5 Finest Furnished Apartments in Dubai

5 Finest Furnished Apartments in Dubai

“A City of Gold Dubai is famous through out world to provide super luxury accommodation for tourists, and holidaymakers visiting this city.”

Not all visitors are capable to afford staying in super luxury hotels in the city. A vibrant city Dubai offers various other short term rental accommodation options like hotel apartments, villas, serviced and furnished apartments in Dubai in order to make expat’s stay affordable. Such rental options provide good accommodation at low prices with more living space and privacy.

5 Finest Furnished Apartments in Dubai

With so many rental options available, furnished apartments in Dubai have gained much popularity among visitors and expats visiting this city with an objective to extend their stay for few weeks to several months or even a year. These apartments can be easily rented for variable period of time. Major advantage of renting furnished apartments in Dubai is that you don’t need to worry about daily life amenities as they are well equipped with furniture, kitchen and general electronic appliances, cutlery items, curtains, towels and bed linen. Due to worth seeing places and unlimited entertainment and shopping activities, the city has become famous as one of the favourite tourism spots in the world.

Top 5 Rental Furnished Apartments in Dubai

Dubai is known for its expensive accommodations and high rents. Visitors can also find good accommodations at low rents in some famous areas of the city. Many specific areas and residential communities are popular to provide furnished apartments for visitors. Visitors can choose furnished apartment for their accommodation according to their budget without compromising on modern lifestyle amenities.

  • Bur Dubai :- Bur Dubai a the heart of the city is popular to offer luxurious accommodation options and numerous entertainment activities. Tourists can find several affordable residential options in this area. Le Meridien Sandos, Golden Sand Apartments, Dunes Hotel Apartments Oud Metha and Richmond Hotel Apartments are some of the famous options. Expats from South Asia prefer to accommodate here. All furnished apartments are fully equipped with basic life amenities. A glamorous view of the city can be seen as the area is also connected with Diera by a tunnel and two bridges.
  • Dubai Marina :- Dubai Marina is also a wonderful place offering most picturesque view of the city. It is a perfect accommodation place for foreigners due to its highly cosmopolitan and lively environment. You can see famous landmarks of the city as Dubai Marina provides very easy access. This area possesses wide range of hotels, cafes and beautiful architecture structures. Besides this, it also provides good and affordable accommodation in the form of furnished apartments like Nuran Marina Serviced, Radisson Blu Residence and Oasis Beach Tower.
  • Deira Dubai :- Deira is the centre of Dubai city and Gold Souk and Dubai Creek located at very short walk distance from it. It is very famous among migrant workers due to availability of affordable short term rental options. It is also famous for indoor children entertainment, food courts and mid range restaurants. Its economical furnished apartments are very suitable for corporate and leisure travellers. Stars Hotel Apartment, City Centre Residence and Dunes Hotel Apartment Muhaisnah are some of the famous affordable accommodation options available here.

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  • Al Barsha Dubai
    Al Barsha is the newly established residential community that is known to provide very economical accommodation for everyone including locals, migrants and travellers. Those who want to enjoy the comfort of living at peaceful place will find this community is ideal place to live. Community offer easy access to two business hubs of the emirate the Media City and Internet City. Besides possessing super luxury hotels like Hotel Ibis Al Barsha, Holiday Inn and Corp Executive Hotel, it also provides affordable short term rentals like furnished apartments and hotel apartments. Some of the famous economical accommodation options include Dunes Hotel Apartments, Auris boutique Hotel Apartment and Star Metro Al Barsha Hotel Apartments.
  • Palm Jumeirah
    Palm Jumeirah is world famous for its amazing palm shaped structure. It is very innovative manmade creation in United Arab Emirates. It is a manmade island built to construct residential and commercial buildings. It provides outstanding resorts and waterfront properties. It is connected with the mainland of emirate by a tunnel and bridge. It also provides bit economical accommodation for tourists in the form of furnished hotel apartments. Famous hotel apartments located in Palm Jumeirah include Shoreline Hotel Apartments and Holiday Apartments.

