5 Tips for Finding the Tax Advisor Who Will Save You Millions

A right advisor can save a business owner literally millions of dollars over a lifetime.”

Tips to Find the Best Tax Advisor

The most important decision a businessman or an entrepreneur should take is hiring an intelligent and passionate tax advisor to save you millions of amount. A passionate tax advisor will give you valuable tips that can be applied to save millions.

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Tips for Finding the Tax Advisor

How to Find the Best Tax Advisor Who Will Save You Millions

It is important to be in touch with your tax advisors on a regular basis. The great tax advisors always like to have a regular meetings with their clients irrespective of the fact that client wants one or two meetings only. They want to take care of their clients in a passionate way. They want to share their knowledge in an advance manner.

They want to simplify their tax laws by making their client understand in an easy way. Here a five tips for recognizing the tax advisor to partner with.

1. Find a Passionate CPA Versus a Mass-Production Company.

The best tax professionals are always CPAs, Certified Public Accountants. The businessman or the businesses should opt for CPA only as they command knowledge of their subject and helps in a great way in reducing taxes. The second option is an enrolled agent, and finally, there are the mass production companies like you find in the mall. There are enrolled agents with whom the small businesses can go. Though Advice is not to go with a mass production companies or do their own taxes. Always hire a tax expert like CPA and save millions.

2. Look for a CPA with Great Tax Education and Experience.

Whether we talk about good tax saver or a good entrepreneur, education always play a big role in a long term scenario. A tax advisor’s education can make a huge difference in long-term tax savings. For example, the best advisors like CPAs usually works with Big 4 Accounting Firm (Price Waterhouse Coopers, KPMG, Deloitte & Touche and Ernst Young) and embrace the details in the law. They are graduated with top percentages from the institute and then with experience they gets a command over practical things.

3. Find a CPA who’s Thinking is Non Linear.

The most of the accountants are hardworking and they think in a straight line but a better accountant is hardworking as well as smart working and in turn he finds smart, creative and legal ways to use the law to save the taxpayer money. Unsophisticated accountants will recommend that you postpone your taxes through an IRA or 401K and pre-pay expenses at the end of the year. The right accountant will do all the handwork and in depth research spending months and then will give a smart strategy to save tax and in turn save millions.

5 Tips for Finding the Tax Advisor

4. Hire a tax Advisor who asks you questions.

If you have to ask all the questions during the initial interview, this should be a red flag. Instead, look for a tax advisor who is inquisitive. Who wants to know your aim, your long term goals and financial objective. Only a thorough diagnosis by a tax professional will lead to major tax savings. You can also search about own business online in Dubai at different portals.

5. For Long-Term Gains Invest in the Best Tax Advisor.

Short term goals will never take you to great places. So having a long term goal with an objective to save millions is fulfilled by a passionate tax advisor only. Infact someone has rightly mentioned that It’s not how much your tax preparer charges you that matters, it’s how much your tax preparer costs you.” Nobody like paying taxes but if you can save tax legally as per tax laws with the help of tax advisor then there is nothing wrong. Finding a startegic tax advisor and doing strategic tax planning could help reduce taxes.

Summing up:

Hiring a advisor who has practical knowledge and who can explain you things practically, is one of the most important decisions you will make as a business owner or individual. Look for a tax advisor who can reduce your knowledge gap regarding tax laws and in turn can give you practical exposure. Wanna to save milions be practical and hire practical tax advisor. So folks, have a happy and intellectual savings. You can also read about apartments on rent on classified app UAE..


Which are the Best Gyms Located in Dubai ?

Which are the Best Gyms Located in Dubai ?

Staying fit must be the top most priority for people around the globe and people in Dubai take much care for their health by opting for the best gym!

So, believe it or not! Staying fit as a fiddle is the most important goal for everyone living in this world. Many times people are not able to stick to their gym routine exercising. So, are you living in the city of gold: Dubai and looking forward for the best gyms nestled in Dubai which will help you to remain hale and hearty for long life? If the answer to this question is a yes, then you have come to the right place. Here in this post you will know about the best 10 gyms nestled in Dubai where you must surely opt for exercising at.


