Which are the Best Gyms Located in Dubai ?

Which are the Best Gyms Located in Dubai ?

Staying fit must be the top most priority for people around the globe and people in Dubai take much care for their health by opting for the best gym!

So, believe it or not! Staying fit as a fiddle is the most important goal for everyone living in this world. Many times people are not able to stick to their gym routine exercising. So, are you living in the city of gold: Dubai and looking forward for the best gyms nestled in Dubai which will help you to remain hale and hearty for long life? If the answer to this question is a yes, then you have come to the right place. Here in this post you will know about the best 10 gyms nestled in Dubai where you must surely opt for exercising at.


Top 10 Gyms of Dubai to Watch Out for:

 Here  is the list of best 10 gyms located in Dubai which will help yo uto remain fit:

1 Fit Republik:

Fit Republik- best gyms in dubai

This is more of a sports center than merely a gym. It has the whopping Olympic sized pool in it and also a gymnastics area, an MMA cage, a boxing section, yoga classes too. The major attraction of Fit Republik gym is the lovely aura of this place. People in Dubai love to go there for work out and staying fit. This amazing gym also includes the luxe changing rooms, colorful roofs which will make you jump out of your skin for sure. It is the fitness centre which you must opt for. It is nestled at the Sports City and the prices starts from: 3 months membership at AD 2300.

2 TribeFit:

TribeFit gym - best gyms in dubai

Also known as one of the “trendy” gym of Dubai, Tribe Fit includes the wall graffiti with Mohammed Ali quotes and also the dazzling florescent lights. This is yet another incredible gym for the work out in Dubai. It includes many things, right from yoga to the boxing and also the pole dancing too. Nestled at Dubai Marina in Dubai and the best place for staying fit to do the gym. The pricing starts from: the monthly membership starts at AED 399. For remaining fit, you must also know about the benefits of yoga and meditation for your health.

3 The Warehouse Gym Dubai:

The Warehouse Gym in Dubai

The most advanced gym located in Dubai and is just the plain and simple to the core. It is one of the best gym for the people who are just fit and desire to get more fit to the core. As the name just says, this is the best gym of Dubai and is nestled in a warehouse and this is the most famous for its CrossFit classes too. If the class designing is concerned, then it is comewhAt similar to Tribe Fit gym in its wall graffiti and also the colourful lovely lights. Warehouse also includes the boxing and different groups of classes. It is located at Umm Suqeim Road at Al Quoz. The prices starts from: CrosFit and combat memberships begins at AED 465.

4 Core Fit gym:

Core Fit gym

If you desire the group classes and the unconventional workouts then the CoreFit is the best gym you need to know about. It is just focused on the indoor and the outdoor group classes and also includes the outdoor area which is dedicated for the CrossFit, weight lifting and many other circuit classes. This is nestled at Dubai Marina and the prices are: monthly membership starts at AED 549.

5 U Energy gym:

U Energy gym

Also nicknamed as the “businessman’s gym”, U Energy is located at Dubai’s International Financial Centre (DIFC) and also offers the workouts quite shorter than the average lunch break. Originally this gym is from Beirut, “boutique fitness centre” has countless classes which involves the MMA, yoga and also the calisthenics too. It is nestled in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and the prices are upon the request itself. You can also trade in gym equipment through the best classified apps UAE and you can make money by sitting anywhere.

6 Fit Boys Gym in Dubai:

Fit Boys Gym in Dubai

One of the best boxing gym in the Emirates city of Dubai if not of UAE. It is completely dedicated towards boxing but yes it also includes the weight-lifting area as it goes with the boxing itself. It also houses the advanced and the beginners classes too. Nestled in Jumeirah Lake Towers and the prices are from AED 70 per class.

7 Gold’s Gym:

Gold Gym dubai

Originated from U.S, this Gold’s Gym is also the lovely gym located in Dubai and it is quite large in size and has the quality-oriented machines for the exercising. The best part of this gym is that it also includes the capacious ladies’-only sections which also makes it the better option for the gym lovers. It is nestled across the UAE and includes the Al Barsha Mall and Ibn Batuta Mall. Prices of this gym is upon the request.

