Is UAE The World’s New Ecotourism Destination?

Is UAE The World’s New Ecotourism Destination?

“A relatively new concept in UAE’s tourism industry is Ecotourism. UAE’s biggest challenges to date is transforming this rapidly growing tourism sector into an ecotourism destination.”

By 2021, The United Arab Emirates is expecting to welcome 45 million people, of which 31 million will be international tourists, some of which will be looking to explore some of the most stunning and natural attractions in the region. There are many spectacular landscapes to experience in UAE such as beaches, mountains, deserts, wadis and the sea. UAE also has an ambitious goal of becoming one of the most sustainable countries in the world. By investing in ecotourism is no longer a choice. It has become a necessity to transform this rapidly growing tourism sector in a green economy.

Define Ecotourism

Ecotourism is a form of responsible travel to natural areas with the objective of promoting conservation of natural habitats, whilst protecting and empowering local communities socially and economically. Ecotourism is nothing but making learn the travelers on curtailing our impact on the environment.

Importance Of Ecotourism For UAE’s Tourism Industry

Uncontrolled conventional tourism puts excess pressure on the area as it harm natural areas. This can then lead to impacts such as increased pollution, soil erosion, loss of natural habitats and endangered species. It puts pressure on water resources, and it can force local populations to compete for the use of critical resources.

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Ecotourism on the other hand, has the potential to create beneficial effects on the environment by contributing to environmental protection and conservation. Through educational programs and experiences ecotourism can raise awareness of environmental values. It can also serve as a tool to protect natural areas and increase their economic importance.

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Ultimately, ecotourism provides more than environmental benefits, such as economic and social-cultural benefits. Ecotourism creates job opportunities for locals, creating a more diversified economy. Ecotourism provides greater interaction with the native people and can also help preserve the region’s heritage.

Distinction Between UAE’s tourism sector And International Destinations?

Costa Rica is one of the most renowned destinations for ecotourism. The establishment of the Cabo Blanco National Reserve in 1963 was one of the early milestones in Costa Rica’s ecotourism history. Over the last few decades, Costa Rica embarked on establishing conservation areas throughout the country, some of which contain national parks, wildlife refuges, nature reserves and heritage sites. It is estimated that almost 30 percent of its national territory which is one of the largest in the world is dedicated to conservation,. These well-established systems of national parks and protected areas combined with its incredible biodiversity, helped in giving the country, its main competitive advantage, and are one of the key attractors for tourism. It is estimated that more than half of tourists who travel to Costa Rica, will visit at least one of its national parks or protected areas.

UAE eco-tourism

This rapid rise in ecotourism helped diversify and expand the job market in Costa Rica, allowing local communities to generate a sustainable source of income and helping diversify the country’s economy. The other reason for its success is the government awards contracts related to the ecotourism industry to local communities. Thus building local commitment and involvement.

In contrast, ecotourism is a relatively new concept in the UAE. Over the last 40 years the country has focused on transforming itself into a major entertainment, leisure and business destination. The following contributed towards UAE is becoming the region’s leading leisure and business tourism destination:

The creation of airlines, construction of modern transport air and ground infrastructure, combined with major attractions and shopping malls.

In “The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index 2015” the United Arab Emirates ranks 24th globally and in fact ranking at the number 1 spot in the MENA region.

The T&T Competitiveness Index 2015 says that UAE’S business environment, safety and security as well as air transport infrastructure rank globally in the top three. Costa Rica ranks nowhere against UAE in those areas. Natural resources are the main advantage when it comes to ecotourism as far as Cost Rica is concerned. It ranks 5th globally in the T&T Competitiveness Index 2015. You can say that this is the main differences between the UAE and other leading ecotourism destinations around the world. UAE comprises of many distinctive natural landscapes including rich local heritage, but the country shall come up with more destinations that speaks about a true ecotourism experience.

Oasis Eco Resort is a successful model for UAE’s ecotourism.Why?