Top 10 Gyms of Dubai to Watch Out for:

 Here  is the list of best 10 gyms located in Dubai which will help yo uto remain fit:

1 Fit Republik:

Fit Republik- best gyms in dubai

This is more of a sports center than merely a gym. It has the whopping Olympic sized pool in it and also a gymnastics area, an MMA cage, a boxing section, yoga classes too. The major attraction of Fit Republik gym is the lovely aura of this place. People in Dubai love to go there for work out and staying fit. This amazing gym also includes the luxe changing rooms, colorful roofs which will make you jump out of your skin for sure. It is the fitness centre which you must opt for. It is nestled at the Sports City and the prices starts from: 3 months membership at AD 2300.

2 TribeFit:

TribeFit gym - best gyms in dubai

Also known as one of the “trendy” gym of Dubai, Tribe Fit includes the wall graffiti with Mohammed Ali quotes and also the dazzling florescent lights. This is yet another incredible gym for the work out in Dubai. It includes many things, right from yoga to the boxing and also the pole dancing too. Nestled at Dubai Marina in Dubai and the best place for staying fit to do the gym. The pricing starts from: the monthly membership starts at AED 399. For remaining fit, you must also know about the benefits of yoga and meditation for your health.

3 The Warehouse Gym Dubai:

The Warehouse Gym in Dubai

The most advanced gym located in Dubai and is just the plain and simple to the core. It is one of the best gym for the people who are just fit and desire to get more fit to the core. As the name just says, this is the best gym of Dubai and is nestled in a warehouse and this is the most famous for its CrossFit classes too. If the class designing is concerned, then it is comewhAt similar to Tribe Fit gym in its wall graffiti and also the colourful lovely lights. Warehouse also includes the boxing and different groups of classes. It is located at Umm Suqeim Road at Al Quoz. The prices starts from: CrosFit and combat memberships begins at AED 465.

4 Core Fit gym:

Core Fit gym

If you desire the group classes and the unconventional workouts then the CoreFit is the best gym you need to know about. It is just focused on the indoor and the outdoor group classes and also includes the outdoor area which is dedicated for the CrossFit, weight lifting and many other circuit classes. This is nestled at Dubai Marina and the prices are: monthly membership starts at AED 549.

5 U Energy gym:

U Energy gym

Also nicknamed as the “businessman’s gym”, U Energy is located at Dubai’s International Financial Centre (DIFC) and also offers the workouts quite shorter than the average lunch break. Originally this gym is from Beirut, “boutique fitness centre” has countless classes which involves the MMA, yoga and also the calisthenics too. It is nestled in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and the prices are upon the request itself. You can also trade in gym equipment through the best classified apps UAE and you can make money by sitting anywhere.

6 Fit Boys Gym in Dubai:

Fit Boys Gym in Dubai

One of the best boxing gym in the Emirates city of Dubai if not of UAE. It is completely dedicated towards boxing but yes it also includes the weight-lifting area as it goes with the boxing itself. It also houses the advanced and the beginners classes too. Nestled in Jumeirah Lake Towers and the prices are from AED 70 per class.

7 Gold’s Gym:

Gold Gym dubai

Originated from U.S, this Gold’s Gym is also the lovely gym located in Dubai and it is quite large in size and has the quality-oriented machines for the exercising. The best part of this gym is that it also includes the capacious ladies’-only sections which also makes it the better option for the gym lovers. It is nestled across the UAE and includes the Al Barsha Mall and Ibn Batuta Mall. Prices of this gym is upon the request.

8 InShape Gym:

InShape Gym

This particular gym helps to have the ladies’ only gym for the ladies only. The ladies who drop to this gym for exercise feels best when they exercise at this gym to remain fit. All of the ladies feel comfortable at this gym for exercising. This gym includes the best in class group classes. InShape gym has the cheap personal training courses and this starts at AED 130 per lesson. It is nestled in Sheikh Zayed Road and the prices are from: montly membership starts from AED 220.