Closing Up:

Although choosing the right accommodation for your short stay in Dubai can be a little tricky and difficult. But property management organizations and professional real estate agents like Better Homes LLC will help you to choose the right place for your short stay in the city. For buying and selling anything in Dubai, access to UAE Classifieds


Furnished VS Unfurnished What’s the Deal?

Furnished VS Unfurnished What’s the Deal?

“An apartment hunting slightly more difficult than it already is when we go for the option between furnished and unfurnished.”

Furnished or Unfurnished Apartment: What to Choose?

The terms “furnished” and “unfurnished” might be explanatory but what exactly should you expect to come across in each case?

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Big-ticket items like beds, wardrobes, sofas, and basic kitchen appliances you get with most furnished apartments. Some owners highly invest in furnishing their apartments so that all you have to do is move in your personal belongings. But on the other side or let us say in case of unfurnished apartment you can add your personal touch to the property as it gives you a bit of freedom. A bare walls are what you see in an unfurnished apartment.

Furnished VS Unfurnished Apartments

Do you want to select between a furnished and an unfurnished property. Then you need to go through the following 3 points that will make you understand which option is better why and when.

1. Your Taste

How important is it for you to have a personalized space? Considering a furnished apartment might be easy for you if you’re someone who’s simply looking for a neat place to live. But sometimes you want your own taste to take the lead so in such as sometimes someone else’s taste in interiors might not suit you.

2. Your plans to stay in Dubai

In case you need to find out that which option suits you best then it is better to compare the cost of buying furniture with the rent difference. In order to save a good deal of money you might rather want to pay more in rent by paying less on furniture.

Furnished apartments cost significantly more than unfurnished. So, it is up to you if you have 10-25K to spend then it is better to calculate a budget for furnishing your apartment and find an unfurnished unit to rent.

Usually some expatriates looking to rent a furnished apartment specials when they plan to stay for a short period of time in Dubai. In such a case, one need not to worry whether that sofa fits that corner in the TV room, whether your crochet curtain covers the windows, or if the big brown wardrobe fits the wall facing the bed. You can just skip all these the hassles of packing and unpacking your furniture. Just grab your personal stuff and you’re ready to go!

It’s more convenient for you to buy your own furniture in case you are planning to settle down in Dubai. So when you move home, you do not need to start from scratch in an unfurnished apartment.

3. Think of your Dependents

There are chances of losing your security deposit if you have small children who are active and playful because they can damage a furniture. So renting a furnished apartment might not be the best idea. It’s also important to keep in mind that even furnished apartments don’t always come with the right furniture for a kid’s room.

The furniture of an apartment is not saved if Pets are around. So, if you have any pets indoors, you might be advised to rent an unfurnished home and furnish it with more pet-suitable furniture. Otherwise, you need to be willing to pay for the possible damages your pets might leave. You can also read about which one better-buy-or rent-home.

Furnished properties in dubai

When One Should Think to Furnish a Property

You should furnish a property only if it will be more profitable in the long run.

There are many reasons that you can think when you are looking forward to furnish a property. Will furnishings make the property more marketable, and will you be able to charge more rent for it?

The benefits of furnishing a property having beds, sofas, etc. Or that it can make a home much more attractive to potential renters who don’t have their own furniture. However, this might suit to those tenants like students, first time renters, or professionals looking for short-term leases. If you are having a furnished apartment or a house means that you are offering tenants a better and complete package.

UnFurnished properties in dubai

Closing Up:

So it all depends on what type of tenant you have. Furnishing a property have a benefit if you are ready to offset the cost of maintenance and the risk of damage against the increase in rent that you can think to charge. At the end, i just want to say real estate in Dubai, UAE is in demand due to the fact that a lot of people want to visit Dubai or want to stay for the long term.

How to Find the Best Real Estate Deals through MLS

How to Find the Best Real Estate Deals through MLS

Real estate searchers desire to know the best real estate deals from the market for getting the dream property at the best location!

Are you looking forward to buy your dream property through the best real estate deals?

