UAE Auto Insurance Regulations

UAE Auto Insurance Regulations

The Insurance Authority has made changes in UAE auto insurance regulations and implemented them in January this year. “

According to the revision, premiums on both comprehensive and third party insurance policies have been increased by 15% in Dubai. The Lower cap was set at Dh1,300 for sedans and Dh2,000 for SUVs for comprehensive insurance plans, whereas upper caps for comprehensive insurance plans are set at 5% and 7% of insured value, for each vehicle type respectively.

UAE Auto Insurance Regulations

Third party insurance premiums have also been increased with the same percentage. The minimum amount for third party premium starts at Dh750 for sedans and goes up to Dh2,100, whereas for SUVs, it starts at Dh1,000 and goes up to Dh2,150. Also, according to the revised UAE auto insurance regulations, the write-off value of a vehicle will be calculated by deducting 20% of the insured value, instead of 15% annual depreciation of the vehicle’s market rate.

The increment pertaining to yearly premiums and deduction rates has been done and coverage for damage protection has also been raised along with mandatory provision of substitute vehicle to insurance holder in case of an accident, to ensure that motorists get extra benefit for added premiums.

Motorist’s Decry in the UAE

‘Increase in premiums by the UAE Insurance Authority do not bring any additional benefits‘ that’s what the motorists in the UAE feel. And if there are any advantages those are neither properly communicated nor effectively being transferred to the policy holders. There are many consumers that have raised this issue that UAE insurance companies didn’t offer them comprehensive plan and also charged much higher premiums for one, compared to laid out lower limits. Also, companies devalue vehicles by greater percentages and often refused to offer insurance for past claims. But that may just be a wrong perception. You can also do research on save money car insurance 6 smashing ways.

Benefits under Revised UAE Auto Insurance Regulations

The consumers are angry over the hiked premiums and attitude of insurance companies toward them but Finance expert Jonathan Rawling begs to differ. According to Rawling, benefits offered under revised UAE auto insurance regulations outweigh the added premium costs. He added:

  1. Now minimum cap for third party damage has been increased to Dh2 million from just Dh250,000. It translates to the fact that any damage caused by you up till Dh2 million will be covered by the insurance provider.
  2. Consumers can now benefit from emergency services at no additional cost, as those are also encompassed into vehicle insurance plan.
  3. Elaborating on the UAE auto insurance regulation’s benefits regarding provision of replacement car clause, he told it will be offered to the victim or the party not at fault for the accident. In case your car is hit by someone then his insurance firm will pay you up to Dh300 per day for a period of 10 days or will arrange a replacement vehicle for the same duration. Individuals at fault will get replacement car only if they have got the extra coverage.
  4. Now insuring terms are standardized. If an insurance policy is comprehensive by name, then it will act like one and will offer comprehensive protection.

UAE Auto Insurance Regulations -1

Another veteran from the insurance industry, Frederik Bisbjerg answered consumer’s complaints:

  • Mr. Bisbjerg says that he did not see a particular case where they denied an eligible customer from their rights and so on this note he declined consumer’s accusations that firms are not complying with the revised UAE auto insurance regulations. The wrong anticipations has been developed that some providers might have failed to communicate the new benefits to consumers.
  • He replied to those who raised question over non-renewal of insurance policies because of previous appeals and said that it is impossible to not get a new policy, however, people with repeated claims might have to pay high premiums. Along with this he said that this is where the new UAE auto insurance regulations safeguard their interests, as now there is a cap on maximum premium as well. So, person with a long history of insurance claims will still pay a reasonable premium.
  • Bumping the maximum cover for property damage is for a good reason. It provides extended liability coverage to husbands, wives, children and parents of policyholders.

Closing words

UAE is famous for providing flexible and dependable insurance poilcy to its consumers. The regulations authority try to be customer centric. You get quality insurance policy that helps you during unfortunate happenings. Refer to Dubai Classifieds in case you are looking forward to part time job, accommodation etc.