To protect the many species and various types of wildlife in Liwa the Oasis Eco Resort will become a conservation hub. Studying these species in their habitat will help the resort manage and protect them. The biologist of wildlife and conservation staff will take care and maintain the asset of this precious location as well as make learn the guests about the various types of plants and animals that thrive in this area.

The plan is that the resort shall be converted into a zero emission zone, which means only vehicles that emit no waste products and that do not pollute the environment are allowed access inside the resort vicinity. This will cover the entire resort area. The Eco Resort Group is looking to support local farmers by purchasing daily deliveries of organic produce; there are approximately 50 villages in Liwa with numerous farms. Guests are also able to forage organic produce from these farms, and with the help of a chef, incorporate the ingredients into a delicious meal.

We took a decision that the precious water source in this area will be used sensibly with an on-site wastewater treatment system and water recycling for irrigation. We are also incorporating 157,000 square feet of solar panels to provide the resorts energy needs.

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The resort will come up with nature-based Eco activities such as horse riding, excursions on camels, dune cycling, dune boarding, dune glides/ Paragliding and many more desert adventures. //

What’s next for future Ecotourism projects in UAE?

A key driver for future ecotourism projects in the region is all about thinking at a more sustainable scale. Enticing crowd through Eco attractions that provide socioeconomic and environmental benefits to rural communities need not to be mega-scale projects. In fact, thinking at a much smaller scale will open up more economic opportunities for private companies to invest in this sector.

The ecotourism projects that are successful requires a bottom-up entrepreneurship and empowerment of local people. Encouraging an entrepreneurial culture from the bottom-up will create more green jobs while diversifying the local economy. It will also encourage community involvement and ownership of the proposals.

Wrapping up:

Private and public entities from various sectors will play a key role in the success of the UAE’s new ecotourism industry as it will rely upon commitment, coordination and partnerships between these two entities. Refer to Classifieds Apps UAE in case you think online is becoming more popular place for buyers and sellers of real estate in Dubai.

6 Best Selling Cars in Dubai, UAE

6 Best Selling Cars in Dubai, UAE

“Do you want to know which cars are most selling in Dubai? The car seekers take into consideration several factors before buying a car in a vibrant city Dubai.”

If you ever needed convincing that the UAE is a nation of car-lovers, then a quick look at the countries car sales charts ought to set you straight. Currently, car classifieds website Carmudi has over 14 Billion AED worth of cars listed on their website.


With the large variety of cars available in the region, have you ever wondered which car brands are the most popular among UAE drivers? Despite our obvious love for exotic and expensive vehicles , the results may surprise you.

Top 6 Best Selling Cars in Dubai

According to recent statistics, at the moment, the general distribution of cars in the UAE that are on sale is as follows.

  • Toyota dominates 33.1%

  • Mitsubishi takes 8.9%

  • Nissan occupies 16% of the market

  • BMW takes 4%

  • Hyundai occupies 5.7%

Let’s take a look at the top 5 best selling cars in the region:

1.Toyota Camry

It’s no wonder the Toyota Camry features at the top of our list of best selling cars in the UAE. It is the main vehicle used by the 100’s of taxis operating in the region. The Camry, Toyota’s flagship mid-sized sedan, are known for their reliability and safety.

Toyota Camry.jpg

It has a 2.5-liter four cylinder engine which produces an output of 181 horsepower, while still being fuel efficient and producing reduced emissions.

EST. Price Range: 70,000 – 80,000 AED

2. Toyota Corolla

You may not have noticed because it is such an unassuming car, but Toyota Corolla are everywhere in the UAE. Second most top selling car on our list and another entry from market leading brand Toyota. This compact sedan is powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine. Corolla’s car comprises of modern technology such as lane-keep assist, automatic high beams, automated emergency braking and much more.

