobile Apps: a Booming Market in Dubai

80% of mobile browsing is concentrated in five apps: Facebook, Youtube, Google Maps, Pandora and Gmail

Every day more companies use mobile apps to interact with their customers. Gone is when shop windows announced their special offers, now they arrive directly at the mobile phone through a notification in the application.

According to data from consultancy Forrester Research, in 2014, 5% of global e-commerce was done through mobile devices and it was expected that, by 2016, these transactions will reach 10% of total sales. For 2017 it will be 30% of the total.

The App Date confirmed that in U.A.E, in the last four years, the number of mobile applications downloaded grew by 250%. Up to date U.A.E’s residents consume 3 million apps on their mobile devices: phones and tablets. 

Undoubtedly, mobile phones have changed the way of thinking and relating society, both to family and friends, to products and brands.

What types of mobile applications do users demand?

  • Entertainmentsocial networking and instant messaging apps are the most used by users. We can also find in this area the applications of the cinemas that show schedules, location of the rooms, discounts, facilitate the purchase of tickets …
  • Banking: for the financial services technology presents a good opportunity to get closer to their customers. Checking the balance and the movements of the account, making transactions or finding the nearest cashier are some of the services that banks offer their customers through their mobile apps.
  • Retail: new applications are emerging every day that offer facilities for buying and selling, comparing prices or looking for stores. Also, developers take advantage of the geolocation factor so that the stores themselves send out discounted notifications to customers closest to the physical location of the store.
  • Restaurants and accommodation: hotel and restaurant applications offer on menus and rooms, the location of the premises or offer the possibility of making reservations.
  • Streaming: are music and / or video download and playback services.
  • Photography and video: they allow both the capture and recording of audiovisual content and its dissemination. They are very complete apps in which users interact with each other motivated by shared content.

Mobile applications begin to have more value in the communication and sales strategies of brands, and are positioned as a powerful tool for e-commerce.


5 Tips for Finding the Tax Advisor Who Will Save You Millions

A right advisor can save a business owner literally millions of dollars over a lifetime.”

Tips to Find the Best Tax Advisor

The most important decision a businessman or an entrepreneur should take is hiring an intelligent and passionate tax advisor to save you millions of amount. A passionate tax advisor will give you valuable tips that can be applied to save millions.

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Tips for Finding the Tax Advisor

How to Find the Best Tax Advisor Who Will Save You Millions

It is important to be in touch with your tax advisors on a regular basis. The great tax advisors always like to have a regular meetings with their clients irrespective of the fact that client wants one or two meetings only. They want to take care of their clients in a passionate way. They want to share their knowledge in an advance manner.

They want to simplify their tax laws by making their client understand in an easy way. Here a five tips for recognizing the tax advisor to partner with.

1. Find a Passionate CPA Versus a Mass-Production Company.

The best tax professionals are always CPAs, Certified Public Accountants. The businessman or the businesses should opt for CPA only as they command knowledge of their subject and helps in a great way in reducing taxes. The second option is an enrolled agent, and finally, there are the mass production companies like you find in the mall. There are enrolled agents with whom the small businesses can go. Though Advice is not to go with a mass production companies or do their own taxes. Always hire a tax expert like CPA and save millions.

2. Look for a CPA with Great Tax Education and Experience.

Whether we talk about good tax saver or a good entrepreneur, education always play a big role in a long term scenario. A tax advisor’s education can make a huge difference in long-term tax savings. For example, the best advisors like CPAs usually works with Big 4 Accounting Firm (Price Waterhouse Coopers, KPMG, Deloitte & Touche and Ernst Young) and embrace the details in the law. They are graduated with top percentages from the institute and then with experience they gets a command over practical things.

3. Find a CPA who’s Thinking is Non Linear.

The most of the accountants are hardworking and they think in a straight line but a better accountant is hardworking as well as smart working and in turn he finds smart, creative and legal ways to use the law to save the taxpayer money. Unsophisticated accountants will recommend that you postpone your taxes through an IRA or 401K and pre-pay expenses at the end of the year. The right accountant will do all the handwork and in depth research spending months and then will give a smart strategy to save tax and in turn save millions.

5 Tips for Finding the Tax Advisor

4. Hire a tax Advisor who asks you questions.

If you have to ask all the questions during the initial interview, this should be a red flag. Instead, look for a tax advisor who is inquisitive. Who wants to know your aim, your long term goals and financial objective. Only a thorough diagnosis by a tax professional will lead to major tax savings. You can also search about own business online in Dubai at different portals.

