Property taxes are the big headache for a home owner. These kinds of taxes are inclined to grow rapidly.

Hell yeah! When you are done with paying the mortgages, even then you have the burden of property taxes on your head.

Top 5 Tips To Get Discount On Property Taxes

how to get discount on property taxes

Well, you don’t need to worry much! The homeowners have got various ways by which you can reduce the property tax load to as lot of extent. If you are living in dubai, then 2017: the apt time to make an investment in Dubai real estate and shift to your new home.

There are various kinds of ways by which the homeowner can now reduce the burden of property taxes:

1 Don’t construct Add-On to your home:

Any kind of changes you make to the structure of the home, say for instance, you love to relax by the pool side and you get a wonderful pool build at your home premises. This is sure to increase your property tax load. So, whenever you are planning to get more luxury to your living, it will definitely cost you a king’s ransom, if property taxes are concerned.

2 You Must Get Your Property Tax Card Issued and Analyze It:

There are very less homeowners worldwide who know the importance of property tax card. This card gives all the details to the homeowner about all the detailed information about the property in the town. This property tax card contains all the information regarding dimension of the room where the homeowner lives.

As you analyze this property tax card, you will get to find any kind of discrepancies, you can discuss every minute detail with your tax assessor. Your tax accessor will either make the correction or opt for re-evaluation as such.

3 You Must Explore about Your Neighbours:

Many people have no clue that various home assessments available to them for that particular area. It is quite necessary to review the comparable houses constructed in the same area. You must know well in advance about your neighbours. You might find certain issues which will help you reduce your taxes to much extent.

There might be issues at various times. For instance, you have a 4 bedroom home having the car garage and your home was done valuation at $250,000. You get to notice that your neighbour too own the house property having same features of 4-bedroom, but this house has more, that is a 150-square-foot shed and also the swimming pool. In-spite of having so good features, your neighbour’s home was valued at around $235,000.

4 Walk the Home With Your Tax Assessor:

Various times people enable the tax assessor to walk at their homes at the time when evaluation is being done. Various assessors will find that there are some luxuries at home- for instance, multifarious range of faucets that embellish each was basin or the sink.They will also find that some of the appliances are just outdated at the house., for example the roof area might need some twisting.

For getting the correct valuation for yourself, you must walk with your tax assessor only, who will guide you to the core about any kind of issues you face regarding your home or any kind of wonderful luxuries you notice at the home.

5 Restriction of the Curb appeal:

Tax assessors provide the set of rules which must be kept in mind at the time of evaluation processes.

You must know that your house property will be compared with your neighbour’s. If you aspire to make certain changes to your home, then you can opt for doing the same after the evaluation is being conducted by your tax assessor, for example, some kind of counter tops, etc. At the time your property is being evaluated, your house property will be compared with your neighbour for sure.

Note: If you desire to have a stunning home but think that the taxes will be reduced, this is not possible.

Closing Thoughts:

If you follow the above mentioned tips, you will surely have a discount in your property taxes.Are you living in Dubai? Are you looking forward to make an investment in real estate? You can find variety of second hand house property at the leading classified website in UAE , where you can find various house properties available for you.


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