Toyota Corolla

3. Mitsubishi Pajero

The Mitsubishi Pajero features so high on our list of the most popular cars in the UAE. The Pajero strikes the perfect balance between a fuel efficient city car and a vehicle with strong off-road capabilities which are perfect for the desert terrain.

Mitsubishi Pajero

Engine options include a 3.5-liter V6 or 3.8- Liter V6 engine. Consisting of a roomy cabin, enormous boot space and 4×4 drive feature, the Pajero can easily hit Dubai dunes without compromising on comfort.

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4. Nissan Altima

Our 4th entry shows the popularity of Japanese car models here in the UAE, especially ones with a high resale value. The Nissan Altima is a popular mid-sized sedan, commonly seen on our roads and is a highly traded car in the UAE.

Nissan Altima

It’s stylish and robust design is what appeals to car buyers. It has a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine or 3.5-liter V6 engine options.

This spacious sedan also includes a paddle-shifter for a sportier feel, as well as adaptive cruise control.

5. Nissan Patrol

Similar to the Mitsubishi Pajero, the Nissan Patrol is highly popular in the UAE due to its baseline price and ability to hand the off-road track. While it may not be as iconic as ‘Land Rover’ or ‘Land Cruiser’, ‘Nissan Patrol‘ is synonymous with that go-anywhere adventure spirit that has made the UAE just that little bit smaller.

Nissan Patrol

The most recent Patrol is powered by a whopping 5.6-litre, 32-valve, 90-degree V8, offering 298kW of power at 5800rpm and 560Nm of torque at 4000rpm.

Est. Price Range: 120,000 – 140,000 AED

6. Honda Civic

Another Japanese car with great resale value is the Honda Civic, which is not only in high demand in the UAE, but all over the world too. It is equipped with excellent fuel economy and unique looks. And that is the reason that have made this car a top choice amongst used-car buyers. Engine options include 2.0-liter, four cylinder or 1.5-liter turbo charged engine.


Summing up:

When buying a car technology without doubt plays a very important role. Not all cars have the technology and style to carry itself for a long time. But there are few that have met the expectation of being reliable and cost efficient. The cars mentioned above are always in high demand in Dubai and therefore are the best choice of most car buyers. Refer to Classifieds App Dubai in case you think online is becoming more popular place for buyers and sellers.

Top 10 Iconic Motorcycles Of All Time

Top 10 Iconic Motorcycles Of All Time

I wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle ever since my brother took me on my first ride. He had a Yamaha Rx 100. It was big, black, twinkling with chrome, but what I liked most was the sound. It was like riding a thunderbolt from heaven. I had never had a feeling like this. It was exciting, the feeling of the wind in my face, a symphony of nature beckoning my senses, and the freedom. I could imagine I was flying and I was hooked. Many times over the years I had called about riding courses, but never actually went. This year I will be turning 35, call it mid-life crisis, but it was either now or never.

10 greatest motorcycles of all time

Because of my passion and sheer interest in motorbikes, I will take you through the 10 greatest motorcycles of all time.

Here you go with the details of 10 greatest motorcycles of all time:

1. Britten V1000


Type: Factory special

Twenty years ago, New Zealander John Britten and his buddies set out to build a Superbike in their garage.

Britten even designed and built the engine. When they were done, they had a carbon-fiber bike that went on to win the New Zealand Grand Prix title and the Battle of the Twins at Daytona.

The V1000 was a brilliantly-engineered bike and the 10 that was eventually made are living testaments to Britten’s genius. The V1000 is also Guy Martin’s dream bike, and that’s saying something.

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2. Honda NR

Year: 1992

Type: Factory special

What’s this? A chunky 916 wrapped around the most fascinating engine ever built? The NR was a road going homage to Honda’s oval-piston “New Racing” series of bikes that had started in the late 70’s.

The four pistons of the bike are shaped like NASCAR tracks and boast two Conrad and eight valves each.

The bike was released before the 916, and inspired the Ducati’s slabby fairs, squinty headlights, and twin undertail exhaust.

