Top 8 Traditional Food Culture of UAE

Top 8 Traditional Food Culture of UAE

United Arab is the leading cosmopolitan country that offers assorted range of tourist attractions for the tourists who come from all over the world. This gulf country has come up as the growing country of UAE.

traditional food of UAE

There are marvelous places to visit in this city. A land of worth watching scenic beauty, drool-worthy and yummy food for the big time foodies. UAE has the lovely taste in food, if compared to whole world. World’s  best place for the foodies.

The delicious foods that are being loved by the food lovers are served on this place on earth. The top-notch food are the nutritional salads or the yummy starters. The Emirati food generally involves rice, meat and the fish.

8 Famous Traditional Food in UAE:

Many food items of UAE reflects luxury in taste. Various traditional food culture of UAE includes spices and rich flavour. For having the meat, the Arab people make use of sheep and goats.

On the best occasions and festivals of UAE, they love eating stuffed camel. For various tourists who comes to visit UAE from the world, the Arab restaurants serve dishes made with camel meat.

Mehalbiya Dish:

Mehalbiya Dish

This is the most appetizing recipe which is loved by the foodies in Dubai. This dish has the richness in taste including the pistachios and the rosewater sprinkles. This yummy food is the dish for the people who have got sweet tooth.

You can also find 15 best food in the world-eat outside day for satisfying your taste buds to the core. The sweetest dessert of the desert land.



Shawarma is also the most loved food in UAE which is drool-worthy. This dish has also become all the rage these days in Asian countries also. This yummy food has the main ingredient as the chicken and lamb.

There are multifarious restaurants in UAE which serves this dish in unique way. Many restaurants serve this dish with Arabic roti mixed with the yummy garlic sauce, tomatoes, sauce.

This delicious dish tastes much like kebab. Though the taste of this mouth-watering recipe is different from one place to another. Many foodies of UAE eat this dish along with a fruit drink made from the strawberry and banana.



This is the most favoured recipe for the vegetarian tourists who come to visit UAE. It is one of the version of Arabian cuisine. It is mainly a healthy and nutritional salad which includes vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber and the green onions.

This food is for the health conscious people and it is eaten after seasoning with lemon juice and fresh mint leaves. The yet another luxury taste of UAE in field of salads to be precise.



The most yummiest dish of UAE which has set the world on fire by its rich taste. This recipe is prepared from the main ingredient lamb, which is served on the topping of rice, crushed nuts and the veggies.

The best dish to try when you Visit Dubai in your nightlife. Ghuzi is highly favored among the food lovers in Dubai. You might be thinking to try hands on making this yummy food. You have the option to show your cooking skills by opting for the best catering services on our business listing website.



It is the household name in the dips which have its origin from UAE. It is cooked by using the main ingredients as the chickpeas, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and tahini paste.

People love eating this appetizing dish with the bread. Some people also enjoy this dish as the side dip with different foods. Even Shawarma can be enjoyed along with this dip to feel that luxury taste.

Al Harees:


Al Harees is yet another favorite food in this gulf city of Emirate country, Dubai. It involves rich exotic taste blend with the meat and also the wheat as main ingredient. During the festive season of Ramadan this is. The best thing is that, this dish is made including very few ingredients.

The cooking time is comparatively more, if compared to other traditional dishes of Dubai. The mixture of wheat and the meat is cooked well in the boiled water with the addition of a pinch of salt. This dish involves more hours to get cooked.

For soothing your taste buds, you also have the option to add more spices. This dish is served hot with the topping of ghee. You would also love to eat this dish at different restaurants of Dubai, which can be searched on leading classified ads website.

Stuffed Camel:

Stuffed Camel

People in UAE have richness and luxury, if food is concerned. Stuffed camel is the top-rated cuisine and UAE traditional culture and  food. The icing on the cake is that, this dish has also got its name included in the Guinness Book of world records as one of the biggest dishes being served in the world.

Many superior families in UAE serve this dish in the wedding functions also. The major ingredients being used in stuffed camel is one whole camel, a lamb, around 20 chickens, some boiled eggs, rice and the fish. The way this recipe is cooked is just completely amazing. This dish is highly favored among all the non-veggies across the globe.

