Best places for buying diamonds in Dubai

Many women love diamonds a lot and the city of gold is one of the best place to buy diamond from and keep the same with you!

Dubai is the lovely city of gold in UAE and this is the lovely city to be seen once in a lifetime for sure. This is also the best place for buying the diamonds from and you will also be able to buy the dazzling diamonds from. Dubai is one of the best place from where the girls can buy lovely and shining diamonds from. You can get the best diamonds, as per your choice and preferences. You should know some tips for buying gold from Deira Souk, Dubai.

Many of the jewelers also agree to the fact that diamonds do not get appreciated over the time. Every kind of diamond is one of its kind and looks beautiful too. The girls get attracted to diamonds very easily. Diamonds are known best for their beauty, dazzling quality too. Well, there are various things to be considered before purchasing the diamond. The quality of a diamond can just be determined from the quality apart features and this can also be referred as the 4C: cut, color, clarity and also the carat. You must look at the same minutely at the time of making the purchase of diamonds.

best shops of diamonds in dubai

#1 Diamond cut:

This also refers to the workmanship and also the quality of a diamond and this is in the terms of the sparkle feature, fire and also the brilliance. It was at the end of the year 2005, Dubai Metal & Commodities Center (DMCC) also revealed that the exceptional “Dubai Cut” an also the 99 faceted diamond, and also got inspired through the 99 names of Allah. There is also the classified app UAE, which also helps you to know the best used products as per your choice and preferences.

#2 Diamond Color also matters:

To know about the value of diamond, you need to know that the less color a diamond must possess and it then becomes more valuable.

#3 Clarity of a diamond:

This also measure the clarity of a diamond and it also grades, which runs from the “Flawless” without any kind of imperfections too, and it also includes that must not be perfect in the terms of clarity too.

#4 Diamond carat:

It refers to the weight of the diamond and the heavier is the diamond, then the more valuable it also turns out to be.

#5 Diamond certification:

This is also referred as the 5th C, a kind of diamond certificate and this is also issued as the third party agency, and not the buyer or seller, who also authenticates the characteristics of the particular diamond. It is also one of the recognized of these and it is also the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and also the Diamond High Council (short for the Dutch “Hoge Raad voor Diamant”) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Where you can find the best diamond in Dubai:

#1 At Gold Souk of Dubai:

This shop is quite popular in the class apart gold shops located here. This Gold Souk is nestled at the heart of Dubai’s old commercial district of Deira and also includes the best in class stores, which are quite established and also very familiar too. The diamond stock which is being displayed here is too expensive, but the buyers can also do the bargaining for price and this will not be to everyone’s taste too. And this Gold souk also gives you the real flavor for old Dubai also. For buy best gold, you should know about which are the best gold shops in Dubai.

#2 Dubai Gold and the Diamond Park also:

This gold and Diamond Park are also one of the best in class air-conditioned mall to be considered for sure. This mall includes around 60 retail jewelry stores along with different styles of the products too. It is the loveliest place to be considered for genuine diamond buyers also. The diamond prices here can also vary from various stores to other stores and your ability for getting the best deal will also depend on the different prices too and also for the ability to bargain. You must also check out the diamond prices.

#3 Dubai Diamond Trading websites:

For the unbeatable prices on a huge range of diamond jewelry, online purchasing from the internet-based shop like Dubai Rocks. And this will also be the traditional retail store too, along with the physical location too, and also the prices here are just very amazing if compared to the traditional stores too. You must always opt for buying the certified diamonds only. Many traders will also ask you for the deposit reserve too, and this will surely not exceed 5% of the product cost.

#4 From Damas:

Any kind of internationally recognized brand which is also headquartered in the city of gold: Dubai and this also offers the top-notch quality of diamond jewelry which is also being backed by the 100 years in the business of jewelry. This is also being committed to the quality of products with the finest craftsmanship too. Damas is the best place to buy the shiny diamond.