No matter what BMW or Ferrari come up with, the NR is a stunning reminder that, Honda still makes the greatest engines in the world.

3. BMW R32

Year: 1923

Type: Motorcycle

BMW was prohibited from building airplanes after World War I, so in 1923 they began building motorcycles, and they hit the ground running.

The R32 came up with introductions, what would become the typical BMW: a boxer-twin with shaft-drive.

It wasn’t until 1928 that BMW started producing cars, though BMW’s chief engineer still wasn’t fond of anything that didn’t fly.

4. Suzuki RG500 Gamma

Year: 1985

Type: Sportbike

In 1984, Suzuki came up with this quadraphonic chainsaw massacre to the road-going 2-stroke hyper sports battle. The RG500 was a nimble bike, but roars onto this list because of its loony motor.

It includes the following:

* Four pistons

* Two Crank Shafts

* Rotary valves to help capture the intake charge

The front of the bike looks tame, but four awesome pipes pepper the back and dump clouds of two-stroke on anyone lucky enough to be nearby.

It might not be the only bike ever with a square-four engine or rotary valves, but it’s hard to think of another.

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5. Ducati Desmosedici RR

Year: 2008

Type: Factory Special

The Desmosedici RR is very close as it gets to a road legal Moto GP racer.

The four-cylinder was a departure and has a “twin-pulse” firing pattern, gear-driven cams, and titanium valves, just like the race bikes.

The bike shares its frame geometry with the GP6 racebike, the body is carbon fiber and the wheels are magnesium. It is overkill for the road, but overkill is underrated.

best motorcycles of all time

6. Aprilia RS250

Year: 1995

Type: Sport Bike

A few street-legal RS250s have been brought into the U.S., and they’re quick.

The little 250 makes 240bhp/liter, and specific output unmatched by anything else on this list.

With its digital instruments, dual expansion chambers, and a fully-stressed engine, it really is a racebike for the road.

7. Honda RC30

Year: 1990

Type: Factory Racer

The RC30 was a homologation bike for the World Superbike series.

But instantly became an object of desire for more than racers.

It looked so delicate and fragile until it was turned on.

Then, it morphed into a banshee. RC30s came up with 112bhp in Europe and 86bhp in the U.S., and had a long first gear and a slipper clutch to improve readability on the move.

It’s a great bike to ride, but its enduring popularity stems from rarity and shockingly good looks.

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8. Yamaha R7

Year: 2000

Type: Factory Special

The R7 looks like a svelte R1, but beneath the skin is a technological masterpiece. Only minor modifications were allowed by the production-based World Superbike series rules, so Yamaha pulled out all the stops for this homologation special. It has the following features:

*The chassis is two times as stiff as an R1’s

*The engine sports possess 20 titanium valves and nickel-plated forged pistons.

*To simplify homologation, the R7 produced only 100bhp out of the crate, but had a separate, unused bank of fuel injectors that boosted power to 135bhp when activated.

9. MTT Y2K

Year: 2000

Type: Sportbike

The Y2K is jet-powered lunacy.

MTT came up with this finding that old Bell Jet Ranger helicopter turbine engines need expensive maintenance for continued air-use but are safe enough for road use.

Then it started stuffing the turbines in its bespoke Y2K. The result is nothing short of sensational.

When the jet-engine spools up, then there is no comparison as none come close.

It makes 320bhp at 52000RPM and pushes the wheel-driven Y2K to 227mph.

10. Buell XB12R

Year: 2010

Type: Sportbike

The Harley gave one senses to Eric Buell that is the creative license he deserved when they approved his XB series of bikes.

The XB12R could not keep up with the Japanese bikes on the track, but outright speed was never the goal.

As a design-conscious Sportbike, the American-made Firebolt to be unequaled. It has the following features:

*The inside-out front brake looks sensational and was groundbreaking

*The bike carries oil in the swingarm and the exhaust is under the belly.