Al Machboos:

Al Machboos

Al Machboos is yet other mouth-water delicious traditional food of UAE. It is the most loved traditional food in UAE. UAE food culture is one of the vast in whole world, having luxury taste in various dishes.

Important materials used to prepare Al Mchboos are meat, rice lemon, and the onion. Different kinds of seasoning involves spices of richness in taste. For making this dish, first of all all the ingredients are seasoned well in the boiling water until they become tender.

The next step involves the separation of meat and rice is being added which gives 5 stars to the the taste. And then all the ingredients are well cooked. Later on the meat will be cooked again in the rice and yummy vegetables for around 2 hours.

It is then served hot and enjoyed to the core. So, you just can’t wait to try this recipe, but don’t know how to cook?

Closing Thoughts:

The above listed are the best traditional food to eat when you are visiting UAE. It gives you the feel of traditional food culture of UAE with each bite of this recipe.


Which are the Top 6 Cocktails to Try in Dubai, UAE ?

Which are the Top 6 Cocktails to Try in Dubai, UAE ?

Cocktails are being loved by some people and they also want to know about the best ones for sure which must be surely tried!

For the party lovers in the world, there are various kinds of things to try for sure. Dubai is the lovely place which also attracts the people who are the party lovers to the core. The nightlife of Dubai also attracts the people from around the globe and they also love the good music too, plus the perfect blend of cocktails which will completely sizzle your senses.

Cocktails to Try in Dubai

6 Best Cocktails to Try in Dubai:

Here is the list of best 6 cocktails in Dubai to watch out for and they must also opt for trying these best in class drinks, once in a lifetime for sure as such.

1 Luxe Range of Scottish drink:

Only the broad-minded ones can spend money quite extravagant in the 55 years old Scottish beverage at the Sky View Bar as such. It comes whole in the sparkling ice cubes also and these are made from the water near Scotland, which is being served in the 18 carat tumbler and all for just about $7440 only. People like to go to the nightclubs for sure and also the best hotel, the Burj Al Arab, and this looks quite appealing to the core. This class apart building also stands with the Empire State Building and also the Eiffel Tower. This is one of the best in class 7 star hotel to watch out for. How much is the cost required to live in Dubai is also the best question being searched.

2 Fine Tipples:

Fine Tipple is also one of the best cocktail to watch out for and it is the cocktail of sherry, grapefruit, orange sherbet, maraschino and also the champagne too at R Trader. Other vodka oriented cocktails are the Belladonana and Dirty weekend. The mixologists at this place have a good passion for the perfection and this can be seen with every sip. In this drink, there is good pairing of cacao infused gin and also the maraschino liqueur which you must try. There are various guest posting websites in Dubai, UAE and from here you will be able to find the best used and second hand products for sure.

3 Blueberry and Ginger Sour cocktail:

This is one of the favourite of Johnny Depp too. You will surely go nuts with this one for sure. This also infuses the fresh fruit plus the ice too. If you desire to have something fancier then you must go with this one for sure. The hollywood actor, Johnny Depp, love to drink this everytime whenever he steps in the swanky venue whenever he is in Dubai, UAE. For the best peaceful aura, Buddha Bar has also set the big standards from the fine dining and the bars in Dubai. You will also get to see the Asiatic decor and this is also the classy brand to watch out for and this is originated in Paris 1996. For a class apart fine dining experience atthe day time, this also ramps for appealing in evening. You must opt for the best international DJ when you drop here.

4 Hendricks Lemonade:

It is at the Play Restaurants and Lounge, Hendricks Lemonade is being served for the 2 in a teapot along with the gin too. Play also features various kinds different cocktaiils that will thrill your senses for sure. This kind of concept is purely new one and works as the attention-grabber too. It is also growing in the popularity for sure and you will also love the good food of here for sure. They very well know for doing everything quite perfectly. Cocktails to Try in Dubai-3

5 Not so Colada:

You must also try the best signature Not so Colada which is from the Little Black Door. It is a kind of homemade banana plus the perfect blend of lemon grass, blended rum with the coconut water too, and pineapple juice and eucalyptus. These drinks are generally categorized as “The Rockstar”, “The Intellectual”, “The Traveler et al”. If you just desire to have the elegant night and if you are just ready for taking a step in a different world then the Little Black Door is sure to try for you.