5. For Long-Term Gains Invest in the Best Tax Advisor.

Short term goals will never take you to great places. So having a long term goal with an objective to save millions is fulfilled by a passionate tax advisor only. Infact someone has rightly mentioned that It’s not how much your tax preparer charges you that matters, it’s how much your tax preparer costs you.” Nobody like paying taxes but if you can save tax legally as per tax laws with the help of tax advisor then there is nothing wrong. Finding a startegic tax advisor and doing strategic tax planning could help reduce taxes.

Summing up:

Hiring a advisor who has practical knowledge and who can explain you things practically, is one of the most important decisions you will make as a business owner or individual. Look for a tax advisor who can reduce your knowledge gap regarding tax laws and in turn can give you practical exposure. Wanna to save milions be practical and hire practical tax advisor. So folks, have a happy and intellectual savings. You can also read about apartments on rent on classified app UAE..

Jebel Jais In Ras Al Khaimah- Highest Mountain Peak UAE

Jebel Jais In Ras Al Khaimah- Highest Mountain Peak UAE

Jebel Jais is definitely the UAE’s tallest mountain at 1900 m, and is every bit as exciting as a tall mountain should be. Rugged, at times wind-swept, valleys with sweeping views and absolute isolation. Many tourists had no idea there were such beautiful mountains in the desert named Jebel Jais.

Let’s be informed by exploring UAE’s highest mountain Jabel Jais:

From the RAK (Ras Al Khaimah) roundabout at the end of the 311 highway to the summit takes just over an hour. The new road which takes you to the top of the mountain, a place you would normally have to walk to,was commissioned by His Highness Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah it has an estimated cost of over AED 300m, construction began in 2005 and it is almost complete.

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UAE's highest mountain Jebel Jais

The natural scenic beauty is spectacular, as you start off at the bottom of the mountain. Isolated villages with unique terraced farms making use of the rainfall are hidden in among the mountainsides. Tiny wildflowers, cottages, and of course it just wouldn’t be right without lots of wild goats.

Challenging drivers and cyclists, the 35km road upward seems to never end, slowly carving its way, rising 1700 meters, through the mountains with loads of curves and hairpin turns. There are greenery, valleys and mountainsides, which serve as perfect places for novice or experienced climbers to challenge their skills!

Roam And Enjoy the to and fro movement in Jebel Jais:

You will find a clearing at the end of the tarmac road which is about 3 km from the summit, there you can stop to go to a barbeque and went about exploring. Since it is the tallest peak in the UAE standing at 1934 meters (6,345 feet) above sea level, the temperature was lovely at about 10 degrees C cooler, (in the winter it can get as low as -3 degrees C, with snowfall reported in 2009)!

When you will keep moving, you will eventually lead to the Sheikh’s palace where you can find even more stunning views of the mountain cluster. Search for Dubai properties for real estate for sale.

Standing up there, among the silence, and staggering beauty, makes you realize just how small you are within this world! The views were just awesome, everywhere you looked you wanted to remember forever, it is almost indescribable, you just have to go there and ‘feel’ it for yourself! If you like adventure then you can also explore the top 3 adventurous things to do in Ras Al Khaimah.

Please be informed that you can view a great beauty of Jebel Jais an hour before sunset. In case you to relay and at the same time you want to enjoy then it is one of the best place for camping, a barbecue, climbing, biking, hiking, takeaway picnic, exploring and stargazing!

Jebel jais in ras al khaimah

Once you leave Ras Al Khaimah there are no shops for food or water and there are no public toilets along this route or at the destination. So it is always better to bring a cooler with your food and water.

Overall you will find the trip incredible, no visitors and no litter-which is a welcome change. One can enjoy Jebel Jais more than hate and the ‘touristy’ Jebel Hafeet.

It is not necessary to have a 4WD but it helps if you have one, else you might worry a little when you are driving with your nose pointing at the sky over dirt roads leading to the summit of this barren and rugged mountain in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, fondly shortened to RAK.

As soon as you reach closer to the summit, the blacktop road ends. And From this particular area and upwards there is a a narrow dirt track hugging the rocky edges. And unless you have a good, sound car and experience driving on roads like this, do not attempt it. Instead, it is better to park your car here and walk uphill.

The moment you find a a sharp climb, it brings you to the summit and its worth every bit of effort.

The mountains of Jebel Jais are a wonderful place for bikers and car enthusiasts and thus they can test their driving skills.