The Final Words:

So, the above listed are the best in class places, from where you will be able to find the best in class diamonds. And these are the class apart places to watch out for and you will be able to find the best deals too. You will also know about the best classified app Dubai and you will also be able to do business of buying and selling the used products in Dubai, UAE as such. All you have to do is just add the products by clicking the image and you will also get the buyers.


Which are the Top 6 Cocktails to Try in Dubai, UAE ?

Which are the Top 6 Cocktails to Try in Dubai, UAE ?

Cocktails are being loved by some people and they also want to know about the best ones for sure which must be surely tried!

For the party lovers in the world, there are various kinds of things to try for sure. Dubai is the lovely place which also attracts the people who are the party lovers to the core. The nightlife of Dubai also attracts the people from around the globe and they also love the good music too, plus the perfect blend of cocktails which will completely sizzle your senses.

Cocktails to Try in Dubai

6 Best Cocktails to Try in Dubai:

Here is the list of best 6 cocktails in Dubai to watch out for and they must also opt for trying these best in class drinks, once in a lifetime for sure as such.

1 Luxe Range of Scottish drink:

Only the broad-minded ones can spend money quite extravagant in the 55 years old Scottish beverage at the Sky View Bar as such. It comes whole in the sparkling ice cubes also and these are made from the water near Scotland, which is being served in the 18 carat tumbler and all for just about $7440 only. People like to go to the nightclubs for sure and also the best hotel, the Burj Al Arab, and this looks quite appealing to the core. This class apart building also stands with the Empire State Building and also the Eiffel Tower. This is one of the best in class 7 star hotel to watch out for. How much is the cost required to live in Dubai is also the best question being searched.

2 Fine Tipples:

Fine Tipple is also one of the best cocktail to watch out for and it is the cocktail of sherry, grapefruit, orange sherbet, maraschino and also the champagne too at R Trader. Other vodka oriented cocktails are the Belladonana and Dirty weekend. The mixologists at this place have a good passion for the perfection and this can be seen with every sip. In this drink, there is good pairing of cacao infused gin and also the maraschino liqueur which you must try. There are various guest posting websites in Dubai, UAE and from here you will be able to find the best used and second hand products for sure.

3 Blueberry and Ginger Sour cocktail:

This is one of the favourite of Johnny Depp too. You will surely go nuts with this one for sure. This also infuses the fresh fruit plus the ice too. If you desire to have something fancier then you must go with this one for sure. The hollywood actor, Johnny Depp, love to drink this everytime whenever he steps in the swanky venue whenever he is in Dubai, UAE. For the best peaceful aura, Buddha Bar has also set the big standards from the fine dining and the bars in Dubai. You will also get to see the Asiatic decor and this is also the classy brand to watch out for and this is originated in Paris 1996. For a class apart fine dining experience atthe day time, this also ramps for appealing in evening. You must opt for the best international DJ when you drop here.

4 Hendricks Lemonade:

It is at the Play Restaurants and Lounge, Hendricks Lemonade is being served for the 2 in a teapot along with the gin too. Play also features various kinds different cocktaiils that will thrill your senses for sure. This kind of concept is purely new one and works as the attention-grabber too. It is also growing in the popularity for sure and you will also love the good food of here for sure. They very well know for doing everything quite perfectly. Cocktails to Try in Dubai-3

5 Not so Colada:

You must also try the best signature Not so Colada which is from the Little Black Door. It is a kind of homemade banana plus the perfect blend of lemon grass, blended rum with the coconut water too, and pineapple juice and eucalyptus. These drinks are generally categorized as “The Rockstar”, “The Intellectual”, “The Traveler et al”. If you just desire to have the elegant night and if you are just ready for taking a step in a different world then the Little Black Door is sure to try for you.

The Final Words:

So the above listed are the best ever cocktails which you must try once in your lifetime in Dubai, UAE. Apart from being the best place for foodies, Dubai is also the place for people who desire to have the best residential home. Real estate in Dubai can be searched on the classified apps UAE and at these places you will be able to find the best real estate, as per the locality, preferences, choices and the budgets.

Which are the Popular Traditional Clothing in UAE ?

Which are the Popular Traditional Clothing in UAE ?