The Final Words:

So the above listed are the best ever cocktails which you must try once in your lifetime in Dubai, UAE. Apart from being the best place for foodies, Dubai is also the place for people who desire to have the best residential home. Real estate in Dubai can be searched on the classified apps UAE and at these places you will be able to find the best real estate, as per the locality, preferences, choices and the budgets.

Top 5 Phenomenal Chinese Restaurant In Dubai 2017

Top 5 Phenomenal Chinese Restaurant In Dubai 2017

The masterpiece of Chinese gastronomy has developed in such a way that it has proved that culinary traditions of China is the best and everlasting ”

On today’s date, there are so many Chinese restaurants which have proved to be the best among the top restaurants of the world. In fact, in the parties, events or birthday functions these are the best food cuisines. Simultaneously learn about Top 10 Best Indian Restaurants In Dubai. None of the party is complete without the Chinese food. Even in Indian restaurants also there are many varieties of Chinese items. They are specialized in small scale as well as large scale areas.

Top Most 5 Extraordinary Chinese Restaurants in Dubai:

Chinese Restaurants in Dubai

These restaurants provide you the best of Chinese food with the best of the Chinese environment. They serve you with all their warming blessings and they treat their guest as their god. The food is served in a delightful dilemma which means they have a sequence to serve the Chinese food items and you can enjoy the items on their way using chopsticks.

1 Blue Jade:

At the Blue Jade, they offer the finest and most diverse ingredients that will lead you to a mouth watering feeling. It is said that quality is more important than quantity and the best part is that here they work on this strategy. Once you enter this restaurant you will be treated with true Asian hospitality by the Chinese staff. This comes in one of the Top 15 Tourist Attractions Of Dubai. They wear the original Chinese dress to create a tradition of china and maintain it. The talented chef knows the art of balancing sweet and savory flavors into your dish to make it more delicious. The famous items from this restaurant are an irresistible rice pudding, Szechuan Aubergine’s with shiitake mushrooms laced with coconut milk and topped with fresh mangoes. This amazing restaurant reminds you about the eternal china.

Location- The Walk at Jbr | The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, Dubai 26525,United Arab Emirates.

Contact  +971 4 318 6150.

2 Shanghai Chic:

This restaurant will be liked by you so much as it contains sculptures depicting ancient warriors. The palette is filled with purple and black color. This ethnic restaurant provides traditional menu of engaging Chinese classics. If you want to own your mobile then check mobile for sale in Dubai. This is famous for all the occasional outings. The signature dishes of this elegant restaurant are chicken in a sweet chili gravy and Xiao long bao (pork dumplings served in a delicious broth). The additional point of this restaurant is that they provide some night lightening based theme every night, which means it is a suitable place for outing with your friends and family with yummy dishes.

Location- Movenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai | Adjacent to Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Contact@ +971 4 444 5613.

3 Yuan:

It offers an award-winning establishment to the people who are die hard fan of Chinese food items. It is considered as an essence of luxury. It is a smashing place for your all social stuff which will make you wonder how social butterflies can also be so cheerful. The dining area has deluxe seating arrangement which gives you an idol of heavenly based restaurant. The specialty of this restaurant is that they provide the bar with sizzling drinks and every evening is enjoyed with acoustic theme. Entertain yourself with the top notch dishes like Szechuan green beans and sauteed with minced chicken here in a private section. Obviously after some jaw dropping dishes they will treat you with the corn custard dessert. There is some age limitation like those younger than 10 won’t be able to enter. It is a contemporary place for lovely friends to reunite.

