There are many people in this world who love to go for road trips. They keep pondering over the best road trip they must go for. These kinds of people love travelling to new places. They go for long parties to different places with family or the friends. They keep visiting different places for a different adventure in life. Some of them go to picnics, some go to hill stations while some are the people love going for the long road trips to adventure about the picturesque and beautiful nature.

best road trip in uae

One of the best place to go for the road trips in UAE, which has the best nature, awe-inspiring desert which grabs the eyeballs of the tourists and the visitors. There Sare various road trips in UAE, which you can explore.

10 Breathtaking Road Trips to Explore:

If you are from Abu Dhabi or Dubai in UAE, or if you are planning to visit Dubai for a vacation , then there is the list of magnificent road-trips you must adventure. You would surely love this adventure to the core.

1 Khasab Road-Trip:

Khasab Road-Trip

A wonderful place in Dubai to adventure which includes smooth driving on the road, astonishing bays for camping. The best place in whole UAE, which is also famous as the “Norway of Middle East”. If you are a resident of UAE or not, it is better to know if you are allowed to drive the car in Oman or not. You must carry all your documents with you. There are various places to see around Khasab, which includes Khasab Castle, Oman Fjords, Khasab Fort.

The distance from Dubai is 198.1 kms and from Abu Dhabi is 338.9 kms

2 Musandam Road Trip:

Musandam Road Trip

The Musandam road trip is yet another class adventure to opt for when you plan to go for vacation in the UAE. Nothing could be the better way to explore than this experience. It is situated 2 and a half hours away from the Emirate of Dubai. The apt destination for a 1 day trip to enjoy. It is the most promising adventure to have in life.

The distance from Dubai is around 172.9 kms and distance from Abu Dhabi is 313.7 kms.

3 Ras Al Khaimah Road-Trip:

Ras Al Khaimah Road-Trip

Ras Al Khaimah is also the best adventure to try in UAE for all the enthusiastic drivers around the globe. It provides you the best adventure like Paragliding, water sports and various others like fishing and the horse riding too. This Emirare is also fun-filled place, including five-star beach resorts which adds 5 star to your travel experience. There are some amazing places to visit around Ras Al khaimah like Iceland waterpark, Khatts spring, Al Khaimah National Museum too.

The distance from Dubai is 112.8 kms and distance from Abu Dhabi is 301.3 kms.

4 Hatta Road-Trip:

Hatta Road-Trip

The Hatta road-trip is one of the mesmerizing road-trip in UAE to explore. A road trip to Hatta is apt for the people who want to take some time out of their busy schedule to explore the beautiful nature going on the long road trip. You will get to see the scenic view along the way when you are headed towards Hatta, the most attractive town, located at the Hajjar mountains.

You would love to spectacular views and the water splashes around the Wadis and multifarious small villages as you will drive by the Hajjar mountains. You would also explore the striking Hatta mountain safari. Just book a room at the Hatta Fort hotel, and unleash your travel experience to this marvelous road trip.

The distance from Dubai is 136.9 kms. Distance from Abu Dhabi is 263.8 kms.

5. Jabal Jais Road Trip:

Jabal Jais Road Trip

Think about the dazzling road-trip with your favourite highway track of the car and traffic-free roads? It is the best adventure in life to have with friends or the loved ones. Jabal Jais road-trip is yet another adventure which you must unwind in life when you opt for a vacation in UAE. This is the class adventure which attracts the enthusiastic drivers and the people who love to go for a long drive with good music on. Well, the icing on the cake is that, Jabal Jais is one of the highest peaks in UAE and forms the part of Hajjar mountains.

The distance from Dubai is 176.7 kms. Distance from Abu Dhabi is 316 km.

6. Jebel Hafeet Road Trip:


Yet another thrilling adventure for the enthusiastic drivers is the road trip of Jabel Hafeet. It offers you the whole new adventure to explore while you drive through this road. It includes some of the natural rock limestones in your adventure, which will thrill you to pieces. The road-trip to the Jebel Hafeet is also wonderful as it is the second highest peak of UAE. The perfect adventure who love the mountains which is the part of lovely nature. This species road was constructed by the Strabag International of Cologne in Germany. It has 3 lanes and around 60 turns. This amazing fact will leave you astounded that this road is famous around the globe as “The greatest driving road in the world” by For capturing and unleashing the true travel experience in this road-trip, you must take some breaks in between. The lovely places to visit around Jebel Hafeet is Al Ain Palace, Al Ain Zoo.

Distance from Dubai is 146.9 kms, distance from Abu Dhabi is around 163.2 kms.

7. Dibba Road Trip:


A road trip gives you the wonderful experience which is quite lovely from that of busy city life. You get to explore the whole new beautiful world that comprises of nature, landscape, different animals when you drive through the road. This Dibba road trip is yet another astonishing road trip to adventure in life when you make a plan to the UAE. It is on the east coast of UAE. Well, you must carry your passport along with you when you travel to this place because Oman has some strict set of guidelines that if you have no passport, then no entry. Some of the best places to visit around Dibba are Dadna beach, Blue Planet diving.

The distance from Dubai is 130 kms, distance from Abu Dhabi is 285 kms.

8. Fujairah Road Trip:


It is the perfect place for scuba-diving in UAE. Fujairah is the class Emirates in UAE, which includes the coastline on the Gulf of Oman. This drive will take you to the wonderful world of high mountains and amazing towns which covers the mountain ranges. These roads are very smooth to drive through which has amazing hotels and restaurants at the side for the foodies.There are various places to see around Fujairah, which includes Fujairah Fort, Al-Hayl Castle.

The distance from Dubai is 184 kms and distance from Abu Dhabi is 300 kms.

9 Liwa road trip:


If you love to explore the nature of the long drive, the Liwa road trip is the perfect for you. Get a trendy SUV and tune in to your favorite track and start on this road trip when you are in UAE. It is the best feeling to adventure the thrilling nature and spectacular views in between. You would love to explore the desert to the core. You can book a room in the hotel Tilal Liwa and stay there for a couple of days to capture the scenic beauty around the place. There are various places to see around Liwa, which includes Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort, Liwa Forts, Mezairaa Town.

The distance from Dubai is 292 kms and distance from Abu Dhabi is 220 kms.

10. Salalah road-trip


It is the perfect road-trip which will leave you gobsmacked when you drive through the astonishing landscape, awesome greenery. Many tourists who love to capture the lovely nature travels to the Salalah road trip. It is the apt road trip to adventure at the time of June to September. It is the lovely joyride which you must explore with your family or friends. You will also see the camels and sheep wandering on the roadside for grazing. Even the motorists must be careful while driving as they will get to see various kinds of coastal towns and also the pedestrians who just run thoughtlessly in the darkness of  the highway. There are astonishing places to see in the Slalah Oman, like Ain Jarziz, Wadi Darbat, Mugsayl beach, Marnif cave.

The distance from Dubai: 1276.6 kms. Distance from Abu Dhabi: around 1273.1 kms.

Closing Thoughts:

There are many people in the world who love to explore the adventures in life. People love to experience the beautiful nature and also different kinds of scenic beauty to capture the marvelous nature and its beauty. There are various places to visit in UAE, but for the people who love to go on long drives or the people who are enthusiastic drivers love to go on the road trips with soft music on in the SUV car with loved ones.

When you are headed towards the vacation, you will search about different hotels to stay at during your travel. You can get various good deals of hotels on Dubai Poster, a leading UAE Classifieds . If you have a hotel business, you can also list the hotel business on the leading business listing website in UAE.


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