Which are the Best Gyms Located in Dubai ?

Which are the Best Gyms Located in Dubai ?

Staying fit must be the top most priority for people around the globe and people in Dubai take much care for their health by opting for the best gym!

So, believe it or not! Staying fit as a fiddle is the most important goal for everyone living in this world. Many times people are not able to stick to their gym routine exercising. So, are you living in the city of gold: Dubai and looking forward for the best gyms nestled in Dubai which will help you to remain hale and hearty for long life? If the answer to this question is a yes, then you have come to the right place. Here in this post you will know about the best 10 gyms nestled in Dubai where you must surely opt for exercising at.


Top 10 Gyms of Dubai to Watch Out for:

 Here  is the list of best 10 gyms located in Dubai which will help yo uto remain fit:

1 Fit Republik:

Fit Republik- best gyms in dubai

This is more of a sports center than merely a gym. It has the whopping Olympic sized pool in it and also a gymnastics area, an MMA cage, a boxing section, yoga classes too. The major attraction of Fit Republik gym is the lovely aura of this place. People in Dubai love to go there for work out and staying fit. This amazing gym also includes the luxe changing rooms, colorful roofs which will make you jump out of your skin for sure. It is the fitness centre which you must opt for. It is nestled at the Sports City and the prices starts from: 3 months membership at AD 2300.

2 TribeFit:

TribeFit gym - best gyms in dubai

Also known as one of the “trendy” gym of Dubai, Tribe Fit includes the wall graffiti with Mohammed Ali quotes and also the dazzling florescent lights. This is yet another incredible gym for the work out in Dubai. It includes many things, right from yoga to the boxing and also the pole dancing too. Nestled at Dubai Marina in Dubai and the best place for staying fit to do the gym. The pricing starts from: the monthly membership starts at AED 399. For remaining fit, you must also know about the benefits of yoga and meditation for your health.

3 The Warehouse Gym Dubai:

The Warehouse Gym in Dubai

The most advanced gym located in Dubai and is just the plain and simple to the core. It is one of the best gym for the people who are just fit and desire to get more fit to the core. As the name just says, this is the best gym of Dubai and is nestled in a warehouse and this is the most famous for its CrossFit classes too. If the class designing is concerned, then it is comewhAt similar to Tribe Fit gym in its wall graffiti and also the colourful lovely lights. Warehouse also includes the boxing and different groups of classes. It is located at Umm Suqeim Road at Al Quoz. The prices starts from: CrosFit and combat memberships begins at AED 465.

4 Core Fit gym:

Core Fit gym

If you desire the group classes and the unconventional workouts then the CoreFit is the best gym you need to know about. It is just focused on the indoor and the outdoor group classes and also includes the outdoor area which is dedicated for the CrossFit, weight lifting and many other circuit classes. This is nestled at Dubai Marina and the prices are: monthly membership starts at AED 549.

5 U Energy gym:

U Energy gym

Also nicknamed as the “businessman’s gym”, U Energy is located at Dubai’s International Financial Centre (DIFC) and also offers the workouts quite shorter than the average lunch break. Originally this gym is from Beirut, “boutique fitness centre” has countless classes which involves the MMA, yoga and also the calisthenics too. It is nestled in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and the prices are upon the request itself. You can also trade in gym equipment through the best classified apps UAE and you can make money by sitting anywhere.

6 Fit Boys Gym in Dubai:

Fit Boys Gym in Dubai

One of the best boxing gym in the Emirates city of Dubai if not of UAE. It is completely dedicated towards boxing but yes it also includes the weight-lifting area as it goes with the boxing itself. It also houses the advanced and the beginners classes too. Nestled in Jumeirah Lake Towers and the prices are from AED 70 per class.