Location- Crescent Road | Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Contact@ + 971 4 426 2626.

best Chinese Restaurants in Dubai

4 Junsui:

This restaurant runs on the Traditional outfit. The contemporary teapots and bowls used here have been used for centuries and the cultural interiors of the restaurant gives us a brief description about the Chinese outdoors. They offer a sophisticated package which includes highly rated delicious Chinese traditional items which are dedicated to Korea and Japan. The highly qualified chef who uses the art of preparing noodles is just commendable. They really have a good command over themselves. The main thing about this restaurant is that they provide a gift certificate for your dear ones as per your delicate requirements. Their main priority is your satisfaction.

Location- Ground mezzanine Floor | Burj Al Arab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Contact@ + 971 4 301 7600.

5 Shiba:

This is a warm and inviting restaurant which provides you an authentic menu with all the wooden infrastructure. They provide you the dishes which is being generated originally. You can enjoy the countless exotic beverages under the stunning Lounge. Difficulty while going to this place as you don’t have own car? No worries. Buy from the outstanding showroom of cars in DubaiThis is a perfect place to have your lovely conversation with your loved ones. The apple of the eye is the peace and Style maintained here. Plan your weekend.

Location – Racecourse Al Meydan Road | The Medan Hotel Meydan, Nad Al Sheba, Dubai 9305, United Arab Emirates.

Contact@ + 971 4 381 3111.

A Closing Thought:

These are suitable places for the Chinese lovers. They are warmly greeted here. If you have other plans this weekend, then cancel it and take your family to a beautiful and auspicious place. You can learn more about these places in classified apps UAE. Spend some time with them having such memorable site seeing and mouth watering dishes.


Top 7 Beach Hotels in Dubai to Watch Out For

Top 7 Beach Hotels in Dubai to Watch Out For

Various hotels in the world to visit in 2017. But Dubai has awe-inspiring and mind-boggling range of the best beach hotels which you must certainly visit once in lifetime!

Top 7 Beach Hotels in Dubai

New year’s resolutions for the travelers might include various stunning places but Dubai: The city of gold has something for everyone, if tourist attraction is concerned with. This is the beautiful city which grabs the eyeballs of the visitors and various tourists for various reasons, be it the culture, the tall building which includes Burj Khalifa, various restaurants serving yummy lip-smacking cuisines of Dubai. The best hotels in Dubai, UAE draws the attention of people across worldwide and they come to visit the same to satisfy their taste buds to the core.

7 Jaw-dropping Beach Hotels of Dubai that Will Thrill the Globetrotters to Pieces:

So, here is the list of 7 smashing beach hotels in Dubai which you must certainly visit once in a lifetime. It will surely make you jump out of your skin.

Le Royal Meridian Beach Resort & Spa:

Though one of the old beach resorts of Dubai, but attracts the people from around the globe by its beauty and elegance. It has various facilities like the whopping swimming pools, amazing facilities or the children. This lavish hotel, nestled at far end of Dubai and this particular location will not suit the visitors who aspire to see the rich culture and also the historic sights of Old Dubai. This beach hotel works wonders for the people who love to see the beauty, the water-sports then you must surely visit this hotel in the year 2017.

The Ritz Carlton, Dubai:

It is yet another lavish hotel of Dubai to watch out for in the year 2017 and a must visit beach hotel for the globetrotters. This place provides marvelous facilities like extravagant suites, beautiful rooms, swimming pools, multifarious restaurants & the bars. The visit to this beach hotel of Dubai will make you feel over the moon when you visit the same. The Lobby Lounge at this hotel has the silence refinement and this particular lobby is just like the cathedral-like wooden ceiling too. For moving to the private beach at this hotel, the path will go from the hotel’s Eden-ques gardens. There are also various best wedding hotels in UAE for the people who plan for the destination weddings at the best locales in the world.

Top 7 Beach Hotels Dubai

When people look forward to head towards the attractive places in the world to enjoy and party, then they also like to carry the awe-inspiring mobile handset or the camera for capturing the beautiful memories. The business listing website of UAE helps you to buy & sell Dubai various products like the mobile, camera, cars and the list is long.