When the question comes for the traditional clothing in United Arab Emirates, then there people from around the globe desire to know the tradition!

The UAE is the gulf country and this has very different kind of tradition. This style of tradition is quite different to watch out for. Apart from Dubai, other Emirates in the gulf country UAE are also traditional in different regards for their style of dressing and you can also adopt the modesty in different Islamic text offers as such.

Popular Traditional Clothing in UAE

Dubai is also the place which attracts the globetrotters like the tourists and expats and so keeping its clothing styles just very lenient. Though the western style of dressing like the t-shirts, long skirts and also the trousers are also permitted. The women are also anticipated for keeping their skin completely covered only. For wrapping it up, everything can go just long as you can just remember that you are going very progressive yet Islamic Emirate.

Islamic traditional attire are also styled in the context with whatever is just worn at the time of day, at the night for religious occasions. The classy designs of this attractive clothing have also been adapted as the local hot climate and the religious beliefs and the region. There is best tradition and culture in UAE and it is being loved by people around the globe too.

7 Traditional Clothing to Watch Out For:

Here is the list of 6 classy and traditional clothing which are being worn at UAE and you must surely watch out the same, when you go to visit UAE:

1 Abaya:

Abaya is one of the clothing to watch out for and this appears to be quite elegant for sure. It is one of the long thrilling cloak which is being worn by the women in UAE. This is a kind of national dress to be considered. If traditionally is concerned with, then it is just black in colour and covers up the whole body itself or sure, the feet and also the hands. So women always prefere for pairing the same with the niqab and also Gafaaz for covering up the face and also the hands too.

2 Agal:

An Agal is also known as the Iqal, igal or the egal and this is also the black band which is completely secured around the ghutrah for keeping in the place. Well, this attire is also losing its importance for sure as young men drape this particular guthra in various ways. You can also buy and sell Dubai used products and do the trading regarding the same for making money too.

Traditional Clothing

3 Burqa:

This particular Burqa or the burkah, burka is also the outer piece of clothing and also used for woman’s body for preventing the exposure to the skin at public place. This particular Burqa is also being removed when the women enters home and is with her family members. It is also being worn as the daily attire only and is quite common in the older generation. There are also top 10 funny things to do in Dubai Emirates and you must know about the same.

4 Kandura:

This is also called as the thwab, thobe or as the dishadasha. It is the attire which is ankle length and is also loose in fitting robe for the men. In the winter season, Kandura is being available in variety of colours and many of them are just in dark shades. The length of the robe represents the whole status of the person with the wealthy and also the royal seen in the longer robes. The short length also symbolize the modesty and is also worn by remaining Arabs too.

5 Gishwa:

UAE women also dress the traditionally in Gishwa and this is a kind of thin veil which also covers he complete face and is also just unrecognizable too. It is also very fine enough for the person who wears to see through the same. There are various kinds of used items in Dubai to watch out for, if you can’t afford to buy the luxe and lavish products.

6 Ghutrah:

A typical headscarf which is being worn by the men in UAE, this ghutrah is also called as the name of Keffiyeh/Kyfiya or the shemagh in different countries too. It is completely made from square cloth of the cotton in the chequered patterns and is also draped at the head in different kind of ways too. In the dry climates, these are the kind of scarves provide the protection from the dust and also the harsh rays of scorching sun too.

7 Ghafiyah:

The ghafiyah also appears to be like the Muslim prayer hat and this is also worn below the ghutrah headscarf by Arabic men too. They are generally embroided and are not at all visible for the naked eye because it is completely covered like ghutrah.

The Final Words

So, the above listed are the traditional clothing about the UAE and you will also be able to know about the best in class real estate in Dubai, UAE because people like to know about the best and lavish real estate for sure. There are class apart villas, apartments which are there in Dubai to watch out for and people like to take the ones, as per their choice and preferences to.

Know About the Self Driving Technology With The Pros & Cons

Know About the Self Driving Technology With The Pros & Cons

In this world, self-driving cars are something which attracts people to the core, by the looks and make.

