Top 5 Entrepreneurs of Middle East With Best Business Ideas

Top 5 Entrepreneurs of Middle East With Best Business Ideas

It is the era of being an entrepreneur by establishing the own startup and then working on strategies to grow the business to make it a brand!

Well, it is quite difficult to become a popular entrepreneur. It requires lots of hard work to be the famous entrepreneur. You must have your goals quite clear for reaching towards the immense success. You must also know the best strategy for growing and flourishing your business a rapid pace once you have established your startup as such. There are various kinds of qualities which makes the successful entrepreneurs different from others and these qualities include the correct amount of passion, positive attitude towards life, etc. And many other qualities must be involved with the person who aspire to be the leading entrepreneur. You should know about How to Create Business Reputation Online in order to successfully make your business statistics.

Top 5 entrepreneurs of the Middle East:

top 5 middle east entrepreneurs


Here is the list of the top 5 entrepreneurs of the Middle East which you must know

#1 Hind Hobeika:

She is the founder of Instabeat. Former professional swimmer, Hobeika then noticed about the gap in the market about the swimming, tracking devices and then she carried her best idea in worldwide. From the nationality of Lebanese, as she achieved 3rd place in Qatar’s Stars of Science Competition and also won first prize at the MIT enterprise Forum Pan Arab Business Plan Competition too, and then she also did the finance for both the traditional and also the crowd funding platforms. She is also said to have achieved more than the two times of her initial goal of $35,000 on the Indiegogo in the first days of any kind of campaign in the year 2013. This engineer is also opting to prepare for the Instabeat product launching session in San Francisco, the place where she is also working with the manufacturing partner too.

#2 Saygin Yalcin:

This entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of and belongs to the German nationality. This entrepreneur was also drawn to Dubai around more than 5 years ago through the ever-growing technology scene beginning the flash sales site In the year 2012, he also sold of his business to and then the following year he also launched the used-car selling website This concept has also proven to be hit in various ways. Now this business is also getting extended to Germany, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and UAE. This made Yalchin to seek additional finance of up to $100 men for enhancing the business rapidly for expanding in Europe too, and also hoping for $1bn valuation from the American venture capital investors too.

#3 Loulou Khazen Baz:

She is the founder and CEO of and she belongs to Lebanese nationality. Chosen bars became popular after she won the 2012 series of The Entrepreneur and then her startup grown at a rapid pace which also led her to turn famous entrepreneur. The meaning of Nabbesh being “search” in Arabic, also connects the businesses with the freelance professionals and also has the community of around 40000+ people across 100+ countries. This lady Khazen Bass has also preserved her entrepreneurial call by the raising of $10000 in the year 2013 through the crowd funding platform for financing the next part of Nabbesh’s development as such. There are different business growth sectors in Dubai.

#4 Paul Kenny:

This man is the founder of and belongs to the nationality of Irish as such. This entrepreneur is also the leading entrepreneur of the region and famous as the tech entrepreneur. He founded the deal site in the year 2010, and has also become one of the popular entrepreneur of the Middle East and North Africa’s top-notch eCommerce sites and this business was also sold to Tiger Global Management in the year 2010 fir the approximated $4 just before the complete recent sale for Middle East Digital Group as such. Kenny is also now looking forward for investing through the Emerge Ventures and also mentoring and then advising for the companies in the worldwide.

#5 Magnus Olsson and Mudassar Sheikha:

They both are the co-founders of Careem and they belong to the nationality of Swedish and Pakistani and they both are also the former consultants at McKinsey & Company, they have also expanded this chauffeur service throughout the region as such. It now has the presence in around 14 cities throughout the Middle East and have also expanded the project in Morocco too by the accession of taxi as such. It was in the month of December that this particular firm also made the finance of $10 mn in the investment round which was also led by Al Tayyar Travel Group. You can also list your business in the top 15 business listing website in UAE.

5 Best business ideas in Dubai, UAE:

business ideas in Dubai

Now you will get to know about the best business ideas in Dubai, UAE and you will also start making money with this business instantly:

#1 Trading business is also classed apart:

Some people opt for making money sitting at home and trading in used and secondhand products is the best option. UAE classified app is the perfect platform for trading in used and secondhand products and you just have to post the ad for free and you will be getting the buyers for second hand product purchase.

#2 Transport business:

Dubai is the most loved tourist attractions in the world, this Emirates city has the widest scope of opportunities in the transport business. It is the fastest increasing business which can lead you to higher revenues. Investors also have the best option for beginning with the local taxi service or also the trans-city transport service too.