The One & Only Royal Mirage:

This is also one of the opulent beach hotels of Dubai which will leave you gobsmacked when you give a visit to the hotel. The magnificent facilities which this hotel provides is the plush bedroom, smoking sheesha which is nestled under the palm trees at the Courtyards bar, you will just love to eat the fine Moroccan fare at Tajjne or get engrossed in the Oriental-style hammam. Yet another places you will love a lot is the Mall of Emirates or at the Jumeirah Beach and these both are situated just close by. The rooms in this hotel are just so attractive and stylish with class facilities like bedspreads, astonishing marble bathrooms, the toiletries, balconies and the terraces.

One major attraction for the tourists also includes deluxe hotel Burj Al Arab at Dubai. This hotel also attracts numerous visitors and tourists around the globe.

JA Palm Tree Court:

This is yet another incredible beach hotel which will leave you amazed completely when you go to visit the same. There are various stunning swimming pools nestled at this hotel, various kinds of restaurants and numerous activities. This particular hotel works winders for both the groups, such as the couples and also for the whole family too. The adults-only pool is the best one to see that includes mind-boggling lawns at the beachside.

Fairmont The Palm:

This mind-boggling hotel turns out to be the perfect adventure for the people who eat, sleep and breathe travelling to new places in the world. This enthralling beachfront hotel will provide you amazing relaxed vibe and it is within the reach of the city. Having wonderful facilities , such as the palm-shaded pools and the views of Dubai Marina’s skycrapers which is one of the 5 tallest skycrapers in Dubai to see. The views of the Dubai Marina from this hotel will leave you amazed. This places is certainly the best destination for the families and also for the couples too as they love going to the exciting adventurous trips. You will find the loads of activities at this beach hotel that includes the adults-on;y pools, the kid’s club, fantabulous spa facility. This hotel has the 4 smashing pools, one 800-metre private beach that also have volleyball nets, the table tennis, different speedboat rides and various watersports too. This marvellous hotel gives you the best luxe feel along with creamy marble, the tan and aquamarine, a sand-meets-sea palette of beige.


Of different sorts are the

Lovely destinations


Dubai which

Attracts the

Youth in the world to enjoy and party at!


Four Seasons Resort Dubai art Jumeirah Beach:

This is yet another wonderful destination in the world which will certainly leave you amazed as it helps you to explore various facilities. Nestled at Jumeirah Beach, this is one of the most beautiful rooftop bars of Dubai and the perfect holiday destination for the holidaymakers in the world. At the time when you are not engrossed in watching the views then you can opt for taking a walk in the lovely gardens or have the time of your life at the private beach as such. Around 237 capacious rooms will make you jump out the skin by the breathtaking facilities like the balconies that either face direct to the beach or over the downtown skyline of Dubai. You must consider booking the room on this particular side if you want to see the sparkling Burj Khalifa view in the night sky.

Beach Hotels Dubai

 Jumeirah AL Naseem:

If you desire the modern neutrals for the Arabian magnificence, then this particular beach hotels is the best for you to visit once in a lifetime. The sea-facing gardens of this resort will thrill you to bits when you visit them. These enticing gardens designed by the architect Bill Bensley and these turns out to be the key point of the complete hotel structure. This hotel also includes 3 large pools which hare the adults-only pool, the hanging charis and variety of palm trees are other major tourist attractions you must see in this particular hotel. You will also find the seawater lagoon for the sea turtles to recover in before being released again to the wild as such. The beach is just situated few meters away which his just dotted with turquoise umbrellas and the cabanas too with the blowing white drapes in particular.

Once you go to visit the amazing tourist spots then you feel like getting the best in class camera for capturing good memories. Many times the old cameras does not fit best and so the ad posting website of UAE helps you to sell out the old camera just by posting free ad for selling out the old camera and oi will find the buyers.

The Final Word:

Dubai, being the desert land, also has various beaches which are most popular among the people who desire to visit various beaches in the world. The huge buildings, the landscape, for the shopaholics there are various shopping malls which is located in Dubai. Among all these, the beaches turns out to be the best tourist destinations and the icing on the cake is the lavish and opulent beach hotels nestled in Dubai which is a must-visit for the people who loves travelling new places. There are various hotels in Dubai which have the beachfront locations and the chairs which hare also available for the guests.