As per the Centers for Disease Control, fatalities from the traffic incidents happens on the annual basis upwards of the 33000 people. Some of these particular accidents can’t be prevented at all and some of these accidents are just due to distracted driving. In the few years, because of numerous accidents occurring in the country and much of the injuries that result from them, much push had also been made regarding the technology for making the cars safe.

Pros and Cons of the self driving cars:

self driving car

Apart from the technology, which is emerging at the time is ideally about these self-driving cars, the development is quite efficacious like it belongs to the movie. The major reality is that, these particular cars are not quite far off. Here we discuss about the pros and cons of the self-driving cars:

Pros of the self-driving cars:

#1 If compared to the countless bad behaviors, then the driver might also exhibit behind the wheel, and a computer is also the ideal motorist. As most of the car crashes are from the result of human error, the computers might take the much danger from the equation completely. Purchase your dream car from across the country, as per your choice and preferences.

#2 Computers make use of the hard algorithms for determining the appropriate stopping distance itself and the distance from other kind of vehicle & other data which also reduces the chance of car accidents.

#3 There are no such opportunities for the computer to get distracted, and this is the major cause of accidents at US.

#4 Though it is not quite clear as to what extent lives can be saved as such. The human driven cars are available at too high prices, if danger is concerned with.

#5 As per the Eno Transportation, these self-driving cars in whopping numbers, also take participate in the behavior which is also planning and this can significantly improvise the traffic conditions also Even the commute times can also be reduced in the high-traffic areas but also for maximizing the gasoline usage too. Also know about the car rental Abu Dhabi-Dubai, UAE.

#6 The disabled individuals who need to rely on the public transportations or from the assistance of of others in getting around, and this could also reap the major benefits of the self-driving cars with different kind of freedom and also the mobility.

self driving technology pros cons

The Cons of self-driving cars:

#1 Just by having the best ability for operating the self-driving cars will need the education on the driver’s part, as per the Teletrac. As the computer takes over once the vehicle starts operating, the driver still needs to maintain some of the knowledge regarding operating the same safely.

#2 The price of implementing this new kind of technology can be just the way out of reach for various Americans. At present, the engineering, computer needs, power, software and sensors also add up more than $100000.

#3 The major saving in terms of costs, time, lives will be coming, when people “opt in” to the service. If these particular self-driving cars are not at all adopted widely, then the accidents might happen as such.

#4 For the computer in operating the vehicle, various information must be stored in the software itself. Many individuals are just concerned with the opportunity for computer built in self-driving cars for collecting personal data. People also do the business of used cars too. People just have to download the classified app, click the photo of used product and upload with the description. They will get the buyers.

#5 Though there are also the concerns to the adequate nature of the public transportation, these self-driving cars will be able to eliminate much of the jobs at the transportation sector, moreover when it comes to taxi drivers and freight transportation.

#6 These self-driving cars does not just fully reduce the likelihood of the car accident. And even, there is no such legal precedent for how any case can be handled. The harder question which arises is that, who holds the major responsibility in a car accident- yes it is the driver? Software developer? It cannot be said exactly.

#7 These cars are generally not able to operate at the high level of safety in all the climatic conditions. The heavy rain might also cause much damage to the laser sensor which is mounted on the car’s roof, and this calls into the question as to what role must be played if any technology does not work. You can also buy used cars, if you can’t afford to by the lavish and luxe cars.

The Final Words:

So, the above listed are the pros and cons which you must know about and you will be able to know about the self driving cars too. You can also check out the used cars for sale in classified app UAE. You can check out the cars as per your choices and the preferences too. Various kinds of cars are available at the classified app Dubai. If you love reading this post, then you can also share your experiences in the comments section below.

Top 5 Phenomenal Chinese Restaurant In Dubai 2017

Top 5 Phenomenal Chinese Restaurant In Dubai 2017

The masterpiece of Chinese gastronomy has developed in such a way that it has proved that culinary traditions of China is the best and everlasting ”

On today’s date, there are so many Chinese restaurants which have proved to be the best among the top restaurants of the world. In fact, in the parties, events or birthday functions these are the best food cuisines. Simultaneously learn about Top 10 Best Indian Restaurants In Dubai. None of the party is complete without the Chinese food. Even in Indian restaurants also there are many varieties of Chinese items. They are specialized in small scale as well as large scale areas.