7 Gold’s Gym:

Gold Gym dubai

Originated from U.S, this Gold’s Gym is also the lovely gym located in Dubai and it is quite large in size and has the quality-oriented machines for the exercising. The best part of this gym is that it also includes the capacious ladies’-only sections which also makes it the better option for the gym lovers. It is nestled across the UAE and includes the Al Barsha Mall and Ibn Batuta Mall. Prices of this gym is upon the request.

8 InShape Gym:

InShape Gym

This particular gym helps to have the ladies’ only gym for the ladies only. The ladies who drop to this gym for exercise feels best when they exercise at this gym to remain fit. All of the ladies feel comfortable at this gym for exercising. This gym includes the best in class group classes. InShape gym has the cheap personal training courses and this starts at AED 130 per lesson. It is nestled in Sheikh Zayed Road and the prices are from: montly membership starts from AED 220.

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9 Muscle Beach Gym:

Muscle Beach gym

This is Dubai’s new outdoor gym which is the most loved gym for beach lovers. It feels great that you do workout and this is followed by a dip in the sea. It was established by the creators of The Warehouse Gym, Muscle Beach also follows the California’s same-named oudoor gym. It includes many things from kettle balls to CrossFit equipment and so you just can’t worry about the supply shortage. This beach is nestled at The Beach Jumeirah at Jumeirah Beach Residence. Prices begins from: Entrance fee costs AED 60 from Sunday to Thursday and AED 902 for doing gym on the weekends.

10 Physique 57 Gym:

Physique 57 Gym

This gym generally concentrates on the barre-based workouts which also requires the cardio, strength training, recovery and also the stretching. It is also approved by most of Dubai’s lifestyle bloggers such as the Fashion Diary’s Tala Samman. Apart from Dubai, this gym also has the branches located at Beverly Hills in New York, Hamptons and in Bangkok too. Nestled in City Walk, Al Thanya Mall in Dubai and the prices are from: AED 130 for one class and AED 680 for 8 classes.

The Final Word:

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the above listed are the best gyms to try for in Dubai and you will stay fit for long time as this is the important goal for your life. Dubai is also the place which attracts the people around the world for those who want to buy teh best property or the real estate in the city of gold. There are different property for slae in Dubai on the leading classified app of UAE and you can choose as per your preferences and the budget.

Who are the top 10 Richest Men from UAE

Who are the top 10 Richest Men from UAE

UAE is the beautiful country having class architecture and amazing tourist destinations which attract people around the globe to the core!

UAE is one of the most beautiful Emirates country which is nestled in the Arabian Peninsula. This particular country is quite rich in the fossil fuels and one of the richest nation of the Middle East. The major strength of UAE economy is the oil industry, which is fastly growing at a rapid pace. It has been seen that UAE is now opting for diversification in the field like the exports, the real estate segment, tourism, finance sector, retail, etc. This has been creating the boom for the complete scenario of the business as such.

Who are the top 10 Richest Men from UAE

Top 10 Richest Men from UAE

So when it comes to the fact that UAE is the richest country, then some people also keep their eyes grlued to the people who are the richest in UAE.

Here is the list of the 10 richest men in UAE you must know about:

1 Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum:

Having taken birth in the royal family as the son of Dubai’s former ruler- Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum Al Maktoum, Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum taken the country’s financial industry and the aviation industry and made this industry to reach new heights with the best strategies. Not just the president of the Department of Civil Aviation and not just the Chairman of the government establishments like the Dubai World and the Emirates NBD and he is also CEO and the chairman of Emirates Airline & Group. He also has the class apart position in world’s most powerful Arabs too.

2 Abdullah bin Ahmad Al Ghurair:

Yet another richest man and a businessman who belongs to UAE. He is also the helm of Abdullah bin Ahmad Al Ghurair & Family. The net worth he earns is around $3.1 billion. He is not only leading a powerful group but also has to his credit some of the best pre-eminent names in the retail and the construction industries too, and is also the president cum the chairman of Mashreq Bank too. If you also own your brand in UAE then you must know about how to boost your personal brand in the UAE and get higher revenues with each passing day.

