“When you reach Dubai you can always continue to have telephonic conversation, but it will turn out costly because roaming rates will apply. So what to do. What can be the solution. Fortunately, there are some instant solutions”.

There are two phone connection providers – Etisalat and Du

There are just two providers in the UAE, and both come under the supervision of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

Nonetheless, there is a semblance of genuine competition between the two, and by studying what each offers carefully, you may well find that one suits your needs better than the other. Start with the respective websites: Etisalat and Du.

How Easy Is To Get a Local SIM?

It is quite easy. At the two International Airports of Dubai you’ll find both Etisalat and Du sales booths. In fact, as you pass through the final customs check and out into the Arrivals area.

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Visitor Line is an offer that is provided by Etisala. It is all in one pack, which costs AED 100. In this case a local SIM for your phone is valid up to 60 days. It can be further extended, but most new arrivals will have their residency visas and places of abode settled by then – and will probably want to move to something more comprehensive (and cheaper) for longer term use.

how to get a mobile phone connection in dubai

Du, incidentally, offers pretty much the same thing to the new arrival called the Visitor Mobile Line. It costs just AED 35 and is valid for 7 days. You’d need to do the calculation on which of the two deals above is best/cheapest for your personal needs. It can be renewed/topped up.

Be very sure what you need.

You can do research on mobile for sale at best classified app UAE.

Regardless of which company you choose as your provider, you’ll come under some heavy pressure when you visit one of their many Dubai retail locations to buy one of their “combo” packages. That means mobile, landline, Internet, and Television all for a single monthly fee, and for a contractual period of, usually but not always, two years.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then fine; go ahead and sign on the line. But forewarned is forearmed, so it may save you heartache further down the line if you acquaint yourself with a bewildering array of options that you’ll be presented with.

“Mobile? How many minutes per month? Or would you prefer unlimited minutes? Fixed number of texts (SMSs) or unlimited? Mobile Internet? Yes, and how much data will you be needing? Just 1 gigabyte per month? Are you sure? We have this really good limited-period offer…” And on it goes – and that’s just for the mobile.

So put your glasses on and get reading. Here are the relevant links: Etisalat’s Mobile Plans and Du’s Mobile Plans. If I had just one piece of advice to offer, it would be this: err on the side of caution.

If you find after a couple of months that you need more minutes, or more gigabytes of mobile data, it’s always easier to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

You can find used items in Dubai at fair prices.

To get an etisalat Mobile Phone Connection you require the following documents & forms:

Your passport copy with a valid residence visa stamp or a valid visitor visa. Visit your nearest Etisalat office/business center/authorized reseller.

Fees & Tariffs:

A SIM card can be obtained @ AED 165 (currently on promotion for AED 40 with free credit of AED 40)

Renewal fee annually: AED 50 (free for life renewal is now possible)

Local calls: 30 fils per minute for first 60 seconds.

From 61st second onwards:

15 fils for every 30 seconds (7am–2pm and 4pm–12am)

12 fils for every 30 seconds (2pm-4pm and 12am-7am)

Text Messaging Charges

Local number 18 fils per message

International number 60 fils per message

International Calls

International calls are charged at IDD rates.

Incoming Calls

These are free, unless you are abroad and using International Roaming. Click here for International Roaming List.

Replace lost SIM card online

Now for just AED 25 you can replace lost, stolen or damaged etisalat SIM cards online for any of your mobile accounts. An authorized delivery agent will deliver your card to your doorstep free of charge through etisalat’s.

Block spam and promotional SMS

You can opt-out of spam providers by sending an SMS to etisalat or du and also please be informed that TRA regulations allow authorized advertising SMS between 7 am and 9 pm everyday,

Send an SMS with message ‘b etisalat’ to 1011 to unsubscribe from promotional marketing via etisalat.

To unsubscribe from promotional marketing via du, send a blank SMS to 5293.

Closing up:

In case if you do the comparison between the two operators then du charges by the second, while etisalat charges per minute usage. Both mobile operators are governed by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA). Because you pay in advance for pre-paid, you will always know how much you are spending. The two above mentioned operators are providing iPhone and Blackberry services for citizens and residents on monthly payment plans. From time to time, both operators also provide special discount and promotion schemes. Refer to Classifieds Apps UAE in case you think online is becoming a more popular place for buyers and sellers.


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