Wrapping up:

Find new and used motorcycles including Honda bike, Suzuki bike, Kawasaki and more in UAE. You can buy and sell Dubai motorbikes at affordable rates. Refer to Classifieds Apps UAE in case you think online is becoming a more popular place for buyers and sellers.

Mobile Phone Connection In Dubai- Cell Phone Services

Mobile Phone Connection In Dubai- Cell Phone Services

“When you reach Dubai you can always continue to have telephonic conversation, but it will turn out costly because roaming rates will apply. So what to do. What can be the solution. Fortunately, there are some instant solutions”.

There are two phone connection providers – Etisalat and Du

There are just two providers in the UAE, and both come under the supervision of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

Nonetheless, there is a semblance of genuine competition between the two, and by studying what each offers carefully, you may well find that one suits your needs better than the other. Start with the respective websites: Etisalat and Du.

How Easy Is To Get a Local SIM?

It is quite easy. At the two International Airports of Dubai you’ll find both Etisalat and Du sales booths. In fact, as you pass through the final customs check and out into the Arrivals area.

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Visitor Line is an offer that is provided by Etisala. It is all in one pack, which costs AED 100. In this case a local SIM for your phone is valid up to 60 days. It can be further extended, but most new arrivals will have their residency visas and places of abode settled by then – and will probably want to move to something more comprehensive (and cheaper) for longer term use.

how to get a mobile phone connection in dubai

Du, incidentally, offers pretty much the same thing to the new arrival called the Visitor Mobile Line. It costs just AED 35 and is valid for 7 days. You’d need to do the calculation on which of the two deals above is best/cheapest for your personal needs. It can be renewed/topped up.

Be very sure what you need.

You can do research on mobile for sale at best classified app UAE.

Regardless of which company you choose as your provider, you’ll come under some heavy pressure when you visit one of their many Dubai retail locations to buy one of their “combo” packages. That means mobile, landline, Internet, and Television all for a single monthly fee, and for a contractual period of, usually but not always, two years.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then fine; go ahead and sign on the line. But forewarned is forearmed, so it may save you heartache further down the line if you acquaint yourself with a bewildering array of options that you’ll be presented with.

“Mobile? How many minutes per month? Or would you prefer unlimited minutes? Fixed number of texts (SMSs) or unlimited? Mobile Internet? Yes, and how much data will you be needing? Just 1 gigabyte per month? Are you sure? We have this really good limited-period offer…” And on it goes – and that’s just for the mobile.

So put your glasses on and get reading. Here are the relevant links: Etisalat’s Mobile Plans and Du’s Mobile Plans. If I had just one piece of advice to offer, it would be this: err on the side of caution.

If you find after a couple of months that you need more minutes, or more gigabytes of mobile data, it’s always easier to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

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To get an etisalat Mobile Phone Connection you require the following documents & forms:

Your passport copy with a valid residence visa stamp or a valid visitor visa. Visit your nearest Etisalat office/business center/authorized reseller.

Fees & Tariffs:

A SIM card can be obtained @ AED 165 (currently on promotion for AED 40 with free credit of AED 40)

Renewal fee annually: AED 50 (free for life renewal is now possible)

Local calls: 30 fils per minute for first 60 seconds.

From 61st second onwards:

15 fils for every 30 seconds (7am–2pm and 4pm–12am)

12 fils for every 30 seconds (2pm-4pm and 12am-7am)

Text Messaging Charges

Local number 18 fils per message

International number 60 fils per message

International Calls

International calls are charged at IDD rates.

Incoming Calls

These are free, unless you are abroad and using International Roaming. Click here for International Roaming List.

Replace lost SIM card online

Now for just AED 25 you can replace lost, stolen or damaged etisalat SIM cards online for any of your mobile accounts. An authorized delivery agent will deliver your card to your doorstep free of charge through etisalat’s.