BMWs are always better than M3 that strains a little going up that dirt road to the summit, not surprising because the M3s are built for high speed and not mountains. In fact a normal car with a slightly better ground clearance will do just as well though. It is not uncommon to see saloon cars and requires lots of unusual effort to climb up the hill on weekends, so you now know Jebel Jais is not out of bounds if you don’t own a 4×4.

This is also the point where the blacktop road ends. The roads are fairly new and there was still some grit on the roads. Bad season might see a rock fall on the road, so caution is necessary.

Jebel Jais Mountain Road

Need to know:

It is important to know here that there are no gas stations for miles. Nothing at all when you reach the top or along the way. So it is better to tank up in Ras Al Khaimah and carry enough water, food. Toilet breaks would obviously be limited to “going to the bush, or in this case, a rock,” so prepare yourself accordingly. For buying and selling anything in Dubai, access to Dubai Classifieds.

In case if you wish to take a relaxed break, book yourself a suite at Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort & Spa. This hotel about 50kms away from the Jebel Jais Mountain Top, and dotted with world-class amenities like spa, child care facilities, recreational facilities and fitness facilities.

How to get there:

To be honest and frank the distance is about 30 kms from Ras Al Khaimah. Go past the Lantern R/A (near Saqar and RAK Hospital). You need to keep on driving till you are close to the mountains. The roads are not clearly marked and you will definitely go over stretches of dirt roads in parts. When driving to Jebel Jais you need to make sure the mountains are on your left till you reach the newly constructed roads that lead up to the mountains.

If your car is GPS enabled, use it. Or try Google maps if you get lost. It is hard to lose the way, but be prepared. You might lose mobile connectivity along the way as you pass through the mountains.

Wrapping up:

I hope after going through the above description you too would want to explore the Ras al Khaimah mountain. In case if you are planning to visit UAE do visit to Jebel Jais a tallest mountain in the UAEUAE. Inclines are steeper so play it safe and enjoy the drive. In case if you are interested in properties, then search Dubai property for sale at different classified portals.

Five UAE Job Hunting Myths Explored

Five UAE Job Hunting Myths Explored

“People have an incorrect view about job hunting in the UAE because of faulty thinking and understanding and that get repeated over and over again.”

There are some views that are used to be true, but now are outdated and others were simply wrong to begin with. Unfortunately, believing in these myths keeps many professionals from connecting with the opportunities that come their way.

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To prevent job seekers from making the same mistakes in the future, here is a guide to the myths and realities of job hunting:

UAE Job-Hunting Myths

5 Myths about the UAE Job Hunting

Folks, here you go with 5 myth about job hunting in UAE:

Myth 1: I don’t need a Public Profile on the Internet; Everyone Knows me

Reality: Your friends may know you, but other people, who would like to know you better, probably rely on Google and other search engines for more information about you. A poll on personal branding has shown that 90 per cent of professionals run an online search for people they have met, or are about to meet. Further data from the same poll also, indicates that 61 per cent of professionals say that their company checks the profiles of new recruits online before hiring them. Take the time to invest in a top-quality public profile to show what you do best and control how others see you.

Myth 2: Applying for all Jobs Advertised out there is the Surest way to Get a Job

Reality: Relying on a splatter-gun effect when applying for jobs is the surest way to bring down your job application relevancy score, which is ultimately not great for your job search (or your confidence). Employers want relevance above all else. Tools that are available online for search, sorting and filtering ensure that only the relevant CVs are viewed and contacted. You can set up a weekly job alert to get notified when a job relevant to your skills and experience is published online.

Myth 3: A good Night’s Rest is the Best way to Prepare for an Interview

Reality: Employers are interested in candidates who have researched their company and industry, and are familiar with the latest news, trends and market insights. Take the time to do your homework and to understand what the company and job and industry are all about. You can visit the company’s website or corporate page online, or even interrogate people who already work there to ensure you know what to expect at the interview stage and have some good questions prepared. Often, one of the biggest turn-offs for employers in the region is a candidate’s poor preparation before the job interview.

Myth 4: Job Sites are too Competitive; I don’t Stand a Chance

Reality: According to our poll on modern job searches in the Middle East, 80 per cent of professionals think the internet is a very important mode of sourcing candidates. Employers are armed with extremely powerful tools to sift and search through thousands of CVs and to identify key strategic fit candidates in no time. However, there is a whole suite of new tools and data interfaces today that give job seekers an unprecedented advantage by highlighting key information related to their individual CV and desired career, and giving them the right insights to help navigate their individual job search. CVs that are rich in relevant keywords and professionally put together are always at an advantage and this type of CV in turn answers how to get jobs in Dubai-UAE.