If the answer to the above question is a yes, then you are headed towards the right place. Multiple Listing Service is the best way and it is the best collection of many of the properties which many of the real estate agents desire to sell. There are some classified apps like Dubai real estate app will help you to find the best deals in the wonderful homes and the best in class properties will leave you amazed. Well, there are 3 ways that will help the property searchers to search the best property and these also enable you to get the best deals in the best real estate property.

How to Find the Best Real Estate Deals through MLS

All you need to know about Finding the Best Properties through the MLS:

Here are the best ways to check out the aspired property through the MLS and this will be of great help to you:

1 Always remain at the first place:

It is best known as to what happens to those birds who easier to hunt for the worms quite early and this particular principle also follows in searching about the real estate deals by  the MLS. Various kinds of new listings might not be worth your precious time. In this competitive world, if you desire to find the real estate deals through MLS then you need to be quite fast too. If you will be first, then there are great chances to get a big yes, just before anybody else has just even had a look at the property. This will surely help you in keeping away from this competition. But how can you remain fast is the major concern to know and these 4 points will help you greatly:

  • You must be completely qualified:

If you keep waiting to know about your financing till you get the best property, then you shall be at the risk of going after the deals that you might not get in the first itself. Moreover, many sellers desire to see a pre-approval letter way before they will be accepting the particular offer. If you desire to get that pre-approval even after submitting your offer, then that particular competition an just drop much before you have just signed the contract. You Will also like to know about how to sell real estate property fast and get the money.

  • You must also set your own criteria:

You are required to perceive about what you need exactly and you desire to buy and what will be something you are also aspiring to pay. This will certainly help you to figure out around 99% of your listings and shall not be matched with your desired property. And so you must make your focus towards the 1%, which will matter to you.

Many times people have just booked the property without thinking about the best property deals or doing some homework and this will surely lead you towards saving some huge bucks in finding the best property. These and many more are the common mistakes which real investors make before buying the property.

2 Being at the last in searching property:

Here might be times that you desired to sell a property and did not find the buyers. For decreasing this particular problem, the classified app of UAE will help you to find the best sellers when you want to sell the property quickly. Many times When the sellers are opting to sell a particular property then they are just paying the 2 house payments at the same time or looking forward to shift to a fresh phase in life through the anchor of that unsold property.

This is the reason why a seller will be able to accept the low offer too than the owner who have found the new properties. You must for the real estate agent to get the list of properties which will surely meet your criteria.

3 Taking the risk:

The last tip in this section of searching the best deals on the MLS is through taking the risks. This is the tips that can also transform your whole business in few days itself. Taking the risks also means to understand about how the real estate channel works out. This particular channel working is very simple. Leads will come up at the top and then you will inspect some leads from those coming at the top. Once those leads are inspected then some offers might get accepted too. In this step, you will also be acknowledging the real estate channel and you go on with the best process so that the results are in your favor itself.

The Final Word:

So, it can be said that if you want to purchase the luxe property, then you are required to make various offers and you must also scrutinize various kinds of leads. You will then require various other leads in your real estate channel as such. So, it can be summed up that you must not keep waiting for good deals and rather you must be either in the first place or take some risks or just stay at the last in finding the best deals in property for yourself. Some people desire to know about the best ways to make money sitting at home and people can make money through buying and selling used cars in Dubai through simple clicks on your smartphone by classified app in Dubai.

All you Need to Know About Securing Your Home in Dubai

All you Need to Know About Securing Your Home in Dubai

All you Need to Know about Securing Your Home in Dubai

Dubai is the city of the UAE, where is a crime-free reputation and people love visiting this city a lot and also desire to get the property to live as it is top-rated tourist attractions. In the year 2008, the crime occurs were around 255.53 per 100000 residents in all and this decreased to 83.7 in the year 2011. And it is always important to make your home as secure as possible before you opt for leaving for a holiday and vacations. If you will forget to switch off your lights, then it will lead to an eye-popping surprise for you when you will have to pay your DEWA bill, at the time of failing to care for notifying the gardener that you’re going away and this can signify that you shall be returning home to the desert at the time of summer ending as such.