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9 Muscle Beach Gym:

Muscle Beach gym

This is Dubai’s new outdoor gym which is the most loved gym for beach lovers. It feels great that you do workout and this is followed by a dip in the sea. It was established by the creators of The Warehouse Gym, Muscle Beach also follows the California’s same-named oudoor gym. It includes many things from kettle balls to CrossFit equipment and so you just can’t worry about the supply shortage. This beach is nestled at The Beach Jumeirah at Jumeirah Beach Residence. Prices begins from: Entrance fee costs AED 60 from Sunday to Thursday and AED 902 for doing gym on the weekends.

10 Physique 57 Gym:

Physique 57 Gym

This gym generally concentrates on the barre-based workouts which also requires the cardio, strength training, recovery and also the stretching. It is also approved by most of Dubai’s lifestyle bloggers such as the Fashion Diary’s Tala Samman. Apart from Dubai, this gym also has the branches located at Beverly Hills in New York, Hamptons and in Bangkok too. Nestled in City Walk, Al Thanya Mall in Dubai and the prices are from: AED 130 for one class and AED 680 for 8 classes.

The Final Word:

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the above listed are the best gyms to try for in Dubai and you will stay fit for long time as this is the important goal for your life. Dubai is also the place which attracts the people around the world for those who want to buy teh best property or the real estate in the city of gold. There are different property for slae in Dubai on the leading classified app of UAE and you can choose as per your preferences and the budget.

Delicious Street Food to Enjoy in Dubai, UAE

Delicious Street Food to Enjoy in Dubai, UAE

There are many people in the world who are foodies to the core. They just love to satisfy their fickle taste buds by trying yummy food at different restaurants and places which serves best and delicious food which they desire to eat. Among different food dishes, people love to eat street food which includes yummy food which is quite easy to prepare and mouth-watering also. Are you living in Dubai and looking forward to enjoying some lip-smacking street food?

Delicious Street Food to Enjoy in Dubai, UAE

There are various hotels & restaurant in Dubai, which is known for serving tasty food and delicious recipes which you would love to eat once in A lifetime.

Apart from the hotels and restaurants, foodies also like to eat street food in Dubai, which seems quite appetizing and mouth-watering.

If yes, then you are at the right place. In this post we will tell you the places which serves toothsome street food in Dubai. We have earlier mentioned about the 10 Burgers to try in Dubai on cheeseburger day, but this time we will take you to the whole new world of food which is being loved by the people of Dubai, street food.

Enjoying the Mouth-Watering Street Food in Dubai

Dubai is the most beautiful city of Gulf and just like Singapore; it is a city which has numerous immigrants. But Dubai is a very new city and does not have the national food like Singapore’s chilli-crab or the chicken rice.

We have the list of best quality street food The street food in Dubai is much affected by Indian cuisine because there are various Indians and Pakistanis living in Dubai. So there are lots of chances that you will find 2 out of 10 food off the list which are Indian/Pakistani.

Best Street Food in Dubai to Try:

Dubai is the wonderful city of the Gulf, where a lot of foodies live. The foodies living in Dubai have variety of food to eat on fast food day. Here is the list where you can try the yummy street food. There are different kinds of street food which you enjoy in Dubai to eat either with friends or with your family and relatives as per your choice. Dubai gives you a whole new world of food dishes which will leave you mesmerized when you eat.

In Dubai, unleash your dining experience!
Food served does satisfy your taste buds!

Here is the list where you can try the yummy street food.

1 Al Mallah Restaurant (Dhiyafah Street):

Al Mallah Restaurant (Dhiyafah Street)

This is the best Middle Eastern street food restaurant nestled in Dubai, which offers yummy food. This restaurant is best known for chicken shawarma (the pricing is AED 7 for the sandwich and AED 35 for the plate) Shawarma is basically a sliced meat on a spit, just like the kebab. It is available from 4 p.m. Apart from chicken shawarma, it also serves shish tawook (priced at AED 9 for the sandwich and AED 35 for the plate) and is quite similar to shawarma/kebab. The only difference is that shish tawook is served in chunks and chicken shawarma is served in slices.