If you desire to have the best time of your life lounging by the water then you can find assorted range of Dubai property for sale at the leading classified website of UAE which also provides different beach service too.

Delicious Street Food to Enjoy in Dubai, UAE

Delicious Street Food to Enjoy in Dubai, UAE

There are many people in the world who are foodies to the core. They just love to satisfy their fickle taste buds by trying yummy food at different restaurants and places which serves best and delicious food which they desire to eat. Among different food dishes, people love to eat street food which includes yummy food which is quite easy to prepare and mouth-watering also. Are you living in Dubai and looking forward to enjoying some lip-smacking street food?

Delicious Street Food to Enjoy in Dubai, UAE

There are various hotels & restaurant in Dubai, which is known for serving tasty food and delicious recipes which you would love to eat once in A lifetime.

Apart from the hotels and restaurants, foodies also like to eat street food in Dubai, which seems quite appetizing and mouth-watering.

If yes, then you are at the right place. In this post we will tell you the places which serves toothsome street food in Dubai. We have earlier mentioned about the 10 Burgers to try in Dubai on cheeseburger day, but this time we will take you to the whole new world of food which is being loved by the people of Dubai, street food.

Enjoying the Mouth-Watering Street Food in Dubai

Dubai is the most beautiful city of Gulf and just like Singapore; it is a city which has numerous immigrants. But Dubai is a very new city and does not have the national food like Singapore’s chilli-crab or the chicken rice.

We have the list of best quality street food The street food in Dubai is much affected by Indian cuisine because there are various Indians and Pakistanis living in Dubai. So there are lots of chances that you will find 2 out of 10 food off the list which are Indian/Pakistani.

Best Street Food in Dubai to Try:

Dubai is the wonderful city of the Gulf, where a lot of foodies live. The foodies living in Dubai have variety of food to eat on fast food day. Here is the list where you can try the yummy street food. There are different kinds of street food which you enjoy in Dubai to eat either with friends or with your family and relatives as per your choice. Dubai gives you a whole new world of food dishes which will leave you mesmerized when you eat.

In Dubai, unleash your dining experience!
Food served does satisfy your taste buds!

Here is the list where you can try the yummy street food.

1 Al Mallah Restaurant (Dhiyafah Street):

Al Mallah Restaurant (Dhiyafah Street)

This is the best Middle Eastern street food restaurant nestled in Dubai, which offers yummy food. This restaurant is best known for chicken shawarma (the pricing is AED 7 for the sandwich and AED 35 for the plate) Shawarma is basically a sliced meat on a spit, just like the kebab. It is available from 4 p.m. Apart from chicken shawarma, it also serves shish tawook (priced at AED 9 for the sandwich and AED 35 for the plate) and is quite similar to shawarma/kebab. The only difference is that shish tawook is served in chunks and chicken shawarma is served in slices.

Al Mallah Restaurant

Though the wrap appears to be thick, but it is quite soft in texture. The cups of the chicken are marinated well and are smokers and are served as dipped in the yogurt and does not tastes much sour. There are also top 8 traditional food culture of the UAE, which food lovers desire to know about.

Located at:

Address: 2nd of December Street, Dubai

Telephone: +97143984723

Open : Sat to Thursday: 6 am to 4 am and Friday- 1 pm to 4 am

2 Bu Qtair Restaurant :

Bu Qtair

This is the wonderful seaside restaurant where in there are more of locals as compared to tourists. You will have to stand in a queue in this restaurant and they will serve you a standard set menu which includes 1 deep-fried turmeric fish, sourish Assam curry with yummy basmati rice. If you desire to have more fish and rice them you can ask for the same. The food served here is quite appetizing. The sour curry which is a bit spicy when eaten with yummy rice, it will certainly leave you feel over the moon. It is best to satisfy your taste buds. The fish which is served is delicious, somewhat crispy and well marinated which satisfies your taste buds to the core.

If you also have your own catering services in Dubai and looking forward to attract various customers, then there is a wonderful platform which will help you to flourish your business rapidly. All you need to do is to add your business to DubaiPoster which will help you to generate good sales leads and higher revenues for your business.

