Top 16 Underestimated Destinations In Dubai That You Should Visit

Top 16 Underestimated Destinations In Dubai That You Should Visit

Among the most popular things that one can see and do in Dubai are Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and desert safari Dubai. But what is unknown to many is its several interesting places which are completely underrated. Do visit the following places otherwise your trip to vibrant and lively city would remain incomplete.

This is the reason we present to you a few underrated places that every traveler must visit in Dubai.

The following places make Dubai popular tourist attraction:

1) The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence

The first place to visit is the Jumeirah Beach Residence. It is a 1.7 kilometer long stretch of roads leading to Jumeirah Beach with shopping centers and outdoor restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines. For having a relaxing time this is an exemplary place and also to enjoy some delicious food.

Underestimated destinations in Dubai that you should visit

2) The Farm Al Barari

The Farm is a man-made oasis which offers a tranquil dining experience in the midst of Dubai’s desert landscape in a serene environment. It is a perfect blend of great food and spectacular views.

3) Saeed Al Maktoum House

Another highly underrated destination is Saeed Al Maktoum House, the home of Dubai’s former ruler, Saeed Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum. This house, which was constructed in 1894, is one of the oldest buildings of this Emirate city. Now you could see some rare pictures of Dubai of the past as today it has been converted into a museum.

4) Bounce

This is the largest indoor trampoline playground, a great place to relive your childhood. With trampolines and a weight limit of 120 kg, you can burn calories in the most fun way possible.

5) Bastakia Quarter

In the heart of the modern metropolitan city of the Dubai Bastakia Quarter is an old neighborhood. It has been beautifully restored and is particularly attractive at night when the buildings are lit up. It is not that famous destination in Dubai but it is worth-visiting, especially for those who wish to experience Dubai the way it was before the cropping up of skyscrapers.

6) Shakespeare & Co.

It is a super-classy chain of patisseries around the middle-east, and a wonderful place for a relaxed gourmet meal.

7) Wafi Light and Sound Show

The Wafi Light and Sound Show is a truly spectacular sight. It is wonderful to see the way the lights and sounds are projected on the Pyramids as well as the Egyptian buildings will leave you in complete awe. You can thus celebrate evening in a perfect way with your family and friends.

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8) Zabeel Park

To enjoy and have a great day Zabeel Park is a perfect place to go. It has a play area, barbecue zones and a vast area for picnics.

underestimated places to visit in Dubai

9) Miracle Gardens

Miracle Garden is a unique flower garden, with amazing flower displays. Prepare to stand and look fixedly with one eye wide open in awe of the vibrant colors and perfect landscaping.

10) Hard Rock Cafe

The Hard Rock Cafe Dubai is phenomenal and displays live performances. It’s a great place to party and eat. Bonus: Their burgers are delicious.

11) Emirates Kart Zone

Emirates Kart Zone with super fast karts and a great track is one of the best go-Karting tracks in Dubai. A good time is guaranteed here.

12) Madinat Jumeirah Wall

You must definitely visit this place if you love rock climbing or are someone who is attracted to adventure. Here you need to climb a 6.4 meter climbing surface with several cracks, pockets, tufas and flakes for a wholesome experience.

13) Uptown Mirdif

Uptown Mirdif is the place where you will find Row-houses, Townhouses, and five distinct apartment styles planned around a Grand Piazza and includes salons,shops, spas and other attractions.

14) Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

It is dedicated to conserving the natural beauty and biodiversity of the Arabian Desert. It is The Dubai is 225-square-kilometer natural reserve.

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15) Burjuman

Burjuman an oldest shopping mall in Dubai that covers an area of more than 800,000 square feet. It has more than 300 retail stores and also has hotel suite, business tower and duplex residence. It is linked to the Burjuman Metro Station so you can reach this place by metro.

