The Tallest Lego Building Structure in the World – Legoland dubai

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The marvellous LEGOLAND Dubai declared the world record of the tallest LEDO building structure which stands at 17 metres tall. Its is the exact model of the Burj Khalifa and will turn out to be the tallest LEGO building structure in whole world. It is nestled at LEGOLAND Dubais miniland as such. For constructing this structure, it taken around 5000 hours and 439000 LEGO bricks. These kinds of structures makes Dubai a popular tourist attraction in the world.

Eye-popping LEGOLAND Dubai:

Burj Khalifa structure will also includeleisure of the well known fountain show art the real Burj Khalifa. LEGO Burj Khalifa building wil also consists of creative LED light show. It is going to come at Dubai Parks and resorts on the 31st of October and will aldo be the 7tth LEGOLAND of the world. Just like other LEGOLANDS, this aill also have fun-filled entertainment for the children that comprises of swimming with the sharks, fighting the fires, for the children: earning of driving license, enjoying at the park, etc. It will include around 40 mind-boggling rides, different shows and the attractions and also about 15000 LEGO model structures which is constructed from 60 million bricks.

Know more about LEGOLAND Dubai:

This will feature 6 kinds of themed lands and LEGOLAND Dubai waterpark too. Different kins of themed aparks are mentioned below:

#1 Amazing Adventure:

This is the awe-inspiring land which is the best for the people who are looking forward for some thrilling adventure. For experiencing the incredible underwater adventure you will also love to join the LEGO divers which is the best enjoyment for complete family.

#2 Miniland:

It is the must to vidit place in the LEGOLAND Dubai, the complete family fun to explore. Constructed with around 20 million LEGO bricks and complete in this indoor A.C interactive place. LEGOLAND Dubai will also display the Dubai’s iconic skyline and the best landmarks from the Middle East. The tourists will also have the golden opportunity for creating their own skyline at Build A City, 10 metre play table with the white LEGO bricks.

Get to know more about this thrilling Miniland in this video :

#3 Class imagination:

This is the stunning land of every LEGO fan to get engrossed in the entertainment. Just schedule a class to construct with MINDSTORMS robotics as such. If LEGO TECHNIC Twister is concerned, then it is the centrifugal forces versus you which will leave you gobsmacked.

#4 Different kingdoms:

In this flabergasting LEGOLAND, you can conquer the garden on the thrilling roller coaster ride by the King’s castle, the younger knights and the princesses can also ride the Dragon’s Apprentice. You will love to enjoy at this place to a lot of extent.

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#5 The Factory:

At this place kids wil llove to see about making of the LEGO bricks. They can also get their own LEGO brick frsh just by casting the line as the keepsake. Even the Facory land includes the BIG Shop and it includes the assorted range of LEGO Toys. It is also the largest LEGO shop of the Middle east.

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#6 LEGO City:

In the LEGO City, the kids will be able to make use of their skillset as they will also turn out to be part of any crew board Shipyard ro when they will get to know about how to drive the extravagant electric car and also get their official LEGOLAND Driving License at the Driving School as such. The kids will also learn bout flying the plane, steering a beguiling boat or also saving the burning building just like fire fighters. The complete exhilarating adventure for the kids specially.

The Final Word:

So, did you love reading this amazing post?

If yes, then you must surely visit this LEGOLAND once in a lifetime which will leave you gobsmacked for sure. It is nestled in the city of Gulf-Dubai. If yiu are living in Dubai then you casn got to this amazing place through any transport. You can go by your car metro, etc. Well, buying of the new luxurious cars is quite pricey. So you can also opt for used cars in Dubai which are available in differfent varieities and diferent brands at Dubai Poster.


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