Located at:

Address : 79 2b St – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Telephone : 055 705 2130

Open : Sat to Thursday : 10.30a.m to 3 p.m, 6.30 midnight

3 Ravi Restaurant:

 Ravi Restaurant

In Dubai, 1 out 3 persons are a Pakistani. So, Dubai food has the effect of the Pakistani food to the core. Among the famous Pakistani restaurant there is Ravi Restaurant. It has around 2 or 3 shophouses. The menu is quite delicious. The best food includes nihari (priced at AED 12) and haleem (priced at AED 12). Nihari is served with tempting chicken curry and flat bread like pratha. The rich flavours satisfy  the taste buds of the foodies. The bread is very thick and the curry which is served is not much spicier.

Apart from the restaurants, there are around top 8 lavish clifftop hotels in the world which serves yummy food in the world for the foodies.

Located at:

AddressShop # 245, Al Dhiyafa Rd, Satwa, Near Satwa Roundabout,- Opposite Emirates Co-operative Society

Telephone +97143315353

OpenDaily 5am to 3am

Closing Thoughts:

Well, if you are living in Dubai then the above listed places are the best to try some yummy food once in your lifetime if you are foodie to the core and love to eat tasty food. And if you have a restaurant business established in Dubai, then there is the best platform for you to grow your business. The leading classified website of UAE provides the service of business listing in Dubai, the place where buyers can directly meet the sellers for trading in various products or for getting various services.

At the leading classified ads website, you will find different products like motorbikes, mobile phones, cars and also search for nearest restaurants and hotels where you can go to enjoy yummy food.

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15 best food in the world-Eat outside day

15 best food in the world-Eat outside day

There are various people in the world who live to eat. They are said to be big time foodies in the world. They love to taste food of various top-notch restaurants in the world, some love spicy food, some have got sweet tooth. There exists different kinds of people.

We live on the planet having various kind of good food for the foodies who love eat, without thinking much on their figure or weight issues.

DubaiPoster is the leading platform which provides food/catering and restaurants services at our business listing platform.

Here is the list of top 15 foods in the world for the big time foodies out there:

#1 Massaman curry of Thailand:

Thailand is the place which is best known for the appetizing curry, which is also the king of all the yummy food. Thailand offers you the blend of different types of curries, some spicy, some coco-nutty, some sweet, some savory. The yummy curry of Thailand has different taste combo, in relation to the flavors.

When you opt for purchasing the sauce packet in Thailand, even that will give you the richness in taste. Some people invented rice, by which the foodies can enjoy even the last drizzles of the curry sauce.

Thailand is the place which serves he yummy food which is sold at every street corner.

#2 Neapolitan pizza of Italy:

Pizza is the food which is being highly favored by many food lovers in the world. If the word pizza is being spoken, the country best known for some yummy pizza is Italy, which serves the world’s tasty pizza for pizza lovers. The very famous one in Italy is Neapolitan pizza, it was invented by the trade association that insists on the sea salt, which makes use of only 3 types of fresh tomatoes, hand-rolled dough, it is being heated in the wood-fired oven that gives it the quality taste for the food lovers in the world.

neapolitan pizza

It just involves very few ingredients- olive oil, tomatoes, dough, toothsome basil leaves. This yummy pizza is being made by the Neapolitan’s and enjoyed by the pizza lovers throughout the world. Top 10 lavish and stunning Arabic restaurants of Dubai also serves yummy and appetizing pizzas.

#3 Tasty chocolate of Mexico:

Mexico is the place which manufactures the yummy chocolate in the world for chocolate lovers. If these chocolates wouldn’t exist in the world, Valentine’s day would have been celebrated just with the flowers or cards. These tasty chocolates are the well known products to celebrate Easter.

People love chocolates to the core. The keep munching their favorite chocolates every now and then. Friends love to gift each other yummy chocolates on various occasions and festivals.

#4 Sushi of Japan:

Japan is the land which manufactures needle to ship, every product rich in quality. It manufactures the quality-oriented products like Sony, Nikon. Japan is the place where the fish and rice are being eaten in different way.