16) Dubai Festival City

The Dubai Festival City is one of its kind. This is a project where a mini city has been created within the city. You do not need to worry about amenities as you will find it all including residential and commercial buildings as well as entertainment facilities in this city. Within its premises it also has schools, malls, hotels, golf course, etc.

Summing Up:

The city of Dubai has many such unknown, but wonderful places that can make you fall in love with this place. So, when you visit Dubai next time just do not visit the usual tourist places. Try something unique and visit some of the above mentioned places.There are so many underrated destinations in Dubai that will not only help you to know the city more, but will also help you to find yourself in the city lights and skyscrapers. Refer to Classifieds Apps UAE in case you think online is becoming a more popular place to buy and sell Dubai.

Is UAE The World’s New Ecotourism Destination?

Is UAE The World’s New Ecotourism Destination?

“A relatively new concept in UAE’s tourism industry is Ecotourism. UAE’s biggest challenges to date is transforming this rapidly growing tourism sector into an ecotourism destination.”

By 2021, The United Arab Emirates is expecting to welcome 45 million people, of which 31 million will be international tourists, some of which will be looking to explore some of the most stunning and natural attractions in the region. There are many spectacular landscapes to experience in UAE such as beaches, mountains, deserts, wadis and the sea. UAE also has an ambitious goal of becoming one of the most sustainable countries in the world. By investing in ecotourism is no longer a choice. It has become a necessity to transform this rapidly growing tourism sector in a green economy.

Define Ecotourism

Ecotourism is a form of responsible travel to natural areas with the objective of promoting conservation of natural habitats, whilst protecting and empowering local communities socially and economically. Ecotourism is nothing but making learn the travelers on curtailing our impact on the environment.

Importance Of Ecotourism For UAE’s Tourism Industry

Uncontrolled conventional tourism puts excess pressure on the area as it harm natural areas. This can then lead to impacts such as increased pollution, soil erosion, loss of natural habitats and endangered species. It puts pressure on water resources, and it can force local populations to compete for the use of critical resources.

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Ecotourism on the other hand, has the potential to create beneficial effects on the environment by contributing to environmental protection and conservation. Through educational programs and experiences ecotourism can raise awareness of environmental values. It can also serve as a tool to protect natural areas and increase their economic importance.

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Ultimately, ecotourism provides more than environmental benefits, such as economic and social-cultural benefits. Ecotourism creates job opportunities for locals, creating a more diversified economy. Ecotourism provides greater interaction with the native people and can also help preserve the region’s heritage.

Distinction Between UAE’s tourism sector And International Destinations?

Costa Rica is one of the most renowned destinations for ecotourism. The establishment of the Cabo Blanco National Reserve in 1963 was one of the early milestones in Costa Rica’s ecotourism history. Over the last few decades, Costa Rica embarked on establishing conservation areas throughout the country, some of which contain national parks, wildlife refuges, nature reserves and heritage sites. It is estimated that almost 30 percent of its national territory which is one of the largest in the world is dedicated to conservation,. These well-established systems of national parks and protected areas combined with its incredible biodiversity, helped in giving the country, its main competitive advantage, and are one of the key attractors for tourism. It is estimated that more than half of tourists who travel to Costa Rica, will visit at least one of its national parks or protected areas.

UAE eco-tourism

This rapid rise in ecotourism helped diversify and expand the job market in Costa Rica, allowing local communities to generate a sustainable source of income and helping diversify the country’s economy. The other reason for its success is the government awards contracts related to the ecotourism industry to local communities. Thus building local commitment and involvement.

In contrast, ecotourism is a relatively new concept in the UAE. Over the last 40 years the country has focused on transforming itself into a major entertainment, leisure and business destination. The following contributed towards UAE is becoming the region’s leading leisure and business tourism destination:

The creation of airlines, construction of modern transport air and ground infrastructure, combined with major attractions and shopping malls.

In “The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index 2015” the United Arab Emirates ranks 24th globally and in fact ranking at the number 1 spot in the MENA region.

