Which are the Popular Traditional Clothing in UAE ?

Which are the Popular Traditional Clothing in UAE ?

When the question comes for the traditional clothing in United Arab Emirates, then there people from around the globe desire to know the tradition!

The UAE is the gulf country and this has very different kind of tradition. This style of tradition is quite different to watch out for. Apart from Dubai, other Emirates in the gulf country UAE are also traditional in different regards for their style of dressing and you can also adopt the modesty in different Islamic text offers as such.

Popular Traditional Clothing in UAE

Dubai is also the place which attracts the globetrotters like the tourists and expats and so keeping its clothing styles just very lenient. Though the western style of dressing like the t-shirts, long skirts and also the trousers are also permitted. The women are also anticipated for keeping their skin completely covered only. For wrapping it up, everything can go just long as you can just remember that you are going very progressive yet Islamic Emirate.

Islamic traditional attire are also styled in the context with whatever is just worn at the time of day, at the night for religious occasions. The classy designs of this attractive clothing have also been adapted as the local hot climate and the religious beliefs and the region. There is best tradition and culture in UAE and it is being loved by people around the globe too.

7 Traditional Clothing to Watch Out For:

Here is the list of 6 classy and traditional clothing which are being worn at UAE and you must surely watch out the same, when you go to visit UAE:

1 Abaya:

Abaya is one of the clothing to watch out for and this appears to be quite elegant for sure. It is one of the long thrilling cloak which is being worn by the women in UAE. This is a kind of national dress to be considered. If traditionally is concerned with, then it is just black in colour and covers up the whole body itself or sure, the feet and also the hands. So women always prefere for pairing the same with the niqab and also Gafaaz for covering up the face and also the hands too.

2 Agal:

An Agal is also known as the Iqal, igal or the egal and this is also the black band which is completely secured around the ghutrah for keeping in the place. Well, this attire is also losing its importance for sure as young men drape this particular guthra in various ways. You can also buy and sell Dubai used products and do the trading regarding the same for making money too.

Traditional Clothing

3 Burqa:

This particular Burqa or the burkah, burka is also the outer piece of clothing and also used for woman’s body for preventing the exposure to the skin at public place. This particular Burqa is also being removed when the women enters home and is with her family members. It is also being worn as the daily attire only and is quite common in the older generation. There are also top 10 funny things to do in Dubai Emirates and you must know about the same.

4 Kandura:

This is also called as the thwab, thobe or as the dishadasha. It is the attire which is ankle length and is also loose in fitting robe for the men. In the winter season, Kandura is being available in variety of colours and many of them are just in dark shades. The length of the robe represents the whole status of the person with the wealthy and also the royal seen in the longer robes. The short length also symbolize the modesty and is also worn by remaining Arabs too.

5 Gishwa:

UAE women also dress the traditionally in Gishwa and this is a kind of thin veil which also covers he complete face and is also just unrecognizable too. It is also very fine enough for the person who wears to see through the same. There are various kinds of used items in Dubai to watch out for, if you can’t afford to buy the luxe and lavish products.

6 Ghutrah:

A typical headscarf which is being worn by the men in UAE, this ghutrah is also called as the name of Keffiyeh/Kyfiya or the shemagh in different countries too. It is completely made from square cloth of the cotton in the chequered patterns and is also draped at the head in different kind of ways too. In the dry climates, these are the kind of scarves provide the protection from the dust and also the harsh rays of scorching sun too.

7 Ghafiyah:

The ghafiyah also appears to be like the Muslim prayer hat and this is also worn below the ghutrah headscarf by Arabic men too. They are generally embroided and are not at all visible for the naked eye because it is completely covered like ghutrah.

The Final Words

So, the above listed are the traditional clothing about the UAE and you will also be able to know about the best in class real estate in Dubai, UAE because people like to know about the best and lavish real estate for sure. There are class apart villas, apartments which are there in Dubai to watch out for and people like to take the ones, as per their choice and preferences to.


What are the lovely attractions of Dubai Shopping Festival

What are the lovely attractions of Dubai Shopping Festival

Dazzling Dubai is all set to enter in its 22nd anniversary in the year 2017. The most astonishing paradise for the shopaholics across the world and this festival attracts the shoppers around the world by its beauty and various other attractions which leaves the visitors and the tourists gobsmacked for sure. The shopping passion goes at the peak every January at the time of Dubai Shopping Festival which is the longest running festival and one of its kind which is highly-favored among the Shopaholics. It is being loved by the visitors by the celebrity performances, this festival is also a home to the Guineas Book of World Records. Various kinds of events are being held at this festival, which includes live raffle drawings to fashion flash mobs which is being loved by the tourists to the core. The fireworks are one of the major hallmarks of this DSF. This year DSF 2014 will have the shows in 2 locations of Dubai. There are various ways to save and get the chance to win in this festival. Winning at the raffles is completely your luck which can include the prizes like cash prize or you can also win the car.