8 InShape Gym:

InShape Gym

This particular gym helps to have the ladies’ only gym for the ladies only. The ladies who drop to this gym for exercise feels best when they exercise at this gym to remain fit. All of the ladies feel comfortable at this gym for exercising. This gym includes the best in class group classes. InShape gym has the cheap personal training courses and this starts at AED 130 per lesson. It is nestled in Sheikh Zayed Road and the prices are from: montly membership starts from AED 220.

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9 Muscle Beach Gym:

Muscle Beach gym

This is Dubai’s new outdoor gym which is the most loved gym for beach lovers. It feels great that you do workout and this is followed by a dip in the sea. It was established by the creators of The Warehouse Gym, Muscle Beach also follows the California’s same-named oudoor gym. It includes many things from kettle balls to CrossFit equipment and so you just can’t worry about the supply shortage. This beach is nestled at The Beach Jumeirah at Jumeirah Beach Residence. Prices begins from: Entrance fee costs AED 60 from Sunday to Thursday and AED 902 for doing gym on the weekends.

10 Physique 57 Gym:

Physique 57 Gym

This gym generally concentrates on the barre-based workouts which also requires the cardio, strength training, recovery and also the stretching. It is also approved by most of Dubai’s lifestyle bloggers such as the Fashion Diary’s Tala Samman. Apart from Dubai, this gym also has the branches located at Beverly Hills in New York, Hamptons and in Bangkok too. Nestled in City Walk, Al Thanya Mall in Dubai and the prices are from: AED 130 for one class and AED 680 for 8 classes.

The Final Word:

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the above listed are the best gyms to try for in Dubai and you will stay fit for long time as this is the important goal for your life. Dubai is also the place which attracts the people around the world for those who want to buy teh best property or the real estate in the city of gold. There are different property for slae in Dubai on the leading classified app of UAE and you can choose as per your preferences and the budget.


Which are the Top 7 Sports of UAE ?

Which are the Top 7 Sports of UAE ?

UAE and often called as the Emirates somethimes, it is the best place in the world where many of the sports are being played with joy!

For all the sports enthusiasts out there! Here is a post which you must surely read till the bottom which will make you jump out of your skin for sure. If tradirtional sports are being concerned, then there had been various sports which invloved the animals too. But if general speaking, best sports are concerned then there are various kinds of western sports too in the list which is loved by teh residents and the tourists also. UAE has the sentimental feeling for the sports like football which is famous worldwide. The icing on cake is that the UAE U-16 national team also got qualified for 2009 Youth World cup and the UAE U-19 national team had qualified for 2010 World Youth Cup. UAE has done whopping investments on football game. Apart from the football, UAE is also famous for other sports like tennis, basketball, cycling, golf, rugby and many more.

Which are the Top 7 Sports of UAE ?

7 Famous Sports of UAE Which will Thrill the Sports Lovers to Bits:

Here is the thrilling list of 7 interesting and magnificent sports of UAE which you mus know about, being a passionate and ardent sports enthusiast.

1 Football:

Also known by the name soccer, football is one of the most sought-after game which is being played in the gulf country of UAE. Even the first United Arab Emirates Football Association was established in the year 1971 and since that time it has led to promotion of this game to a lot of extent. It was in the FIFA World cup 1990 that UAE national football team was qualified too for this game. In today’s date, UAE are at present placed on 110th position in the world as per FIFA World rankings. Even Abu Dhabi United Group also acquired the Manchester City Football Club. These figures and information clearly conveys that UAE people love the football game to the core. Various football stadiums are also nestled in UAE, Zayed Sports City being the largest sports complex in the whole gulf country of UAE.

popular games of UAE - football

#2 Cricket game in UAE:

In the Gulf country, you can see that various people belong to India subcontinent so this makes the people of Dubai to be cricket lovers to a lot of extent. Being the highly-favoured sports of UAE, it is yet another most popular sports of UAE. In this gulf country, Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium nestled in Sharjah has wonderful record and is known for hosting various one day international matches. Apart from this Sharjah Cricket Association stadium, there are also the 2 other cricket stadiums (Dubai Cricket Ground No.1 AND No.2 ) and the third smashing cricket ground is also under construction for the cricket lovers. Top 5 cricket stadiums of UAE is most searched by the cricket fans and some people also opt for visiting these cricket stadiums. They can opt for going to visit these stadiums buy their vehicles or they can opt for buying the used car from the classified apps on their smartphone ti buy the used car of different brands because luxe new cars cannot be afforded by everyone. Dubai is also the home for International Cricket Council too. The best part is that UAE national cricket team also got qualified for 1996 Cricket World Cup and also for 2014 ICC World Twenty 20 which was to played in Bangladesh.

popular games of UAE - cricket

Sports enthusiasts loves different games!

