I wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle ever since my brother took me on my first ride. He had a Yamaha Rx 100. It was big, black, twinkling with chrome, but what I liked most was the sound. It was like riding a thunderbolt from heaven. I had never had a feeling like this. It was exciting, the feeling of the wind in my face, a symphony of nature beckoning my senses, and the freedom. I could imagine I was flying and I was hooked. Many times over the years I had called about riding courses, but never actually went. This year I will be turning 35, call it mid-life crisis, but it was either now or never.

10 greatest motorcycles of all time

Because of my passion and sheer interest in motorbikes, I will take you through the 10 greatest motorcycles of all time.

Here you go with the details of 10 greatest motorcycles of all time:

1. Britten V1000


Type: Factory special

Twenty years ago, New Zealander John Britten and his buddies set out to build a Superbike in their garage.

Britten even designed and built the engine. When they were done, they had a carbon-fiber bike that went on to win the New Zealand Grand Prix title and the Battle of the Twins at Daytona.

The V1000 was a brilliantly-engineered bike and the 10 that was eventually made are living testaments to Britten’s genius. The V1000 is also Guy Martin’s dream bike, and that’s saying something.

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2. Honda NR

Year: 1992

Type: Factory special

What’s this? A chunky 916 wrapped around the most fascinating engine ever built? The NR was a road going homage to Honda’s oval-piston “New Racing” series of bikes that had started in the late 70’s.

The four pistons of the bike are shaped like NASCAR tracks and boast two Conrad and eight valves each.

The bike was released before the 916, and inspired the Ducati’s slabby fairs, squinty headlights, and twin undertail exhaust.

No matter what BMW or Ferrari come up with, the NR is a stunning reminder that, Honda still makes the greatest engines in the world.

3. BMW R32

Year: 1923

Type: Motorcycle

BMW was prohibited from building airplanes after World War I, so in 1923 they began building motorcycles, and they hit the ground running.

The R32 came up with introductions, what would become the typical BMW: a boxer-twin with shaft-drive.

It wasn’t until 1928 that BMW started producing cars, though BMW’s chief engineer still wasn’t fond of anything that didn’t fly.

4. Suzuki RG500 Gamma

Year: 1985

Type: Sportbike

In 1984, Suzuki came up with this quadraphonic chainsaw massacre to the road-going 2-stroke hyper sports battle. The RG500 was a nimble bike, but roars onto this list because of its loony motor.

It includes the following:

* Four pistons

* Two Crank Shafts

* Rotary valves to help capture the intake charge

The front of the bike looks tame, but four awesome pipes pepper the back and dump clouds of two-stroke on anyone lucky enough to be nearby.

It might not be the only bike ever with a square-four engine or rotary valves, but it’s hard to think of another.

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5. Ducati Desmosedici RR

Year: 2008

Type: Factory Special

The Desmosedici RR is very close as it gets to a road legal Moto GP racer.

The four-cylinder was a departure and has a “twin-pulse” firing pattern, gear-driven cams, and titanium valves, just like the race bikes.

The bike shares its frame geometry with the GP6 racebike, the body is carbon fiber and the wheels are magnesium. It is overkill for the road, but overkill is underrated.

best motorcycles of all time

6. Aprilia RS250

Year: 1995

Type: Sport Bike

A few street-legal RS250s have been brought into the U.S., and they’re quick.

The little 250 makes 240bhp/liter, and specific output unmatched by anything else on this list.

With its digital instruments, dual expansion chambers, and a fully-stressed engine, it really is a racebike for the road.

7. Honda RC30

Year: 1990

Type: Factory Racer

The RC30 was a homologation bike for the World Superbike series.

But instantly became an object of desire for more than racers.

It looked so delicate and fragile until it was turned on.

Then, it morphed into a banshee. RC30s came up with 112bhp in Europe and 86bhp in the U.S., and had a long first gear and a slipper clutch to improve readability on the move.

It’s a great bike to ride, but its enduring popularity stems from rarity and shockingly good looks.

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8. Yamaha R7

Year: 2000

Type: Factory Special

The R7 looks like a svelte R1, but beneath the skin is a technological masterpiece. Only minor modifications were allowed by the production-based World Superbike series rules, so Yamaha pulled out all the stops for this homologation special. It has the following features:

*The chassis is two times as stiff as an R1’s

*The engine sports possess 20 titanium valves and nickel-plated forged pistons.

*To simplify homologation, the R7 produced only 100bhp out of the crate, but had a separate, unused bank of fuel injectors that boosted power to 135bhp when activated.

9. MTT Y2K

Year: 2000

Type: Sportbike

The Y2K is jet-powered lunacy.

MTT came up with this finding that old Bell Jet Ranger helicopter turbine engines need expensive maintenance for continued air-use but are safe enough for road use.

Then it started stuffing the turbines in its bespoke Y2K. The result is nothing short of sensational.

When the jet-engine spools up, then there is no comparison as none come close.

It makes 320bhp at 52000RPM and pushes the wheel-driven Y2K to 227mph.

10. Buell XB12R

Year: 2010

Type: Sportbike

The Harley gave one senses to Eric Buell that is the creative license he deserved when they approved his XB series of bikes.

The XB12R could not keep up with the Japanese bikes on the track, but outright speed was never the goal.

As a design-conscious Sportbike, the American-made Firebolt to be unequaled. It has the following features:

*The inside-out front brake looks sensational and was groundbreaking

*The bike carries oil in the swingarm and the exhaust is under the belly.

Wrapping up:

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