“The vibrant city Dubai has lot of beaches on palm that allows you to walk under the hot sun, the environment is cool because of the wind”.

5 Exotic Beaches on Palm, Dubai

Beaches on Palm, Dubai

What we do on the beach? We walked along the beach.There are lot of sea shells on the beach and we collect them and put them into a bag. We build play houses with white sand etc etc”

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The scene is such that some sea gulls flies over the coconut trees. Several boats sailing far way the sea. They are fishing boats. Wow! What a scene on Dubai palm beaches.

Experience the Relaxing Sounds of Waves on Palm, Dubai

Here you go with the details of 5 top beaches of Dubai on Palm:

1.One & Only The Palm

We consider the beach club at the Palm Jumeirah’s Western Crescent’s outermost tip to be one of the most romantic locations in Dubai. We’ve seen enough Dubai hotels not to be easily wowed but slip into the enormous 850 square metre pool surrounded by palm trees and it is hard not to be ever so slightly blown away. Choosing between this and the still waters is going to be your hardest decision if you allow yourself the luxury of visiting here.

2.Rixos The Palm Dubai

There is a very convincing reason why you should make the trek out to the furthest end of the Eastern Crescent of the Palm Jumeirah. The distant location means, according to the hotel, this is the only Palm Dubai club permitted to offer motorist waterspouts on the beach perimeter. So come here for jet ski, banana boat, wake boarding and Seabreacher rides. Look out for yoga and aerobic sessions as well, but don’t feel obliged to be active. Rixos has some of the best cabanas in town so if you just want to chill out this is a good spot for doing so.

3.Riva Beach Club

There is something homely and welcoming about this Palm Shoreline beach club. Riva offers good facilities at actually reasonable prices. If you want the exclusivity, facilities and service of a private beach club without breaking the bank this is a sensible option. Also if you are looking to buy and sell properties in Dubai search properties at classified app UAE.

5 exotic Beaches on Palm, Dubai

4. Sofitel Dubai 

Finding a beach club that offers something unique is tough, with most falling into either Ibiza-style or activity-packed categories. This falls into the latter but does have something no other beach club can boast. The eco-golf driving range is an area where you can drive up to 100 balls of fish food into the sea beyond. Other activities include scuba diving, water-skiing, water polo, windsurfing and more of the usual aquatic activities. The service is excellent (cooling fruit slices and drinks are dished out) making the sand feel somehow softer on the 500m stretch of beach.

5.Anantara Dubai

An ideal beach club for water sports enthusiasts, the club offers paddle boarding, kayaking, pedalo rental and many more activities at an extra charge. There’s even a Thai long tail boat to take you to and from the resort’s East Crescent location. All very impressive but, truth be told, we’re happy to come and just chill.

Wrapping Up

So folkes enjoy yourself very much on any day. Spend a memorable holiday on the above mentioned palm beaches. Get ready to splash water at one one another. If you love to visit beaches then Dubai’s Palm beaches is the best place. To be honest you can spend many hours in the beach doing nothing. Not only the sea breeze but also the sea food dishes in dubai refreshes the mind.


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