Movie lovers in the world look forward to head towards the top-notch cinema to watch the movies to unwind themselves!

Dubai is the most beautiful city for all groups of people and even for the movie lovers too. There are various classy cinemas which you must once in your lifetime to have the whole of your time. But which are the best ones for you? Have a look at these incredible cinemas at Dubai and these will leave you gobsmacked for sure.

Top 8 Cinemas in Dubai

8 Best Cinemas of Dubai That Will Thrill Cinema Lovers to Bits:

Movie watching fans

Out there!

Vast range of cinemas

In Dubai are quite

Exquisite which you must certainly visit

                                                                           -Nikita Tak

So, are you all set to go to the whole new world of cinemas where you will find the top-notch cinemas as per your choices and preferences. Here is the list of 8 best cinemas in Dubai:

1 The Monster Cinema at Dubai Mall:

This is the highly-favored cinema of Dubai, which have around 22 screens and spread in the whole of this cinema as such. There will be various film Option for you to watch here. You will find the movies of a sorted range at this cinema, such as 3D blockbusters, family oriented movies, etc. and much more. This is also famous as the UAE’s largest “THX-certified cine plex”. Seats of this cinema are just so lavish and comfy with a good amount of leg space. You just can’t anticipate to have the armrest just for yourself- showing at the peak times and especially at the Friday. It is quite good for the mall-trawlers who desire to take a trip to the cinema without any kind of trouble about the show times.

Where it is located: At Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, Costing: Adults Dh55 and for children Dh35, Platinum Dh130. Book online at:

2 The Couple Cinema at Dubai Marina Mall:

This is the most lavish cinema, having around 6 screens. Small but cossy and not so busy and this is for the mall-goers who love to watch the movie in peaceful area. This cinema is nestled in the small and quite area. This is also the first boutique cinema of UAE and have the business class experience with the features of twin seats, spacious leg room and also provide the option of the pillows and the blankets too. Parking can be quite frustrating for you and this cinema is best for the best trip with your partner to watch the film you have been waiting to watch.

Where it is located: At Dubai Marina. Costs: Adults: Dh55 and children: Dh35. Book online at:

So, are you looking forward to make a plan for watching a movie at this cinema? Then you might be going from the bike or the car. You must check out the traffic violations and fines in Dubai if you are a resident or new to Dubai as these are the safety measures to be taken care of so that you won’t get into any trouble while driving.

3 Midweek Cinema at Mall of the Emirates:

This is also the best cinema for the movie fans and it has 14 screens in it which shows the latest releases which are blockbuster. Seating is very comfortable at this cinema and this is most loved by the cinema lovers. This mall has good access for the tourists and the visitors by the metro or through the taxi. It is located in one of the biggest malls which means that the foodies will be able to bring their snacks and sweets from other places too. This cinema is the best for the most mall-dinner trip to the cinema by the cinema lovers. The Gold class is the perfect for the movie lovers who don’t want any kind of babies screaming as it is just adults-only.

Where it is located: At Al Barsha Dubai. Costs: VOX Gold 3D: Dh150, 2D Dh120, VOX Max Dh45, standard Dh 35/40. You can book online at:

Don’t forget to take your trendy smartphone with pre-installed selfie apps to prettify your photos because you will love to take the selfies at this mall.

4 The Weekend Cinema at Ibn Battuta Mall:

It might be just the long drive for many of the cinema-goers in Dubai. This is also the grand multiplex having around 21 screens and has many spots for pick up tickets and for the foodies there are various snack counters so that they can satisfy their taste buds also. The theatres have the shopping, IMAX screens and works wonders for those who like to watch the favorite movie star’s face on the large screen in the theatre. There are some VIP rows at the back. This is best for the people who love to go to a movie on friday evening.

Where it is located: At the Ibn Battuta Mall, The Gardens, Dubai. the Costs are: Dh 35 regular, Dh50 VIP, Dh50 3D regular, Dh60 3D VIP, Dh 60 IMAX, you can book online at:

5 The Secretly Awesome Cinema-Grand Cineplex:

This is also one of the best cinemas in Dubai and have around 12 screens and shows the blockbuster movies for the movie fans. The parking is not a problem at this place and the best location is next to Grand Hyatt which is just off Sheikh Rashid Road and makes for the cinema experience which is quite stress-free. This cinema is the best for the people who desire to visit the cinema but not visiting a mall.

Where it is located: Grand Hayat Dubai, off Sheikh Rashid Road, Dubai. Costs: Dh 35 regular, Dh 50 VIP, you can book online at:

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6 The Saturday Cinema at Dubai Festival City:

This is also the incredible cinema and best of the cinema lovers in Dubai. It is quite clean and this is what drawn the most of cinema lovers here to watch movie. The foodies get to enjoy the best snacks here, which includes assorted, range of food. The early-birds will be able to enjoy the best seating at this cinema because people don’t like to stand in a queue. This cinema has just the 12 screens in it. It is best for the last minute afternoon popcorn-fast and the old class class here is the grand class.

Where it is located: Dubai festival city, Dubai creek, Costs: Dh35 regular, Dh50 VIP, Dh50 3D regular, Dh60 3D VIP, Grand class Dh100. You can book online at:

7 The Quiet Cinema at Midrif City Centre:

This is yet another incredible cinema to watch out for in Dubai and one of the best for movie fans in Dubai. If you love to watch a movie in peace, then this works wonders for you. You can go here in the morning time when many of the 10 theatres will be just empty and you will enjoy watching your favourite movie. If you live in Midrif the you must certainly opt for visiting this cinema as it the best and one-of its kind. It is best for getting here early and then stretching your legs right before everyone had finished their breakfast. This cinema also includes a gold class.

Where it is located: Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, Mid rif, Dubai, Costs: VOX gold 3D Dh150, 2D Dh120, VOX Max Dh45, standard Dh35/40. You can book online at:

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8 The Jumeirah Jane Cinema at Mercato Mall:

This is also his best cinema to go at for the movie lovers in Dubai. This cinema is set in the attractive Renaissance decor of Mercato Mall and this VOX branch has the incredible features included in it. It has around 7 screens. There is also the VIP seating at the back row as such. This is one-time quite expensive for the people. This theatre also has the VIP seating in the back row. This is best for the pre-lunch time trip to the cinema by the movie lovers and then you can enjoy the cup of coffee at the Mercato mall.

Where it is located: Jumeirah Beach road, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, Costs: VOX max Dh45, Standard Dh35/40 and you can book online at:

The Final Word:

So, did you love reading this engrossing post?

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So, are you looking forward to visit these cinemas? If yes, then don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments section below.


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