1 How Dubai Police will keep a close watch for your home?

No matter, if you are going for a short span of holiday or will have to leave the town for any different reason, then Dubai Police will be keeping a close watch on your lavish property for you till you return back home. In the home security program, you will be applying to have your luxe villa monitored when you go to another place for sometime and it is totally free of charge. You will just have to register at your nearby police station or just fill out the online application form. When you get your travel dates as such and the contact details, home address, then you will be receiving a text message with your application acknowledged too. Thereafter, you will then be expecting a call from the police for searching about the exact location of your sweet home. The Dubai police will also advise you to keep your essentials, valuables, jewellry, etc. safely in any kind of deposit, box in your bank, etc. before you make plans to go to a different place for holidays.

Dubai Police security, housing program, at different locations, www.dubaipolice.gov.ae (050 880 6010). For increasing your business at a rapid pace, you can also look forward to opt for a social media marketing strategy that will help you to get a huge customer -base.

2 Water, electricity etc.:

Many times it is also debated that you must turn your AC off or not, but you must certainly keep your thermostat at around 25 degrees C because this will enable it to come to very little every day. It is the best way to protect your electronics why you are leaving behind that might also get damaged if you have left them to heat up as such. You must also make sure to keep the humidity as low as possible because it will surely help you to protect your furniture. You are also required to switch off your electrical gadgets directly from the mains before leaving for a holiday. If you leave the things like Tvs and the DVD players on standbys, then also it will be using around 60 per cent as much of the electricity. As the good manners to your neighbors, you may also want to switch off the electrical appliances that include the alarm timer set. The same applies to the water and you are re required to turn off the taps tightly before heading towards a vacation or holiday. If you come across any kind of leakage then you must call a plumber beforehand and get the issues solved. Even some kind of small drip in a few weeks of time can lead to a large DEWA bill after your return as such. And you will certainly not like that huge bill for your pocket after your return from holiday time. If you are not sure about the leak or about the electricity if A/C is working in good condition or not, then hire a professional person who will help you immensely in these cases to make certain everything is in good condition.

how to secure your home in dubai - dubaiposter

From Dhs 250 for A/C servicing and for plumping. Electrical faults repairing is also included. Tool man Maintenance Services at different locations (800 3312)

You will also like to know about Hollywood celebrities apartments in the UAEwhich looks class apart in designs that will make you jump out of your skin for sure.

3 Maintenance of Garden:

When you are gone for the holidays, then you must opt for giving the back gate keys to gardener so that they will be able to upkeep the cultivated area with great care. You take much time, money and efforts for creating the little oasis, then the best thing is that you desire to see something that will look like a desert after you come back from the vacation time. This same thing applies for watering the indoor and the balcony plants, then a good maid service will work wonders for you to take care of all this for you. You can also opt for hiring someone who will help you in dusting work if you go from the house for more than a month’s time. Gardening starts from Dhs350 per month. Dream Flowers at various locations (050 886 0931/050 738 0328). The maid service starts with Dhs 30 per hour. King Style Services (04 368 6556/050 855 6417).

Many times people of different countries look forward to buying the lavish property in UAE, but they are not able to select the best platform for purchasing the property. There are different classified apps UAE and at this platform you can find various luxe and lavish properties as per your choices and preferences.

4 Caring of the pets:

When you go for the holiday then you also desire that your pets must be taken good care of. For this you must opt for the pet service for dropping in and performing the work of feeding your pet, walking and for the waste changing too. Some of the Dubai Pet Sitting service providing companies will also take care for your plants too (indoor and outdoor) and they will also start your car one timely basis so that your car is kept in good condition, paying to maids, gardeners, cleaners and they will also take care of your home in general way too. You can also opt for cattery or the kennel to take care of your pets till you come back.

Prices are upon request. Dubai Pet Sitting, at different locations (050 565 1742). Kennels from just Dhs60-100 (small pets such as hamsters are also accepted). Dubai Kennels & Cattery, Street 34, Umm Ramool (04 285 1646)

The Final Word:

So, the above mentioned ways must be followed to secure your home in Dubai when you are headed towards a short span of vacation to a different place to enjoy your holidays as such. If you keep in mind the above listed measures to be followed for securing your home in Dubai, then there will not be any issue arising when you come back to your sweet home after your holidays.