The T&T Competitiveness Index 2015 says that UAE’S business environment, safety and security as well as air transport infrastructure rank globally in the top three. Costa Rica ranks nowhere against UAE in those areas. Natural resources are the main advantage when it comes to ecotourism as far as Cost Rica is concerned. It ranks 5th globally in the T&T Competitiveness Index 2015. You can say that this is the main differences between the UAE and other leading ecotourism destinations around the world. UAE comprises of many distinctive natural landscapes including rich local heritage, but the country shall come up with more destinations that speaks about a true ecotourism experience.

Oasis Eco Resort is a successful model for UAE’s ecotourism.Why?

To protect the many species and various types of wildlife in Liwa the Oasis Eco Resort will become a conservation hub. Studying these species in their habitat will help the resort manage and protect them. The biologist of wildlife and conservation staff will take care and maintain the asset of this precious location as well as make learn the guests about the various types of plants and animals that thrive in this area.

The plan is that the resort shall be converted into a zero emission zone, which means only vehicles that emit no waste products and that do not pollute the environment are allowed access inside the resort vicinity. This will cover the entire resort area. The Eco Resort Group is looking to support local farmers by purchasing daily deliveries of organic produce; there are approximately 50 villages in Liwa with numerous farms. Guests are also able to forage organic produce from these farms, and with the help of a chef, incorporate the ingredients into a delicious meal.

We took a decision that the precious water source in this area will be used sensibly with an on-site wastewater treatment system and water recycling for irrigation. We are also incorporating 157,000 square feet of solar panels to provide the resorts energy needs.

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The resort will come up with nature-based Eco activities such as horse riding, excursions on camels, dune cycling, dune boarding, dune glides/ Paragliding and many more desert adventures. //

What’s next for future Ecotourism projects in UAE?

A key driver for future ecotourism projects in the region is all about thinking at a more sustainable scale. Enticing crowd through Eco attractions that provide socioeconomic and environmental benefits to rural communities need not to be mega-scale projects. In fact, thinking at a much smaller scale will open up more economic opportunities for private companies to invest in this sector.

The ecotourism projects that are successful requires a bottom-up entrepreneurship and empowerment of local people. Encouraging an entrepreneurial culture from the bottom-up will create more green jobs while diversifying the local economy. It will also encourage community involvement and ownership of the proposals.

Wrapping up:

Private and public entities from various sectors will play a key role in the success of the UAE’s new ecotourism industry as it will rely upon commitment, coordination and partnerships between these two entities. Refer to Classifieds Apps UAE in case you think online is becoming more popular place for buyers and sellers of real estate in Dubai.

Top 10 things to see in Dubai

Top 10 things to see in Dubai

What to see in Dubai. The numerous events of interest held each year and the majestic constructions that are taking place, have earned it a lot of worldwide fame to the city of Dubai. From the eternal tranquility of the desert where the clock seems to have stopped, to the joyful buzz of the Dubai souk, Dubai is in fact an impressive international business center and destination.

Among many other activities, you can visit the only seven-star hotel in the world, climb to the highest building in the world, enjoy a horse race with a cash prize of one million dollars, shopping in the second destination of the world Most popular or tour one of the three artificial islands in the shape of a palm tree, which can be seen from the International Space Station. Dubai, familiar with the tagline “the most in the world” currently has more than 100 Guinness Records.

See Dubai Tours team will be happy to tell you what to see in Dubai. We will help you to plan your trip in advance, to make the most of your stay, whether you are stopping in transit or coming to Dubai as your main destination. We detail below the Top 10 places and things to see in Dubai, which we consider to be seen in the U.A.E.

1. Dubai Fountain

dubai fountain uae

Dubai Fountain is a fountain system located along the artificial lake of the Burj Khalifa, next to the Dubai Mall, and is the largest source in the world that dance to the rhythm of music, presenting spectacular choreographies, with musical themes that go From the classical to the contemporary, from the Arabic to the world’s music, making it the most beautiful sound and light show in the world. The first performance is every day at six in the afternoon and is one of the landmarks to see in Dubai.