#3 Tourism business is flourishing:

Dubai is also the rapidly growing segment for the vacation destinations and venues. This is the reason why there are lakes and lavish 5-star hotels in this city of gold, Dubai. With each passing year, numerous visitors and tourists come to visit this world-class city which also has the marvelous opportunities, even for the businesses which also cater to the tourists in different ways.

#4 Real estate business:

One of the fastest growing industries of Dubai is the real estate sector. People from around the world keep their eyes glued to the best real estate purchase and they can purchase through best classified app Dubai. If business starting is concerned, then real estate business is the best one to opt for.

#5 Food based business:

The food business is also the best to opt for in Dubai, the city of gold. The foodies look forward to have the best in class food outlets right on their smartphone and so your online business can be listed on the food based app and this will help your food business to grow rapidly.

Wrapping up:

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the complete Middle East is turning out to be a huge business hub and Dubai is one of the best ones. If you are also looking forward to be the entrepreneur then you will certainly be getting inspired by the above listed 5 best entrepreneurs from the Middle East. This might give you the motivation and inspiration to start your own business and flourish, it with each passing day through different marketing strategies as such. Dubai classifieds helps you to make your business grow and also accomplish some relevant business factors.


How to Get Word of Mouth Marketing through Classifieds?

How to Get Word of Mouth Marketing through Classifieds?

What is Word of Mouth Marketing?

Word of Mouth Marketing, also said to be as word of mouth advertising, it is not similar to naturally word of mouth, this encouraged by the organisations, like rewarding the regular consumers for engaging in WOM.

word of mouth

Word of mouth marketing implies that, when a consumer is 100% satisfied with a company’s product or service, they keep saying about hat company to various people. Word-of-mouth marketing can be supported by different publicity methods which the companies sets up, or by a different kind of method, by encouraging consumer-to-marketer or consumer-to-consumer communications. This includes various ways like, going viral, through blogs and social media marketing.

Word of Mouth Marketing: The easy trend in Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is the best way to heighten a business without investing a penny for the promotion work.

Why should marketers feel that WOMM is pretty good marketing method?

WOMM is the most influential form of marketing and if one gets perfect in this form of marketing, then that person can take the business to the next level. Consumers trust word-of-mouth marketing more than the other form of marketing. WOMM is the best method to increase sales leads in the business.

The marketers will definitely like to adopt this form of marketing more than the other form of marketing. According to Nielsen, 92% of the consumers in today’s date believe suggestions from friends and family about any product or the services. The consumers believe that this form of advertising is pretty good.

Many of the marketing executives states that they trust word of mouth advertising is very effective form of marketing. But only 6% say that they are good at it.

If you are looking forward to start a small business by sitting at home then there is a best way to make money sitting anywhere at home. Trading in second hand and used products will fetch you money by sitting anywhere. You just have to click the photo of the second hand or the used product and just upload on the classified app along with the description of the product and you will be getting the buyers instantly through the classified app. Dubai classified app is the best for you to start making money even apart from the regular job as you will earn the extra cash.

How Word-of-Mouth Marketing is Effective for your Business?

In the last few years, marketers are concentrating on “collecting” instead of “connecting”. Various brands are just focusing on increasing social media fans, but they are not able to connect with them, they forget to connect with the long list of fans. It is better to have 100 genuine fans who support and love your brand or product. It doesn’t make any sense to have 10,000 “fans” who have just signed up to get a free promotional gift from you.

It has been noticed that a wonderful WOMM campaigning can generate sales leads enormously, recommendations about some products from family and friends can work wonders in increasing the sales and thereby increasing the revenues.

How Classifieds Websites is Beneficial for Word-of-Mouth marketing?

There are various startup businesses who are gaining success at a rapid pace, and on the other hand there are various businesses who are not even getting noticed.

The reason here is improper marketing.

In today’s date, classifieds websites play an important role in marketing and advertising your business in no time. You get to see various classified ads daily in various forms. You can either see in the newspapers or online too. While looking at the classified ads people opt for purchasing that particular product as it fits their requirements.

When people will buy that product and gets completely satisfied about the product, they will spread the word about the product in various ways. They will post reviews online about their experience of buying a product, or they will do the word-of-mouth advertising of that product to their friends and the family.

When people share their experiences to the family and friends, their family and friends will also buy that product and they will recommend to buy that product to 4 other people, and so on.

So, classified ads website plays an important role in marketing and advertising of the business, be it start up or a leading brand.


