People who aspire to have a home in luxurious cities keep searching the expensive homes of the world and the lavish property for sale in Dubai attracts them a lot!

5 Luxe homes in Dubai to watch out for

Dubai is one of the luxe cities of the world which grabs the eyeballs of the visitors and tourists around the globe. UAE is the country which is highly developed and there is no scarcity regarding money as such. Even the second most luxurious & expensive hotels in the world are nestled in Dubai, which is being loved by many tourists of the world. Do you desire to purchase an expensive home in Dubai? If yes, then there are 8 reasons why purchasing a new home is better than used in the city of Gold- Dubai. The highest part of Dubai’s GDP comes from the oil, the real estate market is something which deserves serious attention.

There are an assorted range of apartments, villas, townhouses, penthouses and various other properties which are available in Dubai.

Top 5 Luxe homes in Dubai:

Here is the flabbergasting list of expensive homes in Dubai, which will make you jump out of your skin:

  • ONE at Palm Jumeirah, Dubai- $49,279,193.94:

This is nestled in the area of 25000 square feet and has 7 stunning bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 16000 square foot terrace. This is the most costly penthouse located in Dubai, which is $49 million penthouse in Palm Jumeirah. This construction of this lavish property will be completed in the year 2017. It will include the best facilities like fine dining, spa, gym, swimming pools, security, lounges, kids’ areas, club houses and many more facilities. If you are looking forward to purchase homes here, then there are 8 things to be considered before purchasing the dream home in Dubai.

  • 10 Bedroom Emirates Hills Villa, Dubai-$48734672.46

The emirates Hills neighborhood also turns out to be the lavish and costly real estate which is located in Dubai. It is constructed on the area of 32000 square feet and is the size of 2 of the Hills’ normal-sized villas and also includes a whopping entryway, 2 wonderful kitchens, guest suite which just act its own apartment, an office, ensuite bathrooms which appears to be very ravishing. You will also see the golf course and the lovely view of the marina from this place.

  • 8 Bedrooms Emirates Hills Villa, Dubai-$34848897:

Emirates Hills is yet another expensive home which is located in Dubai. This real estate got its name from Beverly Hills and also the first time it happened that the freehold real estate for sale in Dubai.

This particular real estate is built in the space of 32,000 square feet and also has the pool, the library, cinema rooms, place for the servants to live on-site. If you own a wonderful helicopter then there are 2 areas which can be used for landing at this property, and you will not have to park your own car too. This property also has the valet parking service too. The finishing of this place is completed in marble and also wood and have its own Jacuzzi, gym, games room, steam room, access to the golf course. There is a total of 11 luxurious bathrooms in the villa and 8 bedrooms have own ensuite bathroom too.

The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of local real-estate broker Luxhabitat, Oriol Font strongly believes that

“Dubai is attracting more and more property buyers and has a lot of room for further price increases in the long term. Dubai’s rental yields also outperform most major cities with yields of around five to eight percent, while in other mature markets those are more in the two to four percent range. This is another characteristic of an emerging real-estate market.”

  • The 6 Bedroom Emirates Hills Villa with the Renaissance Style, Dubai-$17696706:

This is yet another lavish villa which is located in Dubai, which attracts the visitors from around the globe. It includes the moldings in ivory and also gold plating. There is an amazing 2-tier gold stone fountain, which is located at the center of the grand gathering area too and it looks Renaissance-inspired models completely in the house. There is also a grand marble staircase in this villa which also arouses the images of palatial estates too, and the swimming pool’s lion head and also angel fountains look just ravishing to the core. There is also a special barbeque area and also guest entertainment area, a private bar, the gym that includes the Jacuzzi which looks awe-inspiring. In this villa, even the carpets are just custom-made. Dubai is the place where people come from visiting the attractive tourist attractions like inside tallest building Burj Khalifa which looks just marvelous in various ways.

  • Dubai Marina 6 Bedroom Penthouse in Dubai- $14974136:

The most extravagant and expensive home located in Dubai is Elite Residence and this is constructed on 12469 square meters area. This is the most magnificent apartments for sale in Dubai. It includes amazing facilities which include parking for 6 cars, 6 bedrooms with the ensuite baths, amazing views of the ocean which looks just breathtaking. It is located near the golf courses and various different amenities. There are wonderful facilities here, which includes the terrace, theatre rooms, building’s pools, gym and also the spa.

The Final Word:

So, this city of Gold-Dubai offers various luxurious houses to the people around the globe. You will also be able to search various kinds of real estate on the leading classified website of UAE, the perfect platform for finding the homes as per your requirement and the budget.

So, what are you waiting for? The above listed are the best and opulent homes which you most certainly watch out for. These wonderful homes provide class range of facilities to the people who desire to buy them. Dubai is the best place in the world where people aspire to own a house as it also have multifarious tourist-attractions which grabs eyeballs of the tourists around the globe. For any kind of real estate queries, you can also discuss in the comments section below.


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