2. Burj Khalifa

burj khalifa uae dubai

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world with its 828 meters and has 163 floors. You can climb to the observatory of this skyscraper located on the 124th floor, a balcony with a 360 degree view, from where we can see much of the city and feel its majesty, during daytime and at night, being more gratifying to The fall of the sun. The total duration of the visit usually oscillates between about 60 or 90 minutes. The most impressive skyscraper to see in Dubai.

3. Burj Al Arab

burj al arab dubai uae

Known worldwide, Burj al Arab is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture and is considered the most luxurious hotel in the world and unique with 7 stars. It has a candle shape, is 321 meters high and all rooms are suites, the smallest of which is 170m2.

Anyone who sees it from anywhere in the world, thinks about Dubai, having become the icon of Dubai par excellence. It is necessary to make a reservation in one of its restaurants to be able to visit it.

4. Dubai Marina

dubai marina uae

Dubai Marina is one of the main enclaves of the city. It combines residential areas with others dedicated to leisure along the canal. The best way to appreciate Dubai Marina is to stroll along the docks or enjoy a cruise on its canal surrounded by skyscrapers, resulting especially romantic and beautiful at night.

Among its skyscrapers stands out Canyan Tower which with its 306 meters, is the highest twisted tower in the world and one of the must see in Dubai.

5. Madinat Jumeirah

madinat jumeirah uae

Souk that reminds us of an ancient Arab city, both for its interior and exterior architecture, and that by its channels Madinat Jumeirah is also known as the Venice of the Middle East. It is highly recommended to take an open (canoe typical of the area) and walk them.

You can make fantastic and spectacular photographs of the Burj Al Arab. During the night it has much more atmosphere, with its numerous restaurants, bars and terraces. It certainly goes into the top 10 things to see in Dubai.

6. Dubai Aquarium

dubai aquarium uae

Dubai Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world with a volume of 10 million liters, equivalent to four Olympic swimming pools, and is located on the ground floor of Dubai Mall. Inside live 33,000 aquatic animals, 140 species, including 300 sharks, including the largest collection of sand tiger sharks and whip streaks.

Visitors have the possibility to swim among sharks and go through a tunnel that allows us to have a panoramic view of 270º. A must see place in Dubai.

7. Palm Jumeirah

palm jumeirah uae

Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island shaped like a palm tree, known along with two more like Palm Islands. It is the smallest of the three and its size is 31 square kilometers, equivalent to 3,000 football fields.

From one end, next to Zabeel Saray Hotel you can enjoy breathtaking views of the skyscrapers located in Dubai Marina and in the central area is Atlantis The Palm Hotel. The best way to appreciate it is by a hydroplane and / or helicopter ride.

8. Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek UAE Dubai

In the history of Dubai Creek, which is the cove of Dubai, is the evolution of Dubai, from commercial destination in the desert to the modern city that is today. A trip in Abra is a must experience in Dubai Creek.

On board these barges, which run up and down the cove, you can see both modern glass towers and wind collectors (towers that function as cooling elements of buildings) and the minarets of old Dubai. Enjoy a cruise on a dhow, Arabian wooden boat, is another way to travel, to enjoy its sights and sounds. Definitely in the top 10 things to see in Dubai.

9. Dubai Museum

Dubai museum uae

Dubai Museum, which is located in Al Fahidi Fort, is made up of a series of galleries that cover the life of Dubai throughout its 4,000 years of history: from its origins to its pearls, Oil boom and finally the current construction fever.

The fort on which the city was founded was built to protect from invasions the merchants who lived at the mouth of the cove. The penultimate of our top 10 things to see in Dubai.

