Which are the 6 Best Online Shopping websites in Dubai, UAE

Which are the 6 Best Online Shopping websites in Dubai, UAE

The Shopaholics people always keep their eyes glued to the best online shopping websites to unleash their shopping experience to the core!

Dubai, the city of gold is one of the best shopping place which provides a luxe range of shopping stores, attractive malls and this makes online shopping in Dubai as the increasing trend for sure. Different countries like the US have got the eCommerce practice, but the online shopping trend of Dubai is completely new to the core. Some of the shopping enthusiasts also feel that there is no such option for the happiness which is experienced while visiting the stores for shopping but through the internet shopping is completely new trend to be seen which also includes various benefits.


6 Best online shopping websites of Dubai to watch out for:

Here is the list of top-rated online shopping websites of Dubai which you would like to know:

#1 Amazon website:

Amazon is one of the leading online shopping website which is being loved by the shoppers around the globe and this includes quite fast and easy shipping to Dubai by which you will be able to shop for a variety of products. Being the top-rated online website, it offers different kinds of products like the thrilling smartphones, health and beauty products, furniture, toys, different electronic products, etc. You will be able to get the discounts and deals which keep on going by this website. It provides the best customer service and the secure and regarding way of shopping. Best products which sells also includes the Kindle (app for reading different books), Amazon Echo, and the video streaming service like Amazon video (just like the Netflix but these stream just the famous shows like “The Ground Tour”. Also know about the cost required to live in Dubai, UAE.

#2 JadoPado website for shopping:

This is the most flourishing online venture for the shopping lovers worldwide. Here you will find the best deals different products like the laptops, gaming accessories, health related products and also other kinds of sporting goods. It is a lot easier to subscribe and all you will require is an email id to get started with shopping on this website. Jadopado team will be able to send you an amazing online offers on different products, exclusive online -only product offers and different kinds of discount and deals on the products.

#3 Souq.com website:

This is yet another wonderful website which is meant for online shopping lovers in Dubai. One if the UAE’s best online retail websites which provides an elite range of products like clothes, attires, toys, kitchen accessories, electronic goods, different beauty products, etc. If you love the smartphones, then you will also like to know about trending niche mobile apps 2017 to watch out for in the sector of mobile apps. It is plain sailing to register on this website and you will be able to browse a different category of products. Before making the purchase you must also opt for checking the product details and product specifications thoroughly. You can also track your orders easily through this website. This website has also teamed with UAE’s leading banks for providing the option of paying instalments for the customers.

#4 Mumzworld:

Through this website, you will be able to find the best products related the mum abed baby and this offers the products from local, global brands, regional brands for the cute children right from the time they are born to the children aged till 12. The prices are highly competitive too. Via this website, the orders above AED 200 are being delivered which includes no such additional change to any one of the 7 Emirates city in the UAE I just 2-3 business days. People also like to make money by sitting at home through trading in used items in Dubai by which you will be able to buy and sell different products in Dubai, UAE.


#5 Crazy Deals website:

At first, this website was integrated with the object of offering the widest array of consumer electronic goods, and also offers various other kinds of products. This website includes “Craze of the Day” for the shoppers and is the best and top-rated website which offers the deals at discounted prices too on a regular daily basis. The shoppers get the choicest range of products by shopping from this website and they also get immense happiness. Even Dubai property for sale is available on the Dubaiposter app in great deal as per your choice and preferences.

#6 Supermarket website:

If you are not well then also you will be able to sleep on the bed and opt for shopping through this website which provides you the elite range of products like the baby products, health related and beauty products, stationery related products, different magazines and much more. It has a secure payment mode, which can be done through the cash basis or by card on delivery of products. This website does not require users to put any kind of payment details online. The orders which are more than AED 50 does not include any kind of delivery charge too. Many times people also end up in problems of Dubai property forecasts while buying the property.