So, it is not wrong to stay that you can get various customers for your business by doing word-of-mouth marketing through best platform, by posting ads about your business on classified ads website.

DubaiPoster is the leading classified ads website company which helps in selling your used products easily. Various buyers and sellers can meet directly on this leading platform for trading in used and second products. You can sell any kind of product at the classified ads website.

You can get various products of different brands on Dubai Poster, it is the leading classified apps of UAE. So, did you love reading this lovely article? If there are some other related things about the word of mouth marketing then you are free to share in the comments section below and we would love to know. You can also subscribe to our blogs section to read more engrossing posts.



Ras al-Khaimah is one of the emirates of the united Arab emirates. It is often called as headland of the small huts. It’s a beautiful and splendid city which has two main sections, one of them is old ras al Khaimah and another one is Nakheel. It has many places made for the purpose of tips for landscape shooting. It is a must visit place and there are many exciting things to be done at this spectacular place.


Top 10 sites of this remarkable place:

#1 Jazirat al Hamra fishing village

Jazirat al hamra fishing village

This is termed as one of the haunted places in the world. This is a fishing village which is most preserving costal areas in the UAE. Definitely it will be in the list of must watch places in one’s life. Here mostly the subsistence was done through the fishery and pearly business. All was going well, but suddenly they left in 1968. Since it wasn’t a Dubai property for saleso it was fenced from everywhere and closed officially. It became a history afterwards and this becomes a wanted place to be seen as it is filled with whole curiosity and eagerness to visit this place once in life. Just by having a glance of the pictures of the village my wish is set to visit this place once in my life. To get there you have to turn off Hwy E11 opposite majan printing and drive towards this village. Generally, in today’s date we have navigation which helps us in reaching out anywhere in estimated time. Though, this place is not open for anyone and officially it is not allowed to go inside this place, but we can have a look from appropriate distance and enjoy the village. Please guys if you are planning for vacation, then this place is must to visit!

#2 National Museum of Ras al Khaimah

museum of ras al khaimah

This museum is different from other museums in the world. This museum is not made up of building having large walls and historic stuff inside. The museum has a 19th century fort. Once upon a time it was ruled under qawassim rulers until 1964. If you enter you will find an ornate wooden door, followed by ethnological assortment as well as we can see some artifacts from archaeological digs which is being obtained through digging areas. We have another important fort between 14th and 17th century known as julfar, inside this museum. It means that this is not an ordinary museum, we can discover many new unseen things and can know better about ras al Khaimah’s history. It includes gems such as complicated patterned Iron Age softstone vessels and terracotta urns. It is located at al his road.

#3 Dhayah Fort

dhayah fort

It is a prodigious fortress in UAE. It has a zig-zag patterned staircase attached with twin towered hilltop. By climbing the staircase we can experience a 360 degree vista of the RAK area. It is a huge palm oasis found near Dhayah fort. We can have a look at Hajar mountains also. It was built in its early 19th century. There was a last battle happened near this fort in 1819 between local tribes and British troops. It is a must watch place for those people who have an interest in historiology..

#4 Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Lounge

It is a five star lounge in Ras al Khaimah. Its essence and smell attracts you from miles. Once you visit this place will forget about the bad taste in your life. It contains a menu of mouth watering pupus that is Polynesian-style appetizers.

mai-tai-plank lunge 22

It looks like crispy prawns or baked crab. As well as it has artichoke dip which is so appetizing. The lounge is blessed with a kiss-ass tropical drinks in totally chilled environment. We can enjoy a live musical band which plays sultry Cuban sounds at night. In short, is a mixture of beef tenderloin and prawns. Please have some good time at this place and make yourself pleased with this heavenly lounge.

#5 Cafe La Luna


It is an Italian cafe in Ras al Khaimah. It’s an open place to enjoy your pizza and pasta with 100% guarantee of taste and quality. Since it is an open place so we we will get a view of bobbing yachts of Al Hamra Marina. This amazing spot has extra ordinary coffees and a small breakfast menu having croissants, omelettes etc. It is located at off Hwy E11 opposite to Majan Printing. Get cheered up with sensational coffee and yummy snacks and have a look of yatchs simultaneously. This will definitely make your day.

