Get to know more about the best shopping hubs in Abu Dhabi, which will leave you amazed and absolutely surprised by its specific importance”.

This article is very useful for the people who are die hard fan of shopping. Shopoholics are the main attention of Abu Dhabi. We will come to know many places where we have never been before or if we have been also we have never noticed it so. We are going to disclose the best shopping places, malls where you can shop, eat and enjoy yourself with your family.

6 Beautiful must visit places for shopping purpose:

shopping in Abu Dhabi

As per study it is found that year by year tourists visiting rate is getting increased to attend the boutiques and do some world-class shopping. There are so many decent and elegant malls all over Abu Dhabi. Discover Outstanding Shopping Hubs In Dubai sitting at your home and plan your weekend. Over weekends the shopping craze gets increased over the localities itself. They enjoy their gala weekend by visiting the stupendous malls and eat delicious and spicy food items.

#1 The Galleria:

This is the most spacious shopping mall in Adu Dhabi. It has a wide range of shops like Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, La Martina, Alexander McQueen and Michael Kors. It is famous for many branded clothes and accessories. It has an equal opportunity to find and shop in all over the shops available in the mall. The shops are marvelous and outstanding. They are arranged in a superistic way.

#2 Al Wahda Mall:

This mall was opened in 2007 and till date is known as one of the largest shopping complexes in the UAE. It is spread over the 3.3 million square feet and accommodates 350 stores. Discover more about Dubai real estate here. It has got 150 retail brands which are so lavishing and eye catchy. For example Shops include Gap, Armani Exchange, Victoria Secret, Izod and Tommy Hilfiger. It is said to be one of the city’s most well-known landmarks.

#3 Marina Mall:

This mall is a perfect place for game zone as well as shopping hub. It was opened in 2001. It has 5 levels enclosing 1.3 million square feet. It has got 400+ shopping retails like Prada, Tiffany & Co., Hugo Boss, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. It provides bowling alley to the bowling lovers and on top of its 30-story there is a beautiful restaurant which offers yummy and mouth watering dishes. Moreover, you can get some views of Abu Dhabi from the restaurant side.

shopping hubs in Abu Dhabi

#4 Abu Dhabi Mall:

This is the greatest hub for the Fashionista need the shopholics. It accommodates 200+ stores of fashion tags and designer boutiques. Don’t miss this mall if you don’t have your won vehicle. Buy used cars and explore Abu Dhabi. You can get any of the small things from here, which won’t be available in any of the region of Abu Dhabi. This is the best place for your selfie and instagram photos. The infrastructure will not allow your eye to blink for once also. It is the heart of all the malls of Abu Dhabi.

#5 Yas Mall:

This is the ever best and biggest mall you can ever know. It stores 2.5 million square feet of total area and gives place for more than 370 stores which are highly rated fashionable brands. You can get tired of shopping but brands won’t get finished. If you have come to visit Abu Dhabi then use used cars in Dubai to roam. If you get tired of shopping no worries there are more than 60 restaurants and cafes to be visited as per your taste. Well known brands live in this mall like Bershka, American Eagle Outfitters, Calvin Klein, Lacoste and Terranova. If you ever visit Abu Dhabi please have a look to this unbelievable mall.

#6 Avenue at Etihad:

This is most famous for the boutique shopping. If you are searching for the all high class, sophisticated, branded boutiques then your search is coming to an end. This is the place where you can numerous boutique stores. It covers an area of 13,814 square meters. We can get the latest trending clothes for both men and women as well as for children. This is a big shopping hub who is most interested in boutiques contain all the expensive branded clothes. It is greater in both quality and quantity.

Closing thoughts:

If you want to enjoy your weekend with your love ones then definitely have a visit to these malls. This will be your complete entertainment. Each mall has its own specialty and each shop ha sit’s own swag. You can also find Top 15 Tourist Attractions Of Dubai. You need to figure out how do you not to spend your vacations. Enjoy your weekend with shopping, eating, gaming and much more. Don’t wait for the moment to grab the moment.


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