The Tallest Lego Building Structure in the world

The Tallest Lego Building Structure in the world

The Tallest Lego Building Structure in the World – Legoland dubai

The Tallest Lego Building Structure in the world.jpg

The marvellous LEGOLAND Dubai declared the world record of the tallest LEDO building structure which stands at 17 metres tall. Its is the exact model of the Burj Khalifa and will turn out to be the tallest LEGO building structure in whole world. It is nestled at LEGOLAND Dubais miniland as such. For constructing this structure, it taken around 5000 hours and 439000 LEGO bricks. These kinds of structures makes Dubai a popular tourist attraction in the world.

Eye-popping LEGOLAND Dubai:

Burj Khalifa structure will also includeleisure of the well known fountain show art the real Burj Khalifa. LEGO Burj Khalifa building wil also consists of creative LED light show. It is going to come at Dubai Parks and resorts on the 31st of October and will aldo be the 7tth LEGOLAND of the world. Just like other LEGOLANDS, this aill also have fun-filled entertainment for the children that comprises of swimming with the sharks, fighting the fires, for the children: earning of driving license, enjoying at the park, etc. It will include around 40 mind-boggling rides, different shows and the attractions and also about 15000 LEGO model structures which is constructed from 60 million bricks.

Know more about LEGOLAND Dubai:

This will feature 6 kinds of themed lands and LEGOLAND Dubai waterpark too. Different kins of themed aparks are mentioned below:

#1 Amazing Adventure:

This is the awe-inspiring land which is the best for the people who are looking forward for some thrilling adventure. For experiencing the incredible underwater adventure you will also love to join the LEGO divers which is the best enjoyment for complete family.

#2 Miniland:

It is the must to vidit place in the LEGOLAND Dubai, the complete family fun to explore. Constructed with around 20 million LEGO bricks and complete in this indoor A.C interactive place. LEGOLAND Dubai will also display the Dubai’s iconic skyline and the best landmarks from the Middle East. The tourists will also have the golden opportunity for creating their own skyline at Build A City, 10 metre play table with the white LEGO bricks.

Get to know more about this thrilling Miniland in this video :

#3 Class imagination:

This is the stunning land of every LEGO fan to get engrossed in the entertainment. Just schedule a class to construct with MINDSTORMS robotics as such. If LEGO TECHNIC Twister is concerned, then it is the centrifugal forces versus you which will leave you gobsmacked.

#4 Different kingdoms:

In this flabergasting LEGOLAND, you can conquer the garden on the thrilling roller coaster ride by the King’s castle, the younger knights and the princesses can also ride the Dragon’s Apprentice. You will love to enjoy at this place to a lot of extent.

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#5 The Factory:

At this place kids wil llove to see about making of the LEGO bricks. They can also get their own LEGO brick frsh just by casting the line as the keepsake. Even the Facory land includes the BIG Shop and it includes the assorted range of LEGO Toys. It is also the largest LEGO shop of the Middle east.

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#6 LEGO City:

In the LEGO City, the kids will be able to make use of their skillset as they will also turn out to be part of any crew board Shipyard ro when they will get to know about how to drive the extravagant electric car and also get their official LEGOLAND Driving License at the Driving School as such. The kids will also learn bout flying the plane, steering a beguiling boat or also saving the burning building just like fire fighters. The complete exhilarating adventure for the kids specially.

The Final Word:

So, did you love reading this amazing post?

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Which Are the Best Selfie Apps to Prettify Your Photos

Which Are the Best Selfie Apps to Prettify Your Photos

Believe it or not, people in today’s date are so fond of taking selfies and share each and every moment. Not just taking selfies is the best thing which is loved by the people but some people also love to beautify their photos by making use of the top-notch selfie apps. There are best selfie camera app download for the smartphones.

10 Best Selfie Apps that Will Thrill Selfie Lovers to Bits:

Which Are the Best Selfie Apps to Prettify Your Photos

Here is the list of amazing selfie apps which will help you to beautify your photos. These are the best selfie apps which are highly favored by the photography lovers to the core.

1 FaceTune App:

FaceTune is the best app for prettifying your photos. By using this app you will be able to retouch your self portraits in the blink of an eye. You can enhance your pohotos in various ways, such as, whitening your teeth, coloring of grey hairs, removal of red-eye, refining the jaw perfectly. There are top 15 iPhone accessories to watch out for which also includes some accessories for enhaning your selfie for the iPhone lovers. You will also find best selfie app for android for your Android handset. FaceTune app also helps you to blur the images for keeping you in focus.

