5 Rules to Enhance Your Brand Marketing

5 Rules to Enhance Your Brand Marketing

If TripAdvisor is concerned, it has been the best platform which helps you to find cheap flights. In this summer it has raised curtains from the redesigning in seven years when it has introduced the user reviews of the the airlines.

5 Rules to Enhance Your Brand Marketing

Well, these kinds of reviews will play a role in overall running of the airline’s flight score. All those airlines will be taking the upward trend in the line which is being highly favored by the customers.

The value of the customers is far more than the travel space. According to the latest Walker’s Customers 2020 report, around 85% of consumers opt for paying more to have the good experience of the product while around 90% considers the reviews as the best source of information before going for any products or the services. Different advertisement services helps you in increasing your customer base and get higher profits.

5 Rules That Will Enhance Your Brand Marketing

There are various rules that helps to know your internal data and which will impact as to how your customers will appraise your incredible brand. Here we list the 5 rules which you must have a look at, which will help you to know how it will impact for your business as such:


1 Everyone is not perfect completely:

All the business people and the entrepreneurs put a lot of handwork in heightening their business but they also do make mistakes. After all, they are human. We can always learn from our mistakes. After completion of the project you must survey your customers to know about their reviews.
We ask our customers to review us on the parameter of zero to 10 ratings. By these kind of ratings we come to know as to how good we are in giving the best service to our clients. These ratings will let us know the areas we need to improve so that we can improve ourselves and gain more customer base.

2 Create a good channel so that your customers can interact you:

As per the recent report, the customers get disappointed when they are not able to properly interact with you for having your product or the services. For enhancing the customer base you must develop the best interaction channel of interaction with your customers so that they can easily get their queries solved in fraction of seconds. Moreover, you must also give responses to the customer’s interaction, be it a call or the Facebook message, tweet or any kind of customer review. This will show the customers that you care of them and are ready for solving their queries round the clock. There are various do’s and don’ts of business start up in Dubai which you must know for increasing the customer base and thereby higher revenues.

3 You must have proper record of the work:

You must give the detailed information available to your customers so that they will be able to interact with you very easily. A recent report have said that many customers opt for giving a try to new company for good customer experience as such. People can easily see as to which thing makes you standout. So, you need to make all the important information available for your customers which will help them to interact with you without any hassle and they can easily reach out to you. This is yet another rule which must be followed to enhance the business and grab eyeballs of the customers.

4 You must encourage support of the public:

Well, as per the recent survey, many people opt for trusted online reviews before they come down in favor of the product or the service. Many people also think that recommendation is good from people in their social circles and various other people. This helps to make decision to go for the best product or the service which they require.

Various companies opt for gathering referrals by collecting referrers’ names from new customers so that it will help in reaching them and thanking them for using their products or the services. You can also share the reviews, photos and stories of the happy customers which will help others to buy their products or the services. You can also opt for providing references to the prospective customers which can make them as regular customers. There are various business growth sectors in Dubai from where you can start the business and get good reviews by providing the best services to the customers.

5 Keep interacting with the customers:

Many times customers end up giving negative reviews when they are left ignored. It is a tech-savvy world in today’s date. The customers opt for public channels as their first way of communication when they are not 100% satisfied according to their expectation. This is the reason why you need to be in touch with your customers and also the prospective customers and this will help them in turning to be the regular customers and this will generate decent sales leads for your business.


Closing Thoughts:

Well, you can not be perfect in doing the business. The consumer reviews are the best way of heightening the business in today’s date. You need to grow your business as per the expectation of your customers. You must keep a goal that you have to provide better quality service to your customers which will help them in getting attracted to have your products or the services.

Once a customer gets satisfied then they will later do word-of-mouth marketing which will help you gain new customers through the old ones. One of the best way to get good customer base and increasing reviews is by business listing which will help your customers to easily find you on different search engines and then easily contact you through the information of contact available to reach you.


Top most and rare communities in Dubai

Top most and rare communities in Dubai

People desire to have changes in life to make the life more interesting. When people get good opportunity to move to a new city then they just love to grab it.

There are various cities in which people love to shift to and get rich quickly. One such beautiful city is Dubai, a city of the Gulf. The best time for Dubai real estate investment 2017 when you can buy the best home in Dubai.