Wrapping Up:

So, the above listed are the best in class online shopping websites of Dubai, which will help you to unleash your shopping experience to the core by purchasing attractive products which will leave you gobsmacked for sure. Some people also love to visit Dubai and desire to get settled and they find the real estate in Dubai, UAE through the classified apps of UAE by just a few clicks on the smartphone. So, did you love reading this post?

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Which are the best gold shops in Dubai

Which are the best gold shops in Dubai

Being the city of gold, Dubai attracts visitors around the world for purchasing the gold and people search for the best gold shops to buy gold from!

Dubai is one of the top-rated gold trading hubs and this city of gold includes the best gold shops of the world. There are a variety of gold shops nestled in Dubai. People also opt for making an investment in the gold for helping them in future for investment purpose. It is generally an option apart from keeping the money in the bank and people can opt for investing in the gold. Be it any kind of gold related products, gold bars, gold bullion or any other sorts of products, Dubai has all. There are various indications that tell about the varying prices of gold and different factors includes are the sentiments, buying and selling of gold reserves by the government. For having the diversification in the portfolio, opting for buying the gold is the best one.

Know more about the gleaming Gold:

There are different kinds of options available for those people who are looking forward to buy gold and the top advice must be purchasing the gold is after checking the current price of gold as on the date when you planned for buying the gold. This is one of the best things to buy in Dubai which you must consider when you visit Dubai.


In Dubai, gold is being the major product which grabs the eyeballs of people around the globe. But you must opt for purchasing from the registered shop. Gold in this Emirates city is sold on the gold price and the addition of the making charges and not like other parts of the world where it is being sold per unit as such. The making charges have not arrived at by the percentage of gold price just like other parts of the world but the flat rate is being considered. The more complex the Jewellery, the making charges will be more from that jewelry. The purity of this dazzling metal is regulated by the Dubai Central Laboratories, Department which is also implemented as the voluntary quality management and also as the certification scheme which is the “Bareeq” and this gives proper recognition to the gold shops that it gets to meet the criteria for trading in jewelry. Also check out for top 10 funny things Dubai Emirates which you must opt for when you go to visit Dubai.

#1 About the gold carats:

The shining gold in Dubai is available in 18K, 22K or the 24K. Karats here refers to the purity of the gold as such which must be considered before purchasing gold. Among these 3, the purest form is 24 karat gold and many of the gold shops in Dubai will have the astonishing gold design in the form of 24 karat gold. 24 karat is heavier than the designs available in 18K and 22K gold.

#2 Gold colors also matter:

The 24K gold will be the warmest yellow in color among all forms of gold. Other colors of gold are arrived at by changing the amount of alloy in the gold for achieving various other tints. Pink gold is formed by including some copper in the gold mix. Green gold has more zinc percentage while the silver and white gold include the nickel in formation. Apart from gold, tourists also desire to purchase real estate in Dubai, UAE and the real estate in Dubai can be purchased from the best classified apps in Dubai.

#3 When to buy the gold in Dubai:

The best time for gold purchase is the Dubai Shopping Festival which attracts people from around the world. You can also opt for buying the gold from Dubai Summer Surprises, the time when foreigners from around the world for enjoying the best deals at this time. Some people opt for coming to Dubai regarding the business and their desire to make decent money. The best way to make money is also by trading in used items in Dubai, which will fetch you good income.

4 Best places to buy gold in Dubai:

Here is the list of places from where you can buy gold from inside Dubai.

#1 From Gold Souk, Dubai:

Gold Souk is one of the best place to buy gold from inside Dubai. This is the best place where you will love to buy gold from. You will get the incredible design in gold in Dubai, the city of gold. Different forms of gold ornaments include, bracelets, pendants, earrings, etc and these are available in white, pink, green gold, yellow. There are around 400 shops of gold and the style of jewelry is Arabic and the Indian with the blend of European designs.

