There are various people in the world who live to eat. They are said to be big time foodies in the world. They love to taste food of various top-notch restaurants in the world, some love spicy food, some have got sweet tooth. There exists different kinds of people.

We live on the planet having various kind of good food for the foodies who love eat, without thinking much on their figure or weight issues.

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Here is the list of top 15 foods in the world for the big time foodies out there:

#1 Massaman curry of Thailand:

Thailand is the place which is best known for the appetizing curry, which is also the king of all the yummy food. Thailand offers you the blend of different types of curries, some spicy, some coco-nutty, some sweet, some savory. The yummy curry of Thailand has different taste combo, in relation to the flavors.

When you opt for purchasing the sauce packet in Thailand, even that will give you the richness in taste. Some people invented rice, by which the foodies can enjoy even the last drizzles of the curry sauce.

Thailand is the place which serves he yummy food which is sold at every street corner.

#2 Neapolitan pizza of Italy:

Pizza is the food which is being highly favored by many food lovers in the world. If the word pizza is being spoken, the country best known for some yummy pizza is Italy, which serves the world’s tasty pizza for pizza lovers. The very famous one in Italy is Neapolitan pizza, it was invented by the trade association that insists on the sea salt, which makes use of only 3 types of fresh tomatoes, hand-rolled dough, it is being heated in the wood-fired oven that gives it the quality taste for the food lovers in the world.

neapolitan pizza

It just involves very few ingredients- olive oil, tomatoes, dough, toothsome basil leaves. This yummy pizza is being made by the Neapolitan’s and enjoyed by the pizza lovers throughout the world. Top 10 lavish and stunning Arabic restaurants of Dubai also serves yummy and appetizing pizzas.

#3 Tasty chocolate of Mexico:

Mexico is the place which manufactures the yummy chocolate in the world for chocolate lovers. If these chocolates wouldn’t exist in the world, Valentine’s day would have been celebrated just with the flowers or cards. These tasty chocolates are the well known products to celebrate Easter.

People love chocolates to the core. The keep munching their favorite chocolates every now and then. Friends love to gift each other yummy chocolates on various occasions and festivals.

#4 Sushi of Japan:

Japan is the land which manufactures needle to ship, every product rich in quality. It manufactures the quality-oriented products like Sony, Nikon. Japan is the place where the fish and rice are being eaten in different way.

This dish consists of cooked vinegar rice blended with other yummy ingredients, like raw seafood, some tropical fruits. The main ingredient includes thin sliced raw fish. It can be served with rice or even without it.
Japanese people don’t live practically forever- they love eating this lip-smacking sushi.

#5 Hamburger of Germany:

hamburger of Germany

Germany is the place which is best known for Hamburger. Even the McDonald’s may not offer the quality taste burgers. A mouth-watering hamburger is also known as the cheeseburger, and is served with a slice of cheese. It is the sandwich consisting of 1 or more yummy patties of ground meat, placed in the sliced bread roll or the bun.
The Hamburgers of Germany are the perfect combo of bread, meat and salad.

#6 Ice-cream of United States:

United States is best known for delicious, chilled and rich flavored ice-creams with yummy chocolate sauce, marshmallows, nuts.

The scoop full of ice-creams leaves the ice-cream lovers go aww with every spoonful bite of chilled ice-cream. Many people love ice-cream to the core, that they eat ice-cream daily after the dinner, either alone, with friends or family.

#7 Donuts of United States:

Yet another food for the people who have got sweet tooth, toothsome donuts of United States. This is yet another yummy sweet dish which is loved by most of the people, donuts. The additional calories gives them more royal taste.

donuts of united states

A donut or the doughnut is the type of fried dough confectionery, which is being loved as the dessert. This doughnut is very popular in many countries as a sweet dish for the people who have got sweet tooth.

#8 Croissant of France:

Croissant is nothing but flaky pastry which is smothered in the butter. It is best enjoyed with the layer of raspberry jam on the top. This is the yummy sweet breakfast food which must be enjoyed with the cup of coffee.
The delicious croissants have the rich taste of butter, and are flaky pastry which got the name by its crescent shape. These are made of yeast-leavened dough.

#9 Brownie and the vanilla ice cream, globally favored:

The yummiest dessert of the world is brownie and vanilla ice cream. People around the world love this dessert to the core.

vanilla with brownie

All the foodies whop have got sweet tooth, head towards the restaurant which has got this delicious desert in it’s menu chart. Many people who loves eating sweets to the core, opt for this yummy sweet dish after eating food.

#10 Butter Garlic crab India:

India is the land known for its spices. This yummy dish is being made drowning the large crab in the spoon full of butter-garlic sauce which is loved by foodies around the globe. This dish is made by adding a crab in the butter-garlic sauce, which covers every part of the crab.

This recipe is being famous from the wonderful country, India.

#11 Champ of Ireland:

Champ is the national food of Ireland. It is made with the mashed potato, spring onions, salt & pepper, champ is wonderful dish which goes best with the fish or the meat.

One must try thin delicious food at the busiest pub in any Irish seaside down.

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#12 Fish and chips of Britain:

This is one of the staple food of Victorian British working class. This dish is enjoyed as sprinkled with salt, with vinegar, with the tartar sauce.

fish and chips

This yummy food is just very crunchy outside, very soft from inside and tastes so yum. This unique combination is toothsome and delicious which is loved by the Britain people to the extreme.

#13 Chicken parm of Australia:

This dish is made with melted Parmesan and mozzarella cheese, a garlicky tomato sauce sprinkled over the chicken fillet.

Who ever goes to the pub in Australia, enjoy this dish to the core. It is so damn mouth-watering.

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#14 Masala Dosa of India:

masala dosa of India

This yummy food is made with the rice-batter, mostly in south India, and it is filled with yummy mashed potato which is so tasty. This yummy food is enjoyed with the spicy coconut chutney.

It makes up a wonderful breakfast which keep you full till the lunch time. You can also enjoy this dish with some tomato sauces.

#15 Buttered popcorn of United States:

This buttered popcorn can be enjoyed at anytime and anywhere. While watching movie, while studying, eating the buttered popcorn won’t make you lethargic. This yummy food has the main ingredient which is maize corn. It is friend up with the butter and it can be enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee too, sitting at office or at any place.

Closing Thoughts:

Today is the eat outside day. Wishing all the food lovers a very Happy eat outside day. There are top expensive hotels in Dubai, where you can go with your loved ones to enjoy the delicious food, or you can head towards your favorite from the lavish clifftop hotels in the world, with your friends and enjoy dining out with your buddies.

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