Top Most 5 Extraordinary Chinese Restaurants in Dubai:

Chinese Restaurants in Dubai

These restaurants provide you the best of Chinese food with the best of the Chinese environment. They serve you with all their warming blessings and they treat their guest as their god. The food is served in a delightful dilemma which means they have a sequence to serve the Chinese food items and you can enjoy the items on their way using chopsticks.

1 Blue Jade:

At the Blue Jade, they offer the finest and most diverse ingredients that will lead you to a mouth watering feeling. It is said that quality is more important than quantity and the best part is that here they work on this strategy. Once you enter this restaurant you will be treated with true Asian hospitality by the Chinese staff. This comes in one of the Top 15 Tourist Attractions Of Dubai. They wear the original Chinese dress to create a tradition of china and maintain it. The talented chef knows the art of balancing sweet and savory flavors into your dish to make it more delicious. The famous items from this restaurant are an irresistible rice pudding, Szechuan Aubergine’s with shiitake mushrooms laced with coconut milk and topped with fresh mangoes. This amazing restaurant reminds you about the eternal china.

Location- The Walk at Jbr | The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, Dubai 26525,United Arab Emirates.

Contact  +971 4 318 6150.

2 Shanghai Chic:

This restaurant will be liked by you so much as it contains sculptures depicting ancient warriors. The palette is filled with purple and black color. This ethnic restaurant provides traditional menu of engaging Chinese classics. If you want to own your mobile then check mobile for sale in Dubai. This is famous for all the occasional outings. The signature dishes of this elegant restaurant are chicken in a sweet chili gravy and Xiao long bao (pork dumplings served in a delicious broth). The additional point of this restaurant is that they provide some night lightening based theme every night, which means it is a suitable place for outing with your friends and family with yummy dishes.

Location- Movenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai | Adjacent to Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Contact@ +971 4 444 5613.

3 Yuan:

It offers an award-winning establishment to the people who are die hard fan of Chinese food items. It is considered as an essence of luxury. It is a smashing place for your all social stuff which will make you wonder how social butterflies can also be so cheerful. The dining area has deluxe seating arrangement which gives you an idol of heavenly based restaurant. The specialty of this restaurant is that they provide the bar with sizzling drinks and every evening is enjoyed with acoustic theme. Entertain yourself with the top notch dishes like Szechuan green beans and sauteed with minced chicken here in a private section. Obviously after some jaw dropping dishes they will treat you with the corn custard dessert. There is some age limitation like those younger than 10 won’t be able to enter. It is a contemporary place for lovely friends to reunite.

Location- Crescent Road | Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Contact@ + 971 4 426 2626.

best Chinese Restaurants in Dubai

4 Junsui:

This restaurant runs on the Traditional outfit. The contemporary teapots and bowls used here have been used for centuries and the cultural interiors of the restaurant gives us a brief description about the Chinese outdoors. They offer a sophisticated package which includes highly rated delicious Chinese traditional items which are dedicated to Korea and Japan. The highly qualified chef who uses the art of preparing noodles is just commendable. They really have a good command over themselves. The main thing about this restaurant is that they provide a gift certificate for your dear ones as per your delicate requirements. Their main priority is your satisfaction.

Location- Ground mezzanine Floor | Burj Al Arab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Contact@ + 971 4 301 7600.

5 Shiba:

This is a warm and inviting restaurant which provides you an authentic menu with all the wooden infrastructure. They provide you the dishes which is being generated originally. You can enjoy the countless exotic beverages under the stunning Lounge. Difficulty while going to this place as you don’t have own car? No worries. Buy from the outstanding showroom of cars in DubaiThis is a perfect place to have your lovely conversation with your loved ones. The apple of the eye is the peace and Style maintained here. Plan your weekend.