Some people desire to make money sitting at home and the best way for them is to buy and sell used cars in Dubai through the classified app in UAE.

Top 7 Beach Hotels in Dubai to Watch Out For

Top 7 Beach Hotels in Dubai to Watch Out For

Various hotels in the world to visit in 2017. But Dubai has awe-inspiring and mind-boggling range of the best beach hotels which you must certainly visit once in lifetime!

Top 7 Beach Hotels in Dubai

New year’s resolutions for the travelers might include various stunning places but Dubai: The city of gold has something for everyone, if tourist attraction is concerned with. This is the beautiful city which grabs the eyeballs of the visitors and various tourists for various reasons, be it the culture, the tall building which includes Burj Khalifa, various restaurants serving yummy lip-smacking cuisines of Dubai. The best hotels in Dubai, UAE draws the attention of people across worldwide and they come to visit the same to satisfy their taste buds to the core.

7 Jaw-dropping Beach Hotels of Dubai that Will Thrill the Globetrotters to Pieces:

So, here is the list of 7 smashing beach hotels in Dubai which you must certainly visit once in a lifetime. It will surely make you jump out of your skin.

Le Royal Meridian Beach Resort & Spa:

Though one of the old beach resorts of Dubai, but attracts the people from around the globe by its beauty and elegance. It has various facilities like the whopping swimming pools, amazing facilities or the children. This lavish hotel, nestled at far end of Dubai and this particular location will not suit the visitors who aspire to see the rich culture and also the historic sights of Old Dubai. This beach hotel works wonders for the people who love to see the beauty, the water-sports then you must surely visit this hotel in the year 2017.

The Ritz Carlton, Dubai:

It is yet another lavish hotel of Dubai to watch out for in the year 2017 and a must visit beach hotel for the globetrotters. This place provides marvelous facilities like extravagant suites, beautiful rooms, swimming pools, multifarious restaurants & the bars. The visit to this beach hotel of Dubai will make you feel over the moon when you visit the same. The Lobby Lounge at this hotel has the silence refinement and this particular lobby is just like the cathedral-like wooden ceiling too. For moving to the private beach at this hotel, the path will go from the hotel’s Eden-ques gardens. There are also various best wedding hotels in UAE for the people who plan for the destination weddings at the best locales in the world.

Top 7 Beach Hotels Dubai

When people look forward to head towards the attractive places in the world to enjoy and party, then they also like to carry the awe-inspiring mobile handset or the camera for capturing the beautiful memories. The business listing website of UAE helps you to buy & sell Dubai various products like the mobile, camera, cars and the list is long.

The One & Only Royal Mirage:

This is also one of the opulent beach hotels of Dubai which will leave you gobsmacked when you give a visit to the hotel. The magnificent facilities which this hotel provides is the plush bedroom, smoking sheesha which is nestled under the palm trees at the Courtyards bar, you will just love to eat the fine Moroccan fare at Tajjne or get engrossed in the Oriental-style hammam. Yet another places you will love a lot is the Mall of Emirates or at the Jumeirah Beach and these both are situated just close by. The rooms in this hotel are just so attractive and stylish with class facilities like bedspreads, astonishing marble bathrooms, the toiletries, balconies and the terraces.

One major attraction for the tourists also includes deluxe hotel Burj Al Arab at Dubai. This hotel also attracts numerous visitors and tourists around the globe.

JA Palm Tree Court:

This is yet another incredible beach hotel which will leave you amazed completely when you go to visit the same. There are various stunning swimming pools nestled at this hotel, various kinds of restaurants and numerous activities. This particular hotel works winders for both the groups, such as the couples and also for the whole family too. The adults-only pool is the best one to see that includes mind-boggling lawns at the beachside.

