What is Word of Mouth Marketing?

Word of Mouth Marketing, also said to be as word of mouth advertising, it is not similar to naturally word of mouth, this encouraged by the organisations, like rewarding the regular consumers for engaging in WOM.

word of mouth

Word of mouth marketing implies that, when a consumer is 100% satisfied with a company’s product or service, they keep saying about hat company to various people. Word-of-mouth marketing can be supported by different publicity methods which the companies sets up, or by a different kind of method, by encouraging consumer-to-marketer or consumer-to-consumer communications. This includes various ways like, going viral, through blogs and social media marketing.

Word of Mouth Marketing: The easy trend in Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is the best way to heighten a business without investing a penny for the promotion work.

Why should marketers feel that WOMM is pretty good marketing method?

WOMM is the most influential form of marketing and if one gets perfect in this form of marketing, then that person can take the business to the next level. Consumers trust word-of-mouth marketing more than the other form of marketing. WOMM is the best method to increase sales leads in the business.

The marketers will definitely like to adopt this form of marketing more than the other form of marketing. According to Nielsen, 92% of the consumers in today’s date believe suggestions from friends and family about any product or the services. The consumers believe that this form of advertising is pretty good.

Many of the marketing executives states that they trust word of mouth advertising is very effective form of marketing. But only 6% say that they are good at it.

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How Word-of-Mouth Marketing is Effective for your Business?

In the last few years, marketers are concentrating on “collecting” instead of “connecting”. Various brands are just focusing on increasing social media fans, but they are not able to connect with them, they forget to connect with the long list of fans. It is better to have 100 genuine fans who support and love your brand or product. It doesn’t make any sense to have 10,000 “fans” who have just signed up to get a free promotional gift from you.

It has been noticed that a wonderful WOMM campaigning can generate sales leads enormously, recommendations about some products from family and friends can work wonders in increasing the sales and thereby increasing the revenues.

How Classifieds Websites is Beneficial for Word-of-Mouth marketing?

There are various startup businesses who are gaining success at a rapid pace, and on the other hand there are various businesses who are not even getting noticed.

The reason here is improper marketing.

In today’s date, classifieds websites play an important role in marketing and advertising your business in no time. You get to see various classified ads daily in various forms. You can either see in the newspapers or online too. While looking at the classified ads people opt for purchasing that particular product as it fits their requirements.

When people will buy that product and gets completely satisfied about the product, they will spread the word about the product in various ways. They will post reviews online about their experience of buying a product, or they will do the word-of-mouth advertising of that product to their friends and the family.

When people share their experiences to the family and friends, their family and friends will also buy that product and they will recommend to buy that product to 4 other people, and so on.

So, classified ads website plays an important role in marketing and advertising of the business, be it start up or a leading brand.


So, it is not wrong to stay that you can get various customers for your business by doing word-of-mouth marketing through best platform, by posting ads about your business on classified ads website.

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