Believe it or not, people in today’s date are so fond of taking selfies and share each and every moment. Not just taking selfies is the best thing which is loved by the people but some people also love to beautify their photos by making use of the top-notch selfie apps. There are best selfie camera app download for the smartphones.

10 Best Selfie Apps that Will Thrill Selfie Lovers to Bits:

Which Are the Best Selfie Apps to Prettify Your Photos

Here is the list of amazing selfie apps which will help you to beautify your photos. These are the best selfie apps which are highly favored by the photography lovers to the core.

1 FaceTune App:

FaceTune is the best app for prettifying your photos. By using this app you will be able to retouch your self portraits in the blink of an eye. You can enhance your pohotos in various ways, such as, whitening your teeth, coloring of grey hairs, removal of red-eye, refining the jaw perfectly. There are top 15 iPhone accessories to watch out for which also includes some accessories for enhaning your selfie for the iPhone lovers. You will also find best selfie app for android for your Android handset. FaceTune app also helps you to blur the images for keeping you in focus.

2 CamMe App:

At times, the elbows and hands don’t look good in the photos. This app works wonders for solving this particular issue. This is the best app for deleting he unwanted additions in the photo. All you need to do is keeping your smartphone just 2 and 16 feets away before the extending and closing your hands for activating the camera for taking the amazing selfie.

3 Camera+ App:

Well, there are various photo editing apps for the smartphones, though this particular app is not meant for just taking the selfies but it is the best camera app for the ios. One of the best selfie camera app iphone lovers find it awe-inspiring. It provides you numerous features for beautifying your photos by adding some exposure controls and various other advanced settings that will leave you gobsmacked, such as the timer function, 6x digital zoom and many more.

4 Retrica App:

Retrica is yet another amazing selfie app which will leave you amazed when you use it. It provides you various real-time filters which ranges from retro offerings and also the designed for giving the neos glow for your selfies. You will also see the assorted range of vignettes to be used in the photos. For the best poses you can also make use the collage feature in the app.

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5 Frontback App:

This is yet another selfie app which will make you grin from ear to ear when you make use of this app on your smartphone. This app makes use of both the front and back features in the camera for creating the single photo which displays both the appearance which you look in the front and also the best expression is seen in the selfies on the face.

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6 Photo Editor App by Aviary:

This is also the best selfie app which helps you to beautify your selfies in fraction of seconds by just few taps on your smartphone screen. It provides wide array of effects for prettifying your selfie to the core. This will make your selfie glamorous. Vrious filters and various options are available, such as whitening your teeth and deleting out unwanted blemishes. Yo ucan also add some captions in your photos through this app. One of the besrt selfie filter apps.

7 Perfect365 App:

According to US Weekly, this app is also being used by Kardashian sisters for prettifying their selfies. What makes this selfie app far cry from other is that its native ability that helps to adjust the intensity of various effect by making use of the slider. This also offers multifarious templates which are celebrity-inspired that helps you in beautifying your selfie completely. There are around 20 various tools a vailable for selfie enhancing in this app.

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8 YouCam perfect App:

One of the most popular app for selfie lovers who love to take numerous selfies. It offers amazing features like eradicating the dry skin, some of the wrinkles and other kinds of imperfections in your photos at the drop of a hat. There are various options available in the software even for re-shaping your body like nose, eyes etc to give the perfect look in the selfie.

9 VSCO Cam App:

The reason why this app is highly-favoured by the selfie lovers is because of the adjustments included in this app. It helps you to give various effects to your selfies, such as brightening, giving the contrast, addingthe sharpness, etc which in turn gives you the perfect selfie. Moreover, it also touts the various assortment of the filters which are designed for prettifying your photo.

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10 Selfie Cam App:

This particular selfie app is the snapchat minded app which is a must-have for your smartphone if you love taking selfies. It helps you to embellish your selfies and making them more beautiful. It also includes a rotary-style control which also enables you to swiftly scroll all the options for customizing your photos in plain sailing way. The icing on cake is the built-in timer which will help you to make your posture apt for the selfie.

Closing Thougths:

These above liste are theclassy list of selfie apps which will leave you amazed once you make use of them for enhancing your selfie. This particular post might have made you jump out of your skin if you are one of the selfie lovers. So what are you waiting for?

Just check out your app store in the smartphone, download these apps and start using. But don’t forget to share your experience of using these apps in the comment box below.

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