3 Saif Al Ghurair:

He is the head of Saif Al Ghurair & Family having the best business presence in the whole of UAE. He has a vast experience of around 40+ years in Emirate country. He was also the top 4 Emirati billionaires, according to the Forbes Magazine. Earning the net worth of around $2.8 billion further makes him the world’s 609th  Wealthy person also.

4 Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair:

CEO of the Mashreq Bank, Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair is also the wealthiest man in the whole of UAE. He is the most popular person in the banking sector of UAE and is also credited with launching the class, financial services through the credit cards, about the mortgages and the loans, the traveler’s cheques and the ATM.

5 Mohammad Al Rashid Alabbar:

Being at the chairman position of Emaar Properties, he is also one of the richest men in UAE. He has made some of the class architectures which include the world’s tallest building-Burj Khalifa. This shows how influential this person is. He is the man behind talking of the lifestyle and the landscape to the next level in the UAE. He is the leader of around 60 properties under the name Emaar. If you also have a passion for doing business then you must know how to build your own business in Dubai UAE and flourish it rapidly.

6 Majid Al Futtaim:

He is also the richest man of UAE whose name also got ranked by  Forbes Magazine in the march 2014, being placed at the third from the list of the richest businessmen in UAE. Earning the net fortune of around US $3.6 billion, he is also the owner of the complete Majid Al Futtaim Holding that got revolutionaized through the whole concept of shopping, entertainment in the country and has powerful establishments to his credit also, such as City Centre, Mall of Emirates, Carrefour.

7 Abdullah Al Futtaim:

The head of complete Al Futtaim Group: he is also the business man who has made it to the Forbes’ Emirati billionnaires list in the year 2014. Having the net worth of around $1.6 billion, even his combination operates various divisions, also being a big name in the automotive sector, real estate sector, insurance and the retail sector too. There are various business growth sectors in Dubai which you must know about.

8 Khaldoun Al Mubarak:

He is also the most influential and wealthy businessman and also the CEO of Maubadala Development company which is a massive growing investment and development company which is also set up by the Govt of Abu Dhabi for the aid of diversified business of Emirate’s economy. He is also the member of Abu Dhabi Executive Council, Khaldoun is also one of the big names in Manchester City Football Club’s chairman too.

9 Khalaf Al Habtoor:

The head of Al Habtoor Group, he is also the richest person of UAE. The highly wealthy and prosperous businessman in complete UAE. His business empire is being spread in various kinds of industries such as the construction industries, real estate industries, hotels sector and the automotive sector too. Many tourists also look forward to invest in the properties for sale in Dubai too.

10 Hussain Sajwani:

The founder, owner and CEO of Damac group. He is the prominent and promising leader of Damac Holding which has begun as the catering company and has also grown as one of the largest private sector organization in complete Middle East as such. He is the popular name in luxe property development, investment and the securities, education sector too. You can also find the apartments for sale in Dubai through the classified app of UAE.

The Final Word:

So the above listed are the richest men in UAE who are the wealthiest people and have good popularit in whole of the UAE. They have made the marks in different sectors in being the richest persons. In Dubai, people also like to get rich by making money sitting at home through UAE classifieds app as such and they get super-rich through this classified app platform itself.

All you Need to Know About Securing Your Home in Dubai

All you Need to Know About Securing Your Home in Dubai

All you Need to Know about Securing Your Home in Dubai

Dubai is the city of the UAE, where is a crime-free reputation and people love visiting this city a lot and also desire to get the property to live as it is top-rated tourist attractions. In the year 2008, the crime occurs were around 255.53 per 100000 residents in all and this decreased to 83.7 in the year 2011. And it is always important to make your home as secure as possible before you opt for leaving for a holiday and vacations. If you will forget to switch off your lights, then it will lead to an eye-popping surprise for you when you will have to pay your DEWA bill, at the time of failing to care for notifying the gardener that you’re going away and this can signify that you shall be returning home to the desert at the time of summer ending as such.