#6 Sho Fee Rooftop Bar

It is a breathtaking bar in ras al Khaimah which serves cocoon with cocktails. It is a 9th floor terrace at the Double Tree by Hilton. This wondrous bar is situated on the eyeconic Al Marjan Island, which is a perfect spot of having night fun. You can have talks about buy and sell Dubai there as it is more convincing if the environment is in your favor.

sho fee rooftop bar

We can watch the sun plopping into the sea. We can enjoy our drinks sitting on the island and have a glance of sunset. Nothing can be more exciting than sunrise and sunset. If you are feeling low then get yourself to this place and enjoy your every moment of life because life is one and it should be enjoyed properly. After evening there is a DJ sounds gearing up you for the beautiful moments that can be build by your own happiness. As well as we have Sheesha and maize in the snacks.

#7 Breakers on the Beach

breakers beach

It is another chilling bar in ras al Khaimah. It is situated at the beach and often called as beach bar. It serves chilled coffee, cocktail and mocktail. We can enjoy the count the number of crashing waves. Though it is innumerable but this we can have a nice time spending with our loved ones. You can express yourself better and convince your loved ones in a polite way. It is a perfect spot to take your partner for a date. Book your privacy and enjoy the wriggling of your toes in the sand. It is located at Cove Rotana Resort on the main highway which is halfway between Jazirat Al Hamra and RAK City. Go and have some good time. Make some cherishable moments of your life.

#8 Al Sahari


This is a local tidy dinning place in short most visited dining room with blue walls, linen table cloths. The menu contains appetizing mezze, kebabs, fried fish and shrimp and fresh juices. There is a sophisticated and joyful rule of sitting arrangement. Women and families will sit on the left side of the room on the other hand men on the right. The associated cafeteria serves wonderful Arabic breakfast and sandwiches. It is a well deserving place to have a family time.

#9 Passage to Asia


This scrumptious restaurant is built at the Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort. The menu of this palatable restaurant can leave your mouth watering and appealing. It has a specialty of the span of Asia’s two famous Japanese and Thai. They have maintained their reputation by setting up the environment in a lovely and live way. The place looks more epic and live with the help of tropical flowers. You will get a fully satisfied attentive maid service. One thing is very sure that you won’t come back with disappointment.

#10 Club Acacia

We have so enjoyable and pleasing clubs at ras al Khaimah which gives us relaxment and stress free moments. It is at Acacia Hotel. Show some naughty moves on the slashing disco setup. Even if you are bothered about the disco lights at least visit for some services as karaoke, darts and snooker. It is the most stunning club known in ras al Khaimah.

The final word:

All together we have lots of things to do at ras al Khaimah. We have discovered all the sizzling spots and their uniqueness. So please visit once. To keep you always updated with sparky places we can have ad posting app UAE, which will guide you the appropriate places and the routes well. These types of places will give you pleasure and relieves your burden or stress at least for sometime. There are so many things to do in Hatta. In fact, you can make a list of these places and visit them by weekends. Except all these places there are top 4 camping locations in the UAE, which is a must watch. 10 weekends of your life will be guaranteed remarkable and it can continue if you continue your hobby of visiting such places.

Which are the Best Gyms Located in Dubai ?

Which are the Best Gyms Located in Dubai ?

Staying fit must be the top most priority for people around the globe and people in Dubai take much care for their health by opting for the best gym!

So, believe it or not! Staying fit as a fiddle is the most important goal for everyone living in this world. Many times people are not able to stick to their gym routine exercising. So, are you living in the city of gold: Dubai and looking forward for the best gyms nestled in Dubai which will help you to remain hale and hearty for long life? If the answer to this question is a yes, then you have come to the right place. Here in this post you will know about the best 10 gyms nestled in Dubai where you must surely opt for exercising at.


Top 10 Gyms of Dubai to Watch Out for:

 Here  is the list of best 10 gyms located in Dubai which will help yo uto remain fit:

1 Fit Republik:

Fit Republik- best gyms in dubai

This is more of a sports center than merely a gym. It has the whopping Olympic sized pool in it and also a gymnastics area, an MMA cage, a boxing section, yoga classes too. The major attraction of Fit Republik gym is the lovely aura of this place. People in Dubai love to go there for work out and staying fit. This amazing gym also includes the luxe changing rooms, colorful roofs which will make you jump out of your skin for sure. It is the fitness centre which you must opt for. It is nestled at the Sports City and the prices starts from: 3 months membership at AD 2300.

2 TribeFit:

TribeFit gym - best gyms in dubai

Also known as one of the “trendy” gym of Dubai, Tribe Fit includes the wall graffiti with Mohammed Ali quotes and also the dazzling florescent lights. This is yet another incredible gym for the work out in Dubai. It includes many things, right from yoga to the boxing and also the pole dancing too. Nestled at Dubai Marina in Dubai and the best place for staying fit to do the gym. The pricing starts from: the monthly membership starts at AED 399. For remaining fit, you must also know about the benefits of yoga and meditation for your health.