Fairmont The Palm:

This mind-boggling hotel turns out to be the perfect adventure for the people who eat, sleep and breathe travelling to new places in the world. This enthralling beachfront hotel will provide you amazing relaxed vibe and it is within the reach of the city. Having wonderful facilities , such as the palm-shaded pools and the views of Dubai Marina’s skycrapers which is one of the 5 tallest skycrapers in Dubai to see. The views of the Dubai Marina from this hotel will leave you amazed. This places is certainly the best destination for the families and also for the couples too as they love going to the exciting adventurous trips. You will find the loads of activities at this beach hotel that includes the adults-on;y pools, the kid’s club, fantabulous spa facility. This hotel has the 4 smashing pools, one 800-metre private beach that also have volleyball nets, the table tennis, different speedboat rides and various watersports too. This marvellous hotel gives you the best luxe feel along with creamy marble, the tan and aquamarine, a sand-meets-sea palette of beige.


Of different sorts are the

Lovely destinations


Dubai which

Attracts the

Youth in the world to enjoy and party at!


Four Seasons Resort Dubai art Jumeirah Beach:

This is yet another wonderful destination in the world which will certainly leave you amazed as it helps you to explore various facilities. Nestled at Jumeirah Beach, this is one of the most beautiful rooftop bars of Dubai and the perfect holiday destination for the holidaymakers in the world. At the time when you are not engrossed in watching the views then you can opt for taking a walk in the lovely gardens or have the time of your life at the private beach as such. Around 237 capacious rooms will make you jump out the skin by the breathtaking facilities like the balconies that either face direct to the beach or over the downtown skyline of Dubai. You must consider booking the room on this particular side if you want to see the sparkling Burj Khalifa view in the night sky.

Beach Hotels Dubai

 Jumeirah AL Naseem:

If you desire the modern neutrals for the Arabian magnificence, then this particular beach hotels is the best for you to visit once in a lifetime. The sea-facing gardens of this resort will thrill you to bits when you visit them. These enticing gardens designed by the architect Bill Bensley and these turns out to be the key point of the complete hotel structure. This hotel also includes 3 large pools which hare the adults-only pool, the hanging charis and variety of palm trees are other major tourist attractions you must see in this particular hotel. You will also find the seawater lagoon for the sea turtles to recover in before being released again to the wild as such. The beach is just situated few meters away which his just dotted with turquoise umbrellas and the cabanas too with the blowing white drapes in particular.

Once you go to visit the amazing tourist spots then you feel like getting the best in class camera for capturing good memories. Many times the old cameras does not fit best and so the ad posting website of UAE helps you to sell out the old camera just by posting free ad for selling out the old camera and oi will find the buyers.

The Final Word:

Dubai, being the desert land, also has various beaches which are most popular among the people who desire to visit various beaches in the world. The huge buildings, the landscape, for the shopaholics there are various shopping malls which is located in Dubai. Among all these, the beaches turns out to be the best tourist destinations and the icing on the cake is the lavish and opulent beach hotels nestled in Dubai which is a must-visit for the people who loves travelling new places. There are various hotels in Dubai which have the beachfront locations and the chairs which hare also available for the guests.

If you desire to have the best time of your life lounging by the water then you can find assorted range of Dubai property for sale at the leading classified website of UAE which also provides different beach service too.

Which are the luxe and expensive homes in Dubai

Which are the luxe and expensive homes in Dubai


People who aspire to have a home in luxurious cities keep searching the expensive homes of the world and the lavish property for sale in Dubai attracts them a lot!

5 Luxe homes in Dubai to watch out for

Dubai is one of the luxe cities of the world which grabs the eyeballs of the visitors and tourists around the globe. UAE is the country which is highly developed and there is no scarcity regarding money as such. Even the second most luxurious & expensive hotels in the world are nestled in Dubai, which is being loved by many tourists of the world. Do you desire to purchase an expensive home in Dubai? If yes, then there are 8 reasons why purchasing a new home is better than used in the city of Gold- Dubai. The highest part of Dubai’s GDP comes from the oil, the real estate market is something which deserves serious attention.

There are an assorted range of apartments, villas, townhouses, penthouses and various other properties which are available in Dubai.