2 CamMe App:

At times, the elbows and hands don’t look good in the photos. This app works wonders for solving this particular issue. This is the best app for deleting he unwanted additions in the photo. All you need to do is keeping your smartphone just 2 and 16 feets away before the extending and closing your hands for activating the camera for taking the amazing selfie.

3 Camera+ App:

Well, there are various photo editing apps for the smartphones, though this particular app is not meant for just taking the selfies but it is the best camera app for the ios. One of the best selfie camera app iphone lovers find it awe-inspiring. It provides you numerous features for beautifying your photos by adding some exposure controls and various other advanced settings that will leave you gobsmacked, such as the timer function, 6x digital zoom and many more.

4 Retrica App:

Retrica is yet another amazing selfie app which will leave you amazed when you use it. It provides you various real-time filters which ranges from retro offerings and also the designed for giving the neos glow for your selfies. You will also see the assorted range of vignettes to be used in the photos. For the best poses you can also make use the collage feature in the app.

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5 Frontback App:

This is yet another selfie app which will make you grin from ear to ear when you make use of this app on your smartphone. This app makes use of both the front and back features in the camera for creating the single photo which displays both the appearance which you look in the front and also the best expression is seen in the selfies on the face.

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6 Photo Editor App by Aviary:

This is also the best selfie app which helps you to beautify your selfies in fraction of seconds by just few taps on your smartphone screen. It provides wide array of effects for prettifying your selfie to the core. This will make your selfie glamorous. Vrious filters and various options are available, such as whitening your teeth and deleting out unwanted blemishes. Yo ucan also add some captions in your photos through this app. One of the besrt selfie filter apps.

7 Perfect365 App:

According to US Weekly, this app is also being used by Kardashian sisters for prettifying their selfies. What makes this selfie app far cry from other is that its native ability that helps to adjust the intensity of various effect by making use of the slider. This also offers multifarious templates which are celebrity-inspired that helps you in beautifying your selfie completely. There are around 20 various tools a vailable for selfie enhancing in this app.

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8 YouCam perfect App:

One of the most popular app for selfie lovers who love to take numerous selfies. It offers amazing features like eradicating the dry skin, some of the wrinkles and other kinds of imperfections in your photos at the drop of a hat. There are various options available in the software even for re-shaping your body like nose, eyes etc to give the perfect look in the selfie.

9 VSCO Cam App:

The reason why this app is highly-favoured by the selfie lovers is because of the adjustments included in this app. It helps you to give various effects to your selfies, such as brightening, giving the contrast, addingthe sharpness, etc which in turn gives you the perfect selfie. Moreover, it also touts the various assortment of the filters which are designed for prettifying your photo.

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10 Selfie Cam App:

This particular selfie app is the snapchat minded app which is a must-have for your smartphone if you love taking selfies. It helps you to embellish your selfies and making them more beautiful. It also includes a rotary-style control which also enables you to swiftly scroll all the options for customizing your photos in plain sailing way. The icing on cake is the built-in timer which will help you to make your posture apt for the selfie.

Closing Thougths:

These above liste are theclassy list of selfie apps which will leave you amazed once you make use of them for enhancing your selfie. This particular post might have made you jump out of your skin if you are one of the selfie lovers. So what are you waiting for?

Just check out your app store in the smartphone, download these apps and start using. But don’t forget to share your experience of using these apps in the comment box below.

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Why is Dubai International Film Festival one of the best in the world

Why is Dubai International Film Festival one of the best in the world

One of the flabbergasting events in the UAE is the Dubai International Film Festival, which attracts people around the globe to the core. It is the incredible festival of UAE.

Incredible Dubai International Film Festival 2016

So, are you all set to know more about this festival?

If yes, then get your favorite coffee and start reading this post with the sip of coffee.

The most loved events which are held in Dubai, Dubai international film festival 2016 dates on which it will take place is from December 7-14, 2016 at the stunning Madinat Jumeirah, which is the home of DIFF as such. Many films related persons like cinema-goers, directors, producers, actors, writers and various other industry experts come to Dubai for enjoying the world’s best movies in the world premiere locations.

This DIFF presents new and astonishing cinema from the Arab world and beyond, which launches various audiences to fresh new skill and different area of film making.