Al Mallah Restaurant

Though the wrap appears to be thick, but it is quite soft in texture. The cups of the chicken are marinated well and are smokers and are served as dipped in the yogurt and does not tastes much sour. There are also top 8 traditional food culture of the UAE, which food lovers desire to know about.

Located at:

Address: 2nd of December Street, Dubai

Telephone: +97143984723

Open : Sat to Thursday: 6 am to 4 am and Friday- 1 pm to 4 am

2 Bu Qtair Restaurant :

Bu Qtair

This is the wonderful seaside restaurant where in there are more of locals as compared to tourists. You will have to stand in a queue in this restaurant and they will serve you a standard set menu which includes 1 deep-fried turmeric fish, sourish Assam curry with yummy basmati rice. If you desire to have more fish and rice them you can ask for the same. The food served here is quite appetizing. The sour curry which is a bit spicy when eaten with yummy rice, it will certainly leave you feel over the moon. It is best to satisfy your taste buds. The fish which is served is delicious, somewhat crispy and well marinated which satisfies your taste buds to the core.

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Located at:

Address : 79 2b St – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Telephone : 055 705 2130

Open : Sat to Thursday : 10.30a.m to 3 p.m, 6.30 midnight

3 Ravi Restaurant:

 Ravi Restaurant

In Dubai, 1 out 3 persons are a Pakistani. So, Dubai food has the effect of the Pakistani food to the core. Among the famous Pakistani restaurant there is Ravi Restaurant. It has around 2 or 3 shophouses. The menu is quite delicious. The best food includes nihari (priced at AED 12) and haleem (priced at AED 12). Nihari is served with tempting chicken curry and flat bread like pratha. The rich flavours satisfy  the taste buds of the foodies. The bread is very thick and the curry which is served is not much spicier.

Apart from the restaurants, there are around top 8 lavish clifftop hotels in the world which serves yummy food in the world for the foodies.

Located at:

AddressShop # 245, Al Dhiyafa Rd, Satwa, Near Satwa Roundabout,- Opposite Emirates Co-operative Society

Telephone +97143315353

OpenDaily 5am to 3am

Closing Thoughts:

Well, if you are living in Dubai then the above listed places are the best to try some yummy food once in your lifetime if you are foodie to the core and love to eat tasty food. And if you have a restaurant business established in Dubai, then there is the best platform for you to grow your business. The leading classified website of UAE provides the service of business listing in Dubai, the place where buyers can directly meet the sellers for trading in various products or for getting various services.

At the leading classified ads website, you will find different products like motorbikes, mobile phones, cars and also search for nearest restaurants and hotels where you can go to enjoy yummy food.

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The Inside Design of Tallest Building: Burj Khalifa

The Inside Design of Tallest Building: Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is one of the top 5 tallest skyscrapers in Dubai, which makes the tourists jump out of their skin just by the first glance. It is one of the must-visit tourist spot of UAE which must be visited apart from the ravishing Dubai mall. This lovely tourist attraction grabs the eyeball of the visitors by its height. Being one of the tallest building in the entire world, it has the height of 829.8 m (2722 ft.). It leaves the tourists gobsmacked as they get to experience whole 360 degree view of whole Dubai from the 124th floor.

The Inside of Tallest Building: Burj Khalifa

The Inside of Tallest Building: Burj Khalifa

The most-visited place in Dubai if you love heights to the core. If you aspire to unleash your experience something about lovely height, then you must certainly opt for The 148th floor of Burj Khalifa.

All About the Stunning Burj Khalifa:

The magnificent building is nestled in Dubai and attracts people from all over the world. 8 lovely facts about Burj Khalifa will make you drool for visiting the place once in life for sure. Being one of the tallest buildings of the world, it is worth visiting once in a lifetime. Located in Downtown Dubai, the construction of this attractive building started in the year 2004 in the month of September and the complete exterior of the building was done by the year 2009 in the month of October. The astonishing building was opened for the tourists in the year 2010 in the month of January.

