UAE is the beautiful place in the world, it attracts people around the globe by the class architecture and tourist places! 

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE has the best in class architectures in the world which are just iconic in looks by the design. With the lovely skyline and includes the class skyscraper in the world in Abu Dhabi, it grabs the eyeballs of visitors and tourists. There are various magnificent buildings which will thrill you to pieces. Here is the list of 5 such class apart architectures of Abu Dhabi to watch out for.

5 Spectacular Architectures of Abu Dhabi 🙂

#1 The Emirates Palace:

Well, there are various places to visit UAE during Eid holidays, but this is the most incredible to visit. Famous as the “beyond 5 star resort”, this palace is built in the area of around 84 hectares and has its own private beach and beautiful marina too. The Emirates Palace appears to be like a real life Disney castle, which offers a luxe picturesque view and nestled in the heart of Abu Dhabi.


There are 2 hotel wings, which look awe-inspiring and there is 1 guest palace too. In this classic architecture, there around 114 domes which are just 80 meters high and includes 394 suites and the rooms in it. This class architecture had bed designed by John Elliott, senior Vice President at Wimberly, Allison, Tong & Goo, which is the international firm and has the luxe hotels. Inaugurated in March 2005, it has also hosted various international superstars such as Christina Aguilera and it takes around 3 billion dollars for constructing the same.

 The Emirates Palace, West Corniche Road, Opp Ithihad Tower, United Arab Emirates, +971 026909000

#2 Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi:

Built by the Sheikh Suroor Department (SSPD) through the international architectural, design competition, DBI design in the year 2011 built the Etihad Towers, the most lavish building and one of its kind that grabs the eyeballs of the tourists. It is situated opposite of the Emirates Palace hotel, but they both appear to be quite similar if design part is concerned. 3 of them are the residential apartments and one is an office tower in this building and the rest one is the hotel.


Appears more like the Aladdin’d cave of delights which has around 14 restaurants, 6500 m2 of international boutique brand shops and also the 1800 m2 ballroom fit for around 1000-1400 guests. The observation deck is on double level at the top of the tallest tower when the visitors drop to see the spectacular views of Saadiyat Island and the Emirates Palace too. These towers were also being used as a filming spot for 2015 hit movie Fast & Furious 7: the making and at this place the 2 characters also stolen a Lykan Hyperport and drove it spectacularly through 3 of the towers.

 Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi, UAE, +971043855528

#3 Al Jahili Fort:

Quite identical to Qasr Al Hosn, Al Jahili is the most remarkable building which is a must-visit in the United Arab Emirates. Constructed in the year 1891 for defending Abu Dhabi’s expensive palm groves, this fort was also used for protecting the mountain passes and implement the peace in the area at that moment. Now the admired Al Ain landmark, this fort has also gone through a considerable amount of renovation with the major purpose of making it as the cultural center.


There was also an exhibition which was installed at this place, the classy work of British traveler Sir Wilfred Thesiger, which also displays old photos and maps of that place, and also exhibits the travelling ornament exhibition which is being put to use by the explorer. Even the gardens look mind-boggling. There are also top 10 strange things to do in Abu Dhabi that you must surely opt for.

Al Jahili Fort, Hazah Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE, +91-037843996

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#4 Louvre in Abu Dhabi:

Having been designed by Pritzker Prize winning architect Jean Nouvel, this class architecture of the Louvre Abu Dhabi is also famous as the sister museum to Louvre, Paris and is being motivated by Arabic and the Islamic designs too. The anticipated date of this museum opening is at the end of 2017 year and the completed structure will appear to be like dome structure. The web-patterned dome allows the sun to filter through most beautifully.


At this museum, the tourist will be able to see the artwork from around the globe and the major focus being gap between Eastern and the Western art. It is located in the Saadiyat Island cultural District, and it will be spread in the area of 24000 square meters. If you are living in Abu Dhabi, then you can also opt for going to visit these places through your own vehicle. And if your vehicle is getting old then you can sell it through the ad posting app UAE for selling the used vehicle and buy the new lavish car or the bike.

Louvre, Abu Dhabi., Cultural District, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

#5 Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi 

Yet another remarkable architecture of Abu Dhabi is Capital Gate, which is the marvelous skyscrapers of UAE. The Architects were inspired from The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy for constructing this class structure. The most beautiful leaning man-made tower and broke the Guiness World Record in creating the same. This particular tower leans 4 times more than the tower of Pisa, Italy, but also has more amount of stability as it is constructed on a foundation of dense mesh and also reinforced steel. It stands at the eight of 160 meters and includes 35 storeys, which makes it one of the tallest buildings in this city and slopes 18 degrees to west as such.


Hyatt Capital Gate, Al Khaleej Arabi Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE, +971-024064400

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The Final Word:

The above mentioned are the lovely architectures in Abu Dhabi, which is must to visit once in a lifetime and these are the best places which one finds great to see. But don’t forget to share your experience of visiting these places in the comments section below.

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