This dish consists of cooked vinegar rice blended with other yummy ingredients, like raw seafood, some tropical fruits. The main ingredient includes thin sliced raw fish. It can be served with rice or even without it.
Japanese people don’t live practically forever- they love eating this lip-smacking sushi.

#5 Hamburger of Germany:

hamburger of Germany

Germany is the place which is best known for Hamburger. Even the McDonald’s may not offer the quality taste burgers. A mouth-watering hamburger is also known as the cheeseburger, and is served with a slice of cheese. It is the sandwich consisting of 1 or more yummy patties of ground meat, placed in the sliced bread roll or the bun.
The Hamburgers of Germany are the perfect combo of bread, meat and salad.

#6 Ice-cream of United States:

United States is best known for delicious, chilled and rich flavored ice-creams with yummy chocolate sauce, marshmallows, nuts.

The scoop full of ice-creams leaves the ice-cream lovers go aww with every spoonful bite of chilled ice-cream. Many people love ice-cream to the core, that they eat ice-cream daily after the dinner, either alone, with friends or family.

#7 Donuts of United States:

Yet another food for the people who have got sweet tooth, toothsome donuts of United States. This is yet another yummy sweet dish which is loved by most of the people, donuts. The additional calories gives them more royal taste.

donuts of united states

A donut or the doughnut is the type of fried dough confectionery, which is being loved as the dessert. This doughnut is very popular in many countries as a sweet dish for the people who have got sweet tooth.

#8 Croissant of France:

Croissant is nothing but flaky pastry which is smothered in the butter. It is best enjoyed with the layer of raspberry jam on the top. This is the yummy sweet breakfast food which must be enjoyed with the cup of coffee.
The delicious croissants have the rich taste of butter, and are flaky pastry which got the name by its crescent shape. These are made of yeast-leavened dough.

#9 Brownie and the vanilla ice cream, globally favored:

The yummiest dessert of the world is brownie and vanilla ice cream. People around the world love this dessert to the core.

vanilla with brownie

All the foodies whop have got sweet tooth, head towards the restaurant which has got this delicious desert in it’s menu chart. Many people who loves eating sweets to the core, opt for this yummy sweet dish after eating food.

#10 Butter Garlic crab India:

India is the land known for its spices. This yummy dish is being made drowning the large crab in the spoon full of butter-garlic sauce which is loved by foodies around the globe. This dish is made by adding a crab in the butter-garlic sauce, which covers every part of the crab.

This recipe is being famous from the wonderful country, India.

#11 Champ of Ireland:

Champ is the national food of Ireland. It is made with the mashed potato, spring onions, salt & pepper, champ is wonderful dish which goes best with the fish or the meat.

One must try thin delicious food at the busiest pub in any Irish seaside down.

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#12 Fish and chips of Britain:

This is one of the staple food of Victorian British working class. This dish is enjoyed as sprinkled with salt, with vinegar, with the tartar sauce.

fish and chips

This yummy food is just very crunchy outside, very soft from inside and tastes so yum. This unique combination is toothsome and delicious which is loved by the Britain people to the extreme.

#13 Chicken parm of Australia:

This dish is made with melted Parmesan and mozzarella cheese, a garlicky tomato sauce sprinkled over the chicken fillet.

Who ever goes to the pub in Australia, enjoy this dish to the core. It is so damn mouth-watering.

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#14 Masala Dosa of India:

masala dosa of India

This yummy food is made with the rice-batter, mostly in south India, and it is filled with yummy mashed potato which is so tasty. This yummy food is enjoyed with the spicy coconut chutney.

It makes up a wonderful breakfast which keep you full till the lunch time. You can also enjoy this dish with some tomato sauces.

#15 Buttered popcorn of United States:

This buttered popcorn can be enjoyed at anytime and anywhere. While watching movie, while studying, eating the buttered popcorn won’t make you lethargic. This yummy food has the main ingredient which is maize corn. It is friend up with the butter and it can be enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee too, sitting at office or at any place.

Closing Thoughts:

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