It is the era of being an entrepreneur by establishing the own startup and then working on strategies to grow the business to make it a brand!

Well, it is quite difficult to become a popular entrepreneur. It requires lots of hard work to be the famous entrepreneur. You must have your goals quite clear for reaching towards the immense success. You must also know the best strategy for growing and flourishing your business a rapid pace once you have established your startup as such. There are various kinds of qualities which makes the successful entrepreneurs different from others and these qualities include the correct amount of passion, positive attitude towards life, etc. And many other qualities must be involved with the person who aspire to be the leading entrepreneur. You should know about How to Create Business Reputation Online in order to successfully make your business statistics.

Top 5 entrepreneurs of the Middle East:

top 5 middle east entrepreneurs


Here is the list of the top 5 entrepreneurs of the Middle East which you must know

#1 Hind Hobeika:

She is the founder of Instabeat. Former professional swimmer, Hobeika then noticed about the gap in the market about the swimming, tracking devices and then she carried her best idea in worldwide. From the nationality of Lebanese, as she achieved 3rd place in Qatar’s Stars of Science Competition and also won first prize at the MIT enterprise Forum Pan Arab Business Plan Competition too, and then she also did the finance for both the traditional and also the crowd funding platforms. She is also said to have achieved more than the two times of her initial goal of $35,000 on the Indiegogo in the first days of any kind of campaign in the year 2013. This engineer is also opting to prepare for the Instabeat product launching session in San Francisco, the place where she is also working with the manufacturing partner too.

#2 Saygin Yalcin:

This entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of and belongs to the German nationality. This entrepreneur was also drawn to Dubai around more than 5 years ago through the ever-growing technology scene beginning the flash sales site In the year 2012, he also sold of his business to and then the following year he also launched the used-car selling website This concept has also proven to be hit in various ways. Now this business is also getting extended to Germany, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and UAE. This made Yalchin to seek additional finance of up to $100 men for enhancing the business rapidly for expanding in Europe too, and also hoping for $1bn valuation from the American venture capital investors too.

#3 Loulou Khazen Baz:

She is the founder and CEO of and she belongs to Lebanese nationality. Chosen bars became popular after she won the 2012 series of The Entrepreneur and then her startup grown at a rapid pace which also led her to turn famous entrepreneur. The meaning of Nabbesh being “search” in Arabic, also connects the businesses with the freelance professionals and also has the community of around 40000+ people across 100+ countries. This lady Khazen Bass has also preserved her entrepreneurial call by the raising of $10000 in the year 2013 through the crowd funding platform for financing the next part of Nabbesh’s development as such. There are different business growth sectors in Dubai.

#4 Paul Kenny:

This man is the founder of and belongs to the nationality of Irish as such. This entrepreneur is also the leading entrepreneur of the region and famous as the tech entrepreneur. He founded the deal site in the year 2010, and has also become one of the popular entrepreneur of the Middle East and North Africa’s top-notch eCommerce sites and this business was also sold to Tiger Global Management in the year 2010 fir the approximated $4 just before the complete recent sale for Middle East Digital Group as such. Kenny is also now looking forward for investing through the Emerge Ventures and also mentoring and then advising for the companies in the worldwide.

#5 Magnus Olsson and Mudassar Sheikha:

They both are the co-founders of Careem and they belong to the nationality of Swedish and Pakistani and they both are also the former consultants at McKinsey & Company, they have also expanded this chauffeur service throughout the region as such. It now has the presence in around 14 cities throughout the Middle East and have also expanded the project in Morocco too by the accession of taxi as such. It was in the month of December that this particular firm also made the finance of $10 mn in the investment round which was also led by Al Tayyar Travel Group. You can also list your business in the top 15 business listing website in UAE.

5 Best business ideas in Dubai, UAE:

business ideas in Dubai

Now you will get to know about the best business ideas in Dubai, UAE and you will also start making money with this business instantly:

#1 Trading business is also classed apart:

Some people opt for making money sitting at home and trading in used and secondhand products is the best option. UAE classified app is the perfect platform for trading in used and secondhand products and you just have to post the ad for free and you will be getting the buyers for second hand product purchase.

#2 Transport business:

Dubai is the most loved tourist attractions in the world, this Emirates city has the widest scope of opportunities in the transport business. It is the fastest increasing business which can lead you to higher revenues. Investors also have the best option for beginning with the local taxi service or also the trans-city transport service too.

#3 Tourism business is flourishing:

Dubai is also the rapidly growing segment for the vacation destinations and venues. This is the reason why there are lakes and lavish 5-star hotels in this city of gold, Dubai. With each passing year, numerous visitors and tourists come to visit this world-class city which also has the marvelous opportunities, even for the businesses which also cater to the tourists in different ways.

#4 Real estate business:

One of the fastest growing industries of Dubai is the real estate sector. People from around the world keep their eyes glued to the best real estate purchase and they can purchase through best classified app Dubai. If business starting is concerned, then real estate business is the best one to opt for.

#5 Food based business:

The food business is also the best to opt for in Dubai, the city of gold. The foodies look forward to have the best in class food outlets right on their smartphone and so your online business can be listed on the food based app and this will help your food business to grow rapidly.

Wrapping up:

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the complete Middle East is turning out to be a huge business hub and Dubai is one of the best ones. If you are also looking forward to be the entrepreneur then you will certainly be getting inspired by the above listed 5 best entrepreneurs from the Middle East. This might give you the motivation and inspiration to start your own business and flourish, it with each passing day through different marketing strategies as such. Dubai classifieds helps you to make your business grow and also accomplish some relevant business factors.


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