#2 From Gold & Diamond Park:

Nestled on Sheikh Zayed Road, Gold & Diamond Park has the 90 top-rated jewelry retailers which are situated in the air-conditioned mall. There are generally less stores here as compared to the Gold Souk and most of these offer the impressive designs which are generally hard to search in the shops as compared to the souks. Shoppers can also opt for shopping the gold from A.C mall which also provides best facilities like cafes and restaurants.


#3 From Joyalukkas:

This is yet another best shop to buy gold from Dubai, Joyalukkas. This shop is particularly committed to the loyalty and for offering the attractive designs and this makes it a popular place for gold shoppers in the whole world. With various stores in the Gold souks and also the shopping malls in Dubai, this brand also carries the attractive designs which appear to be thrilling, modern and the impressive classical styles too. Dubai, being the best place of the Emirates and so you also need to know about the culture in the UAE, which is quite different as it is the city in Arabic countries.

#4 From Damiani:

Yet another leading jewelry brand situated in The Dubai Mall and this is the best Italian brand to opt for if you aspire to purchase gold in Dubai. It will give you the trending collection of stunning gems having classy designs. The fabulous gold jewelry for Damiani will leave you gobsmacked for sure. It is most lovely, attractive and astonishing to the core. One of the best place to buy gold jewelry from.

Wrapping Up:

So, the above listed are the best in class gold shops which you must opt for shopping gold from in Dubai, the city of gold. There are also the classified apps of Dubai, which will help you for selling the used products. The ad posting app UAE is one such platform to know post the ad for free by adding the images, description of the product. If you loved reading this post, then you can also subscribe to our blogs section and read more engrossing posts.

BlackBerry Mercury QWERTY Android Smartphone (February 25, 2017)

BlackBerry Mercury QWERTY Android Smartphone (February 25, 2017)

Mercury QWERTY from Blackberry coming

On February 25 that will be most

Beautiful and trendy smartphone

In the world which

Looks just so gorgeous in

Elegant designing handsets

                                                                                                         -Nikita Tak

All new BlackBerry, Android Handset

TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited (TCT) at the CES 2017 had declared that the new stunning BlackBerry smartphone, codenamed Mercury will be coming up on 25th of February for taking the breath of smartphone lovers worldwide. This particular smartphone will be raised curtains from the luxe design at the event which will be organized by MWC (Mobile World Congress). The Canadian smartphone brand BlackBerry has also revealed the date of launching which is February 25 as per one of the tweet, the BlackBerry Mobile Official Twitter Handle also said that the launching date of BlackBerry Mercury QWERTY phone will be 25th of February 2017. This tweet also had the GIF image which includes the new launch mobile Mercury smartphone. The timing of this launch event is also set at the Barcelona. BlackBerry was also anticipated to raise the curtains from the final version of QWERTY smartphone, which is made by TCL, at CES in the Las Vegas in January month. This company then changed the planning and decided to launch new Mercury at the MWC event in February.


Earlier we have also said about the iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 for the Samsung phone and iPhone handset lovers around the globe. Nowhere in this post we are telling about yet another brand blackberry.

TCL also gave the quick look of this BlackBerry Mercury smartphone at the CES in the year 2017 but did not reveal the complete details regarding the same. This smartphone is being attempted to sell as one of the last phone which is being designed and also engineered by the giant company BlackBerry.

There are also some people who just can’t afford the costly smartphones. So for them classified app in Dubai is the best platform to buy the second hand or the used smartphones as per their choices and preferences.

TCL also confirmed with Gadgets 360 that this new BlackBerry smartphone, which is also codenamed as the Mercury, will not be made for the Indian market following that particular license deal in December month. Nevertheless, BlackBerry later emphasized that it is looking for the best licensing partners for coming up with the BlackBerry Mercury and future smartphones in the world. This also implies that there is much chance that the Mercury will also be raising the curtains from inside the country of India, though from some other manufacturer. Particularly, the Canadian company also got tied up with BB Merah Putih to bring the BlackBerry branded smartphones to Indonesia and it is also anticipated to launch very soon.

Even the brand new Google smartphones are also taking the world by storm with the enthralling designs. The smartphones are the most attractive handsets, which people adore to a lot of extent.