This will be the 13th edition of this Dubai international film festival. It will showcase 156 feature films, shorts and the documentaries from 55 countries, which includes 57 world and international premieres, around 73 MENA premiere, 12 Middle East premieres and 9 GCC premieres. This film, which is launched in 44 languages, populate DIFF’s Arab & Emirati competitions, and its out-of-competition segments which is dedicated to children, the Arab world, Virtual Reality and cinema from across the world. With around 18 Galas and around 16 special Presentations launched, and rocking stellar performance line-up of the industry skilled people and the limelight firmly on the Oscar hopeful people and also deserving Arab talent, the stage will be glowing for enthralling and striking 8-day celebration of the best cinema. Recently you have learnt about how to celebrate the 45th National Day, UAE, 2016 and now we will tell you about yet another amazing Dubai international film festival.

History Behind Dubai International Film Festival:

This festival began in the year 2004 and is getting popular which grabs the eyeballs of the people around the globe. It is the most popular film festival of the Middle East. The promising platform for the Arab filmmakers and the talent at international level by the enticing cinema in the region.

This Dubai International Film Festival takes place under the backing of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President & Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. It is the not-for-profit cultural event which is worth the visit and organized by Dubai Entertainment & Media Organization.

UAE is all set for Dubai International Film Festival 2016:

This will be the 13th year of DIFF (Dubai International Film Festival) which will be held from December 7-14, 2016 at Madinat Jumeirah which is the home of DIFF. Many people from this industry will be heading towards this grand event which includes producers, directors, writers, cinema-goers, actors and various other experts get engrossed in the world’s best films at the grand event.


Dubai international film festival 2016 submissions are now open for DIFF’s highly contested Muhr Competition for the feature fiction and non-fiction and various short films which originates from United Arab Emirates and the whole Arab world who are gearing up for eminent Muhr Awards competitions.

This amazing DIFF also invites the film fans and culture fanatics who will be taking part in the silver screen experience this December with the return of its Friends of the Festival packages.

Beginning from the packages got towards supporting DIFF’s commitment to developing a thriving film culture in the Middle East as such. In this year, DIFF has brought together loads of packages across 3 tiers- which are DIFF Gold, Platinum and the Royal. Fiends of the Festival are also invited to DIFF’s special opening/closing film & the party, gala films & experiences and astonishing screenings at the complete festival, which involves hair & the makeup sessions well in advance and access to the DIFF celeb gift lounges.

Just keep your DSLR camera handy for capturing lovely memories of this festival when you will attend this in Dubai.

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Guests will get the wonderful opportunity to attend even the press conferences and communicate with the leading industry professionals of the Dubai Film market. Last editions of this DIFF have also launched various talents on the red carpet, which includes George Clooney, Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise, Cate Blanchett, Martin Sheen, Dev Patel, Emily Blunt, Jake Gyleenhaal.

One of the class packages of DIFF is “Royal Package” which provides multifarious benefits & wonderful opportunities, including 3-night trip to the 70th Cannes Film Festival in the year 2017.

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Friends of the Festival program are also the fund-raising platform which encourages numerous art lovers, the philanthropists in UAE respect the cultural importance of this stunning festival for contributing to its continued growth and development as such.

This Festival has got its name in the Conde Nast Traveler magazine’s list of world’s top 15 film festivals for 2 consecutive years. You will be glad to know that the registration has now started in the 13th year of the Dubai International Film Festival.

Complete Details of Dubai International Film Festival 2016 Edition:

Where will the festival be held at?

At Magnificent Madinat Jumeirah

Dubai International Film Festival 2016 dates:

You can have the whole of your time at this astonishing festival from 7th December 2016 to 14th December 2016.

Know about the ticket rates for DIFF 2016:

DIFF GOLD: Individual rate is 8000 AED and Couple rates are 15,000 AED.

DIFF PLATINUM: Individual rate is 15,000 AED and Couple rates are 25,000 AED.

Closing Thoughts:

So, are you all set to have exciting and fun at this festival?

If yes, then you can look for various tour and travel facilities at the UAE classifieds. People from around the globe keep their eyes glued to this flabbergasting film festival and this is the reason why Dubai is most loved even by the Bollywood celebrities too. You will be left gobsmacked what you know about famous 6 Bollywood celebrities apartments in Dubai, UAE, which looks just so lavish and class apartments.