When you plan to have a wonderful home at Dubai then there are various factors to be considered which does depend if you are single or you are married, if you are having children or the pets. It also depends on what you prefer to do as the hobby and where is your work place.

Well, here is the list of different communities of Dubai which will help you to narrow down your research to select the best home.

9 communities in Dubai to watch out for:


#1 Dubai Marina community:

Dubai Marina is one of the best property of Dubai where people desire to have a beautiful home in. It provides the wonderful location than any other localities in Dubai. The waterfront location, the awesome marina lifestyle and the elegant, the neighborhood is located near the Interchange 5 on the Sheikh Zayed Road and its just very few minutes away from the class business hubs, for instance Dubai Internet city and also Dubai Media city. The unrivaled amenities of this wonderful locality includes multifarious retail and the dining options and they are also very pedestrian-friendly Marina Walk which are scattered with various and different kinds of the restaurants, cafes and also the retail avenues as such. Different kinds of Dubai properties for sale at the Dubai Marina includes some of the best and amenity-rich developments in the whole Emirates. This classy community offers various Dubai properties for sale in Dubai Marina which is generously sized and ranges from studios to one beds and from stunning 4 bed pads to the trendy penthouses. There are different music/entertainment community like 10 best places for live music in Dubai.

#2 Jumeirah Lake Tower Community (JLT):

Feel the perks of urban lifestyle and also the cosmopolitan vibration at Jumeirah Lake Towers as such. You would feel over the moon when you start living at the beautiful city of Dubai. It is the stunning and fast-paced residential and the classy business hub. Nestled near Dubai Marina, Dubai properties for sale at JLT provides amazing advantages of the wonderful lifestyle. The unrivaled views of the lovely lake, modern living spaces, the lush promenades which lines the lake and urban conveniences which is just the pleasant wandering through.

Moreover, Dubai properties for sale at the Jumeirah Lake Towers also provides incredible returns in investment. Not priced too high, these are the classy places in the city which includes Green Lakes Towers (Cluster S) due to their nearness from Dubai Metro station.

#3 Discovery Gardens:

This is yet another best community of Dubai which is released by property consultancy Land Sterling. It offers the best communities/ activities like 15 ways to have fun in Dubai. This Discovery Gardens is located at Sheikh Zayed Road.

The rental yield is the 10.2% in the year 2015 as compared to 9.4 % which was in the year 2014.

In this area, the average selling prices has decreased to Dh846 per square foot (psf) which is down by 7%, from Dh913 psf in the year 2014.

The net rental yield amounted to 8.77% which was 8.04% in the year 2014. The rents were around Dh51,000 and also Dh97,000 p.a.

#4 Jumeirah Village Circle:

This Jumeirah Village Circle is also the best community of Dubai. It offered the gross and net rental returns of around 105 and 8.86% respectively in 2015. In the year 2014, it was 8.50% gross and 7.42% net rental yield.

The Average sales price were around Dh868 psf compared to Dh956 in the year 2014. The rents when compared to both years are Dh53,000 and Dh140,000 p.a as compared to the year 2014 which were Dh51,000 and Dh125,000 p.a.

#5 Dubai Silicon Oasis:

Dubai Silicon Oasis is yet another incredible community of Dubai. In the year 2015, the gross and rental yield was 9.80% and 8.38%. In the year 2014, the gross and net rental yields were 9.50% and 8.10%.

In the year 2015, the average sales price was around Dh820 psf and in the year 2014, it was Dh825. The rents of both the years respectively were Dh49,000 and Dh88,000 in the year 2015 and in 2014, the rents were Dh 47,000 to Dh87,000 p.a in the year 2014.

#6 The International city:

This particular community had the gross and net rental returns of 9.20% and 8.29% of the last year and of the year 2014, it was 8.60% and 7.71% respectively. The unit prices were Dh729 psf and the rents amounted to Dh38,000 to Dh99,000 p.a change.


#7 Downtown Dubai:

The gross and the net rental returns were around 6.40% and 5.60% in the year 2015. Average sales amounted to Dh2303 psf and the returns amounts to around Dh92,000 and Dh246,000 respectively p.a.

As per the sources which analyses different properties price performance of different communities of the world, it says that Dubai provides rental income of around 7.1 per cent which is the highest in the world.