Various games is being loved in UAE

and people desire to make one favourite as per their tastes!

                                                                                                           -Nikita Tak

3 Tennis:

It can be said that there has been an increasing demand for the tennis sports game in the gulf country of UAE with each passing day as such. You will be able to find multifarious private clubs and the hotels which hosts their own tennis courts for the residents and also fro the tourists and visitors. As the tennis sports lover, you will also like to know that in Dubai, the annual Dubai Tennis Championships is also hosted in this city of gold and is also the WTA and ATP event in which the top-rated tennis players are said to compete with each other and people love cheering them. If you are also looking forward to search about the tennis game on the smartphone through the internet and you can opt for purchasing the smartphone through electronic stores in Dubai, UAE itself.

popular games of UAE - tennis

4 Motor Sports:

UAE is also famous worldwide for the motor sports which is being loved by residents and also by the visitors or the tourists, alike. It was in the year 1981 that the very first motor sports race was held at the Grand Prix, the purpose-built circuit nestled in Deira Corniche as such. It also featured a marvellous sports car, touring car and various kinds of celebrity races and also the Formula One demos for the sports lovers. Furthermore, Duabi is also know for hosting the Dubai International Rally which is a point scoring round in the Middle East Rally Championship since the year 1984. You will also love to know that the UAE Desert Challenge, which is called as Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge since the year 2009 and it is a rally race which is being held since the year 1991 and ie being loved by the people a lot. Dubai Aerodrome, which was inaugurated in the year 2004 and also famous for hosting various international races in the first 4 years of the particular activity. Even the Emirates city Abu Dhabi has also hosted Formula One races from the 2009 year season. There are also various cars for sale in Dubai who can’t afford to buy luxe cars, the best classified apps for buying used cars are must-have on the smartphone.

popular games of UAE - moter game

5 Golf:

Golf is also much loved by the residents and tourists of complete gulf Emirates country. You will find various stunning Golf courses nestled in UAE and 3 among them are PGA championships golf courses. You will be thrilled to know that Dubai Desert Classic event is also being held in Dubai and also have importance as there are various golf players here. The golf is also the game which is watching an upward trend in popularity and various people come to watch this game with friends or the family.

popular games of UAE - golf

6 Basketball game:

The Emirate country is also said to have hosted various 2017 Under 17 Basketball World Championship and has turned to be first Asian country for doing this so. If qualifying various events is concerned like of Asian Championship, then UAE is the major country in the Arabian Peninsula. Though Basketball is loved in the UAE country but mostly by the western population who live there, they love this game to the core. Dubai classifieds is the apt platform to buy the sports accessories of your choice and preference.

popular games of UAE

7 Rugby game:

The expats community living in Dubai also love the game of Rugby a lot. This sports is being played in various clubs too in various place of Emirates. Various kinds of tournaments are famous like Dubai Rugby Sevens which is also the famous international event and is loved by the folks since years and have increased in popularity. Arabian Gulf Rugby Football Union has also partnered with London’s Harlequins which is being played by the name of Abu Dhabi Harlequins. You will also like to know about Dubai Exiles RFC, Sharjah Wanderers Rugby Club and also Ra’s al-Khaimah Goats too.

popular games of UAE  - rugby

Summing Up:

So, dear sports enthusiasts out there! You might have been surprised to know about these astonishing games in UAE listed above which many of you might also be playing too. If you loved this amazing post related to sports then you can also subscribe to our blogs section to read more on the sports and more interesting topics which are engrossing reads. Apart from being the best place in the world for the sports, there are also best things to buy in Dubai for the shopaholics.