Ras al-Khaimah is one of the emirates of the united Arab emirates. It is often called as headland of the small huts. It’s a beautiful and splendid city which has two main sections, one of them is old ras al Khaimah and another one is Nakheel. It has many places made for the purpose of tips for landscape shooting. It is a must visit place and there are many exciting things to be done at this spectacular place.


Top 10 sites of this remarkable place:

#1 Jazirat al Hamra fishing village

Jazirat al hamra fishing village

This is termed as one of the haunted places in the world. This is a fishing village which is most preserving costal areas in the UAE. Definitely it will be in the list of must watch places in one’s life. Here mostly the subsistence was done through the fishery and pearly business. All was going well, but suddenly they left in 1968. Since it wasn’t a Dubai property for saleso it was fenced from everywhere and closed officially. It became a history afterwards and this becomes a wanted place to be seen as it is filled with whole curiosity and eagerness to visit this place once in life. Just by having a glance of the pictures of the village my wish is set to visit this place once in my life. To get there you have to turn off Hwy E11 opposite majan printing and drive towards this village. Generally, in today’s date we have navigation which helps us in reaching out anywhere in estimated time. Though, this place is not open for anyone and officially it is not allowed to go inside this place, but we can have a look from appropriate distance and enjoy the village. Please guys if you are planning for vacation, then this place is must to visit!

#2 National Museum of Ras al Khaimah

museum of ras al khaimah

This museum is different from other museums in the world. This museum is not made up of building having large walls and historic stuff inside. The museum has a 19th century fort. Once upon a time it was ruled under qawassim rulers until 1964. If you enter you will find an ornate wooden door, followed by ethnological assortment as well as we can see some artifacts from archaeological digs which is being obtained through digging areas. We have another important fort between 14th and 17th century known as julfar, inside this museum. It means that this is not an ordinary museum, we can discover many new unseen things and can know better about ras al Khaimah’s history. It includes gems such as complicated patterned Iron Age softstone vessels and terracotta urns. It is located at al his road.

#3 Dhayah Fort

dhayah fort

It is a prodigious fortress in UAE. It has a zig-zag patterned staircase attached with twin towered hilltop. By climbing the staircase we can experience a 360 degree vista of the RAK area. It is a huge palm oasis found near Dhayah fort. We can have a look at Hajar mountains also. It was built in its early 19th century. There was a last battle happened near this fort in 1819 between local tribes and British troops. It is a must watch place for those people who have an interest in historiology..

#4 Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Lounge

It is a five star lounge in Ras al Khaimah. Its essence and smell attracts you from miles. Once you visit this place will forget about the bad taste in your life. It contains a menu of mouth watering pupus that is Polynesian-style appetizers.

mai-tai-plank lunge 22

It looks like crispy prawns or baked crab. As well as it has artichoke dip which is so appetizing. The lounge is blessed with a kiss-ass tropical drinks in totally chilled environment. We can enjoy a live musical band which plays sultry Cuban sounds at night. In short, is a mixture of beef tenderloin and prawns. Please have some good time at this place and make yourself pleased with this heavenly lounge.

#5 Cafe La Luna


It is an Italian cafe in Ras al Khaimah. It’s an open place to enjoy your pizza and pasta with 100% guarantee of taste and quality. Since it is an open place so we we will get a view of bobbing yachts of Al Hamra Marina. This amazing spot has extra ordinary coffees and a small breakfast menu having croissants, omelettes etc. It is located at off Hwy E11 opposite to Majan Printing. Get cheered up with sensational coffee and yummy snacks and have a look of yatchs simultaneously. This will definitely make your day.

#6 Sho Fee Rooftop Bar

It is a breathtaking bar in ras al Khaimah which serves cocoon with cocktails. It is a 9th floor terrace at the Double Tree by Hilton. This wondrous bar is situated on the eyeconic Al Marjan Island, which is a perfect spot of having night fun. You can have talks about buy and sell Dubai there as it is more convincing if the environment is in your favor.

sho fee rooftop bar

We can watch the sun plopping into the sea. We can enjoy our drinks sitting on the island and have a glance of sunset. Nothing can be more exciting than sunrise and sunset. If you are feeling low then get yourself to this place and enjoy your every moment of life because life is one and it should be enjoyed properly. After evening there is a DJ sounds gearing up you for the beautiful moments that can be build by your own happiness. As well as we have Sheesha and maize in the snacks.

#7 Breakers on the Beach

breakers beach

It is another chilling bar in ras al Khaimah. It is situated at the beach and often called as beach bar. It serves chilled coffee, cocktail and mocktail. We can enjoy the count the number of crashing waves. Though it is innumerable but this we can have a nice time spending with our loved ones. You can express yourself better and convince your loved ones in a polite way. It is a perfect spot to take your partner for a date. Book your privacy and enjoy the wriggling of your toes in the sand. It is located at Cove Rotana Resort on the main highway which is halfway between Jazirat Al Hamra and RAK City. Go and have some good time. Make some cherishable moments of your life.

#8 Al Sahari


This is a local tidy dinning place in short most visited dining room with blue walls, linen table cloths. The menu contains appetizing mezze, kebabs, fried fish and shrimp and fresh juices. There is a sophisticated and joyful rule of sitting arrangement. Women and families will sit on the left side of the room on the other hand men on the right. The associated cafeteria serves wonderful Arabic breakfast and sandwiches. It is a well deserving place to have a family time.

#9 Passage to Asia


This scrumptious restaurant is built at the Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort. The menu of this palatable restaurant can leave your mouth watering and appealing. It has a specialty of the span of Asia’s two famous Japanese and Thai. They have maintained their reputation by setting up the environment in a lovely and live way. The place looks more epic and live with the help of tropical flowers. You will get a fully satisfied attentive maid service. One thing is very sure that you won’t come back with disappointment.

#10 Club Acacia

We have so enjoyable and pleasing clubs at ras al Khaimah which gives us relaxment and stress free moments. It is at Acacia Hotel. Show some naughty moves on the slashing disco setup. Even if you are bothered about the disco lights at least visit for some services as karaoke, darts and snooker. It is the most stunning club known in ras al Khaimah.

The final word:

All together we have lots of things to do at ras al Khaimah. We have discovered all the sizzling spots and their uniqueness. So please visit once. To keep you always updated with sparky places we can have ad posting app UAE, which will guide you the appropriate places and the routes well. These types of places will give you pleasure and relieves your burden or stress at least for sometime. There are so many things to do in Hatta. In fact, you can make a list of these places and visit them by weekends. Except all these places there are top 4 camping locations in the UAE, which is a must watch. 10 weekends of your life will be guaranteed remarkable and it can continue if you continue your hobby of visiting such places.



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