The complete cost of this project was around US $1.5 billion. It is built on the 490 acres of the land and said to be as Downtown Burj Khalifa. Constructed on Sheikh Zayed Road near Dubai’s major business district.

This lovely tourist spot was constructed to be the center of attraction for the people of Dubai as well as the tourists. It has the best in class shopping mall, the Dubai Mall, which attracts the Shopaholics across the world. It has 30,000 homes, 9 wonderful hotels in Dubai are also located in Burj Khalifa. The classy interiors of Burj Khalifa are designed keeping in mind the modern lifestyle of the people.

Around 19 residential towers are included in Burj Khalifa and around 30 acre man-made Burj Khalifa Lake features amazing Dancing Fountains.

Some Interesting Facts About Burj Khalifa:

The Inside Design of Tallest Building: Burj Khalifa

  • This building includes 2909 stairs from ground floor to 160th floor.
  • There are 57 elevators and 8 escalators.
  • The world’s highest nightclub is located at the144th floor in this building.
  • The elevators of the building have the capacity for 12 to 14 people per cabin.
  • The astonishing double-deck elevator rises and fall downwards up to 10 m/s (33 ft/s).
  • You will get to see the world’s highest observation deck : 124th floor at 452 meters.
  • This building observes the dazzling New Year display of fireworks.
  • There are various restaurants in Dubai, and the world’s highest restaurant (Atmosphere) is located at 122nd floor at 442 meters in this building.
  • Total number of floors in this building are 163 floors (previous tallest building World trade Center had 110 floors).
  • This building includes world’s highest observation deck at 148th floor at 555 meters
  • This building includes the world’s highest swimming pool which is located at 76th floor.
  • World’s highest installation of an aluminum and glass facade is located in this building at 512 meters.
  • This building is one of the tallest structure built in the world which is of 829.8 meter high.

Best Time for Visiting Burj Khalifa:

Well, if you visit this wonderful place at the daylight hours then you can enjoy clicking wonderful pictures. Another lovely time to visit this mesmerizing tourist-spot is throughout the sunset and blue hour and later on by evening. You can get the tickets for a sunset visit from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm, called as the prime hours.

Visit at Tallest Building: Burj Khalifa

For Getting the Tickets to Visit this Place:

Burj Khalifa includes 2 observation decks. Ticket pricing differs as per the observation deck you want to visit as per the time of the day when you desire to visit. You will be able to get the tickets from the entrance on the ground level of Dubai Mall near the Cafe Court. You can for purchasing the tickets online which will save much of your time because tickets purchasing on the spot will cost you a king’s ransom of up to 75% more.

Well, you can also purchase tickets for dining in the restaurant on the 122nd floor at the time of your visit. For extra charges, Fast Track ticket will provide you priority access and that will enable you to skip the elevator queues.

Burj Khalifa offers the luxurious lifestyle to the residents, which includes various kinds of facilities which you can’t imagine. Surrounded by the hotels for foodies, shopping places and other different entertainment options that make a resident feel over the moon while staying at Burj Khalifa.

Astonishing Apartments at the Burj Khalifa:

apartment at Tallest Building: Burj Khalifa

The building contains around 900 apartments for residential purpose. At the time of the initial stage of the development, many people did not have any idea of this eye-popping structure is built for residential purpose. In this building there are 4 sections designed for the residential basis:

Amazing Armani Residence A9-16 Floors
Very 1st residential section 19-37 Floors
Mesmerizing 2nd residential section 44-72 Floors
Residential section located at the top 77-108 Floors

For reaching to your apartment at the Burj Khalifa, you will have to make use of the more than 2 elevators, but the building includes in all 57 elevators and the fastest elevator in all is one of the fastest elevators in the entire world. If you think of switching the elevators, then it will be somewhat complicated for you plus time-consuming too. It will just take around 5-10 minutes to reach apartment in the building.

Burj Khalifa provides Breathtaking Facilities for Residents:

Well, staying at Burj Khalifa is no less than living in the ravishing hotel packed with numerous facilities for the residents. This building offers the mind-blowing facilities like swimming pool, spa, etc. The icing on the cake is that these facilities are absolutely free for the residents.