1 How Dubai Police will keep a close watch for your home?

No matter, if you are going for a short span of holiday or will have to leave the town for any different reason, then Dubai Police will be keeping a close watch on your lavish property for you till you return back home. In the home security program, you will be applying to have your luxe villa monitored when you go to another place for sometime and it is totally free of charge. You will just have to register at your nearby police station or just fill out the online application form. When you get your travel dates as such and the contact details, home address, then you will be receiving a text message with your application acknowledged too. Thereafter, you will then be expecting a call from the police for searching about the exact location of your sweet home. The Dubai police will also advise you to keep your essentials, valuables, jewellry, etc. safely in any kind of deposit, box in your bank, etc. before you make plans to go to a different place for holidays.

Dubai Police security, housing program, at different locations, (050 880 6010). For increasing your business at a rapid pace, you can also look forward to opt for a social media marketing strategy that will help you to get a huge customer -base.

2 Water, electricity etc.:

Many times it is also debated that you must turn your AC off or not, but you must certainly keep your thermostat at around 25 degrees C because this will enable it to come to very little every day. It is the best way to protect your electronics why you are leaving behind that might also get damaged if you have left them to heat up as such. You must also make sure to keep the humidity as low as possible because it will surely help you to protect your furniture. You are also required to switch off your electrical gadgets directly from the mains before leaving for a holiday. If you leave the things like Tvs and the DVD players on standbys, then also it will be using around 60 per cent as much of the electricity. As the good manners to your neighbors, you may also want to switch off the electrical appliances that include the alarm timer set. The same applies to the water and you are re required to turn off the taps tightly before heading towards a vacation or holiday. If you come across any kind of leakage then you must call a plumber beforehand and get the issues solved. Even some kind of small drip in a few weeks of time can lead to a large DEWA bill after your return as such. And you will certainly not like that huge bill for your pocket after your return from holiday time. If you are not sure about the leak or about the electricity if A/C is working in good condition or not, then hire a professional person who will help you immensely in these cases to make certain everything is in good condition.

how to secure your home in dubai - dubaiposter

From Dhs 250 for A/C servicing and for plumping. Electrical faults repairing is also included. Tool man Maintenance Services at different locations (800 3312)

You will also like to know about Hollywood celebrities apartments in the UAEwhich looks class apart in designs that will make you jump out of your skin for sure.

3 Maintenance of Garden:

When you are gone for the holidays, then you must opt for giving the back gate keys to gardener so that they will be able to upkeep the cultivated area with great care. You take much time, money and efforts for creating the little oasis, then the best thing is that you desire to see something that will look like a desert after you come back from the vacation time. This same thing applies for watering the indoor and the balcony plants, then a good maid service will work wonders for you to take care of all this for you. You can also opt for hiring someone who will help you in dusting work if you go from the house for more than a month’s time. Gardening starts from Dhs350 per month. Dream Flowers at various locations (050 886 0931/050 738 0328). The maid service starts with Dhs 30 per hour. King Style Services (04 368 6556/050 855 6417).

Many times people of different countries look forward to buying the lavish property in UAE, but they are not able to select the best platform for purchasing the property. There are different classified apps UAE and at this platform you can find various luxe and lavish properties as per your choices and preferences.

4 Caring of the pets:

When you go for the holiday then you also desire that your pets must be taken good care of. For this you must opt for the pet service for dropping in and performing the work of feeding your pet, walking and for the waste changing too. Some of the Dubai Pet Sitting service providing companies will also take care for your plants too (indoor and outdoor) and they will also start your car one timely basis so that your car is kept in good condition, paying to maids, gardeners, cleaners and they will also take care of your home in general way too. You can also opt for cattery or the kennel to take care of your pets till you come back.

