Purchasing becomes more easy breezy if we get our wishlist at affordable rates. Buying and selling should be at nominal rates, which should be in our favor”.

There are so many places in Dubai, which are apart from malls and provides you the facility of bargaining as per your needs. They provide the same item which is available in the malls, but at cheap rates. The catch is that they maintain their quality and these are easily affordable by the common people of Dubai. Common people can include people who have come to work for their family.

bargain stores in dubai

Top 4 stores which offer bargains at reasonable rates:

Isn’t it interesting to get the same items which are available in the malls at cheaper rates and easily. These are some stores where you can get all the things as per your budget and you can easily maintain your status by achieving all the items in your house. If you don’t have that much status to present you with all, the ravishing things you can attend these stores to make yourself more pleasantable.

#1 House of Prose Dubai Garden Centre:

This place is a perfect balance between the nature and breakfast spot. You can spend some time from your busy routine here with your family as here you can shop for your desired items. Here it is a free space for your eat outs and shopping hub and your picnic spot. You can get the items which are property for sale in Dubai. The Jumeirah Plaza outlet is the most famous things about this place. So don’t miss such wondering place with your family over this weekend. It is a beautiful place to spend your time with your love ones. You can get some peace in between the nature. There are plenty of flowers to be seen and you can enjoy the essence of the flowers.

Address- Dubai Garden Centre

Timings- 9am to 6pm for Sunday to Thursday and 9am to 8pm for Friday and Saturday

Contact@ 04 3400006

#2 Dubai Flea Market:

This place is special for second-hand shoes, clothes, toys and other items at cheap prices. It is located in a safe park. Even it works on buy and sell strategy which means if you want to sell something you may proceed to this place. Plan this weekend to enjoy this outstanding market and discover more marvelous things which can increase your charms. If you are a reader then check for Best Bookstores In Dubai To Watch Out For. Make sure that you never miss every first and third Friday of the month as it is the days where you can be most beneficial from this place and your shopping will be worth enough.

Address- Dubai Safa Park, Gate 4

bargain places in dubai

#3 Holy Trinity Thrift Store:

This store has a limitation of the money out of which it doesn’t sell anything more than that limitation. The limited amount is Dh10. The best place to do shopping all over Dubai for shopoholics. You get all varieties of bed sheets and work related items at reasonable rates. You can enjoy this place over your weekends to make your Friday more gala. It is a best place for all the shopaholoics. To buy great electronics things you can check Best Electronics Stores In Dubai To Watch Out For. Here you get the latest trendy, fashionable items so don’t worry about the quality and quantity. Don’t miss the smashing market.

Address- Holy Trinity Chapel Compound, Oud Metha Road near Dubai English Speaking School

Timings- 10am to 1pm and 5pm to 7:30pm everyday

Contact@ 04 3378192

#4 Garderobe:

This place looks like villa if you see from outside, but it is a store. This stire signifies the symbol of richness. It accommodates these many fashionable band’s Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Burberry, Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, and many more. Simultaneously, you can search apartments for sale in Dubai if you don’t have any shelter. You can get all the designalbe items and galleries over here. In addition, you can sell some desirable items of yours to this store.

Address- Jumeirah Road, Umm Suqeim 1

Timings- 10am to 9pm daily

Contact@ 04 3942753

Closing thoughts:

If you want to grab things at your price then must visit these stores to make you satisfied. Yu can see the appropriate timing. Check to the address. Get ready and plan your items. You can get most arrived mobiles in the places which assist mobile for sale. Make your wishlist to buy your favorite items at your price. You can also sell your artistic items here to return you an get some amount or any other things which you aspire. Get ready for the amazing experience of shopping. Shop more, live more.


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