Being the city of gold, Dubai attracts visitors around the world for purchasing the gold and people search for the best gold shops to buy gold from!

Dubai is one of the top-rated gold trading hubs and this city of gold includes the best gold shops of the world. There are a variety of gold shops nestled in Dubai. People also opt for making an investment in the gold for helping them in future for investment purpose. It is generally an option apart from keeping the money in the bank and people can opt for investing in the gold. Be it any kind of gold related products, gold bars, gold bullion or any other sorts of products, Dubai has all. There are various indications that tell about the varying prices of gold and different factors includes are the sentiments, buying and selling of gold reserves by the government. For having the diversification in the portfolio, opting for buying the gold is the best one.

Know more about the gleaming Gold:

There are different kinds of options available for those people who are looking forward to buy gold and the top advice must be purchasing the gold is after checking the current price of gold as on the date when you planned for buying the gold. This is one of the best things to buy in Dubai which you must consider when you visit Dubai.


In Dubai, gold is being the major product which grabs the eyeballs of people around the globe. But you must opt for purchasing from the registered shop. Gold in this Emirates city is sold on the gold price and the addition of the making charges and not like other parts of the world where it is being sold per unit as such. The making charges have not arrived at by the percentage of gold price just like other parts of the world but the flat rate is being considered. The more complex the Jewellery, the making charges will be more from that jewelry. The purity of this dazzling metal is regulated by the Dubai Central Laboratories, Department which is also implemented as the voluntary quality management and also as the certification scheme which is the “Bareeq” and this gives proper recognition to the gold shops that it gets to meet the criteria for trading in jewelry. Also check out for top 10 funny things Dubai Emirates which you must opt for when you go to visit Dubai.

#1 About the gold carats:

The shining gold in Dubai is available in 18K, 22K or the 24K. Karats here refers to the purity of the gold as such which must be considered before purchasing gold. Among these 3, the purest form is 24 karat gold and many of the gold shops in Dubai will have the astonishing gold design in the form of 24 karat gold. 24 karat is heavier than the designs available in 18K and 22K gold.

#2 Gold colors also matter:

The 24K gold will be the warmest yellow in color among all forms of gold. Other colors of gold are arrived at by changing the amount of alloy in the gold for achieving various other tints. Pink gold is formed by including some copper in the gold mix. Green gold has more zinc percentage while the silver and white gold include the nickel in formation. Apart from gold, tourists also desire to purchase real estate in Dubai, UAE and the real estate in Dubai can be purchased from the best classified apps in Dubai.

#3 When to buy the gold in Dubai:

The best time for gold purchase is the Dubai Shopping Festival which attracts people from around the world. You can also opt for buying the gold from Dubai Summer Surprises, the time when foreigners from around the world for enjoying the best deals at this time. Some people opt for coming to Dubai regarding the business and their desire to make decent money. The best way to make money is also by trading in used items in Dubai, which will fetch you good income.

4 Best places to buy gold in Dubai:

Here is the list of places from where you can buy gold from inside Dubai.

#1 From Gold Souk, Dubai:

Gold Souk is one of the best place to buy gold from inside Dubai. This is the best place where you will love to buy gold from. You will get the incredible design in gold in Dubai, the city of gold. Different forms of gold ornaments include, bracelets, pendants, earrings, etc and these are available in white, pink, green gold, yellow. There are around 400 shops of gold and the style of jewelry is Arabic and the Indian with the blend of European designs.

#2 From Gold & Diamond Park:

Nestled on Sheikh Zayed Road, Gold & Diamond Park has the 90 top-rated jewelry retailers which are situated in the air-conditioned mall. There are generally less stores here as compared to the Gold Souk and most of these offer the impressive designs which are generally hard to search in the shops as compared to the souks. Shoppers can also opt for shopping the gold from A.C mall which also provides best facilities like cafes and restaurants.


#3 From Joyalukkas:

This is yet another best shop to buy gold from Dubai, Joyalukkas. This shop is particularly committed to the loyalty and for offering the attractive designs and this makes it a popular place for gold shoppers in the whole world. With various stores in the Gold souks and also the shopping malls in Dubai, this brand also carries the attractive designs which appear to be thrilling, modern and the impressive classical styles too. Dubai, being the best place of the Emirates and so you also need to know about the culture in the UAE, which is quite different as it is the city in Arabic countries.

#4 From Damiani:

Yet another leading jewelry brand situated in The Dubai Mall and this is the best Italian brand to opt for if you aspire to purchase gold in Dubai. It will give you the trending collection of stunning gems having classy designs. The fabulous gold jewelry for Damiani will leave you gobsmacked for sure. It is most lovely, attractive and astonishing to the core. One of the best place to buy gold jewelry from.

Wrapping Up:

So, the above listed are the best in class gold shops which you must opt for shopping gold from in Dubai, the city of gold. There are also the classified apps of Dubai, which will help you for selling the used products. The ad posting app UAE is one such platform to know post the ad for free by adding the images, description of the product. If you loved reading this post, then you can also subscribe to our blogs section and read more engrossing posts.


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