10. Atlantis The Palm

Atlantis the palm in dubai uae

Atlantis The Palm Hotel is one of the most famous hotels for visitors traveling to Dubai, and one of the possibilities to reach it is a monorail that you can take at the station located at the beginning of the Palm Jumeirah trunk. Opened on November 20, 2008, it has the same design as the Atlantis Paradise Island hotel in the Bahamas.

One of the most impressive hotels to see in Dubai. It is necessary to make a reservation in one of its restaurants to be able to visit it. It deserves to be seen from the hydroplane and / or helicopter.

6 Best Cheap Shisha Cafes in Abu Dhabi

6 Best Cheap Shisha Cafes in Abu Dhabi

The people who are jetsetters, always look out or the best in class places for visiting and they also desire to visit those places and get thrilled to bits!

So, do you love travelling to the core? One of the best kind of gift which is being in the Middle East and this also provides its people and it is the presence of shisha as such. If you desire to have the puff on a budget or just the luxe way, AbuDhabi is one of the best Emirates city where you will find the age-old tradition to watch out for and there is also the blend of trendy cafes and also the electric lounges which also provides the diverse flavors for the palate.

6 Best Shisha Cafes of Abu Dhabi to Know

There are various kinds of Shisha cafes which can be found at different places in Abu Dhabi and there are also the best which also makes it the lovely place for hanging out by the locals and also for the tourists on a budget as such.

6 Best Shisha Cafes of Abu Dhabi to Know

Here is the list of the class apart Shisha cafes which you must know about and these are the lovely places to hangout for sure:

1. Ninar Shisha Cafe

Well, Ninar is not that famous kind of shisha cafe among the jet setters, but this cafe has the best in class interior decors and this cafe is just among the favorite spots for the locals, when they are facing the tiring day at the work. This is nestled beside the Le Royal Meridien at the city center, Ninar is also the easily accessible for the tourists and guests who are also staying at the hotels in Abu Dhabi, just around the Khalifa, Salam or also the Electra Street as such.

Shisha Cafes of Abu Dhabi

There are various kind of Ninar’s best ever cafes providing the shisha flavours for the tourists and these include the mint, grape, double apple, or also the blend of a mint and grape, the most famous one. It is just not like other cafes, Ninar also serves shisha at the traditional Egyptian water pipe which will also instantly transport you for the Bedouin times through the puff. You will have to pay just $7 per shisha and you can also invest the hours for reading a book along with the cup of hot chocolate.

2. Le Boulanger

The shisha at Le Boulanger is also just quite expensive to check out for, and you will also love to watch the incredible views of AbuDhabi skyline and there is also a vast gulf waters just from your couch and you will also be returning, despite the climate. This is situated at the Cornice Stretch and it is also just often thought by the tourists for being a Heritage village from the outside as such. You will also like to know about the bars and clubs in Dubai, UAE.

Ninar Shisha Cafe

3. Chillax Shisha Cafe

There are just plenty of sofas and also the rattan armchairs, the complete interior of the Chillax is much more relaxing by the name it also sounds, and there is no such outdoor seating. This menu also serves the multifarious salads, sandwiches and also the Lebanese mezze. You can also take a cab for going to this shisha cafe visit. You will also find that the building also can get congested and the parking is nearly impossible.

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4.Al Rawaq Coffee shop at Abu Dhabi:

By sitting at the Rooftop of the World Trade Center Souq, Al Rawaq Coffee Shop, also previously known to be the Chapters and these also have the great view of the World Trade Center from the terrace. They also have the equally comfortable which is just indoor hall for catering to all those who will also like to dine in as such.

5. Columbiano Coffee House at Abu Dhabi:

It is nestled at just off Corniche Road in Khalifa Park, Columbia no Coffee House may also seem just secluded from the bustling city area too. And the cafe can just get fairly crowded at the weekends. The costing per shisha is just around $13, while the cold coffee and also the other fruits drinks and this starts from $8.

