Around 3.5 billion searches are done on Google everyday. As per the Brand Yourself, one billion of these searches are name-based. Building a branding online can take months and a king’s ransom is required for creating a brand online. And it takes fraction of seconds to be destroy a great brand, by any blogger who is troubled by your company.


Increase Your Business Reputation 

A company’s brand and reputation will be a success or failure, depending on what is said about it online. You need to follow some rules by which your company will grow with flying colors.

To monitor your reputation online is much similar to monitor whatever is spoken about you offline, the only difference is that news (if good or bad) will spread much faster online.

Here are the different ways by which you can enhance your business ranking online:

Keep a Track on What is Being said About You:


You need to keep a watch on whatever is being said about you online. You don’t need to react all the time when someone posts a positive review. You just got to react immediately when someone posts something negative about your business or about you.

You Must Not Delete Anything That is Being Said About Your Business:

You must not delete anything that is being said about your business - DUBAIPOSTER

Unless you find the genuine online troll who’s saying negative words about your business for your potential customers, never delete anything that is being said about your business. Your reaction must be to interact with the persons who are telling bad about your business and check for options available so that you can help them.

You Must Answer Soon:


Whenever you find any negative written about your business, you must reply to it soon. Negative reviews goes viral much faster than the positive ones. Any bad news comes to our attention much faster than the good news.

Reality About the Misunderstandings:

Reality about the misunderstandings

The wonderful option people have got on the internet is to post anything they want to, no matter if it is true or not.

It is also a wonderful option to work with a PR professional for publishing a press release and also working with the writer on the website for getting rid of the untrue information which is defamatory for your brand.

Unhide your Search Engine Rankings:


It is essential to know where you rank on the search engines, plus it is also essential to know why are you ranked at that position and which are the areas you can improve to get higher search engine rankings and even to the first page. Almost 90% of the searches never go beyond the first page of the search results.

Create Your Strong SEO Back-End:

unhide google ranking

You have built online reputation, and now it require some help, SEO is all you need for optimizing the keyword phrases which people search very often for finding the kind of information which your negative reviews are reflecting about you or your business.

It is must for you to optimize a page on your website for the correct keyword and provide back links to it across the web for beating out the contents of that page in the SERPs. (Search Engine Result Page)

You Must Make a Habit of Thanking to Everything Positive About Your Business:

Say thank you - free classifieds in UAE - DUBAIPOSTER

Whenever your business is being mentioned in a positive way, for enhancing your online reputation you must start thanking to those kind of posts.

The person who have written that post will feel highly respected And the people who will see those positive reviews will also have a look at how you care about your customer base.

Saying “Thank You” is one of the best option by which you will be able to improve your business ranking online.

A reply to a positive Facebook comment or post will be an enhancement to your reputation.

You Must Say “Sorry” to the Negative Experiences:

Say sorry - free classified ads website in uae - dubaiposter

If someone has any worst experience with a salesperson in one of your branches and make it go viral online, so say them “sorry” and also provide them the ways that can help them solve the problem. But make sure that you must not be angry in making the response. That might cause more negativity for your business.

You Must Reply Wisely to Constructive Feedback:


Remember about that Domino’s took all the slanderous reviews which people had about their pizzas and it go viral?

When people commit their mistakes, we highly appreciate it, if you know very well about their mistakes.

You Must Motivate Happy Customers for Writing Reviews:


You can encourage your happy customers to write reviews about your business. You can provide them with the details you require in their positive reviews.

For example, if you run a pizza shop then you can ask your customers, “Why you like our pizza? Or “Why you find our restaurant to be better than other pizza outlet you have been to?”

When this is done, and if it is attached to the social media in some or the other way, you are said to create both, the SEO-worthy reviews and word of mouth effect where the friends and connections of your customers see their happy reviews and they will trust you more in this way for the future.

You Must Create an Official Presence Everywhere:

reputation - free classified ads website in ajman - dubaiposter

You need to establish your official presence everywhere. It might take some time, but you must create your presence everywhere. If you don’t go for this option, your business presence online will go to the hands of the strangers and they are free to write anything about your business. And if there is anything on that site, which is negative, then your online presence on that site will be a trash.

And whenever a negative review comes up, you will be able to handle it directly and you don’t have to go through long sign-up for the same.

You need to Grow Your Social Media Fan Following:


This just basic, but there is lot of power in the numbers. You don’t have to use scummy or black hat methods for growing your social media fan following, but if you just have 5 fans following you then you need to improve your online presence, you got to invite more friends to hit like on your page. You can also get your employees for doing the same.

If any person is just new for your brand, he will have a look to your social media fan following to know if you are trustworthy or not.


Therefore, if you have set up a new business, then you have to find measures for increasing your business presence online for gaining numerous customers.

Be it any kind of business, online marketing plays a very important role.

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