The city of gold: Dubai has the best places in the world which attracts people around the globe and the tourists who are foodies keep their eyes glued to the rooftop restaurants in Dubai!

Dubai is the most beautiful place in the world which has the best in class tourist attractions for almost everyone to watch out for. This particular blog will give you an insight for the best rooftop restaurants in Dubai that will make every foodie drool over because the foodies love to know about the best places in the world to eat at. Though there are various kinds of restaurants nestled in Dubai, where the foodies can head towards but the rooftop restaurants are highly favoured among the foodies.

Best Rooftop Restaurants in Dubai to watch out for:

Here is the list of top rated rooftop restaurants which you must know to satisfy your taste buds if you are a big time foodie.

Skyview Bar:

Skyview Bar

Skyview bar is one of the luxe rooftop restaurants in Dubai, which attracts the tourists around the world where they love to eat at. Constructed at 200 meters above the sea level there is a lovely sky view bar which is being loved by the tourists a lot. You will also know about the best cocktails which are being served at this bar that grabs the eyeballs of the visitors and the tourists worldwide. The wide-ranging list of drinks are being served at this lavish bar that will leave you gobsmacked for sure. You can also catch your reflection in the glitterng lights of Dubai skyline when you will look from the window.



Iris is yet another enthralling rooftop restaurant which is leading in Dubai and nestled on top of The Oberoi Dubai and is also a lounge with modern minimalist decor and also serve the yummy seafood-focused menu, lovely music and the views of enthralling Burj Khalifa. This is a must visit rooftop restaurant to visit Dubai

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Uptown Bar:

Uptown dubai

This is one of the best in class rooftop restaurants to be seen in Dubai, which is the most beautiful and cozy venue open terrace where you will also love the soaring view of the Burj Al Arab and you will also love the attractive view of Burj Al Arab and you will also love to watch this city of gold. The menu of this restaurant makes every foodie drool over that they just love to drop here to satisfy your taste buds and you will love to eat the tapas-style light bites and daily theme nights.  So when you know about the rooftop restaurants then, you might be looking for the best cars to reach at the hotels in Dubai. Some can afford the lavish cars while some choose the used cars in Dubai which are available in different brands on the classified app UAE.

Mercury Lounge in Dubai:


Nestled atop Four Seasons, Mercury Lounge is also the famous rooftop restaurants of Dubai and this is also the best bar having the class apart views: overlooking Dubai skyline and also the Burj Khalifa at one side and also the Arabian Gulf at the other side. The best lounge which is nestled at the shores of the Mediterranean, its summer closure also saw the restyling of Dubai’s glam rooftop restaurants. It has the class apart atmosphere and makes the best destination for the party too.

Q43 Restaurant:


Yet another alluring rooftop restaurant in Dubai is the Q43 rooftop restaurant which is a must visit for you if you are a foodie to the core. You will just love the beauty of this restaurant: Q43. You will love to hang out with friends at this lovely place, the best place for relaxing as such. This classy restaurant provides the picturesque views of Palm Jumeirah. You will also love the terrace located at The Deck on 8.  Also Know about the richest men in UAE.

The Final Word:

So, the above listed are the best rooftop restaurants of the world which are located in Dubai, which is a must visit for the jets Etters or the globetrotters in the world and they will love the elegance of these above listed incredible restaurants. Dubai is also one of the best places in the world which attracts the people who desire to get the beautiful house here. These people can check out Dubai real estate on the classified app UAE.


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