3 The Warehouse Gym Dubai:

The Warehouse Gym in Dubai

The most advanced gym located in Dubai and is just the plain and simple to the core. It is one of the best gym for the people who are just fit and desire to get more fit to the core. As the name just says, this is the best gym of Dubai and is nestled in a warehouse and this is the most famous for its CrossFit classes too. If the class designing is concerned, then it is comewhAt similar to Tribe Fit gym in its wall graffiti and also the colourful lovely lights. Warehouse also includes the boxing and different groups of classes. It is located at Umm Suqeim Road at Al Quoz. The prices starts from: CrosFit and combat memberships begins at AED 465.

4 Core Fit gym:

Core Fit gym

If you desire the group classes and the unconventional workouts then the CoreFit is the best gym you need to know about. It is just focused on the indoor and the outdoor group classes and also includes the outdoor area which is dedicated for the CrossFit, weight lifting and many other circuit classes. This is nestled at Dubai Marina and the prices are: monthly membership starts at AED 549.

5 U Energy gym:

U Energy gym

Also nicknamed as the “businessman’s gym”, U Energy is located at Dubai’s International Financial Centre (DIFC) and also offers the workouts quite shorter than the average lunch break. Originally this gym is from Beirut, “boutique fitness centre” has countless classes which involves the MMA, yoga and also the calisthenics too. It is nestled in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and the prices are upon the request itself. You can also trade in gym equipment through the best classified apps UAE and you can make money by sitting anywhere.

6 Fit Boys Gym in Dubai:

Fit Boys Gym in Dubai

One of the best boxing gym in the Emirates city of Dubai if not of UAE. It is completely dedicated towards boxing but yes it also includes the weight-lifting area as it goes with the boxing itself. It also houses the advanced and the beginners classes too. Nestled in Jumeirah Lake Towers and the prices are from AED 70 per class.

7 Gold’s Gym:

Gold Gym dubai

Originated from U.S, this Gold’s Gym is also the lovely gym located in Dubai and it is quite large in size and has the quality-oriented machines for the exercising. The best part of this gym is that it also includes the capacious ladies’-only sections which also makes it the better option for the gym lovers. It is nestled across the UAE and includes the Al Barsha Mall and Ibn Batuta Mall. Prices of this gym is upon the request.

8 InShape Gym:

InShape Gym

This particular gym helps to have the ladies’ only gym for the ladies only. The ladies who drop to this gym for exercise feels best when they exercise at this gym to remain fit. All of the ladies feel comfortable at this gym for exercising. This gym includes the best in class group classes. InShape gym has the cheap personal training courses and this starts at AED 130 per lesson. It is nestled in Sheikh Zayed Road and the prices are from: montly membership starts from AED 220.

Apart from workout in the gym, people in Dubai alos loves to make money sitting at home or make extra money then the regular income and they have the best platform for making money by sitting anywhere or at home. UAE classifieds app helps you to buy and sell the used products or the second products which is called trading in used products and by posting the ad on the classified app, you can make money as you will get the buyers for the used products as you add the photo and description of the products on the classified app.

9 Muscle Beach Gym:

Muscle Beach gym

This is Dubai’s new outdoor gym which is the most loved gym for beach lovers. It feels great that you do workout and this is followed by a dip in the sea. It was established by the creators of The Warehouse Gym, Muscle Beach also follows the California’s same-named oudoor gym. It includes many things from kettle balls to CrossFit equipment and so you just can’t worry about the supply shortage. This beach is nestled at The Beach Jumeirah at Jumeirah Beach Residence. Prices begins from: Entrance fee costs AED 60 from Sunday to Thursday and AED 902 for doing gym on the weekends.

10 Physique 57 Gym:

Physique 57 Gym

This gym generally concentrates on the barre-based workouts which also requires the cardio, strength training, recovery and also the stretching. It is also approved by most of Dubai’s lifestyle bloggers such as the Fashion Diary’s Tala Samman. Apart from Dubai, this gym also has the branches located at Beverly Hills in New York, Hamptons and in Bangkok too. Nestled in City Walk, Al Thanya Mall in Dubai and the prices are from: AED 130 for one class and AED 680 for 8 classes.