#8 Business Bay:

This particular community is one of its kind which yields very good return. It reported the gross and net rental yield of 8.50% and 7.85% respectively for the year 2015 and in the year 2014 it was 8.80% and 8% respectively.

Average prices amounted to Dh1425 psf with the rents between Dh85,000 to Dh195,000 p.a.

#9 Dubai Sports City, IMPZ, The Greens:

The class 3 communities as such, Dubai Sports City, International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) and The Greens, all these are at the same position on the gross rental yields. They provide investors with the decent return of 8.80 per cent in the year 2015.

Nevertheless, the net rental yield from Dubai Sports City was around 7.81 per cent in the last year and in the year 2014 it was 7.70%.

Average sales price were Dh1008 psf as compared with Dh984 in the year 2014. IMPZ and The Greens provides net rental returns of 7.71% and the 7.89% return as such.

The Average unit prices amounted to Dh190 psf and Dh 1363 psf and the rents were around Dh44,000 and Dh116,000 and in the latter of The Greens were Dh72,000 and Dh 175,000 p.a. Also check out the place of exciting adventure in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Closing Thoughts:

So there are various communities which provides rental yields. The car lifts community are like car rental Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE.

In the country like UAE, the banks enable foreigners to open the savings account which can be used for depositing rental cheques. The icing on the cake is that the rental income is completely non-taxable.

At the leading classified website you can check for different kinds of communities near your locality itself.

7 Key Factors To be Considered Before Renting in Dubai

7 Key Factors To be Considered Before Renting in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best city which grabs the eyeballs of the people around the globe for visiting as well as for relocating. At times, people find it quite difficult to find the rental home and house, as per their preference when they headed towards the new city to live in.

So, are you looking forward to shift to Dubai, it is a beautiful city of UAE? Your next step will be to search for the best home for rent, which is the major task. Well, in Dubai, you are required to pay the rent in much advance before you actually come down to live in Dubai. It might make a dent in your pocket, so you have to plan carefully while placing to relocate in Dubai.

7 Key Factors To be Considered before renting in Dubai

On today’s date, there are ample of options to choose the property to live on rent in Dubai. It all depends upon the class architecture, the profession which is in demand to the core. There are wonderful tips to crack architect jobs in Dubai real estate. The beautiful architecture also helps the people to select the property to live on rent.

So, now you might be pondering over the factors which you must consider before renting in the marvelous city, Dubai. Here we provide you the key factors which you must know well in advance before renting in Dubai.

7 Factors to Know Before Renting in Dubai:

There might be various reasons for which you might be looking forward to search an apt house for rent in Dubai. You might have recently come to Dubai and got the best job in Dubai, and you might be looking forward to find the home for rent in Dubai. And there might also be other different reasons.

Here is the list of the factors to be considered before renting in Dubai:

1 Factor of complete rental costs:

So, you might have just now searched the house for rent. The next part is the paperwork that you have to come across. There are various processes involved in the paperwork while renting a home in Dubai. There are different types of fee’s which the tenant is required to pay.

Well, if you are looking forward to make investment in Dubai real estate, then 2017: the apt time to make an investment in Dubai real estate.

  • Commission of the Agent:

Generally, many of the landlords in UAE appoints a certain kind of agency who controls everything about their properties. These agents charge some percentage of rent just as their fee. In the city like Dubai, typically five percent of the agreed annual rent is to be paid out as the brokerage fee.

  • Advance Amount as the Security Deposit:

You are also required to spend some percentage the annual rent as the security money to your landlord. The landlord will be using that money to re-establish the property when there are some kinds of damages are made by you at your period of stay. If in case, no such damages are being occurred by you, then that amount will be paid to you back when the lease period will get over.

  • Ejari Registration:

It is very compulsory that you are required to register the tenancy contracts of Dubai with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) by the way of Ejari system. Both the tenants and the landlords are equally and jointly responsible for this. It is the ordinary practice in Dubai that tenants will incur these costs, this includes AED 160 which is government fee and also AED 35 as the typing service charge. You need to be sure that it is compulsory to pay the processing fee or the premium if you are opting for the third-party agency.

  • DEWA Connection:

While opting for moving to the new place, you will be required to get a new account in your name with DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority). This will include a deposit which is refundable, the deposit of around AED 2000 which is for the apartments, and for the villas it is AED 4000.