6. Stars “N” Bars:

If you are just based in the town for witnessing the events which are being held at the Formula One Race, you will also be most likely for wanting to venture the shisha scene at the Yas Island area also. You must surely move towards the Stars “N” Bars for not just the shisha but also for its delicious American food which is being washed down with the couple of cocktails.

best Shisha Cafes of Abu Dhabi

Their buffalo wings and also the cheese nachos are must to taste at this best ever shisha cafe at Abu Dhabi and there are also some of the local favorites which you can also opt for. AbuDhabi is the home for multitudes of the opulent shisha lounges and is also ideal for all those who would not mind just emptying their pocket for the sake of the luxurious puff.

The Final Words:

So, in a nutshell, it can be concluded that the above listed are the best in class shisha cafe to be considered by the globetrotters. You must surely visit the best ever shisha cafes in Abu Dhabi and you will have the time of your life at these incredible places which are meant for the people who eye globetrotters and also love travelling to the core. You can check out for the best ever cafes and get thrilled to bits when you are headed towards for the party and any other occasions.

Top 5 Best Beaches on Palm, Dubai

Top 5 Best Beaches on Palm, Dubai

“The vibrant city Dubai has lot of beaches on palm that allows you to walk under the hot sun, the environment is cool because of the wind”.

5 Exotic Beaches on Palm, Dubai

Beaches on Palm, Dubai

What we do on the beach? We walked along the beach.There are lot of sea shells on the beach and we collect them and put them into a bag. We build play houses with white sand etc etc”

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The scene is such that some sea gulls flies over the coconut trees. Several boats sailing far way the sea. They are fishing boats. Wow! What a scene on Dubai palm beaches.

Experience the Relaxing Sounds of Waves on Palm, Dubai

Here you go with the details of 5 top beaches of Dubai on Palm:

1.One & Only The Palm

We consider the beach club at the Palm Jumeirah’s Western Crescent’s outermost tip to be one of the most romantic locations in Dubai. We’ve seen enough Dubai hotels not to be easily wowed but slip into the enormous 850 square metre pool surrounded by palm trees and it is hard not to be ever so slightly blown away. Choosing between this and the still waters is going to be your hardest decision if you allow yourself the luxury of visiting here.

2.Rixos The Palm Dubai

There is a very convincing reason why you should make the trek out to the furthest end of the Eastern Crescent of the Palm Jumeirah. The distant location means, according to the hotel, this is the only Palm Dubai club permitted to offer motorist waterspouts on the beach perimeter. So come here for jet ski, banana boat, wake boarding and Seabreacher rides. Look out for yoga and aerobic sessions as well, but don’t feel obliged to be active. Rixos has some of the best cabanas in town so if you just want to chill out this is a good spot for doing so.

3.Riva Beach Club

There is something homely and welcoming about this Palm Shoreline beach club. Riva offers good facilities at actually reasonable prices. If you want the exclusivity, facilities and service of a private beach club without breaking the bank this is a sensible option. Also if you are looking to buy and sell properties in Dubai search properties at classified app UAE.

5 exotic Beaches on Palm, Dubai

4. Sofitel Dubai 

Finding a beach club that offers something unique is tough, with most falling into either Ibiza-style or activity-packed categories. This falls into the latter but does have something no other beach club can boast. The eco-golf driving range is an area where you can drive up to 100 balls of fish food into the sea beyond. Other activities include scuba diving, water-skiing, water polo, windsurfing and more of the usual aquatic activities. The service is excellent (cooling fruit slices and drinks are dished out) making the sand feel somehow softer on the 500m stretch of beach.

5.Anantara Dubai

An ideal beach club for water sports enthusiasts, the club offers paddle boarding, kayaking, pedalo rental and many more activities at an extra charge. There’s even a Thai long tail boat to take you to and from the resort’s East Crescent location. All very impressive but, truth be told, we’re happy to come and just chill.