Burj Khalifa provides various other facilities like unleashing your dining experience at the world’s highest restaurant, enjoying swimming at the 2nd highest swimming pool. For the Shopaholics, this building also includes various places where you can shop till you drop. Other marvelous facilities at this building is fitness club, tennis court, massage centers, yoga centers and the nightclubs. There is a total of 2 nightclubs in Burj Khalifa. One of the nightclubs is located in the basement and other one is the highest nightclub which is nestled on the 144th floor in this building. As the resident at Burj Khalifa, you will have the feeling of VIP.

What is the cost of Living at Burj Khalifa?

Living at the stunning Burj Khalifa will definitely cost you a king’s ransom. As per the research conducted by Arabian Business, the average price of cheapest apartments in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is increasing at a rapid pace. This building is the best example of real estate development in the Gulf.

At The Top deck:

top view of Tallest Building: Burj Khalifa

It completely depends on you as to how long you would like to visit At The Top deck in the building. The average stay is around 1 hour. The 22 mph (35 kph) elevators will reach the observation deck in just 1 minute.

At The Top observation deck has both indoor and outdoor areas for the tourists. Indoor areas include 3 quarters of the observation deck and provides views to the north, west and the south. Indoor deck is completely air conditioned and covered by a full length panel of the glass. You will get to see the gift shop to purchase souvenirs, but not food as such.

Outdoor observations deck includes the remaining one-quarter of the floor and gives the marvelous view of south, east and north. The temperatures at the top are mild and around 15 degrees cooler than the base of the building. For photography lovers, there are the horizontal spaces in the glass. No chairs or the benches are there at the lower observation deck as such.

Summing Up:

Well, if you are planning to visit this marvelous building, then travel guide in Dubai will help you out to visit this ravishing structure. You will just love to unleash the experience of heights that will leave you amazed to the core.

Dubai is one of the best place in the UAE, which attracts around the globe by its wonderful high-rise building, amazing architecture, desert area, camel rides and a lot of excitement to explore. Jumeirah garden city enhances your travel experience when you visit it. It will make you jump out of your skin by the dazzling structure.

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5 Rules to Enhance Your Brand Marketing

5 Rules to Enhance Your Brand Marketing

If TripAdvisor is concerned, it has been the best platform which helps you to find cheap flights. In this summer it has raised curtains from the redesigning in seven years when it has introduced the user reviews of the the airlines.

5 Rules to Enhance Your Brand Marketing

Well, these kinds of reviews will play a role in overall running of the airline’s flight score. All those airlines will be taking the upward trend in the line which is being highly favored by the customers.

The value of the customers is far more than the travel space. According to the latest Walker’s Customers 2020 report, around 85% of consumers opt for paying more to have the good experience of the product while around 90% considers the reviews as the best source of information before going for any products or the services. Different advertisement services helps you in increasing your customer base and get higher profits.

5 Rules That Will Enhance Your Brand Marketing

There are various rules that helps to know your internal data and which will impact as to how your customers will appraise your incredible brand. Here we list the 5 rules which you must have a look at, which will help you to know how it will impact for your business as such:


1 Everyone is not perfect completely:

All the business people and the entrepreneurs put a lot of handwork in heightening their business but they also do make mistakes. After all, they are human. We can always learn from our mistakes. After completion of the project you must survey your customers to know about their reviews.
We ask our customers to review us on the parameter of zero to 10 ratings. By these kind of ratings we come to know as to how good we are in giving the best service to our clients. These ratings will let us know the areas we need to improve so that we can improve ourselves and gain more customer base.

2 Create a good channel so that your customers can interact you:

As per the recent report, the customers get disappointed when they are not able to properly interact with you for having your product or the services. For enhancing the customer base you must develop the best interaction channel of interaction with your customers so that they can easily get their queries solved in fraction of seconds. Moreover, you must also give responses to the customer’s interaction, be it a call or the Facebook message, tweet or any kind of customer review. This will show the customers that you care of them and are ready for solving their queries round the clock. There are various do’s and don’ts of business start up in Dubai which you must know for increasing the customer base and thereby higher revenues.