Myth 5: After the Interview, the Ball is in the Employer’s Court

Reality: Employers are busy people. You may have truly impressed in the interview but you still need to follow up with a thank-you letter and a confirmation of your interest in the company if you wish to remain top of mind. Many great interviewees fail to sell their interest in the company enough and employers usually lean towards enthusiastic professionals who are passionate about the company and their potential role in it. By all means, follow up politely and professionally after the interview and keep an open dialogue with companies that interest you so your application remains warm.


I hope now it is clear to you what is myth and what is true about job hunting in the UAE. The truth is that UAE fulfills your job need and makes your life wonderful. The dream jobs are within everyone’s reach in UAE and therefore come to UAE to get as close as possible to your targeted job. Please note that you can find information on different portals about real estate in Dubai UAE.

Which Are The Best Real Estate Companies in Dubai?

Which Are The Best Real Estate Companies in Dubai?

Apart from being the best in class tourist attraction, Dubai is also one of the best place for the real estate market, and it grabs the eyeballs of people who want to purchase the best real estate!

The real estate and the properties in Dubai is quite higher and it is not so easy to find the classy and feature-rich property over here. The complete real estate transaction at this place is just the best over here and there is also one of the best in class and more exciting feature which is must to watch out for. The quite professional real estate companies are also the major changing face of the whole real estate markets of Dubai.

5 Best real estate companies in Dubai:

real estate companies in dubai

Here is the list of best 5 real estate companies in Dubai to watch out for:

#1 Prestige Real Estate:

Prestige real estate is one of the best in class provider of the top-class residential, the corporate and the leisure developments in the Emirates country. It has also shown the excellence in its work of providing the best Dubai real estate and the major 2 factors includes: Personal & Exclusive. This company is also said to have earned good reputation as the leader in the market, for real estate sector. This company provides the best properties which have good and attractive features of real estate services in UAE. There are many people who made various kinds of mistakes at the time of buying real estate. Know about the common mistakes of real estate investors and these mistakes must be surely avoided at the time of purchasing the real estate property of your choice, preferences and the budget also.

#2 Provident Estate:

This Provident Real Estate is also practicing real estate from the year 2008 itself. This particular company has the brainchild of Louis Al Fakir too. At this particular time, the property representation was also weak in the UAE and this also requires the creative solutions for surviving at the time of the downturn also. The Provident Real Estat4e Dubai has the major aim of providing the best in class advanced marketing tools to be considered for enhancing the experience to the Buyer and also for winning the confidence of sellers too. People also like to know about which are the 4 top-rated real estate agents in Dubai, UAE, and these real estate agents helps you to get the best deals in the property which you want to buy.

#3 Habtoor Properties:

Al Habtoor Properties came into the existence in the year 2008 and this company was also established for servicing the Al Habtoor Group’s building management contracts and also for the exclusive leasing of the best looking towers, also for taking the advantage of the rising sales boom in the UAE real estate market. Al Habtoor Properties is also looking forward to spread the wings regionally in the field of property management and also for developing a strong base for the customers. This is also working for enhancing the assets and investments of the company for supporting the development of services. The best platform, classified app UAE, will also help you to know about the property for sale in Dubai and you can also buy these properties as per your budget and the cost involved.

#4 Hamptons International:

This is also the best international real estate agent and it provides best portfolio of properties in UAE and also internationally. This is also the complete owned subsidiary of Emaar Properties and Hamptons also provides the unrivaled features and the service at the property market. This company also continues for expanding globally and this makes it the best residential property groups in the world. Real estate in Dubai also turns out to be the attention-grabber for people across the worldwide and they look forward to buy the best ever property and real estate for themselves for sure, as per the location, price and the budget too.

#5 Binayah:

This was formed in the year 2007 and thus came into existence by the industry professionals with the blend of experience of around 30 years in the complete real estate market. It offers the clients with the best services and this includes the property management, asset management, Real Estate Brokerage Services, assistance for purchasing, selling and also renting and the development consultancy. The Binayah asset management sector overlooks at the wide range of properties, right from the residential, commercial, leasehold, and the freehold properties.

The Final Word:

So, the above listed are the best ever Dubai real estate companies to know about. People from around the world, will be looking forward to buy the class apart real estate, villas, properties and these properties are being available in different categories, classes and the budget. Different apartments for sale in Dubai can be seen in the classifieds app of the UAE also and you can also find the best deals from those kinds of apartments too.