  • Housing Fee:

Apart from the composition expense, you will also have to bear housing fee by DEWA. This particular cost is fixed as the 5% of your annual rent, which you are required to pay in installments in 12 months as part of your monthly DEWA bill.

  • Gas Connection Cost:

You will be required or have the new gas connection if you are moving to the new place, which is for sure. The security amount related to the gas connection will be as per the company which provides you the gas services to the place you live.

  • Etisalat/Du Cost:

There will also be the expenses for internet, TV, landline services, which is also compulsory for you to bear with either of the 2 providers, Etisalat or Du. The monthly expense is levied as per the package you opt for, also depends on the internet speed, type of the router, etc. You need to be aware of the fact that you will also have to pay the security charge and also the installation charge.

  • Other kinds of maintenance costs:

You need to figure out the person who bears the charges of maintenance of the property, you, the landlord or both in sharing. In certain cases, the cost of cooling and the AC charges will be transferred from the landlord to the tenant.

Well, if you desire to purchase the house property, there are 8 factors to be considered before purchasing real estate property in Dubai.

2 Location Factor to be Considered:

This is yet another factor to be considered, when you are looking forward to relocate to Dubai When you are planning to get a good house on rent, then you will have to look certain kinds of facilities near the house. You will have to check in the grocery store and the pharmacies located near your house. You must also not miss the other features like road accessibility and the free parking. There are other different features which you must check out while looking for the best location in Dubai. Metro connectivity, the house must be near your workplace and kids’ schools. Other extended feature to look out is that if you have any pets, then you must know if they are allowed to keep at your premises.

3 Cost is the Major Factor:

The costing is always the main factor to be considered. The normal rule is that you must not spend above 30% of your income as the rent. Before opting for the rented property, you need to be sure that you will be able to afford the rent and the relevant costs. When you check out the options, there are other different costs which you are required to pay, for instance, the commission of the agent, maintenance fees or the deposit. You will have to compromise on a small apartment in the appropriate location or wonderful apartment on the outer area of the city. Many of the landlords opt for the single-cheque rent payment, with other common options like 2 or the 4 cheques. You also have the better option to negotiate the payment frequency with the landlord.

4 Furnishing is Also a Factor:

While finding the best apartment, you must have to look at the features which matters more, like hardwood floors, big windows, open spaces etc. You must decide the essential feature on which you can make compromises on. If you are looking forward to shift in the fully furnished apartment, you need to check for the furnitures and fixtures for any kind of damages. You must also check out for the electrical appliances, bathroom fittings, air conditioners are the other factors.

5 Visa factor:

All the expatriates are required to have the valid residence visa before they sign the lease contract. But if the application of the visa is under process, a letter will also do thereby mentioning the employment company. The essential requirements of the tenancy applications are the copies of your passport, ID of Emirate and the cheques for the rent payment. There is no such need for submitting your salary certificate in the tenancy application as clarified by RERA senior manager Mohammad Khalifa Bin Hammad in an interview with the news source.

6 If you Hunt Property Online:

The world is getting tech-savvy and internet-savvy these days. People have the best option to look out for anything online by just a few clicks away. You can know about the prevalence rents in various localities. You can search about the different real estate properties, real estate properties which offer the rent, as per your budget.On the leading classified website of UAE. On this platform, you can find various properties of your choice. By finding the properties online, it will help you save lots of time and money.

On this leading business listing website, you can also list your property business and thereby grow your property business and generate higher revenues and generate more sales leads.

7 Real Estate Agents as The Factor:

While coming down in favour of the rental property through property brokerage, you need to enable that the agent which you are dealing with, must be registered with RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agerncy). You must opt for the best agent who do not hesitate to show his/her broker ID card before any kind of the property transaction you carry out.

Summing Up:

So, the above listed factors are important to be considered before you look forward to rent a house in Dubai. In today’s date, many people are unaware of their rights as the tenant. There are various rental laws to be considered before you opt for the rental property in Dubai.

You might also be looking forward to purchase a new property in Dubai. There are different taxes which must be considered for buying the property for rent or for purchasing the property. You must know how to get a discount on property taxes, which will not make a Rent in your pocket.

If you own the lavish real estate property and looking forward to sell out and get a new one, then there are different ways to know how to sell real estate property fast without any hassle.