Apartment rent is the very big headache if you don’t own a home, but if you get some economical apartments then your life can be hurdles ”

Out of all your commitments, the biggest commitment is your apartment rent. You can overcome it by getting some good reasonable rental apartments. Here we are going to discuss about some low-cost apartments in the Dubai. Now no more run in the competition for the heavy priced apartments. You can get all the facilities in the same apartment at lower prices. If you want to make life easy you can opt for these apartments in the Dubai.

Apartments Areas in Dubai 2017

5 Moderate Apartments Areas in Dubai 2017:

What all we need to maintain our life? We just need shelter, food and clothes. Life in Dubai is very hard if you don’t have a ravished life so better try for these good chilling apartments which can make your life in an adequate style. Even not for apartments you can get Car Rental In Abu Dhabi & Dubai, UAE to own your vehicle. This makes you feel so adorable and you can also enjoy your life in a beautiful manner. Let’s throw some lights on these apartments-

1 Deira:

This is a very beautiful place which accommodates many types of apartments. We get availability of one bedroom and studio units. You can live with your loved ones here in a peaceful way. The surroundings are very greenery so you won’t feel any type of pollution. You get highly secured in this area’s apartment. You can easily afford the rent price of the apartment. This is your comfort zone and here you have a park in which your kids can play all the time. It is a very healthy environment.

Price as per studio units- Dh45, 000

Price as per one-bedroom apartments- Dh62, 500

2 Discovery Gardens:

This place is very sanitated. You can get your personal space here. So far this place haven’t encountered any of the complaints. 24*7 water is available, garden is open for all the time. You can make as much friends as you want. You can either get on real estate for sale. This society is very good in maintaining the social status. It is very important to be in a civilized apartment. You get high class treatment here at economical rates. Wifi is also free for some limited time. The balcony view is very phenomenal. You just can’t miss this good opportunity.

Price as per studio units- Dh49,000

Price as per one-bedroom apartments- Dh66, 000

3 Jumeirah Lakes Towers:

These apartments are very wondrous as they are situated in the mid of the lake. There is a way built to reach the main road so no issues of coming out of apartments. You can feel the real view of the lake from your balcony. You can enjoy the water and have a coffee time in the evening. These apartments are made with the high security structures so you don’t need to worry about the fall off from the balcony. These are very amazing storey towers located by the lake that’s why they are called lake towers. You can do your morning exercise by running all along the perimeter of the apartments. The bridge which is formed between the apartments and the road is very astonishing.

Price as per studio units- Dh65, 000

Price as per one-bedroom apartments- DH 80,000

4 International City:

It looks like a beautiful and admirable city in itself. You have got a perfect spacious parking area for your cars. You can park your big cars under high security. All the basic facilities are available here with an addition of high quality infrastructure. If you don’t have your won vehicle, then look for cars for sale in Dubai and buy. It is no less than in a furnishing like a 5 star hotel. So you can’t get a better place than this for your survival. It is very ravishing looking prominent area of Dubai.

Price as per studio units- DH 37,500

Price as per one-bedroom apartments- Dh48,500

5 Jumeirah Village:

This sensational place is the masterpiece of all the apartments. All the apartments are good looking and the specialty of these apartments is that they have a similar design which makes them more charitable. You can get these apartments at affordable rates. These can be your dream house if you have the desire to live in a lovely place. You get all the basic facilities, here. 24*7 water supply, air conditioned rooms, sanitation, shopping hubs around the apartments etc.

Price as per studio units- Dh47,500

Price as per one-bedroom apartments- Dh62,500

Closing Thoughts:

After knowing all these apartments surely you’re one of the biggest commitment will be reduced. These are very good and sanitated places. If you have confused whether to buy or rent, then read Which One Is Better: To Buy Or To Rent A Home? You can live here comfortably. You will get a homely environment. You won’t feel for a second also that you are not living in a rental home. The behavior is also healthy towards the owner.


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