The people who are jetsetters, always look out or the best in class places for visiting and they also desire to visit those places and get thrilled to bits!

So, do you love travelling to the core? One of the best kind of gift which is being in the Middle East and this also provides its people and it is the presence of shisha as such. If you desire to have the puff on a budget or just the luxe way, AbuDhabi is one of the best Emirates city where you will find the age-old tradition to watch out for and there is also the blend of trendy cafes and also the electric lounges which also provides the diverse flavors for the palate.

6 Best Shisha Cafes of Abu Dhabi to Know

There are various kinds of Shisha cafes which can be found at different places in Abu Dhabi and there are also the best which also makes it the lovely place for hanging out by the locals and also for the tourists on a budget as such.

6 Best Shisha Cafes of Abu Dhabi to Know

Here is the list of the class apart Shisha cafes which you must know about and these are the lovely places to hangout for sure:

1. Ninar Shisha Cafe

Well, Ninar is not that famous kind of shisha cafe among the jet setters, but this cafe has the best in class interior decors and this cafe is just among the favorite spots for the locals, when they are facing the tiring day at the work. This is nestled beside the Le Royal Meridien at the city center, Ninar is also the easily accessible for the tourists and guests who are also staying at the hotels in Abu Dhabi, just around the Khalifa, Salam or also the Electra Street as such.

Shisha Cafes of Abu Dhabi

There are various kind of Ninar’s best ever cafes providing the shisha flavours for the tourists and these include the mint, grape, double apple, or also the blend of a mint and grape, the most famous one. It is just not like other cafes, Ninar also serves shisha at the traditional Egyptian water pipe which will also instantly transport you for the Bedouin times through the puff. You will have to pay just $7 per shisha and you can also invest the hours for reading a book along with the cup of hot chocolate.

2. Le Boulanger

The shisha at Le Boulanger is also just quite expensive to check out for, and you will also love to watch the incredible views of AbuDhabi skyline and there is also a vast gulf waters just from your couch and you will also be returning, despite the climate. This is situated at the Cornice Stretch and it is also just often thought by the tourists for being a Heritage village from the outside as such. You will also like to know about the bars and clubs in Dubai, UAE.

Ninar Shisha Cafe

3. Chillax Shisha Cafe

There are just plenty of sofas and also the rattan armchairs, the complete interior of the Chillax is much more relaxing by the name it also sounds, and there is no such outdoor seating. This menu also serves the multifarious salads, sandwiches and also the Lebanese mezze. You can also take a cab for going to this shisha cafe visit. You will also find that the building also can get congested and the parking is nearly impossible.

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4.Al Rawaq Coffee shop at Abu Dhabi:

By sitting at the Rooftop of the World Trade Center Souq, Al Rawaq Coffee Shop, also previously known to be the Chapters and these also have the great view of the World Trade Center from the terrace. They also have the equally comfortable which is just indoor hall for catering to all those who will also like to dine in as such.

5. Columbiano Coffee House at Abu Dhabi:

It is nestled at just off Corniche Road in Khalifa Park, Columbia no Coffee House may also seem just secluded from the bustling city area too. And the cafe can just get fairly crowded at the weekends. The costing per shisha is just around $13, while the cold coffee and also the other fruits drinks and this starts from $8.

6. Stars “N” Bars:

If you are just based in the town for witnessing the events which are being held at the Formula One Race, you will also be most likely for wanting to venture the shisha scene at the Yas Island area also. You must surely move towards the Stars “N” Bars for not just the shisha but also for its delicious American food which is being washed down with the couple of cocktails.

best Shisha Cafes of Abu Dhabi

Their buffalo wings and also the cheese nachos are must to taste at this best ever shisha cafe at Abu Dhabi and there are also some of the local favorites which you can also opt for. AbuDhabi is the home for multitudes of the opulent shisha lounges and is also ideal for all those who would not mind just emptying their pocket for the sake of the luxurious puff.

The Final Words:

So, in a nutshell, it can be concluded that the above listed are the best in class shisha cafe to be considered by the globetrotters. You must surely visit the best ever shisha cafes in Abu Dhabi and you will have the time of your life at these incredible places which are meant for the people who eye globetrotters and also love travelling to the core. You can check out for the best ever cafes and get thrilled to bits when you are headed towards for the party and any other occasions.


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