Prices are upon request. Dubai Pet Sitting, at different locations (050 565 1742). Kennels from just Dhs60-100 (small pets such as hamsters are also accepted). Dubai Kennels & Cattery, Street 34, Umm Ramool (04 285 1646)

The Final Word:

So, the above mentioned ways must be followed to secure your home in Dubai when you are headed towards a short span of vacation to a different place to enjoy your holidays as such. If you keep in mind the above listed measures to be followed for securing your home in Dubai, then there will not be any issue arising when you come back to your sweet home after your holidays.

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Top 8 Cinemas in Dubai to Watch Out For

Top 8 Cinemas in Dubai to Watch Out For

Movie lovers in the world look forward to head towards the top-notch cinema to watch the movies to unwind themselves!

Dubai is the most beautiful city for all groups of people and even for the movie lovers too. There are various classy cinemas which you must once in your lifetime to have the whole of your time. But which are the best ones for you? Have a look at these incredible cinemas at Dubai and these will leave you gobsmacked for sure.

Top 8 Cinemas in Dubai

8 Best Cinemas of Dubai That Will Thrill Cinema Lovers to Bits:

Movie watching fans

Out there!

Vast range of cinemas

In Dubai are quite

Exquisite which you must certainly visit

                                                                           -Nikita Tak

So, are you all set to go to the whole new world of cinemas where you will find the top-notch cinemas as per your choices and preferences. Here is the list of 8 best cinemas in Dubai:

1 The Monster Cinema at Dubai Mall:

This is the highly-favored cinema of Dubai, which have around 22 screens and spread in the whole of this cinema as such. There will be various film Option for you to watch here. You will find the movies of a sorted range at this cinema, such as 3D blockbusters, family oriented movies, etc. and much more. This is also famous as the UAE’s largest “THX-certified cine plex”. Seats of this cinema are just so lavish and comfy with a good amount of leg space. You just can’t anticipate to have the armrest just for yourself- showing at the peak times and especially at the Friday. It is quite good for the mall-trawlers who desire to take a trip to the cinema without any kind of trouble about the show times.

Where it is located: At Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, Costing: Adults Dh55 and for children Dh35, Platinum Dh130. Book online at:

2 The Couple Cinema at Dubai Marina Mall:

This is the most lavish cinema, having around 6 screens. Small but cossy and not so busy and this is for the mall-goers who love to watch the movie in peaceful area. This cinema is nestled in the small and quite area. This is also the first boutique cinema of UAE and have the business class experience with the features of twin seats, spacious leg room and also provide the option of the pillows and the blankets too. Parking can be quite frustrating for you and this cinema is best for the best trip with your partner to watch the film you have been waiting to watch.

Where it is located: At Dubai Marina. Costs: Adults: Dh55 and children: Dh35. Book online at:

So, are you looking forward to make a plan for watching a movie at this cinema? Then you might be going from the bike or the car. You must check out the traffic violations and fines in Dubai if you are a resident or new to Dubai as these are the safety measures to be taken care of so that you won’t get into any trouble while driving.

3 Midweek Cinema at Mall of the Emirates:

This is also the best cinema for the movie fans and it has 14 screens in it which shows the latest releases which are blockbuster. Seating is very comfortable at this cinema and this is most loved by the cinema lovers. This mall has good access for the tourists and the visitors by the metro or through the taxi. It is located in one of the biggest malls which means that the foodies will be able to bring their snacks and sweets from other places too. This cinema is the best for the most mall-dinner trip to the cinema by the cinema lovers. The Gold class is the perfect for the movie lovers who don’t want any kind of babies screaming as it is just adults-only.

Where it is located: At Al Barsha Dubai. Costs: VOX Gold 3D: Dh150, 2D Dh120, VOX Max Dh45, standard Dh 35/40. You can book online at:

Don’t forget to take your trendy smartphone with pre-installed selfie apps to prettify your photos because you will love to take the selfies at this mall.