Location – Racecourse Al Meydan Road | The Medan Hotel Meydan, Nad Al Sheba, Dubai 9305, United Arab Emirates.

Contact@ + 971 4 381 3111.

A Closing Thought:

These are suitable places for the Chinese lovers. They are warmly greeted here. If you have other plans this weekend, then cancel it and take your family to a beautiful and auspicious place. You can learn more about these places in classified apps UAE. Spend some time with them having such memorable site seeing and mouth watering dishes.


Best Popular Luxury Fashionable Brands In UAE

Best Popular Luxury Fashionable Brands In UAE

“Luxury and ravishing items can seek your attention in one second, which means it is so powerful to withstand lots of eyesight”.

Many people have a habit of wearing branded suitings and clothings. They believe that they should look antique and rare in the crowd. This makes them feel so heavenly when they roam in the crowd of millions having their own fashion. Many people of thinking like they should not be common. Branded clothes are very expensive but durable. You can also know How To Enjoy Dubai Lifestyle By 10 Best Mobile Apps. They signify your class and your royal look. Your class describes about your personality and your personality is defined by your mentality so better start wearing behind things and use branded things to make yourself uncommon in the crowd.

fashionable brands UAE

5 Brands in Dubai, which resembles richness:

These brands justify your character. If you desire to wear brands then you should never feel shy to do so. The main reason why people are not accepting the brands is that they think why to waste money on expensive things when we are getting the same in low rate? But we should think like this that we can get only clothes not a brand. People should aspire to be a brand. We are meant to explore yourself not to use whatever we are getting.

#1 Chanel:

This brand is famous for the little black dress. You can find the black dress worn by girls with a beautiful pair of shoes makes a perfect combination of bitterness with a spark. This is the most selling brands everywhere by year. To know more about this search in Dubai classifieds. Other famous outlets associated with it are the Chanel No. 5 perfumes and the Chanel Suit. This is the top notch brand which will snatch your peace and let you feel royal.

#2 Cartier:

When it comes to extravagant Jewellery and watches and accessories only one name comes from everyone’s mouth that is Cartier. It is the most famous brand for accessories and well knows and trust worthy for jewelry section. You can feel more love and epic after this. This can make your neck and hands look more adorable with its fine art items. It is said to be found in all the malls, shops or markets. So if you want to ship some desirable items, please check for this brand.

#3 Gucci:

People who hunt for expensive and royal with Italian craftsmanship items can be sure of this brand. This is meant for wealthy people who have a swag of counting all the most beautiful cultural item in their house as well as for their body outfit. You can read about this in UAE classifieds. This is the ever best selling brand of the year and it is also very prominent. You need to hunt for this brand if you want to create an impact on your colleagues or friends or see your circle.

fashion accessories UAE

#4 Ralph Lauren:

This is the best American company which sells bags and watches. These are quite affordable which means it can be compatible for the common people as well. This company is aiming to become the most selling brand of the year by pricing it’s items as $1,700-to-$4,000 range for women handbags. This brand can make your dream come true to be the attention of the crowd. A human nature is always a hunger of appreciation. This company is famous for it’s $220,000 stirrup diamond link watch which is very hard to afford. So if you dream about this brand you need to work hard for this.

#5 Hermes:

The buyers who really desire for Hermes will definitely buy the products though it is expensive they also. It is quite more expensive than other brands as it executes the best practice which can make you one in the crowd. If you want to look special you, and see expensive cars for sale in Dubai and buy them. It will distinguish between the common and uncommon people. If you gift someone this brand then they will feel so delightful as you have spammed this much effort for them. So it is a beautiful brand to gift someone.

Closing up:

One who wears all branded items is considered to be the best person in the crowd as he is aware about the fashion and he always maintains the fashion in himself. He is always treated as king of the kingdom, so be the king. You will not resist yourself anymore knowing after What Makes Dubai A Popular Tourist-Attraction. Raise your standard by using these branded items and make yourself different from the crowd. Being different from the crowd is an everlasting feeling when everyone sees you for your look.