Top 5 Luxe homes in Dubai:

Here is the flabbergasting list of expensive homes in Dubai, which will make you jump out of your skin:

  • ONE at Palm Jumeirah, Dubai- $49,279,193.94:

This is nestled in the area of 25000 square feet and has 7 stunning bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 16000 square foot terrace. This is the most costly penthouse located in Dubai, which is $49 million penthouse in Palm Jumeirah. This construction of this lavish property will be completed in the year 2017. It will include the best facilities like fine dining, spa, gym, swimming pools, security, lounges, kids’ areas, club houses and many more facilities. If you are looking forward to purchase homes here, then there are 8 things to be considered before purchasing the dream home in Dubai.

  • 10 Bedroom Emirates Hills Villa, Dubai-$48734672.46

The emirates Hills neighborhood also turns out to be the lavish and costly real estate which is located in Dubai. It is constructed on the area of 32000 square feet and is the size of 2 of the Hills’ normal-sized villas and also includes a whopping entryway, 2 wonderful kitchens, guest suite which just act its own apartment, an office, ensuite bathrooms which appears to be very ravishing. You will also see the golf course and the lovely view of the marina from this place.

  • 8 Bedrooms Emirates Hills Villa, Dubai-$34848897:

Emirates Hills is yet another expensive home which is located in Dubai. This real estate got its name from Beverly Hills and also the first time it happened that the freehold real estate for sale in Dubai.

This particular real estate is built in the space of 32,000 square feet and also has the pool, the library, cinema rooms, place for the servants to live on-site. If you own a wonderful helicopter then there are 2 areas which can be used for landing at this property, and you will not have to park your own car too. This property also has the valet parking service too. The finishing of this place is completed in marble and also wood and have its own Jacuzzi, gym, games room, steam room, access to the golf course. There is a total of 11 luxurious bathrooms in the villa and 8 bedrooms have own ensuite bathroom too.

The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of local real-estate broker Luxhabitat, Oriol Font strongly believes that

“Dubai is attracting more and more property buyers and has a lot of room for further price increases in the long term. Dubai’s rental yields also outperform most major cities with yields of around five to eight percent, while in other mature markets those are more in the two to four percent range. This is another characteristic of an emerging real-estate market.”

  • The 6 Bedroom Emirates Hills Villa with the Renaissance Style, Dubai-$17696706:

This is yet another lavish villa which is located in Dubai, which attracts the visitors from around the globe. It includes the moldings in ivory and also gold plating. There is an amazing 2-tier gold stone fountain, which is located at the center of the grand gathering area too and it looks Renaissance-inspired models completely in the house. There is also a grand marble staircase in this villa which also arouses the images of palatial estates too, and the swimming pool’s lion head and also angel fountains look just ravishing to the core. There is also a special barbeque area and also guest entertainment area, a private bar, the gym that includes the Jacuzzi which looks awe-inspiring. In this villa, even the carpets are just custom-made. Dubai is the place where people come from visiting the attractive tourist attractions like inside tallest building Burj Khalifa which looks just marvelous in various ways.

  • Dubai Marina 6 Bedroom Penthouse in Dubai- $14974136:

The most extravagant and expensive home located in Dubai is Elite Residence and this is constructed on 12469 square meters area. This is the most magnificent apartments for sale in Dubai. It includes amazing facilities which include parking for 6 cars, 6 bedrooms with the ensuite baths, amazing views of the ocean which looks just breathtaking. It is located near the golf courses and various different amenities. There are wonderful facilities here, which includes the terrace, theatre rooms, building’s pools, gym and also the spa.

The Final Word:

So, this city of Gold-Dubai offers various luxurious houses to the people around the globe. You will also be able to search various kinds of real estate on the leading classified website of UAE, the perfect platform for finding the homes as per your requirement and the budget.

So, what are you waiting for? The above listed are the best and opulent homes which you most certainly watch out for. These wonderful homes provide class range of facilities to the people who desire to buy them. Dubai is the best place in the world where people aspire to own a house as it also have multifarious tourist-attractions which grabs eyeballs of the tourists around the globe. For any kind of real estate queries, you can also discuss in the comments section below.