The Final Word:

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the above listed are the best gyms to try for in Dubai and you will stay fit for long time as this is the important goal for your life. Dubai is also the place which attracts the people around the world for those who want to buy teh best property or the real estate in the city of gold. There are different property for slae in Dubai on the leading classified app of UAE and you can choose as per your preferences and the budget.

How to celebrate Dubai World Cup 2017?

How to celebrate Dubai World Cup 2017?

The sports enthusiasts of Dubai and all the jet setters in the world keep their eyes glued to the World Cup 2017 for unleashing their love for sports!

The city of gold: Dubai attracts the sports fans from around the globe and when it is the World cup 2017 then it needs to be the grand love for the sports fans and the sports enthusiast. The Dubai World Cup day will be on Saturday 25 March 2017. The best event which takes place in the city of gold grabs the eyeballs of people around the globe. This event also pays the accolades to the Arabian horses too, and is also one of the best UAE’s biggest social and the sporting events too. This event takes place at the magnificent palace, which is the Meydan Racecourse with the lovely Greystand taking the center stage and this is the day on which around whopping USD 30 million worth of prizes is handed to the winners of the day’s nine races too. You will love the complete aura of this place when you head towards this place for the World Cup 2017. Even the after-race concerts will leave you gobsmacked for sure where you will get to see the world famous names in the music and lovely fireworks.

Dubai-World-Cup 2017

The youth from around the globe come to Dubai for their career life and their desire to earn money by sitting at home. There is a best way to make money sitting at home or sitting anywhere. All you need to do is download and install the classified app UAE and you just need to post the photo with description of used and second hand products which you wish to sell through the classified app UAE and you will get the buyers for your products.

Grand event: Dubai World Cup 2017 on 25th March 2017:

You will love to see the best in class racing in this lovely Emirates city of Dubai and also take participate in Dubai World Cup excitements in the glam urban setting of The Meydan Hotel, the wonderful hotel in Dubai. There is the wide range of hospitality packages at this lovely restaurant and the lounges along with the incredible views of the Meydan Racecourse. In Dubai, people also make money siting at home through trading if used items in Dubai by buying and selling the used products through the classified app UAE.

When you will be heading towards going to the event of the picturesque Dubai World Cup and you will get to experience:

  • Afternoon tea, the yummy gala dinner, juices, coffee, soft beverages and much more.
  • You will also get the access to Apron views too through the gates C & D at the races and for the live after-party too at the amazing concert with Sia.
  • You will also get the facility of free parking for around 8600 cars.
  • Well, the children will not be allowed for entering in this venue at Dubai World cup.
  • The timing of this event is: reception from 2 pm and the first racing will begin from 3.45 pm.
  • The Dress code for the event: it must be stylish.
  • The charges are: AED 2950 per person and you will be sharing the round tables.

When you are headed towards watching the horse races, then you must also take the good camera with you for capturing the lovely memories. If you can’t afford to buy the costly cameras then you can opt for chasing the second hand camera through the best classified app Dubai, which offers you the elite range of cameras in different brands and price range.

Meydan Hotel terrace: the beautiful world cup scene:

While enjoying the lovely celebration, you will also see the half kilometer terraces at The Meydan Hotel by just watching the friendly Meydan Racecourse will give racing visitors the mind-boggling moments of Dubai World Cup.

Meydan Hotel Racecourse

This amazing experience will have the above mentioned experiences:

  • Afternoon tea, the yummy gala dinner, juices, coffee, soft beverages and much more.
  • You will also get the access to Apron views too through the gates C & D at the races and for the live after-party too at the amazing concert with Sia.
  • You will also get the facility of free parking for around 8600 cars.
  • Well, the children will not be allowed for entering in this venue at Dubai World cup.
  • The timing of this event is: reception from 2 pm and the first racing will begin from 3.45 pm.
  • The dress code for the event: it must be stylish.
  • The charges are: AED 1950 per person and you will be sharing the round tables.

Know more about the Dubai World Cup:

This classy event is created through the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai. This incredible event also provides the global stage for the best horses around the globe for competing every year. It is the top-rated event which is held in the city of gold: Dubai and one of the best sports occasion to watch out for. US$30 million race day is also held at the Meydan Racecourse on the last Saturday in the month of March. This shall be the conclusion of the racing season and it will also showcase the nine high-class races which include six Group 1 and around 3 Group 2 contests. How to celebrate women’s day in the UAE is also the most searched phrase on google in the month of march because Dubai offers exciting things to do for the women’s day in the month of March.