4 The Weekend Cinema at Ibn Battuta Mall:

It might be just the long drive for many of the cinema-goers in Dubai. This is also the grand multiplex having around 21 screens and has many spots for pick up tickets and for the foodies there are various snack counters so that they can satisfy their taste buds also. The theatres have the shopping, IMAX screens and works wonders for those who like to watch the favorite movie star’s face on the large screen in the theatre. There are some VIP rows at the back. This is best for the people who love to go to a movie on friday evening.

Where it is located: At the Ibn Battuta Mall, The Gardens, Dubai. the Costs are: Dh 35 regular, Dh50 VIP, Dh50 3D regular, Dh60 3D VIP, Dh 60 IMAX, you can book online at:

5 The Secretly Awesome Cinema-Grand Cineplex:

This is also one of the best cinemas in Dubai and have around 12 screens and shows the blockbuster movies for the movie fans. The parking is not a problem at this place and the best location is next to Grand Hyatt which is just off Sheikh Rashid Road and makes for the cinema experience which is quite stress-free. This cinema is the best for the people who desire to visit the cinema but not visiting a mall.

Where it is located: Grand Hayat Dubai, off Sheikh Rashid Road, Dubai. Costs: Dh 35 regular, Dh 50 VIP, you can book online at:

You must also visit the best parks & resorts in Dubaiwhich will make you jump out of your skin for sure.

6 The Saturday Cinema at Dubai Festival City:

This is also the incredible cinema and best of the cinema lovers in Dubai. It is quite clean and this is what drawn the most of cinema lovers here to watch movie. The foodies get to enjoy the best snacks here, which includes assorted, range of food. The early-birds will be able to enjoy the best seating at this cinema because people don’t like to stand in a queue. This cinema has just the 12 screens in it. It is best for the last minute afternoon popcorn-fast and the old class class here is the grand class.

Where it is located: Dubai festival city, Dubai creek, Costs: Dh35 regular, Dh50 VIP, Dh50 3D regular, Dh60 3D VIP, Grand class Dh100. You can book online at:

7 The Quiet Cinema at Midrif City Centre:

This is yet another incredible cinema to watch out for in Dubai and one of the best for movie fans in Dubai. If you love to watch a movie in peace, then this works wonders for you. You can go here in the morning time when many of the 10 theatres will be just empty and you will enjoy watching your favourite movie. If you live in Midrif the you must certainly opt for visiting this cinema as it the best and one-of its kind. It is best for getting here early and then stretching your legs right before everyone had finished their breakfast. This cinema also includes a gold class.

Where it is located: Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, Mid rif, Dubai, Costs: VOX gold 3D Dh150, 2D Dh120, VOX Max Dh45, standard Dh35/40. You can book online at:

Dubai is the classy place which also attracts people to purchase a wonderful house here. You can find real estate in Dubai, UAE through the best classified app of UAE.

8 The Jumeirah Jane Cinema at Mercato Mall:

This is also his best cinema to go at for the movie lovers in Dubai. This cinema is set in the attractive Renaissance decor of Mercato Mall and this VOX branch has the incredible features included in it. It has around 7 screens. There is also the VIP seating at the back row as such. This is one-time quite expensive for the people. This theatre also has the VIP seating in the back row. This is best for the pre-lunch time trip to the cinema by the movie lovers and then you can enjoy the cup of coffee at the Mercato mall.

Where it is located: Jumeirah Beach road, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, Costs: VOX max Dh45, Standard Dh35/40 and you can book online at:

The Final Word:

So, did you love reading this engrossing post?

If yes, then you can also check out for more engrossing posts at our blogs section which will make you jump put of your screen. Well, some people also love to make money sitting at home. They can plan to sell used items in Dubai through the classified app of Dubai.

So, are you looking forward to visit these cinemas? If yes, then don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments section below.