The goal of BlackBerry is to keep on selling the lavish smartphones under its brand name even with the new collaboration. TCL will be given the mind-boggling design to the smartphones and will also develop the same under the brand name itself and will also place it as the pro-consumer and also as pro-business users. The giant mobile brand BlackBerry will also resume to offer its security know-how in the way of DTEK security suite also.

BlackBerry new smartphone: Features

Well, it will be too early to say about the specifications of this particular phone gives the hint that it might make use of 4.­5 inch display and the resolution will be around 1920X1080 pixels. This device will also be coming up with either Snapdragon 821 or also 625 processors. This handset will also include 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, camera will be 13 MP rear cameras and 8MP front camera as such. This smartphone is also anticipated to give the first appearance with Android 7.0 Nougat. It must also be noted that this upcoming new smartphone might not launch in India as there TCL have not got the rights to market this product in India.

Well, these kind of smartphones are too costly to buy and so people also check out for the best in class used smartphones by searching on google, top classified app to purchase used items in Dubai and this will give you the list of used smartphones of different brands and you can purchase as per your choices and preferences. Even you can also sell any of your used smartphones by posting the ad for free on the classified apps platform and you will get the buyers to buy your smartphone or any of the used product.


You must also note that this Mercury is more of a pre-release name for the prototype BlackBerry and TCL are also showing off at the CES. The eventual hardware will have more of a boring name just like the BlackBerry’s tradition. This mercury will be much like that of the past BlackBerry smartphones apart from DTEK, 50 and DTEK60, which were earlier also rebranded Alcatel Idol handsets.

You will also need to know about iPhone 7s Apple iPhone 8 if you are a fan of Apple devices gadgets to the core.

This Mercury has got a 3:2 ratio in relation to the LCD touch screen (which is quite close to the iPad as compared to a standard smartphone) above the full BlackBerry style QWERTY keyboard. There are also those which just promises by the physical buttons located at the BlackBerry’s keyboards and these also have the precious few places or getting them as late. The first ever BlackBerry in-house Android handset was PRIV and it did not succeed much. And this made BlackBerry to take a new direction. There were also many other phones working on the BlackBerry OS like the Passport and now these phones are also abandoned too.

The Final Word:

So, this BlackBerry will be coming up with the class phone in the month of February. There is not much details about the specs through, but TCFL has got a repute for the competitive pricing as such. Its idol series is also in the same kind of specs and price category just like OnePlus 3. These kind of Alcatel phones falls very short because of the software as such, but BlackBerry has got power for uttering the same. Many people also like to buy the used BlackBerry phone who can’t buy the new ones and there are various mobiles for sale available in the classified app of UAE.

How to Find the Best Real Estate Deals through MLS

How to Find the Best Real Estate Deals through MLS

Real estate searchers desire to know the best real estate deals from the market for getting the dream property at the best location!

Are you looking forward to buy your dream property through the best real estate deals?

If the answer to the above question is a yes, then you are headed towards the right place. Multiple Listing Service is the best way and it is the best collection of many of the properties which many of the real estate agents desire to sell. There are some classified apps like Dubai real estate app will help you to find the best deals in the wonderful homes and the best in class properties will leave you amazed. Well, there are 3 ways that will help the property searchers to search the best property and these also enable you to get the best deals in the best real estate property.

How to Find the Best Real Estate Deals through MLS

All you need to know about Finding the Best Properties through the MLS:

Here are the best ways to check out the aspired property through the MLS and this will be of great help to you:

1 Always remain at the first place:

It is best known as to what happens to those birds who easier to hunt for the worms quite early and this particular principle also follows in searching about the real estate deals by  the MLS. Various kinds of new listings might not be worth your precious time. In this competitive world, if you desire to find the real estate deals through MLS then you need to be quite fast too. If you will be first, then there are great chances to get a big yes, just before anybody else has just even had a look at the property. This will surely help you in keeping away from this competition. But how can you remain fast is the major concern to know and these 4 points will help you greatly:

  • You must be completely qualified:

If you keep waiting to know about your financing till you get the best property, then you shall be at the risk of going after the deals that you might not get in the first itself. Moreover, many sellers desire to see a pre-approval letter way before they will be accepting the particular offer. If you desire to get that pre-approval even after submitting your offer, then that particular competition an just drop much before you have just signed the contract. You Will also like to know about how to sell real estate property fast and get the money.