Block spam and promotional SMS

You can opt-out of spam providers by sending an SMS to etisalat or du and also please be informed that TRA regulations allow authorized advertising SMS between 7 am and 9 pm everyday,

Send an SMS with message ‘b etisalat’ to 1011 to unsubscribe from promotional marketing via etisalat.

To unsubscribe from promotional marketing via du, send a blank SMS to 5293.

Closing up:

In case if you do the comparison between the two operators then du charges by the second, while etisalat charges per minute usage. Both mobile operators are governed by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA). Because you pay in advance for pre-paid, you will always know how much you are spending. The two above mentioned operators are providing iPhone and Blackberry services for citizens and residents on monthly payment plans. From time to time, both operators also provide special discount and promotion schemes. Refer to Classifieds Apps UAE in case you think online is becoming a more popular place for buyers and sellers.

Furnished VS Unfurnished What’s the Deal?

Furnished VS Unfurnished What’s the Deal?

“An apartment hunting slightly more difficult than it already is when we go for the option between furnished and unfurnished.”

Furnished or Unfurnished Apartment: What to Choose?

The terms “furnished” and “unfurnished” might be explanatory but what exactly should you expect to come across in each case?

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Big-ticket items like beds, wardrobes, sofas, and basic kitchen appliances you get with most furnished apartments. Some owners highly invest in furnishing their apartments so that all you have to do is move in your personal belongings. But on the other side or let us say in case of unfurnished apartment you can add your personal touch to the property as it gives you a bit of freedom. A bare walls are what you see in an unfurnished apartment.

Furnished VS Unfurnished Apartments

Do you want to select between a furnished and an unfurnished property. Then you need to go through the following 3 points that will make you understand which option is better why and when.

1. Your Taste

How important is it for you to have a personalized space? Considering a furnished apartment might be easy for you if you’re someone who’s simply looking for a neat place to live. But sometimes you want your own taste to take the lead so in such as sometimes someone else’s taste in interiors might not suit you.

2. Your plans to stay in Dubai

In case you need to find out that which option suits you best then it is better to compare the cost of buying furniture with the rent difference. In order to save a good deal of money you might rather want to pay more in rent by paying less on furniture.

Furnished apartments cost significantly more than unfurnished. So, it is up to you if you have 10-25K to spend then it is better to calculate a budget for furnishing your apartment and find an unfurnished unit to rent.

Usually some expatriates looking to rent a furnished apartment specials when they plan to stay for a short period of time in Dubai. In such a case, one need not to worry whether that sofa fits that corner in the TV room, whether your crochet curtain covers the windows, or if the big brown wardrobe fits the wall facing the bed. You can just skip all these the hassles of packing and unpacking your furniture. Just grab your personal stuff and you’re ready to go!

It’s more convenient for you to buy your own furniture in case you are planning to settle down in Dubai. So when you move home, you do not need to start from scratch in an unfurnished apartment.

3. Think of your Dependents

There are chances of losing your security deposit if you have small children who are active and playful because they can damage a furniture. So renting a furnished apartment might not be the best idea. It’s also important to keep in mind that even furnished apartments don’t always come with the right furniture for a kid’s room.

The furniture of an apartment is not saved if Pets are around. So, if you have any pets indoors, you might be advised to rent an unfurnished home and furnish it with more pet-suitable furniture. Otherwise, you need to be willing to pay for the possible damages your pets might leave. You can also read about which one better-buy-or rent-home.

Furnished properties in dubai

When One Should Think to Furnish a Property

You should furnish a property only if it will be more profitable in the long run.

There are many reasons that you can think when you are looking forward to furnish a property. Will furnishings make the property more marketable, and will you be able to charge more rent for it?

The benefits of furnishing a property having beds, sofas, etc. Or that it can make a home much more attractive to potential renters who don’t have their own furniture. However, this might suit to those tenants like students, first time renters, or professionals looking for short-term leases. If you are having a furnished apartment or a house means that you are offering tenants a better and complete package.