Wrapping Up

So folkes enjoy yourself very much on any day. Spend a memorable holiday on the above mentioned palm beaches. Get ready to splash water at one one another. If you love to visit beaches then Dubai’s Palm beaches is the best place. To be honest you can spend many hours in the beach doing nothing. Not only the sea breeze but also the sea food dishes in dubai refreshes the mind.

Which are the Popular Traditional Clothing in UAE ?

Which are the Popular Traditional Clothing in UAE ?

When the question comes for the traditional clothing in United Arab Emirates, then there people from around the globe desire to know the tradition!

The UAE is the gulf country and this has very different kind of tradition. This style of tradition is quite different to watch out for. Apart from Dubai, other Emirates in the gulf country UAE are also traditional in different regards for their style of dressing and you can also adopt the modesty in different Islamic text offers as such.

Popular Traditional Clothing in UAE

Dubai is also the place which attracts the globetrotters like the tourists and expats and so keeping its clothing styles just very lenient. Though the western style of dressing like the t-shirts, long skirts and also the trousers are also permitted. The women are also anticipated for keeping their skin completely covered only. For wrapping it up, everything can go just long as you can just remember that you are going very progressive yet Islamic Emirate.

Islamic traditional attire are also styled in the context with whatever is just worn at the time of day, at the night for religious occasions. The classy designs of this attractive clothing have also been adapted as the local hot climate and the religious beliefs and the region. There is best tradition and culture in UAE and it is being loved by people around the globe too.

7 Traditional Clothing to Watch Out For:

Here is the list of 6 classy and traditional clothing which are being worn at UAE and you must surely watch out the same, when you go to visit UAE:

1 Abaya:

Abaya is one of the clothing to watch out for and this appears to be quite elegant for sure. It is one of the long thrilling cloak which is being worn by the women in UAE. This is a kind of national dress to be considered. If traditionally is concerned with, then it is just black in colour and covers up the whole body itself or sure, the feet and also the hands. So women always prefere for pairing the same with the niqab and also Gafaaz for covering up the face and also the hands too.

2 Agal:

An Agal is also known as the Iqal, igal or the egal and this is also the black band which is completely secured around the ghutrah for keeping in the place. Well, this attire is also losing its importance for sure as young men drape this particular guthra in various ways. You can also buy and sell Dubai used products and do the trading regarding the same for making money too.

Traditional Clothing

3 Burqa:

This particular Burqa or the burkah, burka is also the outer piece of clothing and also used for woman’s body for preventing the exposure to the skin at public place. This particular Burqa is also being removed when the women enters home and is with her family members. It is also being worn as the daily attire only and is quite common in the older generation. There are also top 10 funny things to do in Dubai Emirates and you must know about the same.

4 Kandura:

This is also called as the thwab, thobe or as the dishadasha. It is the attire which is ankle length and is also loose in fitting robe for the men. In the winter season, Kandura is being available in variety of colours and many of them are just in dark shades. The length of the robe represents the whole status of the person with the wealthy and also the royal seen in the longer robes. The short length also symbolize the modesty and is also worn by remaining Arabs too.

5 Gishwa:

UAE women also dress the traditionally in Gishwa and this is a kind of thin veil which also covers he complete face and is also just unrecognizable too. It is also very fine enough for the person who wears to see through the same. There are various kinds of used items in Dubai to watch out for, if you can’t afford to buy the luxe and lavish products.

6 Ghutrah:

A typical headscarf which is being worn by the men in UAE, this ghutrah is also called as the name of Keffiyeh/Kyfiya or the shemagh in different countries too. It is completely made from square cloth of the cotton in the chequered patterns and is also draped at the head in different kind of ways too. In the dry climates, these are the kind of scarves provide the protection from the dust and also the harsh rays of scorching sun too.

7 Ghafiyah:

The ghafiyah also appears to be like the Muslim prayer hat and this is also worn below the ghutrah headscarf by Arabic men too. They are generally embroided and are not at all visible for the naked eye because it is completely covered like ghutrah.