  • You must also set your own criteria:

You are required to perceive about what you need exactly and you desire to buy and what will be something you are also aspiring to pay. This will certainly help you to figure out around 99% of your listings and shall not be matched with your desired property. And so you must make your focus towards the 1%, which will matter to you.

Many times people have just booked the property without thinking about the best property deals or doing some homework and this will surely lead you towards saving some huge bucks in finding the best property. These and many more are the common mistakes which real investors make before buying the property.

2 Being at the last in searching property:

Here might be times that you desired to sell a property and did not find the buyers. For decreasing this particular problem, the classified app of UAE will help you to find the best sellers when you want to sell the property quickly. Many times When the sellers are opting to sell a particular property then they are just paying the 2 house payments at the same time or looking forward to shift to a fresh phase in life through the anchor of that unsold property.

This is the reason why a seller will be able to accept the low offer too than the owner who have found the new properties. You must for the real estate agent to get the list of properties which will surely meet your criteria.

3 Taking the risk:

The last tip in this section of searching the best deals on the MLS is through taking the risks. This is the tips that can also transform your whole business in few days itself. Taking the risks also means to understand about how the real estate channel works out. This particular channel working is very simple. Leads will come up at the top and then you will inspect some leads from those coming at the top. Once those leads are inspected then some offers might get accepted too. In this step, you will also be acknowledging the real estate channel and you go on with the best process so that the results are in your favor itself.

The Final Word:

So, it can be said that if you want to purchase the luxe property, then you are required to make various offers and you must also scrutinize various kinds of leads. You will then require various other leads in your real estate channel as such. So, it can be summed up that you must not keep waiting for good deals and rather you must be either in the first place or take some risks or just stay at the last in finding the best deals in property for yourself. Some people desire to know about the best ways to make money sitting at home and people can make money through buying and selling used cars in Dubai through simple clicks on your smartphone by classified app in Dubai.

The New car prices in UAE: 2017

The New car prices in UAE: 2017

Car enthusiasts keep their eyes glued to the lovely cars that comes to the markets and these cars looks ravishing to the core!

For the car lovers in the UAE, the year 2016 was wonderful as they came across stunning cars which thrills them to pieces. If 2017 is concerned, then even in this year, the car enthusiasts will be able to see the thrilling an breathtaking car coming up in the year 2017. This year will also see the best cars that will hit the markets. There are top 4 new upcoming cars for the year 2017 which you must watch out for.

The brand new car prices in UAE: 2017

Here is the list of car prices UAE in the year 2017 that will thrill you to pieces.