UnFurnished properties in dubai

Closing Up:

So it all depends on what type of tenant you have. Furnishing a property have a benefit if you are ready to offset the cost of maintenance and the risk of damage against the increase in rent that you can think to charge. At the end, i just want to say real estate in Dubai, UAE is in demand due to the fact that a lot of people want to visit Dubai or want to stay for the long term.

UAE Auto Insurance Regulations

UAE Auto Insurance Regulations

The Insurance Authority has made changes in UAE auto insurance regulations and implemented them in January this year. “

According to the revision, premiums on both comprehensive and third party insurance policies have been increased by 15% in Dubai. The Lower cap was set at Dh1,300 for sedans and Dh2,000 for SUVs for comprehensive insurance plans, whereas upper caps for comprehensive insurance plans are set at 5% and 7% of insured value, for each vehicle type respectively.

UAE Auto Insurance Regulations

Third party insurance premiums have also been increased with the same percentage. The minimum amount for third party premium starts at Dh750 for sedans and goes up to Dh2,100, whereas for SUVs, it starts at Dh1,000 and goes up to Dh2,150. Also, according to the revised UAE auto insurance regulations, the write-off value of a vehicle will be calculated by deducting 20% of the insured value, instead of 15% annual depreciation of the vehicle’s market rate.

The increment pertaining to yearly premiums and deduction rates has been done and coverage for damage protection has also been raised along with mandatory provision of substitute vehicle to insurance holder in case of an accident, to ensure that motorists get extra benefit for added premiums.

Motorist’s Decry in the UAE

‘Increase in premiums by the UAE Insurance Authority do not bring any additional benefits‘ that’s what the motorists in the UAE feel. And if there are any advantages those are neither properly communicated nor effectively being transferred to the policy holders. There are many consumers that have raised this issue that UAE insurance companies didn’t offer them comprehensive plan and also charged much higher premiums for one, compared to laid out lower limits. Also, companies devalue vehicles by greater percentages and often refused to offer insurance for past claims. But that may just be a wrong perception. You can also do research on save money car insurance 6 smashing ways.

Benefits under Revised UAE Auto Insurance Regulations

The consumers are angry over the hiked premiums and attitude of insurance companies toward them but Finance expert Jonathan Rawling begs to differ. According to Rawling, benefits offered under revised UAE auto insurance regulations outweigh the added premium costs. He added:

  1. Now minimum cap for third party damage has been increased to Dh2 million from just Dh250,000. It translates to the fact that any damage caused by you up till Dh2 million will be covered by the insurance provider.
  2. Consumers can now benefit from emergency services at no additional cost, as those are also encompassed into vehicle insurance plan.
  3. Elaborating on the UAE auto insurance regulation’s benefits regarding provision of replacement car clause, he told it will be offered to the victim or the party not at fault for the accident. In case your car is hit by someone then his insurance firm will pay you up to Dh300 per day for a period of 10 days or will arrange a replacement vehicle for the same duration. Individuals at fault will get replacement car only if they have got the extra coverage.
  4. Now insuring terms are standardized. If an insurance policy is comprehensive by name, then it will act like one and will offer comprehensive protection.

UAE Auto Insurance Regulations -1

Another veteran from the insurance industry, Frederik Bisbjerg answered consumer’s complaints:

  • Mr. Bisbjerg says that he did not see a particular case where they denied an eligible customer from their rights and so on this note he declined consumer’s accusations that firms are not complying with the revised UAE auto insurance regulations. The wrong anticipations has been developed that some providers might have failed to communicate the new benefits to consumers.
  • He replied to those who raised question over non-renewal of insurance policies because of previous appeals and said that it is impossible to not get a new policy, however, people with repeated claims might have to pay high premiums. Along with this he said that this is where the new UAE auto insurance regulations safeguard their interests, as now there is a cap on maximum premium as well. So, person with a long history of insurance claims will still pay a reasonable premium.
  • Bumping the maximum cover for property damage is for a good reason. It provides extended liability coverage to husbands, wives, children and parents of policyholders.