The Final Words

So, the above listed are the traditional clothing about the UAE and you will also be able to know about the best in class real estate in Dubai, UAE because people like to know about the best and lavish real estate for sure. There are class apart villas, apartments which are there in Dubai to watch out for and people like to take the ones, as per their choice and preferences to.

Which are the Best Roof Top Restaurants in Dubai?

Which are the Best Roof Top Restaurants in Dubai?

The city of gold: Dubai has the best places in the world which attracts people around the globe and the tourists who are foodies keep their eyes glued to the rooftop restaurants in Dubai!

Dubai is the most beautiful place in the world which has the best in class tourist attractions for almost everyone to watch out for. This particular blog will give you an insight for the best rooftop restaurants in Dubai that will make every foodie drool over because the foodies love to know about the best places in the world to eat at. Though there are various kinds of restaurants nestled in Dubai, where the foodies can head towards but the rooftop restaurants are highly favoured among the foodies.

Best Rooftop Restaurants in Dubai to watch out for:

Here is the list of top rated rooftop restaurants which you must know to satisfy your taste buds if you are a big time foodie.

Skyview Bar:

Skyview Bar

Skyview bar is one of the luxe rooftop restaurants in Dubai, which attracts the tourists around the world where they love to eat at. Constructed at 200 meters above the sea level there is a lovely sky view bar which is being loved by the tourists a lot. You will also know about the best cocktails which are being served at this bar that grabs the eyeballs of the visitors and the tourists worldwide. The wide-ranging list of drinks are being served at this lavish bar that will leave you gobsmacked for sure. You can also catch your reflection in the glitterng lights of Dubai skyline when you will look from the window.



Iris is yet another enthralling rooftop restaurant which is leading in Dubai and nestled on top of The Oberoi Dubai and is also a lounge with modern minimalist decor and also serve the yummy seafood-focused menu, lovely music and the views of enthralling Burj Khalifa. This is a must visit rooftop restaurant to visit Dubai

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Uptown Bar:

Uptown dubai

This is one of the best in class rooftop restaurants to be seen in Dubai, which is the most beautiful and cozy venue open terrace where you will also love the soaring view of the Burj Al Arab and you will also love the attractive view of Burj Al Arab and you will also love to watch this city of gold. The menu of this restaurant makes every foodie drool over that they just love to drop here to satisfy your taste buds and you will love to eat the tapas-style light bites and daily theme nights.  So when you know about the rooftop restaurants then, you might be looking for the best cars to reach at the hotels in Dubai. Some can afford the lavish cars while some choose the used cars in Dubai which are available in different brands on the classified app UAE.

Mercury Lounge in Dubai:


Nestled atop Four Seasons, Mercury Lounge is also the famous rooftop restaurants of Dubai and this is also the best bar having the class apart views: overlooking Dubai skyline and also the Burj Khalifa at one side and also the Arabian Gulf at the other side. The best lounge which is nestled at the shores of the Mediterranean, its summer closure also saw the restyling of Dubai’s glam rooftop restaurants. It has the class apart atmosphere and makes the best destination for the party too.

Q43 Restaurant:


Yet another alluring rooftop restaurant in Dubai is the Q43 rooftop restaurant which is a must visit for you if you are a foodie to the core. You will just love the beauty of this restaurant: Q43. You will love to hang out with friends at this lovely place, the best place for relaxing as such. This classy restaurant provides the picturesque views of Palm Jumeirah. You will also love the terrace located at The Deck on 8.  Also Know about the richest men in UAE.

The Final Word:

So, the above listed are the best rooftop restaurants of the world which are located in Dubai, which is a must visit for the jets Etters or the globetrotters in the world and they will love the elegance of these above listed incredible restaurants. Dubai is also one of the best places in the world which attracts the people who desire to get the beautiful house here. These people can check out Dubai real estate on the classified app UAE.