3 You must have proper record of the work:

You must give the detailed information available to your customers so that they will be able to interact with you very easily. A recent report have said that many customers opt for giving a try to new company for good customer experience as such. People can easily see as to which thing makes you standout. So, you need to make all the important information available for your customers which will help them to interact with you without any hassle and they can easily reach out to you. This is yet another rule which must be followed to enhance the business and grab eyeballs of the customers.

4 You must encourage support of the public:

Well, as per the recent survey, many people opt for trusted online reviews before they come down in favor of the product or the service. Many people also think that recommendation is good from people in their social circles and various other people. This helps to make decision to go for the best product or the service which they require.

Various companies opt for gathering referrals by collecting referrers’ names from new customers so that it will help in reaching them and thanking them for using their products or the services. You can also share the reviews, photos and stories of the happy customers which will help others to buy their products or the services. You can also opt for providing references to the prospective customers which can make them as regular customers. There are various business growth sectors in Dubai from where you can start the business and get good reviews by providing the best services to the customers.

5 Keep interacting with the customers:

Many times customers end up giving negative reviews when they are left ignored. It is a tech-savvy world in today’s date. The customers opt for public channels as their first way of communication when they are not 100% satisfied according to their expectation. This is the reason why you need to be in touch with your customers and also the prospective customers and this will help them in turning to be the regular customers and this will generate decent sales leads for your business.


Closing Thoughts:

Well, you can not be perfect in doing the business. The consumer reviews are the best way of heightening the business in today’s date. You need to grow your business as per the expectation of your customers. You must keep a goal that you have to provide better quality service to your customers which will help them in getting attracted to have your products or the services.

Once a customer gets satisfied then they will later do word-of-mouth marketing which will help you gain new customers through the old ones. One of the best way to get good customer base and increasing reviews is by business listing which will help your customers to easily find you on different search engines and then easily contact you through the information of contact available to reach you.

Top most and rare communities in Dubai

Top most and rare communities in Dubai

People desire to have changes in life to make the life more interesting. When people get good opportunity to move to a new city then they just love to grab it.

There are various cities in which people love to shift to and get rich quickly. One such beautiful city is Dubai, a city of the Gulf. The best time for Dubai real estate investment 2017 when you can buy the best home in Dubai.

When you plan to have a wonderful home at Dubai then there are various factors to be considered which does depend if you are single or you are married, if you are having children or the pets. It also depends on what you prefer to do as the hobby and where is your work place.

Well, here is the list of different communities of Dubai which will help you to narrow down your research to select the best home.

9 communities in Dubai to watch out for:


#1 Dubai Marina community:

Dubai Marina is one of the best property of Dubai where people desire to have a beautiful home in. It provides the wonderful location than any other localities in Dubai. The waterfront location, the awesome marina lifestyle and the elegant, the neighborhood is located near the Interchange 5 on the Sheikh Zayed Road and its just very few minutes away from the class business hubs, for instance Dubai Internet city and also Dubai Media city. The unrivaled amenities of this wonderful locality includes multifarious retail and the dining options and they are also very pedestrian-friendly Marina Walk which are scattered with various and different kinds of the restaurants, cafes and also the retail avenues as such. Different kinds of Dubai properties for sale at the Dubai Marina includes some of the best and amenity-rich developments in the whole Emirates. This classy community offers various Dubai properties for sale in Dubai Marina which is generously sized and ranges from studios to one beds and from stunning 4 bed pads to the trendy penthouses. There are different music/entertainment community like 10 best places for live music in Dubai.

#2 Jumeirah Lake Tower Community (JLT):

Feel the perks of urban lifestyle and also the cosmopolitan vibration at Jumeirah Lake Towers as such. You would feel over the moon when you start living at the beautiful city of Dubai. It is the stunning and fast-paced residential and the classy business hub. Nestled near Dubai Marina, Dubai properties for sale at JLT provides amazing advantages of the wonderful lifestyle. The unrivaled views of the lovely lake, modern living spaces, the lush promenades which lines the lake and urban conveniences which is just the pleasant wandering through.