The Dubai Shopping Festival attracts the shopping lovers:

Dubai Shopping Festival 2017 dates will be held from 26th December 2016 to 28th January 2017.

Well, Dubai has lovely tourist attractions for the tourists around the globe. Middle east cruises, water tours sights UAE will make you jump out of your skin.

This grandiose DSF event is the event of festivity and the lights, for the foodies there is lip-smacking multi-cuisine food, shopping and the glamour which attracts the people a lot, different kinds of adventure and sports leaves the people amazed for sure. This particular event occurs every year and grabs eyeballs of the visitors and the tourists. It has taken place in Dubai, UAE in the month of January. It goes on for whole month, which attracts the tourists & visitors to a lot of extent. The whole Dubai is being embellished with gorgeous and dazzling lights all over. Various kinds of malls gives different promotions & offers on various products to draw attention of the buyers. During the evening, various entertainment shows are held for the kids & families. Dubai shopping festival also has various other attractions for the tourists and visitors who drop in this beautiful city.

Lovely attractions of Dubai Shopping Festival that will thrill you to bits:

Every year DSF brings something new for the tourists and visitors. It will not be wrong to say that this festival is a whole shopping paradise in itself. People carry with them amazing camera for capturing the memories of Dubai Shopping Festival. Many people who have old camera then they take the ravishing new one and opt for selling the old one on the classified website in Dubai, which is the perfect platform for posting free ad of the used product and sell the used products instantly and get various buyers. Dubai shopping festival offers are marvelous and stunning and this is the reason why people come from different countries to this place for unleashing their shopping experience.

Shopping with friends is a great way of still enjoying the thrill of the chase without having to make a purchase. It can also be a real bonding opportunity. Helping your friend find something nice is just as rewarding as helping yourself. 

This festival brings something for all age group people. For the kids, there is the Disneyland, which is being loved by the kids a lot. There are various kinds of art galleries for the art lovers. For the food lovers, there are different food fiesta in this Dubai Shopping Festival for the big time foodies.

Where is the location of Dubai Shopping Festival 2017?

The Dubai Shopping Festival is the wonderful event which is held in Dubai across the city. At this event, the whole city is filled with different kinds of offers and marvelous deals which is highly-favored by the tourists and visitors around the globe. Everyone provides different kinds of deals, be it a small shop owner or the big seller. When you visit Dubai at these times then you will feel the shopping bonanza everywhere.

Dubai is also the place which is highly favored by the job lovers around the globe. There are different jobs in Dubai as per your skill set, education and talent. You can find various kinds of jobs on the classified website in UAE.

Get engrossed in Dubai, Shopping Festival Embellishment:

Every year theme lights is being done like the butterfly saying DSF 2017 and various others. These theme lights attract the tourists who come at DSF 2017. You must certainly see these lights when you are headed towards the DSF 2017. It makes the whole city revision to the core when it is decorated with the dazzling and attractive lighting. This will be the most amazing experience of your life for visiting the Dubai Shopping Festival 2017.

Booking for Dubai Shopping Festival 2017:

There are multifarious companies which will help you in planning your visit to DSF 2017. You can opt for the best package as per your requirements, choices and preferences. There are also top 10 funny things Dubai, Emirates which will help you to make your Dubai visit memorable. Dubai shopping festival 2017 packages are in multifarious ranges and you can choose the one which fits in your budget.

Dubai’s world class physical infrastructure has already established it as a major player in terms of trade, tourism and as the leading conference and exhibition venue in this part of the world.

Why to visit DSF 2017?

DSF 2017 has various kinds of entertainment programs and events for the tourists who come to this place. For all the age group people there are different kinds of programs which takes place. At this remarkable event, Dubai also invites numerous celebrities from all over the world. This festival also makes Dubai proud. You will see the assorted range of electronic products and you will feel over the moon while taking part in different activities organized for the youngsters, such as the film festivals, street plays, fireworks, international fashion shows, etc. This is the icing on the cake for this Dubai Shopping Festival.

Dubai is called as the city of gold and various gold souks are the major tourist-attraction of Dubai Shopping Festival.

Closing Thoughts:

So, did you love to read about the Dubai Shopping Festival 2017?

If yes, then you can opt for the lavish airlines of UAE: Emirates Airlines, which is the most popular airlines and offers various facilities to the passengers. This Dubai Shopping Festival is worth visiting once in a lifetime as it will give you wonderful memories and make your Dubai trip quite extravagant and incredible.

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