Some people in Dubai can’t afford to buy the costly and appealing clothes and so they opt for the shopping malls of Dubai, which provides the cheap shopping!

The city of gold: Dubai is the best in the class Emirates city for the shopping lovers in the world. There are various people who just can’t afford to buy luxe and lavish clothing and attires and so they opt for the best malls which provides the cheap clothing as per your preference and budget. Well, you will be able to bargain for the clothings and attires in the souks, but it won’t be possible for doing the bargaining at the big malls as such for you. If you just hold out for the sales, then you will try to find the cheap and quality outfit and attire.

Each year, you will come across the Concept Big Brands Sale and this takes place at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The elegant luxe brands are being available at the discounted price, up to 80% as such. Even the retailers opt for making use of this particular event for selling off the old stock and for promoting the brand awareness also. There is also the Meydan One Mall in Dubai to watch out for by the globetrotters and this is one of the best.

Top 4 shopping malls to buy cheap clothing in Dubai:

Here is the list of 4 classy shopping malls for buying the cheap outfits from, in Dubai, UAE:

shopping mall for cheap shopping in dubai

#1 Dubai outlet mall:

It is nestled on the Dubai Al Ain Road, Route 66, just off the E611 highway as such. It is the best in class white dome and it can also be noticed just from far. This also includes the best parking space in the mall. This is also open from 10 am to 10 pm and seven days a week. Various tourists head towards this particular mall. You will be able to see that the best designers and high street retailers sell their discounted products at this Dubai Outlet mall only. You will get to see the Tommy Hilfiger outlet, the large outlet of Massimo Dutti and also the best and the season’s Burberry at this pace. The shops provide 30% or more at the regular priced attires as such. Many times you will also see that these clothing also comes in quite large sizes too and smaller sizes also. You must also know about what to buy and do at Dubai shopping festival 2017 in the city of gold.

#2 The Dragon Mart:

It is also one of the best in class to watch out for and many of the products which it sells, is being made in China as such. It also involves the adult and children’s outfit. You will also require immense patience for going through the Dragon Mart mall. The clothes which you want to buy from here, is quite cheap to be considered and much synthetic too, but just can’t be returned. You must also know that the designer clothing which is sold here is also much costly to opt for, as compared to the mid-ranged stores such as H & M and Matalan as such. You can also find the used cars for sale in the classified app UAE.

#3 Global Village:

Yet another best in class stores is the Global village, and this is the best shopping place to visit as such. It is also the home for visitors and tourists from different countries. You will find a different range of products here, and at the cheap price itself. The pavilions at this place are also set up in the vast foreground like setting and the season for Global Village operations is at Dubai’s cool time of the year, from November to April. There are also top 5 apps for buying and selling used products which you must know about.

#4 Al Karama:

Yet another best in class mail to be considered if Al Karama and it is the place for getting best adventure for the discount shopping. You will find the best products here, and this includes the handbags, classy watches, thrilling shoes, best souvenirs in the small shops itself. At this place, you can also do good bargaining because the first price quoted is not priced at which you will have to settle down. It is nestled in the old neighborhood near Dubai Creek, and this mall is just a world away from Dubai’s sleek malls too. The icing on the cake is that, the designer clothing which just costs upwards of 10000 Dirhams at the mall, it is being sold for 500-700 Dirhams only, and there is also the room for haggling too. There is the best classified app in Dubai to download, and from this particular app, you will be able to buy the used and second hand goods, as per your choice and the preferences.

Wrapping Up:

So, in a nutshell, it can be concluded that the above listed are the best in class malls for shopping cheap clothing and attires as such. You can also buy the used cars from the best in class classified apps. And these particular apps will also help you to just add the photo of used product, with the catchy description and this will help you to get the buyers too. So, whenever you head towards the city of gold and desire to buy cheap clothes, then you must check out for the places listed above.


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