Moreover, Dubai properties for sale at the Jumeirah Lake Towers also provides incredible returns in investment. Not priced too high, these are the classy places in the city which includes Green Lakes Towers (Cluster S) due to their nearness from Dubai Metro station.

#3 Discovery Gardens:

This is yet another best community of Dubai which is released by property consultancy Land Sterling. It offers the best communities/ activities like 15 ways to have fun in Dubai. This Discovery Gardens is located at Sheikh Zayed Road.

The rental yield is the 10.2% in the year 2015 as compared to 9.4 % which was in the year 2014.

In this area, the average selling prices has decreased to Dh846 per square foot (psf) which is down by 7%, from Dh913 psf in the year 2014.

The net rental yield amounted to 8.77% which was 8.04% in the year 2014. The rents were around Dh51,000 and also Dh97,000 p.a.

#4 Jumeirah Village Circle:

This Jumeirah Village Circle is also the best community of Dubai. It offered the gross and net rental returns of around 105 and 8.86% respectively in 2015. In the year 2014, it was 8.50% gross and 7.42% net rental yield.

The Average sales price were around Dh868 psf compared to Dh956 in the year 2014. The rents when compared to both years are Dh53,000 and Dh140,000 p.a as compared to the year 2014 which were Dh51,000 and Dh125,000 p.a.

#5 Dubai Silicon Oasis:

Dubai Silicon Oasis is yet another incredible community of Dubai. In the year 2015, the gross and rental yield was 9.80% and 8.38%. In the year 2014, the gross and net rental yields were 9.50% and 8.10%.

In the year 2015, the average sales price was around Dh820 psf and in the year 2014, it was Dh825. The rents of both the years respectively were Dh49,000 and Dh88,000 in the year 2015 and in 2014, the rents were Dh 47,000 to Dh87,000 p.a in the year 2014.

#6 The International city:

This particular community had the gross and net rental returns of 9.20% and 8.29% of the last year and of the year 2014, it was 8.60% and 7.71% respectively. The unit prices were Dh729 psf and the rents amounted to Dh38,000 to Dh99,000 p.a change.


#7 Downtown Dubai:

The gross and the net rental returns were around 6.40% and 5.60% in the year 2015. Average sales amounted to Dh2303 psf and the returns amounts to around Dh92,000 and Dh246,000 respectively p.a.

As per the sources which analyses different properties price performance of different communities of the world, it says that Dubai provides rental income of around 7.1 per cent which is the highest in the world.

#8 Business Bay:

This particular community is one of its kind which yields very good return. It reported the gross and net rental yield of 8.50% and 7.85% respectively for the year 2015 and in the year 2014 it was 8.80% and 8% respectively.

Average prices amounted to Dh1425 psf with the rents between Dh85,000 to Dh195,000 p.a.

#9 Dubai Sports City, IMPZ, The Greens:

The class 3 communities as such, Dubai Sports City, International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) and The Greens, all these are at the same position on the gross rental yields. They provide investors with the decent return of 8.80 per cent in the year 2015.

Nevertheless, the net rental yield from Dubai Sports City was around 7.81 per cent in the last year and in the year 2014 it was 7.70%.

Average sales price were Dh1008 psf as compared with Dh984 in the year 2014. IMPZ and The Greens provides net rental returns of 7.71% and the 7.89% return as such.

The Average unit prices amounted to Dh190 psf and Dh 1363 psf and the rents were around Dh44,000 and Dh116,000 and in the latter of The Greens were Dh72,000 and Dh 175,000 p.a. Also check out the place of exciting adventure in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Closing Thoughts:

So there are various communities which provides rental yields. The car lifts community are like car rental Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE.

In the country like UAE, the banks enable foreigners to open the savings account which can be used for depositing rental cheques. The icing on the cake is that the rental income is completely non-taxable.

At the leading classified website you can check for different kinds of communities near your locality itself.