Property Power


Kia Picanto 2017 Automatic 1000 cc 31,900 AED
Hyundai i10 2017 Automatic 1200 cc 32,500 AED
Cheverolet Spark 2017 Manual 1000 cc 34,000 AED
Kia Picanto 2017 1.2 A/T 1300 cc 34,900 AED
Hyundai i10 2017 Automatic/full option 1200 cc 35,000 AED
Cheverolet Spark 2017 Manual/full option LS 1000 cc 35,000 AED
Hyundai Grand i10 2017 Automatic 1200 cc 37,000 AED
Cheverolet Spark 2017 Automatic/full option LS CVT 1000 cc 37,000 AED
Cheverolet Spark 2017 Automatic/LS CVT 1000 cc 37,000 AED
Nissan Micra 2017 Automatic 1500 cc 38,500 AED
Renault Dokker 2017 Automatic 1500 cc 39,000 AED
Morris Garage 350 2017 Automatic/D 1600 cc 39,500 AED
Morris Garage 350 2017 F/O A/T Basic 1600 cc 40,000 AED
Mitsubishi Mirage 2017 Automatic 1400 cc 40,900 AED
Ford Figo 2017 Automatic/ 1600 cc 41,000 AED
Brilliance FSV 2017 Automatic 1600 cc 41,500 AED
Kia Rio 2017 Automatic 1400 cc 42,000 AED
Brilliance FRV 2017 Automatic 1500 cc 42,250 AED
Nissan Sentra 2017 Automatic/S 1800 cc 43,000 AED
Kia Picanto 2017 Automatic/full option 1000 cc 43,000 AED
Fiat Fiorino 2017 Automatic 1400 cc 43,000 AED
Nissan Sunny 2017 Automatic S 1500 cc 43,000 AED
Cheverolet Spark 2017 Automatic/LT 1000 cc 43,500 AED
Kia Rio 2017 Automatic/ full option 5 1400 cc 43,900 AED
Nissan Sentra 2017 Automatic/ full option S 1800 cc 44,000 AED
Morris Garage 350 2017 Automatic 1600 cc 44,000 AED
Hyundai Accent 2017 Automatic/1.4 L 1600 cc 44,000 AED
Cheverolet Spark 2017 Automatic/full option LT 1000 cc 44,000 AED
Mitsubishi Lancer 2017 Automatic/EX 1.6 2000 cc 44,000 AED
Nissan Sunny 2017 Automatic/ full option S 1500 cc 44,000 AED
Nissan Micra 2017 Full option/Automatic 1500 cc 44,500 AED
Hyundai Accent 2017 Automatic/full option GL 1600 cc 44,500 AED
Kia Rio 2017 Automatic/full option 4 1400 cc 44,900 AED
Cheverolet Aveo 2017 Automatic 1400 cc 45,000 AED
Mitsubishi Mirage 2017 Automatic/full option 1200 cc 45,000 AED
Changan Eado 2017 Automatic/Elite 1600cc 45,000 AED
Morris Garage 350 2017 Automatic S 1600 cc 45,000 AED
Renault Dokker 2017 Automatic/full option 1500 cc 45,000 AED
Cheverolet Aveo 2017 Automatic 1500 cc 45,000 AED
Hyundai Accent 2017 Automatic 1.6L 1600 cc 45,500 AED
Changan Eado 2017 Automatic/full option Elite 1600 cc 46,000 AED
Brilliance FRV 2017 Automatic/full option 1500 cc 46,000 AED
Ford Figo 2017 Automatic/full option 1400 cc 46,000 AED
Mazda Mazda 2 2017 Automatic 1500 cc 47,900 AED
Mazda Mazda 2 2017 Automatic/S Grade 1500 cc 47,900 AED
Mazda Mazda 2 2017 Automatic/full option S 1500 cc 48,000 AED
Hyundai Grand i10 ­ Automatic/full option 1200 cc 48,000 AED
Fiat Fiorino 2017 Automatic/full option 1400 cc 48,000 AED
Mazda Mazda 2 2017 Automatic/full option S Grade 1500 cc 48,000 AED
Infiniti QX50 2017 Automatic 3500cc 149,750AED
Audi Q3 2017 Automatic/full option 1400cc 150,000AED
Jeep Wrangler 2017 Automatic/full option 3600cc 150,000AED

Closing Thoughts:

So, the above listed are the top-rated cars of 2017 which you must watch out for in the year 2017 and these will leave you amazed with joy. Stunning car to watch out for Jaguar SVR Coupe 2017 and this particular car looks ravishing to the core. It will leave you gobsmacked for sure. The lovely cars look extremely gorgeous.

Some of the people just can’t buy the luxe and expensive cars and so they search numerous used cars for sale on the classified app of UAE.

Even the used cars in Dubai are available in different brands, varieties, colors, etc. You can opt as per your choices and preferences.