Mercury QWERTY from Blackberry coming

On February 25 that will be most

Beautiful and trendy smartphone

In the world which

Looks just so gorgeous in

Elegant designing handsets

                                                                                                         -Nikita Tak

All new BlackBerry, Android Handset

TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited (TCT) at the CES 2017 had declared that the new stunning BlackBerry smartphone, codenamed Mercury will be coming up on 25th of February for taking the breath of smartphone lovers worldwide. This particular smartphone will be raised curtains from the luxe design at the event which will be organized by MWC (Mobile World Congress). The Canadian smartphone brand BlackBerry has also revealed the date of launching which is February 25 as per one of the tweet, the BlackBerry Mobile Official Twitter Handle also said that the launching date of BlackBerry Mercury QWERTY phone will be 25th of February 2017. This tweet also had the GIF image which includes the new launch mobile Mercury smartphone. The timing of this launch event is also set at the Barcelona. BlackBerry was also anticipated to raise the curtains from the final version of QWERTY smartphone, which is made by TCL, at CES in the Las Vegas in January month. This company then changed the planning and decided to launch new Mercury at the MWC event in February.


Earlier we have also said about the iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 for the Samsung phone and iPhone handset lovers around the globe. Nowhere in this post we are telling about yet another brand blackberry.

TCL also gave the quick look of this BlackBerry Mercury smartphone at the CES in the year 2017 but did not reveal the complete details regarding the same. This smartphone is being attempted to sell as one of the last phone which is being designed and also engineered by the giant company BlackBerry.

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TCL also confirmed with Gadgets 360 that this new BlackBerry smartphone, which is also codenamed as the Mercury, will not be made for the Indian market following that particular license deal in December month. Nevertheless, BlackBerry later emphasized that it is looking for the best licensing partners for coming up with the BlackBerry Mercury and future smartphones in the world. This also implies that there is much chance that the Mercury will also be raising the curtains from inside the country of India, though from some other manufacturer. Particularly, the Canadian company also got tied up with BB Merah Putih to bring the BlackBerry branded smartphones to Indonesia and it is also anticipated to launch very soon.

Even the brand new Google smartphones are also taking the world by storm with the enthralling designs. The smartphones are the most attractive handsets, which people adore to a lot of extent.

The goal of BlackBerry is to keep on selling the lavish smartphones under its brand name even with the new collaboration. TCL will be given the mind-boggling design to the smartphones and will also develop the same under the brand name itself and will also place it as the pro-consumer and also as pro-business users. The giant mobile brand BlackBerry will also resume to offer its security know-how in the way of DTEK security suite also.

BlackBerry new smartphone: Features

Well, it will be too early to say about the specifications of this particular phone gives the hint that it might make use of 4.­5 inch display and the resolution will be around 1920X1080 pixels. This device will also be coming up with either Snapdragon 821 or also 625 processors. This handset will also include 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, camera will be 13 MP rear cameras and 8MP front camera as such. This smartphone is also anticipated to give the first appearance with Android 7.0 Nougat. It must also be noted that this upcoming new smartphone might not launch in India as there TCL have not got the rights to market this product in India.

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You must also note that this Mercury is more of a pre-release name for the prototype BlackBerry and TCL are also showing off at the CES. The eventual hardware will have more of a boring name just like the BlackBerry’s tradition. This mercury will be much like that of the past BlackBerry smartphones apart from DTEK, 50 and DTEK60, which were earlier also rebranded Alcatel Idol handsets.

You will also need to know about iPhone 7s Apple iPhone 8 if you are a fan of Apple devices gadgets to the core.

This Mercury has got a 3:2 ratio in relation to the LCD touch screen (which is quite close to the iPad as compared to a standard smartphone) above the full BlackBerry style QWERTY keyboard. There are also those which just promises by the physical buttons located at the BlackBerry’s keyboards and these also have the precious few places or getting them as late. The first ever BlackBerry in-house Android handset was PRIV and it did not succeed much. And this made BlackBerry to take a new direction. There were also many other phones working on the BlackBerry OS like the Passport and now these phones are also abandoned too.

The Final Word:

So, this BlackBerry will be coming up with the class phone in the month of February. There is not much details about the specs through, but TCFL has got a repute for the competitive pricing as such. Its idol series is also in the same kind of specs and price category just like OnePlus 3. These kind of Alcatel phones falls very short because of the software as such, but BlackBerry has got power for uttering the same. Many people also like to buy the used BlackBerry phone who can’t buy the new ones and there are various mobiles for sale available in the classified app of UAE.


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