The Final Word:

So, dear sports lovers out there! This Dubai world cup is a must-visit for unleashing your sports love and here you will love to know about many things apart from the horse races too. If you are a fan of cricket then there are top cricket stadiums in Dubai to watch out for and here you can go to watch the exciting and thrilling cricket matches.

Which are the Best Roof Top Restaurants in Dubai?

Which are the Best Roof Top Restaurants in Dubai?

The city of gold: Dubai has the best places in the world which attracts people around the globe and the tourists who are foodies keep their eyes glued to the rooftop restaurants in Dubai!

Dubai is the most beautiful place in the world which has the best in class tourist attractions for almost everyone to watch out for. This particular blog will give you an insight for the best rooftop restaurants in Dubai that will make every foodie drool over because the foodies love to know about the best places in the world to eat at. Though there are various kinds of restaurants nestled in Dubai, where the foodies can head towards but the rooftop restaurants are highly favoured among the foodies.

Best Rooftop Restaurants in Dubai to watch out for:

Here is the list of top rated rooftop restaurants which you must know to satisfy your taste buds if you are a big time foodie.

Skyview Bar:

Skyview Bar

Skyview bar is one of the luxe rooftop restaurants in Dubai, which attracts the tourists around the world where they love to eat at. Constructed at 200 meters above the sea level there is a lovely sky view bar which is being loved by the tourists a lot. You will also know about the best cocktails which are being served at this bar that grabs the eyeballs of the visitors and the tourists worldwide. The wide-ranging list of drinks are being served at this lavish bar that will leave you gobsmacked for sure. You can also catch your reflection in the glitterng lights of Dubai skyline when you will look from the window.



Iris is yet another enthralling rooftop restaurant which is leading in Dubai and nestled on top of The Oberoi Dubai and is also a lounge with modern minimalist decor and also serve the yummy seafood-focused menu, lovely music and the views of enthralling Burj Khalifa. This is a must visit rooftop restaurant to visit Dubai

Well, it is not just the restaurants and hotels, which attract people from around the globe to Dubai, but the youth worldwide also desires to have the best job in Dubai as it is the most beautiful Emirates city. The job apps in Dubai are the best source to find the best job as per your talent and the skillset.

Uptown Bar:

Uptown dubai

This is one of the best in class rooftop restaurants to be seen in Dubai, which is the most beautiful and cozy venue open terrace where you will also love the soaring view of the Burj Al Arab and you will also love the attractive view of Burj Al Arab and you will also love to watch this city of gold. The menu of this restaurant makes every foodie drool over that they just love to drop here to satisfy your taste buds and you will love to eat the tapas-style light bites and daily theme nights.  So when you know about the rooftop restaurants then, you might be looking for the best cars to reach at the hotels in Dubai. Some can afford the lavish cars while some choose the used cars in Dubai which are available in different brands on the classified app UAE.

Mercury Lounge in Dubai:


Nestled atop Four Seasons, Mercury Lounge is also the famous rooftop restaurants of Dubai and this is also the best bar having the class apart views: overlooking Dubai skyline and also the Burj Khalifa at one side and also the Arabian Gulf at the other side. The best lounge which is nestled at the shores of the Mediterranean, its summer closure also saw the restyling of Dubai’s glam rooftop restaurants. It has the class apart atmosphere and makes the best destination for the party too.

Q43 Restaurant:


Yet another alluring rooftop restaurant in Dubai is the Q43 rooftop restaurant which is a must visit for you if you are a foodie to the core. You will just love the beauty of this restaurant: Q43. You will love to hang out with friends at this lovely place, the best place for relaxing as such. This classy restaurant provides the picturesque views of Palm Jumeirah. You will also love the terrace located at The Deck on 8.  Also Know about the richest men in UAE.

The Final Word:

So, the above listed are the best rooftop restaurants of the world which are located in Dubai, which is a must visit for the jets Etters or the globetrotters in the world and they will love the elegance of these above listed incredible restaurants. Dubai is also one of the best places in the world which attracts the people who desire to get the beautiful house here. These people can check out Dubai real estate on the classified app UAE.

Who are the top 10 Richest Men from UAE

Who are the top 10 Richest Men from UAE

UAE is the beautiful country having class architecture and amazing tourist destinations which attract people around the globe to the core!

UAE is one of the most beautiful Emirates country which is nestled in the Arabian Peninsula. This particular country is quite rich in the fossil fuels and one of the richest nation of the Middle East. The major strength of UAE economy is the oil industry, which is fastly growing at a rapid pace. It has been seen that UAE is now opting for diversification in the field like the exports, the real estate segment, tourism, finance sector, retail, etc. This has been creating the boom for the complete scenario of the business as such.