Closing words

UAE is famous for providing flexible and dependable insurance poilcy to its consumers. The regulations authority try to be customer centric. You get quality insurance policy that helps you during unfortunate happenings. Refer to Dubai Classifieds in case you are looking forward to part time job, accommodation etc.

5 Tips for Finding the Tax Advisor Who Will Save You Millions

A right advisor can save a business owner literally millions of dollars over a lifetime.”

Tips to Find the Best Tax Advisor

The most important decision a businessman or an entrepreneur should take is hiring an intelligent and passionate tax advisor to save you millions of amount. A passionate tax advisor will give you valuable tips that can be applied to save millions.

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Tips for Finding the Tax Advisor

How to Find the Best Tax Advisor Who Will Save You Millions

It is important to be in touch with your tax advisors on a regular basis. The great tax advisors always like to have a regular meetings with their clients irrespective of the fact that client wants one or two meetings only. They want to take care of their clients in a passionate way. They want to share their knowledge in an advance manner.

They want to simplify their tax laws by making their client understand in an easy way. Here a five tips for recognizing the tax advisor to partner with.

1. Find a Passionate CPA Versus a Mass-Production Company.

The best tax professionals are always CPAs, Certified Public Accountants. The businessman or the businesses should opt for CPA only as they command knowledge of their subject and helps in a great way in reducing taxes. The second option is an enrolled agent, and finally, there are the mass production companies like you find in the mall. There are enrolled agents with whom the small businesses can go. Though Advice is not to go with a mass production companies or do their own taxes. Always hire a tax expert like CPA and save millions.

2. Look for a CPA with Great Tax Education and Experience.

Whether we talk about good tax saver or a good entrepreneur, education always play a big role in a long term scenario. A tax advisor’s education can make a huge difference in long-term tax savings. For example, the best advisors like CPAs usually works with Big 4 Accounting Firm (Price Waterhouse Coopers, KPMG, Deloitte & Touche and Ernst Young) and embrace the details in the law. They are graduated with top percentages from the institute and then with experience they gets a command over practical things.

3. Find a CPA who’s Thinking is Non Linear.

The most of the accountants are hardworking and they think in a straight line but a better accountant is hardworking as well as smart working and in turn he finds smart, creative and legal ways to use the law to save the taxpayer money. Unsophisticated accountants will recommend that you postpone your taxes through an IRA or 401K and pre-pay expenses at the end of the year. The right accountant will do all the handwork and in depth research spending months and then will give a smart strategy to save tax and in turn save millions.

5 Tips for Finding the Tax Advisor

4. Hire a tax Advisor who asks you questions.

If you have to ask all the questions during the initial interview, this should be a red flag. Instead, look for a tax advisor who is inquisitive. Who wants to know your aim, your long term goals and financial objective. Only a thorough diagnosis by a tax professional will lead to major tax savings. You can also search about own business online in Dubai at different portals.

5. For Long-Term Gains Invest in the Best Tax Advisor.

Short term goals will never take you to great places. So having a long term goal with an objective to save millions is fulfilled by a passionate tax advisor only. Infact someone has rightly mentioned that It’s not how much your tax preparer charges you that matters, it’s how much your tax preparer costs you.” Nobody like paying taxes but if you can save tax legally as per tax laws with the help of tax advisor then there is nothing wrong. Finding a startegic tax advisor and doing strategic tax planning could help reduce taxes.

Summing up:

Hiring a advisor who has practical knowledge and who can explain you things practically, is one of the most important decisions you will make as a business owner or individual. Look for a tax advisor who can reduce your knowledge gap regarding tax laws and in turn can give you practical exposure. Wanna to save milions be practical and hire practical tax advisor. So folks, have a happy and intellectual savings. You can also read about apartments on rent on classified app UAE..