Who are the top 10 Richest Men from UAE

Top 10 Richest Men from UAE

So when it comes to the fact that UAE is the richest country, then some people also keep their eyes grlued to the people who are the richest in UAE.

Here is the list of the 10 richest men in UAE you must know about:

1 Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum:

Having taken birth in the royal family as the son of Dubai’s former ruler- Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum Al Maktoum, Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum taken the country’s financial industry and the aviation industry and made this industry to reach new heights with the best strategies. Not just the president of the Department of Civil Aviation and not just the Chairman of the government establishments like the Dubai World and the Emirates NBD and he is also CEO and the chairman of Emirates Airline & Group. He also has the class apart position in world’s most powerful Arabs too.

2 Abdullah bin Ahmad Al Ghurair:

Yet another richest man and a businessman who belongs to UAE. He is also the helm of Abdullah bin Ahmad Al Ghurair & Family. The net worth he earns is around $3.1 billion. He is not only leading a powerful group but also has to his credit some of the best pre-eminent names in the retail and the construction industries too, and is also the president cum the chairman of Mashreq Bank too. If you also own your brand in UAE then you must know about how to boost your personal brand in the UAE and get higher revenues with each passing day.

3 Saif Al Ghurair:

He is the head of Saif Al Ghurair & Family having the best business presence in the whole of UAE. He has a vast experience of around 40+ years in Emirate country. He was also the top 4 Emirati billionaires, according to the Forbes Magazine. Earning the net worth of around $2.8 billion further makes him the world’s 609th  Wealthy person also.

4 Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair:

CEO of the Mashreq Bank, Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair is also the wealthiest man in the whole of UAE. He is the most popular person in the banking sector of UAE and is also credited with launching the class, financial services through the credit cards, about the mortgages and the loans, the traveler’s cheques and the ATM.

5 Mohammad Al Rashid Alabbar:

Being at the chairman position of Emaar Properties, he is also one of the richest men in UAE. He has made some of the class architectures which include the world’s tallest building-Burj Khalifa. This shows how influential this person is. He is the man behind talking of the lifestyle and the landscape to the next level in the UAE. He is the leader of around 60 properties under the name Emaar. If you also have a passion for doing business then you must know how to build your own business in Dubai UAE and flourish it rapidly.

6 Majid Al Futtaim:

He is also the richest man of UAE whose name also got ranked by  Forbes Magazine in the march 2014, being placed at the third from the list of the richest businessmen in UAE. Earning the net fortune of around US $3.6 billion, he is also the owner of the complete Majid Al Futtaim Holding that got revolutionaized through the whole concept of shopping, entertainment in the country and has powerful establishments to his credit also, such as City Centre, Mall of Emirates, Carrefour.

7 Abdullah Al Futtaim:

The head of complete Al Futtaim Group: he is also the business man who has made it to the Forbes’ Emirati billionnaires list in the year 2014. Having the net worth of around $1.6 billion, even his combination operates various divisions, also being a big name in the automotive sector, real estate sector, insurance and the retail sector too. There are various business growth sectors in Dubai which you must know about.

8 Khaldoun Al Mubarak:

He is also the most influential and wealthy businessman and also the CEO of Maubadala Development company which is a massive growing investment and development company which is also set up by the Govt of Abu Dhabi for the aid of diversified business of Emirate’s economy. He is also the member of Abu Dhabi Executive Council, Khaldoun is also one of the big names in Manchester City Football Club’s chairman too.

9 Khalaf Al Habtoor:

The head of Al Habtoor Group, he is also the richest person of UAE. The highly wealthy and prosperous businessman in complete UAE. His business empire is being spread in various kinds of industries such as the construction industries, real estate industries, hotels sector and the automotive sector too. Many tourists also look forward to invest in the properties for sale in Dubai too.

10 Hussain Sajwani:

The founder, owner and CEO of Damac group. He is the prominent and promising leader of Damac Holding which has begun as the catering company and has also grown as one of the largest private sector organization in complete Middle East as such. He is the popular name in luxe property development, investment and the securities, education sector too. You can also find the apartments for sale in Dubai through the classified app of UAE.

The Final Word:

So the above listed are the richest men in UAE who are the wealthiest people and have good popularit in whole of the UAE. They have made the marks in different sectors in being the richest persons. In Dubai, people also like to get rich by making money sitting at home through UAE classifieds app as such and they get super-rich through this classified app platform itself.